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  • SuperButterBuns
    SuperButterBuns 2 years ago Persona 5 is a long game
  • Isiah Jessie
    Isiah Jessie 2 days ago 100+ hours later
  • cherri bomb
    cherri bomb 3 weeks ago You don't say
  • Steel Paw
    Steel Paw 3 weeks ago Ater basically 2 years with playtime at 184:36, persona 5 can confirm is a long looooong game
  • Unb0w -
    Unb0w - 3 weeks ago Litterly I planned on finishing the -st palace in the one day yeah I started at 8:00 and finished around 1:00
  • Yosuke Hanamura
    Yosuke Hanamura 1 month ago P5R will be longer. Good Luck.
  • Phantom Inferno
    Phantom Inferno 1 month ago Native American broh I feel like you are lying
  • J Sauce
    J Sauce 1 month ago cool
  • Professor Of Nothing
    Professor Of Nothing 1 month ago Oh ReAlY
  • Bum B
    Bum B 1 month ago 10 hour speedruns
  • NickPearlTV
    NickPearlTV 1 month ago SuperButterBuns you can beat it in 2 seconds by not buying it
  • Poke Landers-Craft
    Poke Landers-Craft 1 month ago LIES
  • Kokichi Ouma
    Kokichi Ouma 1 month ago I know
  • Solitude Guard
    Solitude Guard 2 months ago @TreeFolkDruid futaba's 15
  • andrewkful
    andrewkful 2 months ago I keep rewatching this and I love it.
  • Peg May
    Peg May 2 months ago How long are we talking about? I’m thinking about buying it. Trying to figure out how to not get the bad ending without getting spoiled. I just have rotten luck with these types of games.
  • Valcowar 672
    Valcowar 672 2 months ago Your issues about the game may be Solved with Persona 5 Royal next year for the west.
  • not catbug
    not catbug 2 months ago Do you have any tips in beating the beast of human sacrifice
  • hcs161 1
    hcs161 1 3 months ago Do I care I need all the info for smash bros ..... annnnnndddd now I love persona. Wait what
  • Dervert
    Dervert 3 months ago This video was just a meme compilation insted of a game video
  • Aido
    Aido 3 months ago For you to be telling a woman in a short time what happened
  • luiginerd4 Productions
    luiginerd4 Productions 3 months ago Tis'
  • Techno
    Techno 3 months ago I beat this game in like 30 hours or 23 but that's because I only payed attention to the things I wanted to so I only hanger out with people I liked and pretty much never touched mementos unless I had to I also never trained at all I also put it on easy
  • Dumby’s Stuff
    Dumby’s Stuff 3 months ago SuperButterBuns please do a for beginners for Persona Q shadow of the labirynth
  • GamingDemon 82 animations
    GamingDemon 82 animations 4 months ago No shit
  • Nochea Sulling
    Nochea Sulling 4 months ago Mementos really isnt optional as you are required to explore all the fucking floors to beat the game.
  • Andrew Wible
    Andrew Wible 6 months ago 102 hours my first play through
  • Imagine Wagons
    Imagine Wagons 6 months ago Just like Ryuji's massive schlong?
  • Shadowed Demon03
  • Brian the Trainer
    Brian the Trainer 6 months ago I love your sassyness 😂
  • Copyright is kinda Stupid
    Copyright is kinda Stupid 6 months ago SPEEDRUN IT
  • webhead 809
    webhead 809 7 months ago Makoto is waifs ttttthhhhhiiiiicccckkkk
  • Dylan S Gameing 1234
    Dylan S Gameing 1234 7 months ago I want to fuck toilet-devil
  • IAmGhostProductions
    IAmGhostProductions 7 months ago SuperButterBuns so, Joker in Smash lol
  • AaronW
    AaronW 7 months ago play smash bros because joker and stuff
  • XxX_D3AD P001_XxX
    XxX_D3AD P001_XxX 7 months ago its not that long if you dont sleep
  • Weab00 Stuf
    Weab00 Stuf 7 months ago (edited) I completed my second play through in like 70 hours with skipping almost all the cutscenes. (I had to see that valentine’s cutscene OwO)
  • Dragon James
    Dragon James 8 months ago Too long
  • Joshua Nierstheimer
    Joshua Nierstheimer 9 months ago SuperButterBuns Can you do a Dangan Ronpa for beginners.
  • Joshua Nierstheimer
    Joshua Nierstheimer 9 months ago 244 plus hours with New Game plus. 14 more hours and done.
  • LP Flowrider
    LP Flowrider 9 months ago 29:28 Your Video earned my Like😘
  • Paradraw Zombie
    Paradraw Zombie 9 months ago Notice me butterbuns senpai
  • The Really Negative Person in the comments
    The Really Negative Person in the comments 9 months ago Playing this game gives you extra guts.
  • PFI RedNinja
    PFI RedNinja 9 months ago Yet I never got bored or annoyed by it surprisingly
  • Mrcold pants
    Mrcold pants 9 months ago No shit sherlock
  • nick arkells
    nick arkells 10 months ago 102 hours
  • zero shiki
    zero shiki 10 months ago like 170 hours
  • Lucas Costa Beyeler
    Lucas Costa Beyeler 10 months ago Same here... I learned my lesson about keep only one save -_-'
  • DrunkShroom
    DrunkShroom 10 months ago Lucas Costa Beyeler thats why I kept multiple saves. In case I fucked up
  • Lucas Costa Beyeler
    Lucas Costa Beyeler 10 months ago The one Akechi kills me :( I was dumb and saved the game after get the bad end. After that I begin the entire game again... That's why I have 200 hours of gameplay :/
  • DrunkShroom
    DrunkShroom 10 months ago Lucas Costa Beyeler which bad ending?
  • Lucas Costa Beyeler
    Lucas Costa Beyeler 10 months ago Let's say I made a grave mistake after the bad end :)
  • DrunkShroom
    DrunkShroom 10 months ago (edited) Lucas Costa Beyeler how it's a 100 hour game?
  • DrunkShroom
    DrunkShroom 10 months ago Nick Yolo more like 5202
  • Lucas Costa Beyeler
    Lucas Costa Beyeler 10 months ago 200 hours and still not finished that DANM GAME
  • Sir Galahad
    Sir Galahad 1 year ago #SuperButterBuns AGΩN¥ - FOR BEGINNERS!!!
  • DrunkShroom
    DrunkShroom 1 year ago blue it takes like 18 hours for them to beat this one.
  • DrunkShroom
    DrunkShroom 1 year ago I think we're done with the script today. Good job writers.
  • spyhunter 8642
    spyhunter 8642 1 year ago Just finished it. Yes it is.
  • NyQuiiL Cold & Flu
    NyQuiiL Cold & Flu 1 year ago 40+ hours in, bought it last week. I still feel like I’m nowhere near completion.
  • Myles Super
    Myles Super 1 year ago blue a speed run can take 24 hours
  • GraeScaleFilms
    GraeScaleFilms 1 year ago I watch a lot of channels and your's has easily become my favorite!
  • Justin logan
    Justin logan 1 year ago the reason is, if your in new game plus you can beat most bosses in like 5 turns xD
  • Mirmisian
    Mirmisian 1 year ago SuperButterBuns I need a long game
  • Tororo~™ ツ ( Andy)
    Tororo~™ ツ ( Andy) 1 year ago SuperButterBuns the splatoon chick 😂💀im dead
  • King Crazy
    King Crazy 1 year ago the poker faced cat I did it in 80 and then all my ng+ so I have 600 hours of gameplay xD
  • King Crazy
    King Crazy 1 year ago StellatedTexas 8 thets what I did on hard mode
  • Techno
    Techno 1 year ago When i first played persona 5 it took me 99 hours Then i played it again and 99 added up to 189 hours
  • King Crazy
    King Crazy 1 year ago SuperButterBuns YEAH NO SHIT HONEY XD
  • The one Mememaker
    The one Mememaker 1 year ago Gamer Brother that's fucked up
  • Ryan, The Coolest Kid Ever
    Ryan, The Coolest Kid Ever 1 year ago But not as long as MY DI-
  • The one Mememaker
    The one Mememaker 1 year ago SuperButterBuns we haven't noticed Sherlock
  • Joey Hinkle
    Joey Hinkle 1 year ago Understatement of the Century
  • Tapetal Badge
    Tapetal Badge 1 year ago I beat it in 10 minutes
  • Sakari Richard
    Sakari Richard 1 year ago My playtime was 107 hours! Longest game I've ever played. Couldn't believe it when I looked at the save file. Enjoyed every second though (except for Okumaru's dungeon...only part I didn't like).
