Learn Docker in 20 Minutes
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  • Sean Ebeling
    Sean Ebeling 1 year ago A lot of haters in the comments. A couple of pronunciation issues but I can look past that because I'm now able to do some easy Docker things after 20 minutes. Keep posting these.
  • Thomas Adams
    Thomas Adams 3 months ago A lot of good info. Been working with Docker for months, of course, in 20 minutes, there is only so much info. However, this is something I should've watched towards the start of my Docker journey. Docker-compose may have been out of scope for this video, but still great!
  • Maria José
    Maria José 11 months ago Ko- Jap Ltda
  • Ko- Jap
    Ko- Jap 1 year ago Sean Ebeling Nobody cares about your opinion + I didn’t see any haters comments stop playing the black sheep role and run while you are not being chased k ....
  • Spaceman Thomas
    Spaceman Thomas 1 year ago Hello everyone, sorry for the pronunciation issues and messiness on my part, I'm a self taught developer and it seems to have shown here haha. I'm happy most of you found the video helpful. Please continue to support CodingTutorials360!
  • Jason O'Maolagain
    Jason O'Maolagain 1 month ago Thnaks buddy; Im a self taught programmer and im dyslexic in English which makies reading and writing a pain; Emmet is great for Development an you tube my best friend so thanks a mill cheers
  • Ben777
    Ben777 5 months ago Thanks for a great concide guide
  • Sahm Samarghandi
    Sahm Samarghandi 6 months ago lol I came into the comments just to see if there was mention of suadeo tty and "earl" hahah Very informative video :)
  • Nadir Amini
    Nadir Amini 8 months ago Please provide complete tutorial for docker with live example as you did on this one I have been learning docker online from several schools but haven't really grasped much as i did from this clip just in 20 minutes. Thank you
  • Nev Delap
    Nev Delap 11 months ago (edited) There is no bug at 6:30. It is waiting for input to the original command prompt when you pressed ctrl p q, and when you press return you get another command prompt.
  • Мр Цыпхр
    Мр Цыпхр 1 week ago this is so hard/complex..
  • raptor eagles
    raptor eagles 1 year ago (edited) Nice tutorial. 6:22 the prompt string is already displayed for you do ctrl+p+q. so after reattaching to it the shell just waits for next command. it didn't show the prompt string until you press enter. the default file name is "Dockerfile" not ".Dockerfile" anyways a good tutorial.
  • Iam Nani
    Iam Nani 1 month ago Thankyou for ur efforts. I've few doubts in docker, could you please help me. How to share docker images What docker load do How to tack backup docker container Thanks in advance.
  • Bitter Rotten
    Bitter Rotten 11 months ago And wallah. (Seriously though. Good tutorial. Thank you.)
  • Jeff VanDyke
    Jeff VanDyke 2 years ago at around 12:10, On my machine, when it complained when the file was named .Dockerfile, I think it expects the file to be named just 'Dockerfile', then you don't have to manually specify where it is. I was following along and renaming the file worked for me.
  • Shuai Chen
    Shuai Chen 7 months ago Yeah, I found that problem too. That’s why he had to specify the exact url😂
  • George
    George 1 year ago Exactly. He needed to specify the filename because ".Dockerfile" is not the default name, "Dockerfile" is. :)
  • Jon Love
    Jon Love 2 years ago Same here. Thanks Jeff!
  • Abhishek Saini
    Abhishek Saini 4 months ago Love the tutorial. Best 20 minutes learning docker. Thanks Dylan
  • rusty sk8er
    rusty sk8er 5 months ago best docker tutorial I have seen around, great job! thank you!
  • Sana Vishnu
    Sana Vishnu 2 months ago (edited) Hi, 2:39 Where to add this, I am using VMware work station.
  • Ajhas A
    Ajhas A 11 months ago Its the first time I've heard URL referred to as 'earl' :D
  • Stefan Jagger
    Stefan Jagger 8 months ago Very informative... thank you for taking the time to produce this video. Loved the 1337 port, I rarely see that like I used to back in the 90's.
  • Abhishek Malwankar
    Abhishek Malwankar 5 months ago Nice tutorial @Spaceman Thomas! Thank you for sharing.
  • Maria Bahshaeb
    Maria Bahshaeb 1 month ago Great tutorial, a real time saver. Thank you.
  • Yang Du
    Yang Du 1 year ago The best docker tutorial. explain everything a first learner needs to know in 20 minutes. It's very simple unlike other tutorials that says a lot of sophisticated crap.
  • Josh C
    Josh C 1 month ago Bro, why are you on a Windows box?...
  • john kevin soriano
    john kevin soriano 9 months ago 15:00 You can pass -a argument to docker ps like this docker ps -a, and it will show even inactive/stopped containers
  • Travis Rennemann
    Travis Rennemann 1 year ago Great introduction to using Docker on Windows and in your development workflow! Thank you for sharing it.
  • Literal Buddha
    Literal Buddha 11 months ago Thank you for saving me precious time.