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  • Essix TheFalcon
    Essix TheFalcon 9 months ago Why am I watching this for 10th time when I already finished P5?
  • Brandon Tripode
    Brandon Tripode 8 months ago Same
  • nick arkells
    nick arkells 8 months ago Saaaaame
  • Sircreepington9th
    Sircreepington9th 8 months ago Because it’s fucking hilarious.
  • Essix TheFalcon
    Essix TheFalcon 8 months ago True that
  • beoweasel
    beoweasel 7 months ago Because it's glorious.
  • Belmont Hunter
    Belmont Hunter 7 months ago I'm watching this again because I've finished p3 like 6 times, p4, 4 times, and I want to play this game SO BAD
  • leeman27534
    leeman27534 7 months ago hell, i like watching it and i hate the sort of time management persona games.
  • Scott Pilgrim
    Scott Pilgrim 7 months ago I have never related to a comment so much in my life
  • Juan Gutierrez
    Juan Gutierrez 7 months ago I'm doing it to find where in the frames of the video Buns hid the waifu. And I found it. Buns you absolute madwoman...
  • Kartik Ayysola
    Kartik Ayysola 6 months ago Mr. Unlucky Which frame is it in? I think I found it but I'm not sure.
  • Juan Gutierrez
    Juan Gutierrez 6 months ago @Kartik Ayysola Here's the thing, it's not all at once. It's one letter at a time, spread throughout the first half of the vid. They're all in the same spot, so all I can really advise is, starting at 2:36 look at the bottom left corner, and you should find them all eventually
  • Kartik Ayysola
    Kartik Ayysola 6 months ago Mr. Unlucky Omg the absolute madwoman She's got top tier taste!
  • Kartik Ayysola
    Kartik Ayysola 6 months ago Mr. Unlucky Thanks for the assist, btw
  • Juan Gutierrez
    Juan Gutierrez 6 months ago @Kartik Ayysola No prob. This is absolute top tier content, and I found it out completely on accident
  • TheBeastAmongUs
    TheBeastAmongUs 6 months ago Honestly I've had persona 5 for over a year, basically like a year and 4 months and I'm only up to the museum part, I feel ashamed cause I wanted it badly when it came out, then I just lose interest idk why, it's a cool game but I just don't really play it, maybe cause I suck at it and worry about dying lol, I don't like how every boss as a limit to beat him tho, I'm not sure what the best place to grind is
  • Seth Kauffman
    Seth Kauffman 5 months ago @TheBeastAmongUs eh, I just got it tonight and haven't even invested time into RDR2 the month I've had it despite how much I truly wanted that game. So idk, I don't see me sinking as much time as I'd like to in it, especially because my time is currently preoccupied with Hollow Knight on my Switch, and then probably Smash in 2 days, but I'm also picking up KH The Story So Far tomorrow, to catch up (I've only played 1, 2, and DDD unfortunately) for KH3 come January. God it's such a great time for gaming right now. I'm truly happy I've gotten back into it after such a long hiatus.
  • Drake Drax
    Drake Drax 5 months ago +Seth Kauffman You might want to give it more of a shot, now that Joker is coming to Smash Ultimate
  • KingIceHunter
    KingIceHunter 5 months ago Do you know the banjo intro at the beginning? I’m trying to find it.
  • fullmetal
    fullmetal 5 months ago Because of her voice
  • thatforemankid
    thatforemankid 4 months ago actually me rn
  • Galaxykitty 894
    Galaxykitty 894 3 months ago Me too bud
  • Icei 34 Errel
    Icei 34 Errel 3 months ago @Sircreepington9th It is
  • Logan Dunleavy
    Logan Dunleavy 2 months ago Relatable
  • Ryan Stevens
    Ryan Stevens 2 months ago I’m on my second play through
  • MechaAbaasyXXII
    MechaAbaasyXXII 2 months ago Welcome to the club.
  • Joseph Watts
    Joseph Watts 2 months ago Because Buns.
  • David Bliss
    David Bliss 2 months ago EVERBODY SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS........ or at least that is why I keep coming back
  • Joseph Cruz
    Joseph Cruz 2 months ago Cause the buns makes it sound so much fun
  • Kill me plz Boaro
    Kill me plz Boaro 2 months ago It appears in your home page and nothing else to watch
  • lighting237
    lighting237 2 months ago Same dude
  • Ben R4m-Z
    Ben R4m-Z 1 month ago (edited) I, Persona lly (not sorry) haven't even played it yet.... so I've had the whole story already spoiled but I don't think it will take away from the experience if/when I do end up playing it. It's just that good of a story.
  • julianx2rl
    julianx2rl 1 month ago So you can relive the persona experience without spending 100+ hours?
  • TheBlazingDiamond
    TheBlazingDiamond 3 weeks ago I did the same with the Jak and Daxter and Ratchet and Clank videos.
  • Whittle 18
    Whittle 18 3 weeks ago SaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAmmmme
  • jean kipre
    jean kipre 2 weeks ago Cause I makes you lol
  • andrewkful
    andrewkful 2 weeks ago It is a classic that's why!