  • Phantom of the Gab
    Phantom of the Gab 1 year ago I am the person with the patience to beat said long game 5 times. Time well spent because it's an amazing game.
  • Rapletz
    Rapletz 1 year ago It shouldn't be too bad for speedrunners
  • KentuckyFried Dragon
    KentuckyFried Dragon 1 year ago Thank fuck for that because I just got it and I never want it to end
  • Karen Wiggins
    Karen Wiggins 1 year ago The winner is Makoto! That's my theory.
  • Zenny B
    Zenny B 1 year ago SuperButterBuns Persona 5 is a 100+ hours of 5:08
  • Zenny B
    Zenny B 1 year ago Persona 5 is 100+ hours game of 5:08
  • SignalBreaker 390
    SignalBreaker 390 1 year ago Yes yes it is ⏰😵
  • Joke Band
    Joke Band 1 year ago You should make a Shin Megami Tensei IV for beginners
  • Julie Smith
    Julie Smith 1 year ago 74 hours later~ lol
  • kk mhm
    kk mhm 1 year ago yea Big Butter Bitch it is.
  • Jamin Mochi
    Jamin Mochi 1 year ago God i'm not the only one who has a crush on joker thanked god its true his handsome
  • Vagabond Von
    Vagabond Von 1 year ago SuperButterBuns stick a fork in me i am done! Subbed
  • Dnote147
    Dnote147 1 year ago SuperButterBuns I'm at Kaneshiro's Palace......am I close to the end Bun?! Lmao
  • Akira Kurusu
    Akira Kurusu 1 year ago 37:53 Persona 5 is getting a rhythm game soon...
  • Futaba Chan
    Futaba Chan 1 year ago It really is
  • FacelessFigure
    FacelessFigure 1 year ago A few seconds in and I subscribed immediately.
  • BP Coaster
    BP Coaster 1 year ago You were the first person to sell me on this game. No one else could. They just tell me to play it.
  • Lloyd Adam Smith Grande
    Lloyd Adam Smith Grande 1 year ago hey a recomendation. When you have an attack that hits every enemy, but there are only 2, don't use it, Agi cost 4 and Maragi cost 10. If you use 2 Agi you will use only 8 and not 10, but versus 3 or more it will be better to use Maragi
  • Ethan
    Ethan 1 year ago Ya don’t say
  • Joseph Hernandez
    Joseph Hernandez 1 year ago (edited) You mean the name Akira Kurusu
  • The Golden Turtle
    The Golden Turtle 1 year ago Nick Yolo it won't come out till 2100 what're you talking about?
  • The Golden Turtle
    The Golden Turtle 1 year ago SuperButterBuns Naaaaaaaah it's only 80 hours.
  • Monochu 360
    Monochu 360 1 year ago (edited) SuperButterBuns PERSONA Q FOR BEGINNERS pls youl wont forget/regret
  • Gogeto Ultimate Fusion
    Gogeto Ultimate Fusion 1 year ago (edited) Zenobia Kintaru Downcaster it a long game
  • Zenobia Kintaru Downcaster
    Zenobia Kintaru Downcaster 1 year ago SuperButterBuns short as hell
  • Simon Packwood
    Simon Packwood 1 year ago enjoyed?.........not
  • Gogeto Ultimate Fusion
    Gogeto Ultimate Fusion 1 year ago 2014😃2015😟2016😡2017🤑
  • The Renegade Gamer
    The Renegade Gamer 1 year ago nah its pretty short
  • ZewoCivil _
    ZewoCivil _ 1 year ago SuperButterBuns i
  • shirider
    shirider 1 year ago Confidant a real word
  • Rouge Guardian
    Rouge Guardian 1 year ago SuperButterBuns you know buns you should have your mom on the next for beginners it would be hilarious
  • Shura spark
    Shura spark 1 year ago SuperButterBuns I love this game the song rivers in a desert is awesome
  • Owen Travis
    Owen Travis 1 year ago SuperButterBuns why call the plant Debra when you could call it the Plantom-thief
  • Natalya Fennell
    Natalya Fennell 1 year ago jeff jackson I am
  • jeff jackson
    jeff jackson 1 year ago ...You must be new to JRPGS.
  • Natalya Fennell
    Natalya Fennell 1 year ago Your amazing
  • Demiurgus, The Arrogant God
    Demiurgus, The Arrogant God 1 year ago (edited) SuperButterBuns Takemi is the ultimate waifu. Them legs, dat figure, those heels. You disagree? Then fuckin' fight me, ya fuckin' scrub!!! I bet you've never even played the real Shin Megami Tensei games, like Nocturne!!! (Also, realize I'm not being serious. Or am I?😏😏😏)
  • Groisu
    Groisu 1 year ago Mr Potato 4 months later and no shit is all you can come up with?
  • MrPotato
    MrPotato 1 year ago SuperButterBuns no shit
  • shooterguy190
    shooterguy190 1 year ago Wow this video is so good it made me subscribe :) also I loved the jokes jajaja
  • DexHolder Red
    DexHolder Red 1 year ago Even after the final boss it feels like I'm watching Return Of The King
  • That Guy
    That Guy 1 year ago MrAbcdeFtw Its Makoto i believe
  • Groisu
    Groisu 1 year ago Gonzalo Rivera Campodonico yeah there more like almost never kill Hahaha I'll see myself out
  • Gonzalo Rivera Campodonico
    Gonzalo Rivera Campodonico 1 year ago Light/dark attack arent always insta-kill
  • Groisu
    Groisu 1 year ago Reapersscythe 67 congratulations shit went right over your head
  • TheCheese
    TheCheese 1 year ago make that 100 hours long
  • Dark Mapple
    Dark Mapple 1 year ago SuperButterBuns Please make a story review please
  • XXXER0
    XXXER0 1 year ago Groisu yusuke is a male
  • Carlos Burg
  • Groisu
    Groisu 1 year ago Yusuke is best girl and we all know it
  • Darz Zero
    Darz Zero 1 year ago bun we need a video of all your "along the way you'll meet"
  • Beastwolf1
    Beastwolf1 1 year ago (edited) 12:11 <Charge <Debilitate <Heat Riser <Hassou Tobi (*edit*) Enjoy Cutscene
  • Flawlessice
    Flawlessice 1 year ago I've called my potted plant Deborah ever since I first saw this video...
  • George
    George 1 year ago SuperButterBuns a teacher is a prostitute
  • Kazekin Law
    Kazekin Law 1 year ago SuperButterBuns I think the game is not long enough
  • CrysResan
    CrysResan 1 year ago I think Dragon Quest 7 still took me the longest to beat of any game in pure gameplay time, having said that I just beat persona 5 with an in game clock of 84 hours.
  • Lula Bryant
    Lula Bryant 1 year ago Its long i can agree
  • Bregeduur1
    Bregeduur1 1 year ago I'm at the 22nd of September and I'm still at the 86h mark. It's really long. But I wished it were even longer. Or at least I wish I had more time to rank up every confidant.
