Auto Chess Guide For Beginners | Amaz

Published on Jan 25, 2019 127,945 views

For those of you confused, here are some pointers for how to play!
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  • Hurbob14
    Hurbob14 2 months ago im a new player and this did not help at all. really weak ''guide''
  • LordXenuSaves
    LordXenuSaves 1 month ago Git Gud
  • Nick Renkel
    Nick Renkel 1 week ago I've never seen the game before in my life, but I at least understand it now.
  • Orange
    Orange 3 months ago this is gonna be the next dota, make ur clone now to get ahead of the curve Kappa
  • DryDry
    DryDry 3 months ago went from a guide to a frantic "figuring out what to do" from the guide maker himself. fun to watch though =D
  • rbn
    rbn 3 months ago "Disruptor is so bad" - number one of tidesoftime`s tierlist lmao
  • MrXaoras
    MrXaoras 3 months ago it was before the buff i think
  • PatientZeroPoint5
    PatientZeroPoint5 3 months ago I figured most of these things out from just watching but there were definitely helpfull things to know in this vid. I'm never gonna play this game but i love watching. GG amaz.
  • rodya a
    rodya a 3 months ago give it a try
  • felicidad 573
    felicidad 573 3 months ago Well deserved my thumbs up is for Ed
  • Rowan Nag
    Rowan Nag 3 months ago 612 views in 2 hours feelsbadman ): Auto chess looks fun though
  • Jialong Chen
    Jialong Chen 3 months ago Rowan Nag sorry i live in EU
  • explodingtiger
    explodingtiger 3 months ago how do you get it? cant find it for the life of me
  • hardworker424
    hardworker424 3 months ago Looks like a lot of remembering what stuff does with some purchasing and positioning. Not a very active game. It reminds me of those free idle games.
  • Mibb
    Mibb 3 months ago @hardworker424 do you mean star wars chess? from episode 4? it's only 42 years old or so ;)
  • Beattheoven Ludwig Van
    Beattheoven Ludwig Van 3 months ago not anymore
  • Sigh
    Sigh 3 months ago Sexiest grossmeister live in our time. Should be proud “blessRNG”
  • Eikichi Onizuka
    Eikichi Onizuka 3 months ago (edited) sexiest gay* grossmeister
  • Adnan Underwood
    Adnan Underwood 2 months ago thanks! its work for me.. from knight to pawn so freakly easy! jk. thanks btw!
  • Arda Demir
    Arda Demir 2 weeks ago Thanks man, this is really helpful.
  • Masaru Foxscream
    Masaru Foxscream 1 week ago This is not a guide for begginers.this is just you getting lucky :)
  • Ice
    Ice 3 months ago What if... Ed is just short for Editor?
  • Master Splinter
    Master Splinter 3 months ago nuh its short for Edith, she a hot skinny blond
    KILDEVÆLD 1 week ago Scamaz DansGame
  • Gefe Hron
    Gefe Hron 3 months ago Always thought that it is easy enough to understand it intuitively
  • Green Rat
    Green Rat 3 months ago You should also consider buying units you don't want if you see they are on high demand or someone is close to a 3 star.Bench them then sell when you need the space since you had both bench space and gold to spare this game
  • Joao Filho
    Joao Filho 3 months ago Great video Amaz! I undertood perfectly, thanks! Funny game and skills, though
  • Fennec Besixdouze
    Fennec Besixdouze 3 months ago (edited) @19:56 He said that Druids level up with just 2 units? So why doesn't he combine the two level 2 Furions??? Edit: He finally explained, you need to have ALL Druids on board to level to 3. (One extra Druid type on board to level a pair to two).
  • Utman Siddiqui
    Utman Siddiqui 1 month ago Guyro Tekies You don't really like mechs, do you?
  • Ryan Allen
    Ryan Allen 2 months ago (edited) 15:35 spells cannot be dodged . Yes they can. If the chess piece is jumping when the spell is cast, it will not take the damage.
  • y0bo3000
    y0bo3000 3 months ago wish you could get auto chess without having to download dota 2
  • pluff
    pluff 2 months ago its a mod afterall
  • chip skylark
    chip skylark 2 months ago Why though? It's free
  • Bengi Jr
    Bengi Jr 2 months ago wish granted! They're developing a stand-alone mobile game for auto-chess
  • y0bo3000
    y0bo3000 2 months ago @Bengi Jr shieeet had to be mobile though of course
  • Zalu Skowsky
    Zalu Skowsky 1 month ago Wish it wasn't that weird kind of start with accept etc.. Totally not beginning friendly if you don't know what's going on
  • Bengi Jr
    Bengi Jr 3 weeks ago I'm already playing it now. I could say it's not that bad. They have English language.