  • Trey Hebert
    Trey Hebert 1 week ago cuz its entertaining? XD
  • Ali_ Gaming.
    Ali_ Gaming. 3 days ago Same
  • InterruptingOctopus
    InterruptingOctopus 7 months ago "i am never making a video this long again" botw: "hold my beer"
  • Ambar Ghosh
    Ambar Ghosh 3 months ago what is botw?
  • Guppy
    Guppy 3 months ago @Ambar Ghosh Zelda Breath of the Wild
  • jay quickblade
    jay quickblade 2 months ago @Guppy that is lozbtow
  • Moosetastic Bombastic
    Moosetastic Bombastic 2 weeks ago @jay quickblade that is TLoZBoTW.
  • Son Pham
    Son Pham 2 weeks ago Moosetastic Bombastic The lost bot war? Fuck you tseries kappa
  • Pixelated Milky
    Pixelated Milky 3 days ago damn was just about to typ ethat too just a few months late. Oh well
  • ImADanganronpaWeeb
    ImADanganronpaWeeb 4 months ago and 2 + 2 equals GO TO BED
  • The_Chicken_Was_To_ Water_Burnt
    The_Chicken_Was_To_ Water_Burnt 3 weeks ago 11:02
  • •_• Vannilow •_•
    •_• Vannilow •_• 2 weeks ago Water is wet Akechi likes pancakes
  • B. Vaegler
    B. Vaegler 1 week ago That point had me crying, keeps me coming back again and again
  • Ice Wolf
    Ice Wolf 1 week ago •_• Vannilow •_• Akira likes chairs
  • Limonenmaedchen
    Limonenmaedchen 2 months ago played P5 for 113 hours didn't know that SP stands for "Spirit Points" whoopsadoodle.
  • Genji Shimada
    Genji Shimada 55 minutes ago It doesn’t.. it stands for STANDO POWAH!!!!
  • Calamity
    Calamity 5 months ago Watching this as an idiot-attempt at research and preparation for the new Smash Ultimate DLC. Yes. I am not kidding.
  • oofio boofio
    oofio boofio 5 months ago Same lol
  • Umbreon25100
    Umbreon25100 5 months ago I knew I would find a comment like this here.
  • I am Littlepon
    I am Littlepon 5 months ago bad joke
  • Daniel Washington
    Daniel Washington 5 months ago Mood
  • Hippo Vortex83
    Hippo Vortex83 5 months ago I can’t believe how accurate this statement actually is
  • Maricella Wright
    Maricella Wright 5 months ago You're not alone, I can't continue the game because time issues, but you are safe here, don't worry :3
  • pokemon card colletor
    pokemon card colletor 5 months ago Same
  • Nanorod
    Nanorod 5 months ago Disappointed.
  • chowder
    chowder 5 months ago Same
  • Brandon Wenneborg
    Brandon Wenneborg 5 months ago But why? What does this help...? What is there to research? haha
  • Calamity
    Calamity 5 months ago @Brandon Wenneborg BECAUSE!
  • Abandoned channel because my mom hates me
    Abandoned channel because my mom hates me 5 months ago @Calamity exactly
  • Tofu
    Tofu 5 months ago @Brandon Wenneborg So they can bust out random knowledge about the game to their friends like they played it and be excited with them.
  • XxMangledMagikarp _74xX
    XxMangledMagikarp _74xX 4 months ago Calamity they could have similar moves in terms of attacks corresponding to jokers first persona but your just wasting time because this is a turn based game (youre wasting ur time)
  • Smoshy :v
    Smoshy :v 4 months ago (edited) Tofu I mean yeah basically. In fact I'm pretty sure none of my friends had ever played a Persona game before, but after Jokers smash reveal we're all talking about it.
  • Josue Ravena
    Josue Ravena 4 months ago Also speculating on Joker's fight set for Smash! I think his ultimate will be doing a persona while attacking using his gun.
  • Michael Rosa
    Michael Rosa 4 months ago Literally same
  • Primatic James
    Primatic James 4 months ago You dare speak my actions
  • Carlos Oney 24006
    Carlos Oney 24006 4 months ago Never saw that coming
  • Funny Man
    Funny Man 4 months ago Same
  • BlazingSerenade
    BlazingSerenade 4 months ago I mean you could also play the game
  • BlazingSerenade
    BlazingSerenade 4 months ago Josue Ravena implying his ultimate Won’t be an all out attack lmao fucking smash kiddies - dude is gonna be like yugi in jump ultimate stars, gonna be using personas as his attacks
  • William Schaeffler
    William Schaeffler 4 months ago Same
  • mrbenio
    mrbenio 4 months ago Likewise...and I don't even play the games anymore, I just watch them but at least I can know a LITTLE more about those "Who the @#$% is that guy?!" characters.
  • Patrick Arms-Roberts
    Patrick Arms-Roberts 4 months ago same
  • Jonathon Graham
    Jonathon Graham 4 months ago same lol.
