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The basics beginners guide for Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix! A new "for beginners" videos every 2 weekish so please subscribe! If you have any games you want to see done or have any tips for future games please leave a comment, tweet me, or send me a message. LINKS TO ALL THE STUFF BELOW!

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DISCLAIMER: Some tips are very vague and my personal opinion. Please do not take them that seriously

  • Link The Mastah
    Link The Mastah 10 months ago Hi i'M VeNtUS, vEN FoR sHoRt - Ventus when he sees a living being
  • Mica's Domain
    Mica's Domain 6 hours ago Dag The Kaiser AAAALLLLLWWWAAAYYYSSSSSS
  • Dag The Kaiser
    Dag The Kaiser 2 weeks ago Hi I’m Ventus! Ven for short. Also, I look like someone else.
  • King of Hearts
    King of Hearts 3 weeks ago "I'm just here to make some friends." - Ventus to literally anyone.
  • TheOneWhoDraws ;w;
    TheOneWhoDraws ;w; 1 month ago @Mica's Domain Yes :')
  • Mica's Domain
    Mica's Domain 1 month ago Ralph breaks the internet just with Ventus instead, I NEED IIIIIIIIIIIITTT
  • TheOneWhoDraws ;w;
    TheOneWhoDraws ;w; 1 month ago @Mica's Domain oh s- XD
  • Mica's Domain
    Mica's Domain 1 month ago (edited) TheOneWhoDraws ;w; imagine if ventus got social media, the whole internet would crash
  • TheOneWhoDraws ;w;
    TheOneWhoDraws ;w; 1 month ago @Sketchbook Online YEET
  • Sketchbook Online
    Sketchbook Online 1 month ago (edited) “Wait, a body! SOCIAL ACTIVITY!!! ” -Ven Probably
  • TheOneWhoDraws ;w;
    TheOneWhoDraws ;w; 2 months ago Yes so true.
  • Mica's Domain
    Mica's Domain 3 months ago Ventus when he sees*
  • Дниве
    Дниве 3 months ago Call me Ven
  • AwkwardTonberry
    AwkwardTonberry 1 year ago "Dear Diary, Screams incoherently Thank you for listening."
  • NovaBeast92
    NovaBeast92 6 months ago My true reaction after watching Everglow's KH timeline.
  • Isabella Davis
    Isabella Davis 8 months ago Me if I was a kingdom hearts character
  • Andrew Cook
    Andrew Cook 1 year ago Lol I played 1.Ventus 2.Terra 3.Aqua cuz I was too excited to get to Ventus and figure out how he wasn't roxas
  • Casperwinde
    Casperwinde 3 days ago I played aqua first cos she is too good
  • DragonKing 57
    DragonKing 57 2 weeks ago mariah outsold why REFUSE? Lol
  • mariah outsold
    mariah outsold 3 weeks ago Andrew Cook i played first aqua cos she’s my bitch and then ventus but i REFUSE to play as terra
  • Timothy McLean
    Timothy McLean 3 months ago Ventus knows nothing about what's going on, and neither does the player at first. Finish Terra's story, and you'll just be frustrated at Ventus for struggling to understand stuff, even though only some of it is painfully obvious. I mean, Terra's story was clearly designed as the one to do first, since it does most of the introductory worldbuilding and he arrives first at many of the worlds, but knowing his story spoils Ventus's way more than the other way around.
  • TackyRackyComixNEO
    TackyRackyComixNEO 9 months ago Honestly I feel like it makes the most sense to do this order, since playing as Terra first reveals too much of the mystery and kinda makes Ventus's story uninteresting by comparison. VTA has all the reveals in just the right places to me.
  • Cody Kosanovich
    Cody Kosanovich 1 year ago Seeing terras head on aquas body just makes so much sense to me
  • Dag The Kaiser
    Dag The Kaiser 1 day ago W H Y
  • Stephen Reed
    Stephen Reed 11 months ago Makes sense now because Aqua got Norted and Terra was already got norted
  • Justin Cole
    Justin Cole 1 year ago sayian jester the new villian in kh3
  • Indigo Ellington
    Indigo Ellington 1 year ago sayian jester no shit sherlock
  • skeletons in scarves
    skeletons in scarves 1 year ago Give not-roxas all the love
  • der andi
    der andi 1 year ago Zack is a precious good boy amd everyone who acknowledges this is good in my book
  • Dag The Kaiser
    Dag The Kaiser 3 days ago Zack. F U C K I N G Z A C K I can’t beat his second form...
  • ya'll gay
    ya'll gay 1 week ago And his surge is overpowered.
