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Outro - Marshall - One Shot

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  • Emmanuel
    Emmanuel 1 month ago Welbecks goal vs Sporting got blocked repeatedly so i left it out, otherwise enjoy the rest of the goals !
  • Aaaa Bbbb
    Aaaa Bbbb 3 weeks ago InfernoManPlayz The second leg is in the video though.
  • InfernoManPlayz
    InfernoManPlayz 3 weeks ago @Aaaa Bbbb But they still scored in the second leg but not the first.
  • Aaaa Bbbb
    Aaaa Bbbb 3 weeks ago InfernoManPlayz That’s because Arsenal didn’t score in that game lol
  • InfernoManPlayz
    InfernoManPlayz 1 month ago You missed th match against bate borrisov in the round of 32.
  • Anthony Nnonyelu
    Anthony Nnonyelu 1 month ago iwobi v rennes
  • Umar Butt
    Umar Butt 1 month ago Arsene wenger's last gift: AUBAMEYANG
  • 3sixb mamed
    3sixb mamed 3 weeks ago @Souldat Souler it his last signing as an arsenal manager fvck
  • Afsheen Ashraf
    Afsheen Ashraf 3 weeks ago Umar Butt and laca
  • Souldat Souler
  • Leo Smith
    Leo Smith 1 month ago (edited) I forgot how much of a joke the group stages and early rounds of the Europa League are 😂 big final to come in Baku, we need champions league football! This highlight reeel also shows how many vital goals Aubameyang scores or assists, an incredible player who gets way too much stick IMO. Great video as usual, keep them coming!
  • Lionel Messi
    Lionel Messi 1 month ago Who like aubamayang
  • Samuel 1317
    Samuel 1317 4 weeks ago He's the best
  • Chowoo Willy
    Chowoo Willy 1 month ago He is too clinical-next season he would score more than 30 goals
  • Haise Kishou
    Haise Kishou 1 month ago I’m glad we sold giroud
  • Youl Amanuel
    Youl Amanuel 1 month ago Every gunner likes Aubameyang
  • Sinar Sham
    Sinar Sham 1 month ago He is new Thierry Henry 👍
  • omar yahya
    omar yahya 1 month ago Me
  • Gunner Forever
    Gunner Forever 1 month ago I love Aubamebloodclatyang
  • Sir B Kyle
    Sir B Kyle 1 month ago You’ll have to update this video when Danny Welbeck comes out of the crowd and nets a last minute bicycle kick from 50 yards
  • Tanbad
    Tanbad 1 month ago We won 2 away games ina a row valencia and burnley (its surprising that nobdy is talking about it)
  • Joel TM
    Joel TM 4 weeks ago Tanbad ppl only talk about arsenal when we lose or do something bad
  • Imran Mulla
    Imran Mulla 1 month ago We should be winning these anyway
  • Harrison Ifedilo
    Harrison Ifedilo 1 month ago That's because it's not negative news about Arsenal so no one is really interested. What a pity.
  • Juxt_Aposition /99
    Juxt_Aposition /99 1 month ago Too little too l8 m8
  • olgerji 111 74
    olgerji 111 74 1 month ago Haise Kishou 😂😂👌👌
  • Haise Kishou
    Haise Kishou 1 month ago Tanbad yea,why tf winning away games are so difficult
  • Thomas the Lokomotive
    Thomas the Lokomotive 4 weeks ago i hope these youngsters would play for us next season in the prem. Smith-rowe, Willock, Saka, Nketiah, Reiss Nelson.. bright future ❤
  • Without Limits
    Without Limits 1 month ago That 1 dislike is from a chelsea fan
  • Danial
    Danial 3 weeks ago @Denny Susilo the dislike is from Arsenal?
  • Denny Susilo
    Denny Susilo 3 weeks ago @Danial Arsenal
  • Danial
    Danial 3 weeks ago Chelsea or spuds
  • Denny Susilo
    Denny Susilo 1 month ago What A Joke 😂😂😂😂
  • First born DIINKA
    First born DIINKA 1 month ago Auba & laca Show🤗
  • Tom Bowers
    Tom Bowers 3 weeks ago Laca and Auba remind me of Dwight Yorke and Andy Cole's partnership
  • azhari baihaqi
    azhari baihaqi 3 weeks ago i hope we had solid defence next season..if arsenal can fix their defence, im sure arsenal can become serious challengers to win bpl..
  • Abhimanyu Sharma
    Abhimanyu Sharma 1 month ago (edited) This season we deserve this trophy because we had some tough teams(NAP & VAL) as compare to Chelsea FC.
  • Wikiaskblog
    Wikiaskblog 3 weeks ago Arsenal is in good form to win the Europa cup sorry to Chelsea fc fans.
  • Denny Susilo
    Denny Susilo 1 month ago Good Job Auba Golden Boot 22 Goals Final Europe League
  • Simply
    Simply 1 month ago WITH ABUAMEYANG AND LACAZETTE ON YOUR TEAM - anything is possible, those two are truly world class
  • Simply
    Simply 4 weeks ago Ryker Loprinzi also one of the most inconsistent, we can’t rely on him. But those without a doubt yes.
  • Ryker Loprinzi
    Ryker Loprinzi 4 weeks ago @Simply one of the best playmakers there is in the premier league
  • Simply
    Simply 4 weeks ago Ryker Loprinzi and Ozil? That’s a joke right 😂
  • Ryker Loprinzi
    Ryker Loprinzi 4 weeks ago Yes and Ozil
  • clown5401
    clown5401 1 month ago well.. to be honest i wish Ramsey could play for us during final.. im very sad to see him go
  • Junior Balogun
    Junior Balogun 4 weeks ago Aubameyang is a deadly poacher while lacazette is a sniper with his precise finishing
  • Hernowo Lantip
    Hernowo Lantip 3 weeks ago Buy lorey Sane from manc city. Good player sane
  • Howling Wind
    Howling Wind 3 weeks ago Either one of Rennes, Napoli and Valencia would have destroyed Chukotka in 2 games. If there is justice Arsenal will win the final!
  • Paul Hewson
    Paul Hewson 4 weeks ago Now let's win this thing, COYG!! 🔴⚪