  • doomsday l
    doomsday l 1 year ago Geo Izumiya I spent 150 hours
  • doomsday l
    doomsday l 1 year ago SuperButterBuns me and my freinds made a club about the phantom theivs and I named my freinds after the charters
  • Tps isthebest
    Tps isthebest 1 year ago Butter Buns I slowed down my computer on 9:55 I understand all of that AND I WANT TO BEEP LEARN ABOUT PERSONA 5 CAUSE RYUJI SAKAMATO IS BAE WITH HIS SEXY ASS >:3
  • Geo Izumiya
    Geo Izumiya 1 year ago SuperButterBuns i spend 140 hours....in my first playthrought
  • Sean Squire
    Sean Squire 1 year ago 80 hours is long for you? jesus fuck you would hate anything i played
  • doomsday l
    doomsday l 1 year ago SuperButterBuns u completed p5 in 95 hours
  • SaggyDiapers YT
    SaggyDiapers YT 1 year ago so is this video
  • vianni ray Suboc
  • VHeat!!!!!!
    VHeat!!!!!! 1 year ago SuperButterBuns agreed
  • Mr Marshadow
    Mr Marshadow 1 year ago Maximum Overdrive i bet lol
  • Maximum Overdrive
    Maximum Overdrive 1 year ago SuperButterBuns long as my D*CK
  • CyborCake
    CyborCake 1 year ago Jstar Games THANK YOU
  • Thatone Guy
    Thatone Guy 1 year ago SuperButterBuns my favorite girl is futaba
  • Mr. Poke-a-lot
    Mr. Poke-a-lot 1 year ago Janet Haggan Ann
  • Oí Snowboy
    Oí Snowboy 1 year ago I have a feeling that the main color theme for Persona 6 is going to be green
  • janis higgins and the ananong gang
    janis higgins and the ananong gang 1 year ago SuperButterBuns uh who is the hottest waifu
  • Izaak Cabacungan
    Izaak Cabacungan 1 year ago LET'S JUST SAY BOTH 10/10
  • CyborCake
    CyborCake 1 year ago Blu Cab I BEG TO DIFFER, FUTABA = BEST WAIFU
  • Izaak Cabacungan
    Izaak Cabacungan 1 year ago SuperButterBuns Makato= Best Waifu, 10/10, Best gurl
  • Lockinhind
    Lockinhind 1 year ago not every enemy has a weakness, and im not just including bosses, but generally, there is always a way todo normal damage.
  • Johann Josef
    Johann Josef 1 year ago Johnny Joestar I am pretty wise thank you very much.
  • Johann Josef
    Johann Josef 1 year ago Grass is green
  • CyborCake
    CyborCake 1 year ago SuperButterBuns water is wet, akichi likes pancakes, and 2 + 2 = GO TO BED
  • OmbieTheZombie
    OmbieTheZombie 1 year ago SuperButterBuns PLEASE I NEED THE AUDIO CLIP YOU USED FOR 0:27
  • Chunelle Maria Victoria Espanol
    Chunelle Maria Victoria Espanol 1 year ago SuperButterBuns We've(Me and my bro) just noticed... The shadows of Persona 5 are Persona 3's Personas comeback.... Atlus go #MenMaLang .... I mean.. Why?
  • Diamond K.
    Diamond K. 1 year ago ok so this is my first time watching your videos and i have never laughed so hard in my life XD 10/10 subscribed lmao 3:28 made me fucking lose it
  • Andre Weinberger
    Andre Weinberger 1 year ago It probably would've been good to mention that much like Shinjiro in P3, you shouldn't use Akechi too much, though Mishima's confidant makes it a moot point. Also, you don't have him long enough that it REALLY matters, but it's still good to mention.
  • Devster Ruiz
    Devster Ruiz 1 year ago SuperButterBuns what's the song that plays when you get a donation from twitch is it from persona 5
  • OmbieTheZombie
    OmbieTheZombie 2 years ago persona 5 has a joke website for the phan site that has its own forums, chat rooms, and every week or so a question is asked
  • Samwise
    Samwise 2 years ago SuperButterBuns and I only just bought it today
  • Gavin Warner
    Gavin Warner 2 years ago (edited) SuperButterBuns I literally just finished this game today, I finished in 90 hours and every time it started to feel like I was getting close to the end, the game was like "sike here's another major plot point". But I muscled through it and was legitimately upset that I had finished my run of the game, even though at times I was annoyed at how long the game was. Took me a few minutes to fully understand (minor spoiler here:) what happened with the aftermath of the casino, when everything went down my jaw just dropped and I was confused as hell. As well as the big slap in the face with mementos. Literally every bit of the last 15 hours of the game just threw one thing after another at you, and the payoff was well worth it. I absolutely admire this game, and dare I say it so soon after that I'm beyond excited to see what spinoffs we get, as well as a persona 6. Definitely in my top 5 games for me.
  • Damian Garen
    Damian Garen 2 years ago SuperButterBuns do you need a jug of water?
  • daniel
    daniel 2 years ago (edited) Will I like this game if I hated the gameplay of P3 but liked the characters and story setting (only played 5 hours though)? I really want to like a Persona game..
  • thegreatjackaboy
    thegreatjackaboy 2 years ago 0:27
  • Doni
    Doni 2 years ago Ho is the winner of the 2017 WAIFU awards???? I HAVE 2 KNOW NOW!!!!
  • Eban F
    Eban F 2 years ago Fallout next pls
  • S11adow 5
    S11adow 5 2 years ago SuperButterBuns 12:25 I found tiny Tina from borderlands
  • xx get it
    xx get it 2 years ago I am thou, thou art I. Thou has acquired a new vow. It shall become the wings of rebellion that breaketh thy chains of captivity. With the birth of the butter buns Arcana, I have obtained the wings of blessing that will lead to freedom and new power.
  • EonsCombineStudios
    EonsCombineStudios 2 years ago Gats T get a guide son
  • Valkyrie Of Valhalla
    Valkyrie Of Valhalla 2 years ago Aiden Lang Yeah she is AWESOME!
  • Aiden Lang
    Aiden Lang 2 years ago Valkyrie Of Valhalla wasn't meant as an insult I love her
  • Valkyrie Of Valhalla
    Valkyrie Of Valhalla 2 years ago Aiden Lang oh ok srry
  • Aiden Lang
    Aiden Lang 2 years ago (edited) Valkyrie Of Valhalla im aware, it was a joke
  • Valkyrie Of Valhalla
    Valkyrie Of Valhalla 2 years ago Aiden Lang she's a girl 😐
  • Dark Prince Official
    Dark Prince Official 2 years ago SuperButterBuns i like ur name butterbuns :D
  • Ranos17
    Ranos17 2 years ago OMG, it is unbelievably long. I'm starting to feel like I'm making real progress in the story AND I'VE ALREADY PLAYED IT MORE THAN P3 AND P4. Help me. Btw real nice vid, I didn't know you existed until now and that's a sad thing.
  • Cole Smith
    Cole Smith 2 years ago SuperButterBuns AKECHI LIKS PANCAKES. Holy hell. Didn't realize what you were saying.
  • Jayden Wright1
    Jayden Wright1 2 years ago SuperButterBuns Thats what she said Not sorry
  • Jfrosty Black and white
    Jfrosty Black and white 2 years ago SuperButterBuns I just got the bad ending of persona 5 after 115 hours of playtime. I want to make "Mr.fuckboy Detective" burn in hell with that grin of his... I'm going to cry myself to sleep now
  • PaulDeani
    PaulDeani 2 years ago SuperButterBuns I enjoyed the video
  • Matthew Fehrle
    Matthew Fehrle 2 years ago SuperButterBuns IM IN BEST BOY LAND NOW. I HAVE GONE TOO FAR IN
  • TheDoomer11
    TheDoomer11 2 years ago SuperButterBuns you don't say
  • Morganachr
    Morganachr 2 years ago Sorry to say this, but no shit.
  • Gay Nigga
    Gay Nigga 2 years ago I love Buns
  • Salama
    Salama 2 years ago lol, cause I used 150 hours on p5
  • Salama
    Salama 2 years ago When you waste 326 hours on a game, you should go tell your 1 friend that you completed the same game 2 times and that's why you dropped out of college, I'm sure they will be happy for you.
  • white the knight
    white the knight 2 years ago SuperButterBuns the sky is blue.