  • Kemo_Meme
    Kemo_Meme 4 months ago There are so many personas and persona moves in this game that even we don't know what Joker will have in his moveset
  • Chris G
    Chris G 4 months ago I wanna try this game, but the entire kids at school element is too weird for me as a grown man. I think my wife and children would leave me...
  • Robert Loughrey
    Robert Loughrey 4 months ago I watched a playthrough but yes same
  • Bluejack 22
    Bluejack 22 4 months ago Same
  • Realmwalker
    Realmwalker 4 months ago Play it your self, or use the internet, it's way better than this, just look out for spoilers
  • JetSwift
    JetSwift 4 months ago Same
  • Scooperz
    Scooperz 4 months ago Same. And I’m still waitin on that damn direct that I THOUGHT we were getting this month!
  • RandomGuest
    RandomGuest 3 months ago I just started watching playthroughs. (I don't have a playstation :) )
  • Ripteron
    Ripteron 3 months ago same :l shhhhh
  • Mr. Moof
    Mr. Moof 3 months ago breh.
  • Cesar Balmaceda
    Cesar Balmaceda 3 months ago I don't know if this is a guide or what but I love it! Please keep making videos and that attitude i literally laughed and enjoyed this!
  • Calamity
    Calamity 3 months ago @Cesar Balmaceda Thank you.
  • the_meme_demon
    the_meme_demon 3 months ago Me too
  • jwadd01
    jwadd01 3 months ago Calamity just go on the wiki it's pretty simple honestly I mean you probably won't get the background lore but other than that simple hell
  • Patrick Handford
    Patrick Handford 3 months ago Not played P5 and a Nintendo fan
  • Blade Sturm
    Blade Sturm 3 months ago So I planning on getting the game i can get the ps3 verion now, or should I wait to see what p5r comes out on. Cuz I got a switch which I've heard rumors that p5 is coming to the switch.
  • ArtisticPixie
    ArtisticPixie 3 months ago HA SAME
  • Oxius
    Oxius 3 months ago @Josue Ravena it's more like to be an all out attack
  • Josue Ravena
    Josue Ravena 3 months ago @Maricella Wright true. I just wish it can come to the switch. So you can play on the go.
  • Josue Ravena
    Josue Ravena 3 months ago @Oxius its the most likely. But thei is a chance it might be the sinful shell or maybe bullet hell.
  • Flame Lord
    Flame Lord 3 months ago I watched it because after seeing Joker would be in smash I wanted to see what the game was about. It had to be on the one console I don’t have
  • SomthingButIDontKnow Why do I need a last name
    SomthingButIDontKnow Why do I need a last name 3 months ago Yep I am just lazing our like 4 hours of watch time of persona content so I know what it is
  • flame the seven tail fox warrior
    flame the seven tail fox warrior 3 months ago Same I never saw it coming lol
  • TheBluLeaf
    TheBluLeaf 3 months ago fuckin brony
  • Kirby Main
    Kirby Main 3 months ago same..
  • Joseph Cruz
    Joseph Cruz 2 months ago Omg me too!!! This game seems so badass tho
  • Joseph Cruz
    Joseph Cruz 2 months ago Also these kinds of games are not my usual cup of coco, I don't usually like turn based games let alone jrpgs especially growing up, but I really am starting to like them, they're badass
  • GamingDemon 82 animations
    GamingDemon 82 animations 2 months ago Same
  • ShadowByrd
    ShadowByrd 2 months ago Calamity managed to finish this game. Now it’s in my top 3 games of all time.
  • Dyson Carter
    Dyson Carter 1 month ago Same
  • nothing boi e
    nothing boi e 1 month ago I never saw it coming tbh because hahahaha funny jokes, that song is god tier, if it isn't in ultimate, in ANY way.. I will throw my switch out of my house and trickshot it Into a dumpster
  • Some Kid Who is Also a Squid
    Some Kid Who is Also a Squid 1 month ago Is this how all the cool kids without playstations are going to say they main Joker because they love the game?
  • Aido
    Aido 1 month ago Just get Persona 5
  • hcs161 1
    hcs161 1 1 month ago Started out like you and now I want to play a persona game
  • Michael Mayo
    Michael Mayo 1 month ago Dead ass bought and beat this because of smash. No regrets.
  • I'm Still Questionable
    I'm Still Questionable 1 month ago Bro how did you know?
  • Riley Stringbean
    Riley Stringbean 1 month ago Calamity me too
  • Joshua Brito
    Joshua Brito 1 month ago Who isn't
  • Fma_Kla_
    Fma_Kla_ 1 month ago Ditto 😂😂
  • Jonas DeWind
    Jonas DeWind 1 month ago Same lol
  • Daniel White
    Daniel White 3 weeks ago You thankfully don't have to now, there's a new Joker guide from Buns here >.>
  • DX_Gamer1113 Hoimin
    DX_Gamer1113 Hoimin 3 weeks ago AHAAHAHAHAHA... same
  • Jay Queue
    Jay Queue 3 weeks ago Brony Smash fgt
  • Jaketime04
    Jaketime04 3 weeks ago i took the long way and watched a 100 episode long lets play
  • anonymous the very much anonymous
    anonymous the very much anonymous 2 weeks ago Play it
  • Karen Pardo
    Karen Pardo 4 months ago Akira Kurusu Ren Amamiya C I V I L W A R
  • ShermTank7272
    ShermTank7272 2 months ago Or we could just call him Joker. That’s the closest to a game-canon name we’re gonna get.