  • gay retard
    gay retard 3 months ago okay i believe you
  • TheGlactic
    TheGlactic 9 months ago Hey Buns, I know you probably won't see this cause this video is now over a year old but I figured I'd make a comment and say that this video was awesome anyways! Watching a few of your videos got me to try out the Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5 collection about 3-4 months ago and just last night I finished BBS and then finished Re:Coded this morning! It was a blast and some of the tips on what commands to use like Lighting and Fire Surge helped me a ton when playing as Terra and Ventus. Your hilarious and put out really high quality content and I just wanted you to know that you deserve more subs, attention and love than you get from your audience. I've never played the game series before so your videos really helped me get through some of it's more confusing and difficult points, they'd made the series better overall for me really. Gonna go watch your Dream Drop Distance video now before I get started on the 2.8 collection, you have an awesome day!
  • NoobEditor69 _
    NoobEditor69 _ 3 months ago I want to like but I also don’r want to ruin the 69 likes :p
  • Nidia Valle
    Nidia Valle 4 months ago awww how sweet :)
  • Zoen Rolians
    Zoen Rolians 8 months ago Oh look! Buns saw your coment! Congratz!
  • Johnny Stephens
    Johnny Stephens 1 year ago If you think Terra did nothing wrong, you should meet my white haired friend Griffith.
    JAC MAN 1 month ago GRIIIFFFFITH!!!!!!
  • Ms. Chin BK
    Ms. Chin BK 4 months ago Terra can do no wrong, bih, fight me.
  • CGKase
    CGKase 5 months ago What did he do wrong on purpose though?
  • pusheenicorn 7
    pusheenicorn 7 6 months ago "ok I believe you"
  • Barry Ward
    Barry Ward 9 months ago Oh God's yes completely agree
  • XenoPhoenix 501
    XenoPhoenix 501 9 months ago @Barry Ward Griffith
  • Barry Ward
    Barry Ward 9 months ago Who Griffith or terra
  • XenoPhoenix 501
    XenoPhoenix 501 9 months ago He did EVERYTHING WRONG!!
  • You Can Because You Can't
    You Can Because You Can't 10 months ago D A R K N E S S
  • Barry Ward
    Barry Ward 11 months ago dark very very dark
    EVILCARTMAN96 1 year ago The Eclipse...I’ve never dropped a manga in shock until I read Berserk. Oh man the Golden Age arc is one of the best arcs I’ve ever read.
  • Stefunee Pylant
    Stefunee Pylant 1 year ago Hmm....are you referring to the show Berserk?
  • DeathGodRiku
    DeathGodRiku 1 year ago Johnny Stephens who?
  • It'sJustJosh That'sIt
    It'sJustJosh That'sIt 5 months ago Simple and Clean: plays "Please rise for our national anthem."
  • aRandomNerd
    aRandomNerd 1 week ago It'sJustJosh That'sIt simple and clean plays Me: ugly sobbing
  • T Poyle
    T Poyle 3 months ago (edited) Birth by sleep cast at 100% power: Aqua, Terra, Ventus Birth by sleep cast at 99% power: Aqua
  • Eevee the Vee
    Eevee the Vee 1 year ago Used Cinderella to beat Terranort for lols
  • iGotenks13
    iGotenks13 2 years ago #BlameEraqus
    SINGEKOO 9 months ago RIGHT!!!!!! XD thanks :D
  • Selena
    Selena 9 months ago iGotenks13 *Erasqueeze
  • ammarie young
    ammarie young 9 months ago SINGEKOO I agree with this whole heartedly blame both of them what kind of master are you if murdering one of your students is the first course of action that comes to your brain.
  • Rose
    Rose 9 months ago Eh, that's fair
    SINGEKOO 10 months ago YES! YES! YES! Technically blame Xeanort, btu erquis didn't help AT ALL XD
  • Master RBG
    Master RBG 2 years ago Now in it's defense; the Kingdom Hearts game for the swallow with an iphone strapped to it's head was pretty good.
  • Juan Isasi
    Juan Isasi 3 weeks ago @nalinea18 It's not a question of where they get it! It's simple question of weight ratios!
  • nalinea18
    nalinea18 3 weeks ago (edited) Juan Isasi Well of course they do. Games started migrating with the swallows around 2007 when Apple helped Square Enix strap the first iPhones to them. That’s why PS3s aren’t region-locked like PS2 and PS1 were. It’s pointless to restrict regions when a bird from PAL region can just fly to Japan and ruin the region-exclusivity Sony had going on earlier.
  • Juan Isasi
    Juan Isasi 1 month ago @John Doe Are you implying games migrate?