  • EcchiDragon 80
    EcchiDragon 80 2 years ago (edited) Superbutterbuns Understatement... of... the... year! XD And also - Loving your videos. Subscribed!
  • Izzy Frisk
    Izzy Frisk 2 years ago SuperButterBuns it took me a week to complete this
  • Akarui
    Akarui 2 years ago You should do a beginners guide for the tales of series
  • Morgana The Cat Looking Guy
    Morgana The Cat Looking Guy 2 years ago SuperButterBuns They lost a great oppurtunity 1 More < Another one
  • Tung Nguyen
    Tung Nguyen 2 years ago guess who about to beat the 3rd boss and only took 1 hour to beat all three bitch! let's go
    ASHERUISE 2 years ago FInished in 111:45 and maxed out all the confidants and got engaged to Haru. :3
  • Frank ILYY
    Frank ILYY 2 years ago 102h, finally done!! On to NG+... yeh... ._.
  • Spo on
    Spo on 2 years ago SuperButterBuns when i was a begginer in persona 3 i got stuck on the second time i was in tartaurus and cant find the next teloporter dang it
  • Ethan Mueller
    Ethan Mueller 2 years ago or at lease it the video makes it seem like it.
  • Ethan Mueller
    Ethan Mueller 2 years ago SuperButterBuns And an overwhelming one as well.
  • Richard
    Richard 2 years ago I'm 170 hours in....I've traded my soul for this game D:
  • ajlm05 yt
    ajlm05 yt 2 years ago (edited) ann best wafo and fotaba she is a picc of shit
  • shadowthelegend100
    shadowthelegend100 2 years ago SuperButterBuns Not as long as my Mara-sama!
  • Alaplace Duchat
    Alaplace Duchat 2 years ago 80h in, still loving it ! Your "you'll never see it cominnnng" joke damn near killed me, I was eating, almost choked to death XD
  • Io Otonashi
    Io Otonashi 2 years ago Can you do Bravely Default for Beginners? Plzzzzz
    ASHERUISE 2 years ago It's taken me 100 hours to defeat Shido.
  • FrogMansTwin
    FrogMansTwin 2 years ago SuperButterBuns this is a long video
  • StellatedTexas 8
    StellatedTexas 8 2 years ago SuperButterBuns 80? It took me 182 hours to beat this... guess I should step up my game.
  • Leigh Peterson
    Leigh Peterson 2 years ago SuperButterBuns beat it in 80 hours
  • Sadie Cahill
    Sadie Cahill 2 years ago +thatguyonyoutube Isn't it Ode an die Freud/Ode to Joy, if we ignore the screaming?
  • thatguyonyoutube
    thatguyonyoutube 2 years ago Hey where can I get the sound clip at 0:26 ?
  • Bennett Mok
    Bennett Mok 2 years ago This is a very good video, has some small things missing but it was very entertaining :)
  • Daniel Teixeira
    Daniel Teixeira 2 years ago Whoa! Looking cool Buns!
  • lupvirga
    lupvirga 2 years ago that's where you're wrong, they're usually highly susceptible to status effects and Crits...so make sure you have a couple on you at all time.
  • Jason Yang
    Jason Yang 2 years ago Tech its reallly good but pretty difficult and tedious to navigate if you have alooooot of patience then this game is for u cause it took me 100 hours to beat in normal mode Lol
  • Technium
    Technium 2 years ago Should I get Persona 5 already? this video got me interested in the game.
  • TheCrazyGreenGamer
    TheCrazyGreenGamer 2 years ago Futaba is still best girl. ;P
  • Jason Yang
    Jason Yang 2 years ago Lopsided Dragoon 66 for me maybe cause i sped thru the dialougue
  • FlorianHeart
    FlorianHeart 2 years ago Buns' approved~
  • Jason Yang
    Jason Yang 2 years ago SuperButterBuns KNAWLEDGE!!
  • Nathan Reyes
    Nathan Reyes 2 years ago SuperButterBuns YOU ARE A TWINKIE
  • jdzspace33
    jdzspace33 2 years ago I am on hour 234..... i'm about 3/4 through the 2nd playthrough, and i think i might have to do another to get the platinum.....but dammit all if this game doesn't deserve to be platinumed. I platinumed XV (200 hours), so Persona gets equal treatment......
  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando 2 years ago Best girl is Bun
  • kemix1006
    kemix1006 2 years ago Lucas Watkins No, what I meant was, when you hang out with him, he'll level up without any real input. Aka: No need for a Moon persona and no need to "hope" he'll level up. About 10 visits to him (mementos requests and one certain thing later in his link not withstanding) will max him out. Sun is the same way.
  • Lucas Watkins
    Lucas Watkins 2 years ago kemix1006 wait, he has automatic level ups as in I don't have to go talk to him? he'll come talk to me?
  • Zelm Moriya
    Zelm Moriya 2 years ago Fyi you are wrong on teamates abilities not coming back you can go to the chapel and have them remember they're sins (abilities) in the confecionare
  • kemix1006
    kemix1006 2 years ago You're wrong about people leveling up regardless of being in the party, by the by. You need to level up the Moon Confidant to get that ability. Just FYI. Thank god he's an automatic leveling confidant
  • NotAGoodUsername360
    NotAGoodUsername360 2 years ago You say that like it's a bad thing.
  • Demi-Fiend of Time
    Demi-Fiend of Time 2 years ago Kirusei Nagisa Agreed
  • azure.
    azure. 2 years ago SuperButterBuns very
  • Billy Holmes
    Billy Holmes 2 years ago SuperButterBuns I'm suspicious looking . O.o
  • A1Golden Runner
    A1Golden Runner 2 years ago SuperButterBuns I have been trying to get it since release day and I still don't have it... Hopefully i get it at the end of this month...
  • Michael Showes
    Michael Showes 2 years ago This game is irresponsibly long
  • Kirusei Nagisa
    Kirusei Nagisa 2 years ago I feel like Kanji 2.0 is more of a Junpei 2.0
  • ThatBlackNerd
    ThatBlackNerd 2 years ago Oi!? Where's NieR Automata for beginners!?
  • Demi-Fiend of Time
    Demi-Fiend of Time 2 years ago Daniel Hodges why you want to stare at dat ass for a half an hour
  • RytimusPrimeReviews
    RytimusPrimeReviews 2 years ago This Is your best...period
  • Aceshot619
    Aceshot619 2 years ago SuperButterBuns psssst bunhun there's spoils at 32:13 might wanna cover that up a bit :3
  • Peace Ribbon
    Peace Ribbon 2 years ago SuperButterBuns I knew you said this video would be long but... I never saw THIS coming.
  • LastHazzerd
    LastHazzerd 2 years ago And a good one~
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    BrightArcticFire 2 years ago SuperButterBuns 5 minutes in to this video.... and you have a new subscriber!!! This video is gold I love it!
  • Lucifronz
    Lucifronz 2 years ago VERY long.
  • LunetteFox
    LunetteFox 2 years ago You did this game justice with this video. I love that you were like me and flipped over the Catherine DLC, I could not wait to buy it and I'm still wearing it in the Futaba Palace as we speak. :)
  • Demi-Fiend of Time
    Demi-Fiend of Time 2 years ago SuperButterBuns So when you doing a main line SMT or do I have to bust out the fiends?
  • Big Ounce
    Big Ounce 2 years ago My first playthrough was 100 hours and 12 minutes. My NG+, while not fully complete it yet, shaved off about 20 hours
  • Big Ounce
    Big Ounce 2 years ago Indian American Sir Imkekie999 Did you play on Safety?
  • Sora Harris
    Sora Harris 2 years ago SuperButterBuns what about haru my waifu
  • kinger danger
    kinger danger 2 years ago Weisschen she can not atlus (the creators of the game ) are very strict on spoilers
  • GamerRaito21
    GamerRaito21 2 years ago Let's just be real tho. The longer a Persona game is, the better. lol
  • Izanagi
    Izanagi 2 years ago Munehisa Iwai is absolutely best waifu... or husbando... whatever. :D
  • Esteban Chay
    Esteban Chay 2 years ago SuperButterBuns mfw i cant watch this video because i still havent finished p5. I have failed you my lord
  • TheCrazyNintendoMan !