  • Ale Isshiki
    Ale Isshiki 1 month ago Karen Pardo it’s ren tho. There was a similar problem with the persona 3 protagonist
  • JKamron-1
    JKamron-1 1 week ago Akira Kurusu and Ren Amimaya is like Johnny Yong Bosch voicing Yu Narukami and Tohru Adachi.
  • Monty2289
    Monty2289 2 days ago @Ale Isshiki How is it Ren. That's the latest possible canon name. Akira's the original name so why not go with that.
  • Shitty Name
    Shitty Name 5 months ago There's only one way to avoid the best girl debate.... DATE EVERYONE !
  • Mr.XplosionGames
    Mr.XplosionGames 2 months ago But remember the Valentine's day =)
  • Moogle Mod
    Moogle Mod 2 months ago Omg your a genius!
  • The Black Asian
    The Black Asian 1 month ago POLYGAMY IS THE WAY!
  • family friendly
    family friendly 3 weeks ago Date igor
  • Loocaz
    Loocaz 2 weeks ago B l e s s
  • Blue Squid
    Blue Squid 1 week ago but who do you start dating first?
  • Lucas the Demon 2.0
    Lucas the Demon 2.0 1 week ago For me, I knew before I got the game.
  • Missing A Forest
    Missing A Forest 1 week ago BRO! that's haram!!!
  • Peyton Junkin
    Peyton Junkin 3 days ago Wait but you can't date the boys...:(
  • Sailor Waddle Dee 5
    Sailor Waddle Dee 5 3 months ago So remember Water is wet Akechi likes pancakes And 2+2 is GO TO BED
  • tenryuu
    tenryuu 2 years ago >Mementos >optional AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  • GenericWeeb
    GenericWeeb 1 year ago You only really gotta go once per arc when you have all requests you can get and the ending.
  • ConstXV
    ConstXV 1 year ago wait, so you need to do ALL mementos requests to get the ending? really?
  • GenericWeeb
    GenericWeeb 1 year ago Naw just gotta get to the end of mentos which can annoying if you didn't get far already.
  • philipinoboy13
    philipinoboy13 1 year ago easy to get through. just do it after changing someones heart xD
  • MegaUltraSonic
    MegaUltraSonic 1 year ago That messed me up too. Everyone said Mementos is optional and just for sidequests and the main palaces are the main dungeons but if anything Mementos is the main dungeon and the palaces are side stories.
  • David
    David 1 year ago MegaUltraSonic i went through it anyway before i did the bosses so i got that extra grind
    A VERY CREATIVE CHANNEL NAME 1 year ago tenryuu Yummy Mentos.
  • Grant Scheet
    Grant Scheet 1 year ago A VERY CREATIVE CHANNEL NAME The Freshmaker.
  • TheWerewolfofsalem
    TheWerewolfofsalem 1 year ago tenryuu I wish...
  • Alex Carson
    Alex Carson 1 year ago Well because until you get to the end of the game... it very much implies it is optional, they don't really give you any indication it's important to complete until the end.
  • humanLucifer
    humanLucifer 1 year ago how many confidants can be maxed out without going to mementos? not many, I'd wager.
  • David
    David 1 year ago humanLucifer morgana..ryuji..maybe ann but i cant remember
  • Eastway
    Eastway 1 year ago (SPOILERS) If the palaces were sidequests, they were certainly necessary side quests. You have to complete them in order to not be ruined by pancake boy.
  • Igor19485
    Igor19485 1 year ago (edited) Luckily I found it fun to beat the Memento bosses and explore mementos. I wasn't aware how much it actually helped in the end lol, it saved me all the hustle. I already got to the end of Mementos before it was required of me.
  • MrRjwagner
    MrRjwagner 1 year ago Mementos are fun in a way, but it falls apart if you do too much of it at one time. Thankfully, I feel like the developers realized this and made sure you basically couldn't head down to the Prison of Regression until literally the end of the game.
  • Jerome Robinson
    Jerome Robinson 5 months ago I got to the end of the accessible parts way before you had to go down there..... imagine actually taking her advice and never going down there until the end.... oof 😂
  • Uncle ruckus
    Uncle ruckus 2 months ago Tartarus >>>>mementos
  • Corgi Pants
    Corgi Pants 2 months ago I understand why this is funny now XD
  • Kill me plz Boaro
    Kill me plz Boaro 2 months ago This is why we do mementos after every palace
  • Francesco Piromalli
    Francesco Piromalli 2 months ago Lel
  • _ _Flavio_ _
    _ _Flavio_ _ 1 month ago @ConstXV late to say no?
