ARE YOU NEW TO BMX RIDING? A BMX beginners guide to riding the skatepark, how to make sure you and everybody else is safe! Most importantly have fun riding BMX!



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  • Forever Schleep
    Forever Schleep 2 years ago "On the spot, you'll never live again" 😂 Im glad you're trying to keep your younger BMX kids (and older ones) safe Harry🤙🏾
  • Matt Wheeler
    Matt Wheeler 2 years ago I'm 33, not very good at Bmx at all! Watching your videos every day and I think this one is going to really help me 😁 if you could do more how to videos it would be a great help to me and many more I'm sure! Thanks Harry!
  • Berserker Nick
    Berserker Nick 2 weeks ago I'm a 39 yr old fat boy and I still get my bike out and do a few flatland tricks out in the street, my knees can't take jumps anymore
  • RhysTubes
    RhysTubes 1 month ago .
  • HitsuTwistedTalong
    HitsuTwistedTalong 1 month ago we are at the same age! I rode BMX alot when I was a teenager and just stop when in college doing skateboards. Now Im thinking to getting back on either one of them and i choose bmx. I love this video since it's beginners friendly and honest.
  • Danimations Notelling
    Danimations Notelling 2 months ago Matt Wheeler how are you doing nowadays? Gave up yet?
  • Joe Spencer
    Joe Spencer 4 months ago 38 coming from road cycling and racing with a bit of mtb. Watched some bmx on YouTube and thought it looked fun so starting myself 😂
  • Luis Rodriguez
    Luis Rodriguez 5 months ago 42 here and getting back into it too! 👍
  • Em blankspace
    Em blankspace 6 months ago I'm 22 and just getting started. Thank you for this!
  • Shamari hinds bmx
    Shamari hinds bmx 8 months ago yeah true
  • Gareth Harding
    Gareth Harding 9 months ago (edited) Just back into it at 33. So soaking up all the knowledge before hitting up the park.
  • polar express kid
    polar express kid 9 months ago @P Marston Sr. nice man, good to hear there are older riders 😄😄😄
  • polar express kid
    polar express kid 9 months ago Are you getting better after 1 more year?
  • P Marston Sr.
    P Marston Sr. 11 months ago I am 45 !!!! Rode a BMX a bit when I was a teen. I ride Mountain bikes daily. Tried to learn skateboard, its a no on them. Here we go !!! I am stealing my sons Sunday to leearn
  • Egfisherman With the lads
    Egfisherman With the lads 1 year ago Matt Wheeler fff
  • Michael Chard
    Michael Chard 1 year ago Same here . I'm 34 and just getting started
  • lph0911
    lph0911 1 year ago keep it going I am doing the same!
  • mixxed
    mixxed 1 year ago old fuck matt wheeler
  • Jack Johnson
    Jack Johnson 1 year ago Matt Wheeler yes
  • Nik Yeeeah
    Nik Yeeeah 1 year ago Matt Wheeler hiiiii
  • ya mom swallows kids on the daily
    ya mom swallows kids on the daily 1 year ago watch Alfredo Mancuso he does a lot of how tos for tricks
  • Green House
    Green House 2 years ago Matt Wheeler he did loads before but new ones would be good
  • Twinaroo Family
    Twinaroo Family 2 years ago Yeah Harry, if you're reading this, more how to vids for beginners would be great!
  • L. Roman
    L. Roman 2 years ago Matt Wheeler He's done loads of how to videos, like bars spin, tail whip, 360 etc. Just look to his older videos :)
  • Subs How many subs without uploads ?
    Subs How many subs without uploads ? 2 years ago Forget your 900,s and double flairs , triple whips can't beat a gd old nutcracker for a banger lol
  • Ash Charles
    Ash Charles 2 years ago Ive been riding bmx for nearly 10 years now and i still sit on my bmx and watch everyone else for hours, but this is a good video as its sort of telling the older bmxers to take more care for the newer riders, as the majority of the riders now a days are hot headed and ive been to parks where the good riders are taking the mik out of people that just started like getting in there way for the fun of it and say stuff like get out the f**ck out the way etc. but hopefully people will see this video and see that bmx is for everyone that enjoys riding bikes. great work harry love your videos.