    TheCrazyNintendoMan ! 2 years ago TheCrazyGreenGamer reyn is best waifu
  • TheCrazyGreenGamer
    TheCrazyGreenGamer 2 years ago Futaba is best girl.
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    Flores Hype 2 years ago SuperButterBuns It's all spoilers
  • TheCrazyNintendoMan !
    TheCrazyNintendoMan ! 2 years ago SuperButterBuns Xenoblade is longer and better
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    Lopsided Dragoon 2 years ago SuperButterBuns its took me 75 hours o_o
  • TheBlackSerpentBeta
    TheBlackSerpentBeta 2 years ago You lying piece of shit
  • Adri
    Adri 2 years ago I beat it in 62 hours
  • Ventus S
    Ventus S 2 years ago My NG took me 150 hrs cuz I play at hard and did try to get best result in fusion XD
  • Nameless Protagonist
    Nameless Protagonist 2 years ago SuperButterBuns this should be on guiness book of world records
  • Captain CJ 97
    Captain CJ 97 2 years ago SuperButterBuns That's what i heard
  • TheBlackSerpentBeta
    TheBlackSerpentBeta 2 years ago With how much you seemed to be all over the guns at the start of the video, I am surpised you didn'r recommend the Tower arcana, as it gives you a lot of amazingly good skills, like the ability to ambush the enemy and open fire before they can do anything Also, best Waifu is Chihaya Fight me
  • TDG-Arts
    TDG-Arts 2 years ago SuperButterBuns just like this video lololol
  • Soul Fuxion
    Soul Fuxion 2 years ago SuperButterBuns And I've played Final Fantasy 15 for 140+ hours with all of the trophies as it is
  • MrAbcdeFtw
    MrAbcdeFtw 2 years ago SuperButterBuns yeah... no kidding. 107 fucking hours. also buns, not judging but am legit curious, do you have best girl?
  • Christopher Jackson
    Christopher Jackson 2 years ago I played 102 hours on my first playthrough and I'm like 20 hours into my NG+
  • StatickMatti
    StatickMatti 2 years ago SuperButterBuns I used 111 hours on my first playthrough... already used 10 hours on NG+..
  • FoB952
    FoB952 2 years ago SuperButterBuns Even if you fast forward through all scenes it still takes you about 30 hours. My new game+.
  • Gats T
    Gats T 2 years ago SuperButterBuns I'm on 137 Hours and counting Please help
  • SilverShion
    SilverShion 2 years ago SuperButterBuns I've played it for 52 hours. I'm kinda exhausted
  • Mozata
    Mozata 2 years ago I think you pronounced Confidant wrong. It's Conf- I - dant, like "to confide in someone." Aside from that, you are bae and keep doing what you're doing
  • TLCBonaparte
    TLCBonaparte 2 years ago SuperButterBuns hot stove is hot
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    Plutia's pet 2 years ago Caroline and Justine are the best girls! Two for the price of one grandma!
  • Niko
    Niko 2 years ago I can't wait for Persona 6 in 2025! WOOO
  • TreeFolkDruid
    TreeFolkDruid 2 years ago I would like a direct sequel to this game, when everyone is in Uni, except futaba since she is what? 1, 2 years younger. (I fucking, absolutly love her, I murdered my pillow by hugging while my friend where doing her late Confidant ranks and her romance).
  • Yuriy Kurakin
    Yuriy Kurakin 2 years ago I gave you like before starting to watch this video. I belive you did a greate work ;)
  • SupahFly
    SupahFly 2 years ago not all enemies have weaknesses
  • ude gin
    ude gin 2 years ago like mine
  • Native American broh
    Native American broh 2 years ago Kyubey i still did it i beat in about 63 hours
  • Nana Stores
    Nana Stores 2 years ago SuperButterBuns it was about on par with P3 with length for me. 83 hours in 3, about 70 in 4 and 99 in 5 god damn it why couldn't you round to 100!
  • The Cringe Lord of Time and Space
    The Cringe Lord of Time and Space 2 years ago Knowledge Up
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    DarkAllNight 2 years ago KNOWLEDGE!!!
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    Kyubi 2 years ago Jake Wyrman FOLLOW HER TWITTER!! it's like 13,000 words or something​
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    jay quickblade 1 month ago @Moosetastic Bombastic no tLoZBotW
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    Pixelated Milky 1 month ago damn was just about to typ ethat too just a few months late. Oh well
  • Son Pham
    Son Pham 2 months ago Moosetastic Bombastic The lost bot war? Fuck you tseries kappa
  • Moosetastic Bombastic
    Moosetastic Bombastic 2 months ago @jay quickblade that is TLoZBoTW.
  • jay quickblade
    jay quickblade 4 months ago @Guppy that is lozbtow
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    Guppy 4 months ago @Ambar Ghosh Zelda Breath of the Wild
  • Ambar Ghosh
    Ambar Ghosh 4 months ago what is botw?
  • ItsThatTwitchyboi YT
    ItsThatTwitchyboi YT 1 month ago Nobody: Joker:hipity hoppity your heart is now my property
  • Dag The Kaiser
    Dag The Kaiser 4 days ago ItsThatTwitchyboi YT No ye joke was funny
  • ItsThatTwitchyboi YT
    ItsThatTwitchyboi YT 6 days ago @Cody Hines Good job man that's an actually funny joke unlike mine
  • Cody Hines
    Cody Hines 6 days ago It's more like: Kamoshida: (abuses all the students) Joker: I'm about to end this man's whoooole career.
  • Ayame Matsudaira
    Ayame Matsudaira 7 months ago (edited) The most beautiful, flawless, charming girl on Persona 5, yes, the winner of the 2017 Waifu Awards is... YUSUKE.
  • Xx Moral Nerd98 xX
    Xx Moral Nerd98 xX 2 days ago Ayame Matsudaira ANN
  • Alexander Demuth
    Alexander Demuth 4 days ago Igor is best girl
  • Dag The Kaiser
    Dag The Kaiser 4 days ago But I like Makoto- (Female P5) Wait, if I say that I’ll be called boring, and a party pooper..
  • the last to meme
    the last to meme 5 days ago Yusuke you gay wait save them back to back I knew it
  • Lorelo DahWeirdo
    Lorelo DahWeirdo 3 weeks ago @Furriekai Studios If you like the mc you're a narcissist
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    Angel Aguirre 4 weeks ago Ayame Matsudaira WTF
  • Kieran Miday
    Kieran Miday 1 month ago Ayame Matsudaira That’s a funny way of spelling Igor
  • the house of idk
    the house of idk 1 month ago @rikki green 🔫 I'ma ask you to back what you said up.
  • hiimstatic
    hiimstatic 1 month ago Yusuke is cool and all but you can't be telling me Yoshida isn't best girl
  • Kannonball
    Kannonball 1 month ago @Anime Tranzoul Rensaust Are you a Nico B fan?
  • Kannonball
    Kannonball 1 month ago Are you a Nico B fan?
  • Ninjajoe95
    Ninjajoe95 1 month ago Wait a minute-
  • Kirby Krewz
    Kirby Krewz 1 month ago Yes he is awesome. Truly the best waifu.
  • SeventhEmber Xander
    SeventhEmber Xander 1 month ago Dafuq are all of y'all talking about? It's common knowledge that Lala-chan is best waifu
  • Personafived Undertones
    Personafived Undertones 1 month ago Ayame Matsudaira I'm so sorry, she said the winner was Gru- I mean igor
  • Friendly Neighborhood Sayori
    Friendly Neighborhood Sayori 1 month ago Agreed
  • Morgan Szufnarowski
    Morgan Szufnarowski 2 months ago While playing, my choice is has frequently been fluctuating, but as of now, Takemi is my waifu in the game
  • Alex Findlay
    Alex Findlay 2 months ago I like Ryugi better
  • Gabriel Mora
    Gabriel Mora 2 months ago what about my man Ryuji?