  • Monty2289
    Monty2289 2 days ago @Kill me plz Boaro You can do it with an optimal schedule 3 times in a year after building a collection of subquests. After every palace you're guaranteed at least 2 or 3 requests but definitely not enough to justify going that many times unless you are grinding for infiltration tool materials or finishing the compendium - the latter of which you can't really do until you are closer to the depths with Down Shot anyways.
  • MsKawaiichii
    MsKawaiichii 5 months ago I must be living underneath a massive rock. Thank you Smash for introducing me to this game; aka another black hole that will devour my time and money.
  • Final Thief
    Final Thief 5 months ago MsKawaiichii Hope you buy it and enjoy it! trust me..the game is worth it!
  • Mettaton Ex
    Mettaton Ex 4 months ago 15 years ago it introduced me to Legend of Zelda, and my life had never been the same since. 10 years ago it introduced me to Metal Gear Solid, and my life had never been the same since. 5 years ago it introduced me to Fire Emblem and Xenoblade Chronicles, and my life had never been the same since. A couple months ago it introduced me to Persona, and for gods' sake my life is barely recognizable.
  • FrostBug
    FrostBug 4 months ago As a person who finish it, you better be ready. Also welcome to the wild brother of SMT
  • BlazingSerenade
    BlazingSerenade 4 months ago FrostBug persona is the easiest of the SMT series dude
  • Stephen Flesch
    Stephen Flesch 4 months ago I love how Persona fans are so welcoming of new players instead of saying "I don't want these normies invading the game I like", because some people are dedicated GATEKEEPERS
  • FrostBug
    FrostBug 4 months ago @BlazingSerenade Yeah I know, the reason I called it wild brother is how crazy the spin off games and how the fans including myself enjoy it.
  • iverson silva
    iverson silva 9 months ago "HUMM P5 looks enteresting, i will look about it" "40 Min?" Starts watching BEST 40 MINUTES OF MY LIFE
  • Robert Jones
    Robert Jones 5 months ago Oh shit I just noticed this video was 40 minutes. My mind registered 30.
  • Simple Animator
    Simple Animator 5 months ago let's just see after you play it
  • Giga Derek
    Giga Derek 5 months ago A warm welcome to the smash players who've never played this slice of fried gold here.
  • guardian
    guardian 5 months ago (edited) Im disappointed at atlus
  • jamie t
    jamie t 4 months ago Rumours Intensifies
  • Tristan Wong
    Tristan Wong 4 months ago Yo.
  • Mr. Moof
    Mr. Moof 3 months ago ikr?
  • Taelin Exford
    Taelin Exford 3 months ago I literally just bought a PS4 for this awesome work of art. And I won't lie, Smash was a big reason behind that choice.
  • Mohan Grewal
    Mohan Grewal 3 months ago Taelin Exford get Bloodborne too
  • Taelin Exford
    Taelin Exford 3 months ago @Mohan Grewal not my style, but I might check out some gameplay. Gotta get Nier: Automata first.
  • Hybridchicken04 Gaming
    Hybridchicken04 Gaming 3 months ago Taelin Exford tbh it’s not the best I just recently played it and it’s extremely overrated
  • Taelin Exford
    Taelin Exford 3 months ago @Hybridchicken04 Gaming But I enjoy hack-and-slashers. I know I'll love it. The narrative is just a bonus.
  • Hybridchicken04 Gaming
    Hybridchicken04 Gaming 3 months ago Taelin Exford I personally recommend metal gear rising
  • Taelin Exford
    Taelin Exford 3 months ago @Hybridchicken04 Gaming NanOmacHIneS, SoN!
  • Akira Kurusu
    Akira Kurusu 3 months ago I'm here cause my friend forced me to watch a let's play of P5
  • Facade Underground
    Facade Underground 3 months ago Nigga this game a full loaf
  • Condemned Crimson
    Condemned Crimson 1 month ago @guardian Persona 5 S says "Hi"
  • ᴊ ᴇ s ᴛ ɪ ɴ
    ᴊ ᴇ s ᴛ ɪ ɴ 3 weeks ago Persona 5S says no
  • Alightminer8 OFFICIAL Team PewDiePie
    Alightminer8 OFFICIAL Team PewDiePie 3 weeks ago Giga Derek I can’t play it, because I don’t own a PS4.
  • sl1ckf0x
    sl1ckf0x 3 weeks ago lmfao, never played it but my sister has the game. Thanks for the welcome :)
  • Definitely Errel
    Definitely Errel 2 weeks ago I got no PS4
  • Ayame Matsudaira
    Ayame Matsudaira 5 months ago (edited) The most beautiful, flawless, charming girl on Persona 5, yes, the winner of the 2017 Waifu Awards is... YUSUKE.
  • Anime Tranzoul Rensaust
    Anime Tranzoul Rensaust 2 months ago Nah its akechi god that pancake game
  • rikki green
    rikki green 2 months ago Nope it has too be .......... da dada daaaaa ...... that creepy ass thing that madarame the 2nd boss turns in to
  • jay quickblade
    jay quickblade 2 months ago Yes Yusuke is who i would date in the games if i could (before you ask i don't know. also how do you pronounce his name?)