  • KevEdwards SimRally
    KevEdwards SimRally 1 year ago Ash Charles similar but on a much smaller degree in the climbing world but it’s generally the old upper class snobs that look down on indoor climbers or the Elites who think they own a a particular climbing area because they climb harder then anybody else. I used to love BMX as a kid but at 35 I wouldn’t be able to resist the urge to tell the inconsiderate tw@s where to go 😂
  • Christa Rose
    Christa Rose 1 year ago Today my friend, her brother and I went there and just started going for the sake of doing it for fun. I went wrong and I tried going up the slope but I failed badly. I tried asking the others, who goes to school with me, and they just tried to sweep me off since they're better. I wanted to know if they used their weight or anything, and they just said its like riding a bike. Even an adult ignored me, thinking I'm nothing. I called them out by saying, "You're overall okay, but you're a hint of a douche." They called me a bitch and I told them that they would know. It's ridiculous for them to react like that knowing that it's the truth and that they need to do something about it: helping others out. They even ignored a 6 who rode a scooter — no advice.
    MARK STEPHSON Aka MATT MOTIVE 1 year ago +GMTgaming don't be a duesh you started at no skill too. . . help others learn instead of talk trash poorly
  • NxtGenCJM
    NxtGenCJM 1 year ago GMTgaming who cares if he’s a scooter kid you all go out to have fun at the skatepark that’s what it’s about man you should all take care of one another not taking the piss out of each other.
  • GMT
    GMT 1 year ago George Crosby that might be because you're a scooter kid!
  • Just a Chicken Nugget
    Just a Chicken Nugget 2 years ago Agreed. I'm a street scooter rider but when i do go to skateparks they always swear and take the mick of smaller or less experienced riders. Fucking annoying
  • Kieran Bond
    Kieran Bond 2 years ago Watched this as a rider who's been riding for years and I think this is such a good video for kids learning to ride. I would've loved to have this content out there when I was learning. It's brilliant to see a pro ride who actually cares about getting the next generation of riders into bmx. Whenever I have kids on scooters saying they want a bmx but don't know what I tell them to get a mafia, because I love what you've been doing with the company and YouTube. Always love the content, keep it up!
  • Kane Measham-Pywell
    Kane Measham-Pywell 3 months ago Jinx ' it’s better than most of what you hear at a skatepark, here in Australia that is nothing whatsoever and nobody cares about it
  • Samurai Lover
    Samurai Lover 4 months ago Kids he said it will fuck you what do you mean "good for kids"
  • D2daK87
    D2daK87 7 months ago Lol Im 31 and here I am
  • Shamari hinds bmx
    Shamari hinds bmx 8 months ago word bro
  • Some random guy
    Some random guy 9 months ago "such a good video for kids" and here I am being 20 😂
  • The Seth Man
    The Seth Man 2 years ago Harry you the main man
  • Jandry Ureña
    Jandry Ureña 1 year ago +Lulu Bejot (Lulu) poikhfkytjly
  • Lulu Bejot
    Lulu Bejot 1 year ago Seth Roen 🤘🏼Awesome video brother ! Keep it up ! Looking forward to watch the next one 😉. We loved it ❤️😃
  • CurlyWurly77
    CurlyWurly77 1 year ago (edited) Seth Roen I mean ya what else would he be, like the Thomson man or the Jacubson man like what're you even getting at?
  • Paul Evans
    Paul Evans 1 year ago Getting cut on a road by a car can suck a lot more.
  • The Seth Man
    The Seth Man 2 years ago @harrymain love the skatepark etiquette content! people need to know. nothing sucks more then getting cut at the skate park
  • D T O M
    D T O M 2 years ago You sound like jack sparrow
  • Tom bagnall
    Tom bagnall 5 months ago Hes a scouse. (from Liverpool)
  • Adrienne Dillon
    Adrienne Dillon 5 months ago You were telling the truth OMG... Jack- I do that quite alot actually an you all seem to be surprised.
  • GiR
    GiR 11 months ago He is JACK SPARROW
  • MJX Team
    MJX Team 11 months ago yeah! :-)
  • low rider
    low rider 1 year ago "where the cheese do i start?" harry main 2k17
  • Powfu
    Powfu 2 years ago "Wheels are off the floor, you're dead..." XD 6:13
  • Jess Forsey
    Jess Forsey 2 years ago I can't do a bunny hop and I've had a BMX for a year!
  • SHOOTER1337
    SHOOTER1337 5 months ago Then u just too lame
  • Salt Gaming
    Salt Gaming 7 months ago (edited) ... I don't even have a BMX and I can bunny hop.