  • zsomoka
    zsomoka 2 months ago Lala chan is better :D
  • Kelly perez
    Kelly perez 2 months ago Nah fam it’s Yu
  • Jason My Dreams
    Jason My Dreams 2 months ago Ryuji is best girl
  • FlipANickel
    FlipANickel 2 months ago IDK about you, but Sojiro number one. I ain't gay but once you pour a cup of milk while listening to him speak, ya become addicted
  • kitagawa gamingYt1711
    kitagawa gamingYt1711 2 months ago Tru
  • Clinical Brendon
    Clinical Brendon 2 months ago What are you, gay? Riuji is the fucking hottest
  • Bitch Please
    Bitch Please 2 months ago (edited) To anyone who says it’s ryuji or akechi. Ryuji was runner up but yusuke is in first place. Tied with joker in first place.
  • julianx2rl
    julianx2rl 2 months ago SASUKE!!!
  • Hentai King
    Hentai King 3 months ago Yosuke
  • Furriekai Studios
    Furriekai Studios 3 months ago Yusuke is 3rd on my list. I'm pulling a Shen here and yeah...Ryuji is best boi while Akira is 2nd best
  • Ultimate death
    Ultimate death 3 months ago Yes... Yes
  • jay quickblade
    jay quickblade 3 months ago @James Martin ah thank you that helps also i was talking about the one from persona 5 just to be clear
  • James Martin
    James Martin 3 months ago @jay quickblade Yoos-kay :)
  • jay quickblade
    jay quickblade 4 months ago Yes Yusuke is who i would date in the games if i could (before you ask i don't know. also how do you pronounce his name?)
  • rikki green
    rikki green 4 months ago Nope it has too be .......... da dada daaaaa ...... that creepy ass thing that madarame the 2nd boss turns in to
  • Anime Tranzoul Rensaust
    Anime Tranzoul Rensaust 4 months ago Nah its akechi god that pancake game
  • Sailor Waddle Dee 5
    Sailor Waddle Dee 5 5 months ago So remember Water is wet Akechi likes pancakes And 2+2 is GO TO BED
  • Altoryu
    Altoryu 3 weeks ago I wish there was a gif of that part
  • youtuber_ 1
    youtuber_ 1 3 weeks ago Lamo its 11:14 the cats so annoying
  • Believe in the Shmoopie
    Believe in the Shmoopie 3 weeks ago Water isn't wet tho...
  • Arthur Kear
    Arthur Kear 1 month ago I remembered this during a test and I somehow passed it
  • Malin L
    Malin L 2 years ago "All enemies are weak to something" Anubis flashbacks
  • Dag The Kaiser
    Dag The Kaiser 6 days ago Oh my fucking god Anubis... I’d be hama’d and be close to death, and it never had a weakness. REEEEEE
  • starseekernate
    starseekernate 1 week ago Malin L Okumura palace flashbacks
  • Iron Maiden
    Iron Maiden 1 month ago He keeps using hammon which can insta kill you
  • Iron Maiden
    Iron Maiden 1 month ago Anubis was a pain in the ass...
  • Arthur Kear
    Arthur Kear 1 month ago Oni: Am I a joke to you?
    LIGHTDX 2 months ago @Peg May jajaja. True, but it has been like that since P3. Is not too bad since it made the game a little harder.
  • Peg May
    Peg May 2 months ago The only thing in this game that I think is bullshit is that if Joker goes down it’s game over. Seriously? No one in the team can figure out to revive him with the 50 Revival Beads in your Invintory?
  • ArtWithSR
    ArtWithSR 2 months ago @Android 19 Blast from the damn past, mah boi! Haru still is the best in my opinion. Not because she's vanilla, but because she had pure guts and endurance to roll up her sleeves and chase her dreams and interests even though she could've chosen to live the easy life. I was Makoto ride-or-die before I did Haru's confidant and I instantly forgot about Mako and the other girls hahahaha
    LIGHTDX 2 months ago Anubis is weak to Anubis with apt pupil and miracle smash. I used that to beat it and recolect Liquid memory in futaba palace. I belive is easier to get item drops by killing with a all out attack.
  • Trey Hebert
    Trey Hebert 2 months ago im on that playthrough right now and i saw that i was like "this cant be right.... .WHOA LVL 59 I NEEEEEEED IT" XD
  • Dell12 16
    Dell12 16 2 months ago Malin L yooooo you’re not even lying that shit had me using basically every item I had just to keep my party from dying
  • Mechassault Man
    Mechassault Man 4 months ago Good man.@ARZRer
  • King Crazy
    King Crazy 4 months ago satanael shows up Satanael: hold my beer
  • Gaia Chan
    Gaia Chan 7 months ago technically with the King's secret move you could down him HOOOOOWEVER you can't have that Confidant at that point in the game🌈
  • Nim The Goodra
    Nim The Goodra 9 months ago (edited) what about the oni? No weaknesses and repel physical and gun
  • LP Flowrider
    LP Flowrider 9 months ago Hes weak to Thanatos! While we're at it BLESS THE GREATNESSS KNOWN AS MEEEEGIDOOOOLAAAAAOOOOON!!!!!!! also any Almighty Skill
  • nick arkells
    nick arkells 10 months ago TheKeybladeofdarknes is that a jojo reference
  • Joker
    Joker 10 months ago My yoshitsune disagrees
  • King Crazy
    King Crazy 1 year ago CJKS1000 I didn't either but ppl told me it works so
  • CJKS1000
    CJKS1000 1 year ago Ren Amamiya: I'm some combination of stupid and stubborn so I didn't run, and I can say with pride that I never ran away once in my P5 playthrough, aside from when the game forced me to.
  • King Crazy
    King Crazy 1 year ago CJKS1000 OORRR just run from Anubis or have a persona that bless and Cruse can't harm joker
  • CJKS1000
    CJKS1000 1 year ago Just spam Mona's Lucky Punch. Saves lives.
  • King Crazy
    King Crazy 1 year ago TheKeybladeofdarknes no he's not
  • Evil Ryu
    Evil Ryu 1 year ago Mister Laser King Frost isn't as bad because at that point you're supposed to already have acquired the down shot.
  • Majestic Potato
    Majestic Potato 1 year ago Malin L I hated Anubis
  • Jolo Borlongan
    Jolo Borlongan 1 year ago ONI FLASH BACKS
  • Lord Blue Balls
    Lord Blue Balls 1 year ago Oni is the fuckng worst
  • SOS Sama
    SOS Sama 1 year ago I under level as eff from all the stealth I did in this palace then grinded in mementos instead.
  • Azaki Ferret, Rouka's Brother.
    Azaki Ferret, Rouka's Brother. 1 year ago TheKeybladeofdarknes BOOM BOOM-ISIS sorry,i just had to make a reference to real life.
  • Neet Neat
    Neet Neat 2 years ago "All enemies are weak to something" ... Oni from Kaneshiro's palace ain't weak to shit.
  • logan
    logan 2 years ago Malin L the first time I saw Anubis all of Akira's personas were weak to holy
  • kontrol42
    kontrol42 2 years ago Mister Laser DOWN SHOT FOR LIFE
  • NoobyKing
    NoobyKing 2 years ago (edited) don't worry anubis has low resistance to status alligement fuse good persona to handle him made it easy
  • Xytrus Cheung
    Xytrus Cheung 2 years ago @Antonio Zero Di Corato I mean despite the first palace being forced it's really the best for me so far since we see a lot of fleshed out cutscenes for it we don't really get that later and the awakenings can't count
  • Antonio Zero Di Corato
    Antonio Zero Di Corato 2 years ago Well I have fun with it.
  • Xytrus Cheung
    Xytrus Cheung 2 years ago Antonio Zero Di Corato seriously 1 mores and ambushes are what truly screw up the flow of battle along with all out attacks I don't get how this game is fun under those parameters. the story I can enjoy somewhat but it has shit pacing and annoying confidants 1 owing me money 100,000 yen I'll never see back and the first boss was completely forced no real good build up to that shit
  • Antonio Zero Di Corato
    Antonio Zero Di Corato 2 years ago @Xytrus Cheung huh?