  • James Martin
    James Martin 2 months ago @jay quickblade Yoos-kay :)
  • jay quickblade
    jay quickblade 2 months ago @James Martin ah thank you that helps also i was talking about the one from persona 5 just to be clear
  • Ultimate death
    Ultimate death 2 months ago Yes... Yes
  • Furriekai Studios
    Furriekai Studios 2 months ago Yusuke is 3rd on my list. I'm pulling a Shen here and yeah...Ryuji is best boi while Akira is 2nd best
  • Everyone who Watches this channel
    Everyone who Watches this channel 1 month ago Yosuke
  • julianx2rl
    julianx2rl 1 month ago SASUKE!!!
  • I’m very derpy
    I’m very derpy 1 month ago (edited) To anyone who says it’s ryuji or akechi. Ryuji was runner up but yusuke is in first place. Tied with joker in first place.
  • Clinical Brendon
    Clinical Brendon 1 month ago What are you, gay? Riuji is the fucking hottest
  • firered demon1711
    firered demon1711 1 month ago Tru
  • FlipANickel
    FlipANickel 1 month ago IDK about you, but Sojiro number one. I ain't gay but once you pour a cup of milk while listening to him speak, ya become addicted
  • Jason My Dreams
    Jason My Dreams 3 weeks ago Ryuji is best girl
  • Kelly perez
    Kelly perez 3 weeks ago Nah fam it’s Yu
  • zsomoka
    zsomoka 2 weeks ago Lala chan is better :D
  • Gabriel Mora
    Gabriel Mora 1 week ago what about my man Ryuji?
  • Alex Findlay
    Alex Findlay 1 week ago I like Ryugi better
  • Morgan Szufnarowski
    Morgan Szufnarowski 1 week ago While playing, my choice is has frequently been fluctuating, but as of now, Takemi is my waifu in the game
  • Malin L
    Malin L 2 years ago "All enemies are weak to something" Anubis flashbacks
  • TheKeybladeofdarknes
    TheKeybladeofdarknes 2 years ago Malin L he's weak to Isis
  • Ulqui_210
    Ulqui_210 2 years ago To be fair, critical hits can still affect anyone who does not repel or drain physical and gun attacks.
  • Malin L
    Malin L 2 years ago True, its just extremely annoying
  • Android 19
    Android 19 2 years ago he's weak to springy punches
  • ARZRer
    ARZRer 1 year ago Miracle / Lucky punch.
  • invaderzam
    invaderzam 1 year ago Ahh this is why Haru is a god send. I dont need no weakness. My persona has guns! Headshot baby!
  • DetectiveBobbyFulbrightTheSpiritofShiningJUSTICE
    DetectiveBobbyFulbrightTheSpiritofShiningJUSTICE 1 year ago Best waifu right there. Dont give a shit about Ann, Kairi from the KH series or Athena from Ace Attorney, Haru my waifu till i die.
  • Android 19
    Android 19 1 year ago Listen I can understand people having Haru as their waifu. Some people just like a nice little fluffy-haired girl so Vanilla I don't have a good metaphor for something being super vanilla. I find that pretty boring but it's some people's type and I understand that. What I don't understand is anybody putting her in any way above all the other nice little vanilla girls because almost every selection of waifus has one and they're all exactly the same. Is it the fluffy hair? It's the fluffy hair, isn't it? Or maybe that Persona that's about 5000x cooler than she is.
  • ARZRer
    ARZRer 1 year ago @Android 19 What the fuck are you talking about? Hifumi is best girl in terms of design, Futaba for her story and personality.
  • Smashkid53
    Smashkid53 1 year ago Android 19 Crotch gun my man
  • Shizzle Blitz
    Shizzle Blitz 1 year ago Malin L that enemy was bullshit and we all know it.
  • [ Koby ]
    [ Koby ] 1 year ago elemental attacks are for pussies yusuke/ryuji/morgana party for life
  • Mr. Thicc Nut
  • doombybbr
    doombybbr 1 year ago he is weak to crits and personas that resist his insta kill
  • Mad4Life
    Mad4Life 1 year ago Oni were much worse. No elemental weakness and they resist physical on top of that while spamming rampage that always seems to crit somebody on your team.
  • Malin L
    Malin L 1 year ago True, I forgot about them. Anubis just gave me the most trouble in recent memory, but that is very true
  • NoNameC68
    NoNameC68 1 year ago @Android19 It's the battle axe.
  • Xytrus Cheung
    Xytrus Cheung 1 year ago Malin L and oni....man fuck anubis
  • NoMaD
    NoMaD 1 year ago he's weak to makajama, seriously make the fucker forget his skills and he suddenly turns into a sandbag
  • Steviethewaifusultan
    Steviethewaifusultan 1 year ago On hard mode I can see how he'd be annoying. But I was playing on Normal. This kinda shit is typical in this series lol. More so in the older games. You should all see World Balance from P3, that was cheap. Imo, Skadi in P5 was cheaper than Anubis. Anubis is a cakewalk lol.