  • Metal & Memes
    Metal & Memes 8 months ago I got a bunny hop 1st try kek My tip is lift your front with your handlebars and then scoop up with the balls of your feet on your pedals while your pedals are horizontal to each other, like your pedals are like this <>----¤----<>
  • xTheysentmegoofy x
    xTheysentmegoofy x 10 months ago I can j hop or s hop idk which is called
  • xTheysentmegoofy x
    xTheysentmegoofy x 10 months ago Jess Forsey i can bunny hop but can't 360
  • GiR
    GiR 11 months ago Think of it like doing the worm how they lift front to back to get in the air
  • GiR
    GiR 11 months ago You want to lean back and do a wheelie and at that top of the maximum point lean forward to bring the back wheel up. Then go back and kind of sit in the air behind your seat hard to explain but if you see someone bunny hop you can see what I mean.
  • Im Kelan
    Im Kelan 1 year ago The lighter the bike the better
  • dragonheadz
    dragonheadz 1 year ago Lean back and jump and lean forward in one swift motion, u have to have the front wheel up first
    BJARNE 1 year ago try getting only your back wheel up, the higher you get, the better you will jump
  • Emilien Gosselin
    Emilien Gosselin 2 years ago Jess Forsey I'm learning to bunnyhop right now and 1 tip I can give you is to learn first how to lift both your wheels at the same time. Then try to lift your front wheel first
  • dewin doeth dwl
    dewin doeth dwl 3 months ago Just the info I need as a 53yr old with my first BMX.
  • david foulkes
    david foulkes 2 years ago i'm 44 and still bmx'n in stoke lol bike life !!!
  • Amy Edits
    Amy Edits 2 years ago Female bmx people where you at?
  • Gangsta Panda
    Gangsta Panda 1 month ago Hi
  • Samuel Laboski
    Samuel Laboski 2 months ago Perfect girl doesn't ex-
  • James1200 12
    James1200 12 3 months ago Amy Hart Edits in the kitchen
  • MiniKoston
    MiniKoston 1 year ago dirty sandwich
  • Qv X Division
    Qv X Division 1 year ago KiD Feesh lol
  • Oldpeople BMX
    Oldpeople BMX 2 years ago xAmyn1x Yasssss
  • GazPr0
    GazPr0 2 years ago (edited) I'm glad you fixed your bar end at 11:09 haha. Keep up the vids lad
  • Harry_quigley_
    Harry_quigley_ 2 years ago Hi Harry I love your videos and watch you every day
  • Louis Harrington
    Louis Harrington 2 years ago Me too hope he carrys on uploading
  • HaoleKegs
    HaoleKegs 2 years ago Hey Harry, I was wondering if you could make a more in depth video about dropping into mellow quarters, steep quarters, and quarters with coping that stick out past the transition. It would really help man. Keep up the good work!
  • MJX Team
    MJX Team 11 months ago Yeah! Would be very nice!
  • Mémé Boï
    Mémé Boï 1 year ago You got to hop in
  • Joel Beck
    Joel Beck 2 years ago Pretty sure he made one a while back
  • jay johnson
    jay johnson 2 years ago Hop in...
    ELLIOTT 2 years ago I love this vidéo, you must continu to do stuff like this
    ELLIOTT 2 years ago Mon anglais is not very good
  • ShadowXrain
    ShadowXrain 2 years ago Mdrrrr
    ELLIOTT 2 years ago Yes I am
    ELLIOTT 2 years ago Moi aussi lol
  • François Guyot
    François Guyot 2 years ago ShakeTM & Co. MOI AUSSI 😂😂
  • Tim BONNIN
    Tim BONNIN 2 years ago I'm not English mais moi je suis francais ;)
  • François Guyot
    François Guyot 2 years ago ELLIOTT You are français non ? 😂😂
  • Arhan Sagoo
    Arhan Sagoo 5 months ago Can you do how to drop in for new rocker riders who never ridden anything before
  • _CurlyHeadJJ_
    _CurlyHeadJJ_ 6 months ago Love this video, you have inspired me and helped me to ride BMX so much, this was so descriptive, you have gained a new subscriber!
  • QuickShifts
    QuickShifts 1 year ago Yo my main man Harry you said ‘the rules of the park’ then said that he was wearing headphones XD