  • Xytrus Cheung
    Xytrus Cheung 2 years ago Antonio Zero Di Corato OMG THANK YOU
  • Antonio Zero Di Corato
    Antonio Zero Di Corato 2 years ago No because of skill knowledge. Im underleveled but as long as their is one weakness, every foe dies so quickly.
  • Xytrus Cheung
    Xytrus Cheung 2 years ago Ohhhhh right cause of constant switching right?
  • Antonio Zero Di Corato
    Antonio Zero Di Corato 2 years ago My party is at least 7 lvls under the average and some of my personas are lvl 40
  • Xytrus Cheung
    Xytrus Cheung 2 years ago @Antonio Zero Di Corato what do you mean kind sir?
  • Antonio Zero Di Corato
    Antonio Zero Di Corato 2 years ago @Xytrus Cheung and on top of that way underleveled together with some lvl 40 personas.
  • Xytrus Cheung
    Xytrus Cheung 2 years ago @Antonio Zero Di Corato I swear it all starts like that in kaneshiro's place
  • Antonio Zero Di Corato
    Antonio Zero Di Corato 2 years ago Mister Laser Im on that damn ship and its just too long...
  • Xytrus Cheung
    Xytrus Cheung 2 years ago @Steviethewaifusultan no no! It's ok! I find persona 5 really bad though. Considering how you get the combination of 1 mores and ambushes easily all out attacks lose so much to them. Plus the game is so easy to exploit. I started in hard but stopped giving a crap when the knights with cleave came around all in one room. And god are there too many free days if you finish early and the palaces are way longer than they should be
  • Mister Laser
    Mister Laser 2 years ago All of you are forgetting about King frost. No weaknesses, Immune to bless(light) magic and tanky as all hell. Literally the only thing that I chose to run from on a regular basis
  • Steviethewaifusultan
    Steviethewaifusultan 2 years ago Xytrus Cheung Yeah a boss from Persona 3. That was its name. You fight it near the end of the game. In P3, you Balance your social life with dungeon crawling in a tower called Tartarus. Every 4-11 floors, you fight a guardian boss. There are well over 250 floors in Tartarus. The tower is split up into six "blocks" or sections, where each floor except guardian boss floors are randomly generated. World Balance was in the last block. And it is a VERY cheap boss. Actually Persona 3 is quite a bit more challenging than Persona 5. But P5 has way better gameplay and dungeon crawling. Tartarus itself gets bland after a while, although the battle system can be pretty fun. Oh sorry idk if you know P3 that well or not, so sorry if I was just rambling.
  • Xytrus Cheung
    Xytrus Cheung 2 years ago @Steviethewaifusultan world balance?
  • Steviethewaifusultan
    Steviethewaifusultan 2 years ago On hard mode I can see how he'd be annoying. But I was playing on Normal. This kinda shit is typical in this series lol. More so in the older games. You should all see World Balance from P3, that was cheap. Imo, Skadi in P5 was cheaper than Anubis. Anubis is a cakewalk lol.
  • NoMaD
    NoMaD 2 years ago he's weak to makajama, seriously make the fucker forget his skills and he suddenly turns into a sandbag
  • Xytrus Cheung
    Xytrus Cheung 2 years ago Malin L and oni....man fuck anubis
  • NoNameC68
    NoNameC68 2 years ago @Android19 It's the battle axe.
  • Malin L
    Malin L 2 years ago True, I forgot about them. Anubis just gave me the most trouble in recent memory, but that is very true
  • Mad4Life
    Mad4Life 2 years ago Oni were much worse. No elemental weakness and they resist physical on top of that while spamming rampage that always seems to crit somebody on your team.
  • doombybbr
    doombybbr 2 years ago he is weak to crits and personas that resist his insta kill
  • Mr. Thicc Nut
  • [ Koby ]
    [ Koby ] 2 years ago elemental attacks are for pussies yusuke/ryuji/morgana party for life
  • Shizzle Blitz
    Shizzle Blitz 2 years ago Malin L that enemy was bullshit and we all know it.
  • XxkawaiiwolfgachaxX
    XxkawaiiwolfgachaxX 2 years ago Android 19 Crotch gun my man
  • ARZRer
    ARZRer 2 years ago @Android 19 What the fuck are you talking about? Hifumi is best girl in terms of design, Futaba for her story and personality.
  • Android 19
    Android 19 2 years ago Listen I can understand people having Haru as their waifu. Some people just like a nice little fluffy-haired girl so Vanilla I don't have a good metaphor for something being super vanilla. I find that pretty boring but it's some people's type and I understand that. What I don't understand is anybody putting her in any way above all the other nice little vanilla girls because almost every selection of waifus has one and they're all exactly the same. Is it the fluffy hair? It's the fluffy hair, isn't it? Or maybe that Persona that's about 5000x cooler than she is.
  • DetectiveBobbyFulbrightTheSpiritofShiningJUSTICE
    DetectiveBobbyFulbrightTheSpiritofShiningJUSTICE 2 years ago Best waifu right there. Dont give a shit about Ann, Kairi from the KH series or Athena from Ace Attorney, Haru my waifu till i die.
  • invaderzam
    invaderzam 2 years ago Ahh this is why Haru is a god send. I dont need no weakness. My persona has guns! Headshot baby!
  • ARZRer
    ARZRer 2 years ago Miracle / Lucky punch.
  • Android 19
    Android 19 2 years ago he's weak to springy punches
  • Malin L
    Malin L 2 years ago True, its just extremely annoying
  • Ulqui_210
    Ulqui_210 2 years ago To be fair, critical hits can still affect anyone who does not repel or drain physical and gun attacks.
  • TheKeybladeofdarknes
    TheKeybladeofdarknes 2 years ago Malin L he's weak to Isis
  • Karen Pardo
    Karen Pardo 6 months ago Akira Kurusu Ren Amamiya C I V I L W A R
  • Dag The Kaiser
    Dag The Kaiser 4 days ago And their hero nicknames: Akira “Satanael” Kurusu Ren “Yoshitsune” Mamma mia Amamiya
  • King Crazy
    King Crazy 1 week ago @Monty2289 atlus made the games....the spinoffs...and anime.....they named him Ren so that's the end of the conversation
  • Bitch Please
    Bitch Please 3 weeks ago MrDecarpio fair enough.
  • MrDecarpio
    MrDecarpio 3 weeks ago I prefer calling him Key Item
  • Bitch Please
    Bitch Please 3 weeks ago I just go with whichever one I hear first/like more. And I heard akira first and I prefer it over ren. I also call the P3 protag minato and Yu Narukami is the P4 protag’s name, DAMMIT
  • ajddavid452
    ajddavid452 4 weeks ago @Litten Fire that is the manga name so yes, the other name appeared in stuff like p5d I think so they are both canon
  • Litten Fire
    Litten Fire 4 weeks ago Akira Kurusu all the way. Isn't that his original name in Japanese anyway?
  • ajddavid452
    ajddavid452 1 month ago I don't really care, I jist go with the manga name
  • Sparkly Nonsense
    Sparkly Nonsense 1 month ago I’m pretty sure he’s called Akira in the manga though.
  • Patrick PFC
    Patrick PFC 1 month ago I have an idea just use both names in the same conversation so the person doesn’t get mad or name him Akira Amamiya or Ren Kurusu. Problem solved
  • serenity set
    serenity set 1 month ago @ShermTank7272 gfgccg
  • Marsupial Mole
    Marsupial Mole 1 month ago @CodeAndGin I meant the stupid dancing game. He's named Amamiya Ren there, and since the game is made by Atlus, even if it is dumb and shouldn't exist, it therefore gives Amamiya Ren more clout as his name than Akira whatever
  • CodeAndGin
    CodeAndGin 1 month ago @Marsupial Mole well Q2 only gives you enough space for Akira, Ren Amamiya is just too long (but so is narukami and I'm not calling him seta souji or whatever)
  • Marsupial Mole
    Marsupial Mole 1 month ago @Monty2289 Because Ren is the name the games use. Not P5 itself obviously, but spinoff games. And the games should take precedence over the manga
  • Arthur Kear
    Arthur Kear 1 month ago At this point it’s down to which one sounds cooler
  • Monty2289
    Monty2289 1 month ago @Ale Isshiki How is it Ren. That's the latest possible canon name. Akira's the original name so why not go with that.