  • Xytrus Cheung
    Xytrus Cheung 1 year ago @Steviethewaifusultan world balance?
  • Steviethewaifusultan
    Steviethewaifusultan 1 year ago Xytrus Cheung Yeah a boss from Persona 3. That was its name. You fight it near the end of the game. In P3, you Balance your social life with dungeon crawling in a tower called Tartarus. Every 4-11 floors, you fight a guardian boss. There are well over 250 floors in Tartarus. The tower is split up into six "blocks" or sections, where each floor except guardian boss floors are randomly generated. World Balance was in the last block. And it is a VERY cheap boss. Actually Persona 3 is quite a bit more challenging than Persona 5. But P5 has way better gameplay and dungeon crawling. Tartarus itself gets bland after a while, although the battle system can be pretty fun. Oh sorry idk if you know P3 that well or not, so sorry if I was just rambling.
  • Mister Laser
    Mister Laser 1 year ago All of you are forgetting about King frost. No weaknesses, Immune to bless(light) magic and tanky as all hell. Literally the only thing that I chose to run from on a regular basis
  • Xytrus Cheung
    Xytrus Cheung 1 year ago @Steviethewaifusultan no no! It's ok! I find persona 5 really bad though. Considering how you get the combination of 1 mores and ambushes easily all out attacks lose so much to them. Plus the game is so easy to exploit. I started in hard but stopped giving a crap when the knights with cleave came around all in one room. And god are there too many free days if you finish early and the palaces are way longer than they should be
  • Antonio Zero Di Corato
    Antonio Zero Di Corato 1 year ago Mister Laser Im on that damn ship and its just too long...
  • Xytrus Cheung
    Xytrus Cheung 1 year ago @Antonio Zero Di Corato I swear it all starts like that in kaneshiro's place
  • Antonio Zero Di Corato
    Antonio Zero Di Corato 1 year ago @Xytrus Cheung and on top of that way underleveled together with some lvl 40 personas.
  • Xytrus Cheung
    Xytrus Cheung 1 year ago @Antonio Zero Di Corato what do you mean kind sir?
  • Antonio Zero Di Corato
    Antonio Zero Di Corato 1 year ago My party is at least 7 lvls under the average and some of my personas are lvl 40
  • Xytrus Cheung
    Xytrus Cheung 1 year ago Ohhhhh right cause of constant switching right?
  • Antonio Zero Di Corato
    Antonio Zero Di Corato 1 year ago No because of skill knowledge. Im underleveled but as long as their is one weakness, every foe dies so quickly.
  • Xytrus Cheung
    Xytrus Cheung 1 year ago Antonio Zero Di Corato OMG THANK YOU
  • Antonio Zero Di Corato
    Antonio Zero Di Corato 1 year ago @Xytrus Cheung huh?
  • Xytrus Cheung
    Xytrus Cheung 1 year ago Antonio Zero Di Corato seriously 1 mores and ambushes are what truly screw up the flow of battle along with all out attacks I don't get how this game is fun under those parameters. the story I can enjoy somewhat but it has shit pacing and annoying confidants 1 owing me money 100,000 yen I'll never see back and the first boss was completely forced no real good build up to that shit
  • Antonio Zero Di Corato
    Antonio Zero Di Corato 1 year ago Well I have fun with it.
  • Xytrus Cheung
    Xytrus Cheung 1 year ago @Antonio Zero Di Corato I mean despite the first palace being forced it's really the best for me so far since we see a lot of fleshed out cutscenes for it we don't really get that later and the awakenings can't count
  • NoobyKing
    NoobyKing 1 year ago (edited) don't worry anubis has low resistance to status alligement fuse good persona to handle him made it easy
  • kontrol42
    kontrol42 1 year ago Mister Laser DOWN SHOT FOR LIFE
  • Elzoro24
    Elzoro24 1 year ago Malin L >Anubis Flashbacks >Remembers fighting Shiki Ouji forthefirsttime flash backs
  • logan
    logan 1 year ago Malin L the first time I saw Anubis all of Akira's personas were weak to holy
  • Neet Neat
    Neet Neat 1 year ago "All enemies are weak to something" ... Oni from Kaneshiro's palace ain't weak to shit.
  • Azaki Ferret, Rouka's Brother.
    Azaki Ferret, Rouka's Brother. 1 year ago TheKeybladeofdarknes BOOM BOOM-ISIS sorry,i just had to make a reference to real life.
  • SOS Sama
    SOS Sama 1 year ago I under level as eff from all the stealth I did in this palace then grinded in mementos instead.
  • Lord Blue Balls
    Lord Blue Balls 1 year ago Oni is the fuckng worst
  • Jolo Borlongan
    Jolo Borlongan 1 year ago ONI FLASH BACKS
  • Majestic Potato
    Majestic Potato 1 year ago Malin L I hated Anubis
  • Evil Ryu
    Evil Ryu 1 year ago Mister Laser King Frost isn't as bad because at that point you're supposed to already have acquired the down shot.