  • Cat_Mage
    Cat_Mage 3 months ago Oh, you mean Union X? Yeah, it was good, if not the best. (My opinion)
  • weeabitch 42069
    weeabitch 42069 5 months ago Personally I liked the one on the high school smart board
  • Kyle Lindgren
    Kyle Lindgren 11 months ago Brian Wingel Re:com is one of my favorite games especially saying as you can get almost infinite Iframes.
  • Brian Wingel
    Brian Wingel 1 year ago YourBestRen there were 3 on the ps2 including rechain of memories
  • Ricky Walters
    Ricky Walters 1 year ago Hey, hey,hey, WAIT! Don't you remember that ONE game where you play as Xehanort? You know, the one you play on the digital mirror?
  • Jane Stagner
    Jane Stagner 1 year ago What about the one for the ice cream stick? It was, in my opinion, the best out of the series.
  • DeathGodRiku
    DeathGodRiku 1 year ago I thought the one for the microwave oven was good as well
  • Ryan, The Coolest Kid Ever
    Ryan, The Coolest Kid Ever 1 year ago Ah my favorite in the series, Kingdom Hearts: Swallow of Secrets Final Mix
  • John Doe
    John Doe 1 year ago I admittedly never heard of that one.... Is it an African or a European swallow?
  • DireRaven4
    DireRaven4 1 year ago The one on the ps2 was pretty bad tho
  • Lawrence Gist
    Lawrence Gist 1 year ago ? What was it called?
  • TheElite711
    TheElite711 1 year ago Lightcolt Sounds pretty cool lol.
  • Lightcolt
    Lightcolt 2 years ago Master RBG I liked the one with the fridge.
  • Guardian Of Energy
    Guardian Of Energy 7 months ago 7:05 Can someone tell me how I got so SMALLLL This gets me every time I swear.
  • Mysterious Enigma
    Mysterious Enigma 1 year ago But I want to play as Ventus first because he looks like Roxas and Roxas is awesome.
  • Lydia Kilian
    Lydia Kilian 3 weeks ago Why are we the exact same lol I love Roxas so much
  • Timothy McLean
    Timothy McLean 3 months ago I personally think Ven makes more sense as a first character. He spends his entire story trying to figure out what's going on, which is a lot more interesting if you haven't seen Terra's side of the story (which reveals most of what's going on).
  • nicolas reyes garcia
    nicolas reyes garcia 9 months ago Do i need to remember you, out beloved number XVI? 😫
  • Roxas Ventus
    Roxas Ventus 9 months ago Real men get the secret boss trophies with Terra.
  • Just Allan:v
    Just Allan:v 5 months ago Ok I believe you
  • OmarHDGamer
    OmarHDGamer 6 months ago Wich thank fucking god I did it was tough.
  • gustavo pinto
    gustavo pinto 8 months ago *yes
  • Aezthetik
    Aezthetik 5 months ago 6:55 “please call 911 i’m losing oxygen”
  • Jay Barry
    Jay Barry 3 months ago Fun fact, Eraqus is voiced by Mark Hamill and Xehanort is voiced by Leonard Nimoy. That’s right, Luke Skywalker and Spock in the same game together.
  • DuhItzSkeleton
    DuhItzSkeleton 8 months ago (edited) real life: if you are failing then back out of the situation. bbs: " LETS KEEP GOING EVEN THOUGH WE ARE GONNA DIE "
  • netherrealmshero
    netherrealmshero 1 year ago D-Links in a nutshell You like summons in the other Kingdom Hearts games? If yes, use D-Links. If no, don't because they are the same thing.
  • Jaylen Page
    Jaylen Page 2 months ago I use the hell out of Mickey's D-Link for double exp when grinding
  • magicthunder24
    magicthunder24 3 months ago @joelss22 Right Terra with the Ventus D-Link is crazy, I mean his thing is slow and s t r o n k so making him be insanely fast and s t r o n k is just plain and simple good
  • joelss22
    joelss22 3 months ago Timothy McLean Terras D-Link with Ventus is incredibly good. It turns Mr. Slow Baggy Pants into an unstoppable speed demon, at least in terms of attacking it doesn’t do much for fixing his lack of movement. Just slap a few combo plus’s on him and watch most somewhat troublesome bosses crumble under his flurry of blows.
  • Timothy McLean
    Timothy McLean 3 months ago It seems like the Aqua dlink is useful for healing yourself before you've unlocked Cure (I mean, if you're not Aqua). Speaking of which, dlinking heals you, so it might save your run if you're low on health and Cure is on cooldown, but you have a full dlink bar.