  • King Crazy
    King Crazy 1 year ago TheKeybladeofdarknes no he's not
  • CJKS1000
    CJKS1000 1 year ago Just spam Mona's Lucky Punch. Saves lives.
  • King Crazy
    King Crazy 10 months ago CJKS1000 OORRR just run from Anubis or have a persona that bless and Cruse can't harm joker
  • CJKS1000
    CJKS1000 10 months ago Ren Amamiya: I'm some combination of stupid and stubborn so I didn't run, and I can say with pride that I never ran away once in my P5 playthrough, aside from when the game forced me to.
  • King Crazy
    King Crazy 10 months ago CJKS1000 I didn't either but ppl told me it works so
  • Joker
    Joker 9 months ago My yoshitsune disagrees
  • nick arkells
    nick arkells 8 months ago TheKeybladeofdarknes is that a jojo reference
  • LP Flowrider
    LP Flowrider 7 months ago Hes weak to Thanatos! While we're at it BLESS THE GREATNESSS KNOWN AS MEEEEGIDOOOOLAAAAAOOOOON!!!!!!! also any Almighty Skill
  • Nim The Goodra
    Nim The Goodra 7 months ago (edited) what about the oni? No weaknesses and repel physical and gun
  • Gaia Chan
    Gaia Chan 5 months ago technically with the King's secret move you could down him HOOOOOWEVER you can't have that Confidant at that point in the game🌈
  • King Crazy
    King Crazy 3 months ago satanael shows up Satanael: hold my beer
  • Mechassault Man
    Mechassault Man 3 months ago Good man.@ARZRer
  • Dell12 16
    Dell12 16 1 week ago Malin L yooooo you’re not even lying that shit had me using basically every item I had just to keep my party from dying
  • Trey Hebert
    Trey Hebert 1 week ago im on that playthrough right now and i saw that i was like "this cant be right.... .WHOA LVL 59 I NEEEEEEED IT" XD
    LIGHTDX 1 week ago Anubis is weak to Anubis with apt pupil and miracle smash. I used that to beat it and recolect Liquid memory in futaba palace. I belive is easier to get item drops by killing with a all out attack.
  • ArtWithSR
    ArtWithSR 1 week ago @Android 19 Blast from the damn past, mah boi! Haru still is the best in my opinion. Not because she's vanilla, but because she had pure guts and endurance to roll up her sleeves and chase her dreams and interests even though she could've chosen to live the easy life. I was Makoto ride-or-die before I did Haru's confidant and I instantly forgot about Mako and the other girls hahahaha
  • Peg May
    Peg May 1 week ago The only thing in this game that I think is bullshit is that if Joker goes down it’s game over. Seriously? No one in the team can figure out to revive him with the 50 Revival Beads in your Invintory?
    LIGHTDX 1 week ago @Peg May jajaja. True, but it has been like that since P3. Is not too bad since it made the game a little harder.
  • Lingering Will
    Lingering Will 4 months ago People watching P5 video with minor spoilers: Wow this video is really informative! People watching BOTW video say the MC is Link and Zelda is the princess of Hyrule and the villain is Ganon: OMG SPOILERS!
  • Ade07
    Ade07 7 months ago "never going to do a video this long again" - her latest video is 50 minutes on breath of the wild. Going to watch that next.
  • PFI RedNinja
    PFI RedNinja 8 months ago "SUSHI" "PANCAKES" "RED!" That part had me dying now that I know 😂😂
  • Kartik Ayysola
    Kartik Ayysola 6 months ago PFI RedNinja D E L I C I O U S P A N C A K E S
  • Eric Ellis
    Eric Ellis 8 months ago If anybody here was wondering what that little blurb says I took the liberty of typing it out exactly how it was written. If ya’ll comment that this video is nothing but spoilers I swear to god I will go nuclear on you. I legit am only showing the first 3 palaces and I even coered up the bosses with a freat  oatmeal box guy what more do you want??? All the stuff im saying is public knowledge anyway unless yall count knowing the characters on THE BOX COVER SPOILERS? And if you gonna be lie “well The BeSt WaY To GeT InTo PersonA Is To No IkNOW aNythInG blaH BlAh I had No frienDs To tell me WhaT to ExPect” just shut up. This game is like 100 hours with a crap ton of mechanics so forgive me if people want some help. An if ya don’t wanna know about what to do THEN WHY THE HELL DID YOU CLICK ON THIS IN THE FIRST PLACE.
  • Danny Gould
    Danny Gould 3 weeks ago Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself
  • Peyton Junkin
    Peyton Junkin 3 days ago Thank you
  • jarrett mulqueen
    jarrett mulqueen 1 month ago Joker: Oh boy I can't wait to be in smash and fight ever-- Morgana: yOu LoOk TIrEd, gO To bED
  • Matheus Xavier
    Matheus Xavier 8 months ago (edited) 5:00 Everybody S H O T S ! S H O T S ! S H O T S ! P5 is sooo clean..
  • The Black Virgo
    The Black Virgo 4 months ago P5 IS SO SIMPLE AND CLEAN***