  • JKamron-1
    JKamron-1 2 months ago Akira Kurusu and Ren Amimaya is like Johnny Yong Bosch voicing Yu Narukami and Tohru Adachi.
  • Ale Isshiki
    Ale Isshiki 2 months ago Karen Pardo it’s ren tho. There was a similar problem with the persona 3 protagonist
  • ShermTank7272
    ShermTank7272 3 months ago Or we could just call him Joker. That’s the closest to a game-canon name we’re gonna get.
  • Calamity
    Calamity 7 months ago Watching this as an idiot-attempt at research and preparation for the new Smash Ultimate DLC. Yes. I am not kidding.
  • Cross Over
    Cross Over 3 weeks ago You should play the persona series, the games may be niche, but they're fun as heccx
  • anonymous the very much anonymous
    anonymous the very much anonymous 2 months ago Play it
  • Jaketime04
    Jaketime04 2 months ago i took the long way and watched a 100 episode long lets play
  • Jay Queue
    Jay Queue 2 months ago Brony Smash fgt
  • DX_Gamer1113 Hoimin
    DX_Gamer1113 Hoimin 2 months ago AHAAHAHAHAHA... same
  • Daniel White
    Daniel White 2 months ago You thankfully don't have to now, there's a new Joker guide from Buns here >.>
  • Jonas DeWind
    Jonas DeWind 2 months ago Same lol
  • Fma_Kla_
    Fma_Kla_ 2 months ago Ditto 😂😂
  • Joshua Brito
    Joshua Brito 2 months ago Who isn't
  • Riley Stringbean
    Riley Stringbean 2 months ago Calamity me too
  • I'm Still Questionable
    I'm Still Questionable 2 months ago Bro how did you know?
  • Michael Mayo
    Michael Mayo 3 months ago Dead ass bought and beat this because of smash. No regrets.
  • hcs161 1
    hcs161 1 3 months ago Started out like you and now I want to play a persona game
  • Aido
    Aido 3 months ago Just get Persona 5
  • Some Kid Who is Also a Squid
    Some Kid Who is Also a Squid 3 months ago Is this how all the cool kids without playstations are going to say they main Joker because they love the game?
  • nothing boi e
    nothing boi e 3 months ago I never saw it coming tbh because hahahaha funny jokes, that song is god tier, if it isn't in ultimate, in ANY way.. I will throw my switch out of my house and trickshot it Into a dumpster
  • Ben Carter 2 Aka Dyson
    Ben Carter 2 Aka Dyson 3 months ago Same
  • ShadowByrd
    ShadowByrd 4 months ago Calamity managed to finish this game. Now it’s in my top 3 games of all time.
  • GamingDemon 82 animations
    GamingDemon 82 animations 4 months ago Same
  • Joseph Cruz
    Joseph Cruz 4 months ago Also these kinds of games are not my usual cup of coco, I don't usually like turn based games let alone jrpgs especially growing up, but I really am starting to like them, they're badass
  • Joseph Cruz
    Joseph Cruz 4 months ago Omg me too!!! This game seems so badass tho
  • Kirby Main
    Kirby Main 5 months ago same..
  • TheBluLeaf
    TheBluLeaf 5 months ago fuckin brony
  • flame the seven tail fox warrior
    flame the seven tail fox warrior 5 months ago Same I never saw it coming lol
  • SomthingButIDontKnow Why do I need a last name
    SomthingButIDontKnow Why do I need a last name 5 months ago Yep I am just lazing our like 4 hours of watch time of persona content so I know what it is
  • Flame Lord
    Flame Lord 5 months ago I watched it because after seeing Joker would be in smash I wanted to see what the game was about. It had to be on the one console I don’t have
  • Josue Ravena
    Josue Ravena 5 months ago @Oxius its the most likely. But thei is a chance it might be the sinful shell or maybe bullet hell.
  • Josue Ravena
    Josue Ravena 5 months ago @Maricella Wright true. I just wish it can come to the switch. So you can play on the go.
  • Oxius
    Oxius 5 months ago @Josue Ravena it's more like to be an all out attack
  • ArtisticPixie
    ArtisticPixie 5 months ago HA SAME
  • Blade Sturm
    Blade Sturm 5 months ago So I planning on getting the game i can get the ps3 verion now, or should I wait to see what p5r comes out on. Cuz I got a switch which I've heard rumors that p5 is coming to the switch.
  • Patrick Handford
    Patrick Handford 5 months ago Not played P5 and a Nintendo fan
  • jwadd01
    jwadd01 5 months ago Calamity just go on the wiki it's pretty simple honestly I mean you probably won't get the background lore but other than that simple hell
  • the_meme_demon
    the_meme_demon 5 months ago Me too
  • Calamity
    Calamity 5 months ago @Cesar Balmaceda Thank you.
  • Cesar Balmaceda
    Cesar Balmaceda 5 months ago I don't know if this is a guide or what but I love it! Please keep making videos and that attitude i literally laughed and enjoyed this!
  • Mr. Moof
    Mr. Moof 5 months ago breh.
  • Ripteron
    Ripteron 5 months ago same :l shhhhh
  • RandomGuest
    RandomGuest 5 months ago I just started watching playthroughs. (I don't have a playstation :) )
  • Scooperz
    Scooperz 5 months ago Same. And I’m still waitin on that damn direct that I THOUGHT we were getting this month!
  • JetSwift
    JetSwift 5 months ago Same
  • Realmwalker
    Realmwalker 5 months ago Play it your self, or use the internet, it's way better than this, just look out for spoilers
  • Bluejack 22
    Bluejack 22 6 months ago Same
  • Robert Loughrey
    Robert Loughrey 6 months ago I watched a playthrough but yes same
  • Chris G
    Chris G 6 months ago I wanna try this game, but the entire kids at school element is too weird for me as a grown man. I think my wife and children would leave me...
  • Kemo_Meme
    Kemo_Meme 6 months ago There are so many personas and persona moves in this game that even we don't know what Joker will have in his moveset
  • Jonathon Graham
    Jonathon Graham 6 months ago same lol.
  • Patrick Arms-Roberts
    Patrick Arms-Roberts 6 months ago same
  • mrbenio
    mrbenio 6 months ago Likewise...and I don't even play the games anymore, I just watch them but at least I can know a LITTLE more about those "Who the @#$% is that guy?!" characters.
  • William Schaeffler
    William Schaeffler 6 months ago Same
  • BlazingSerenade
    BlazingSerenade 6 months ago Josue Ravena implying his ultimate Won’t be an all out attack lmao fucking smash kiddies - dude is gonna be like yugi in jump ultimate stars, gonna be using personas as his attacks
  • BlazingSerenade
    BlazingSerenade 6 months ago I mean you could also play the game
  • Funny Man
    Funny Man 6 months ago Same
  • Carlos Oney 24006
    Carlos Oney 24006 6 months ago Never saw that coming
  • Primatic James
    Primatic James 6 months ago You dare speak my actions
  • Michael Rosa
    Michael Rosa 6 months ago Literally same
  • Josue Ravena
    Josue Ravena 6 months ago Also speculating on Joker's fight set for Smash! I think his ultimate will be doing a persona while attacking using his gun.
  • Smoshy :v
    Smoshy :v 6 months ago (edited) Tofu I mean yeah basically. In fact I'm pretty sure none of my friends had ever played a Persona game before, but after Jokers smash reveal we're all talking about it.
  • XxMangledMagikarp _74xX
    XxMangledMagikarp _74xX 6 months ago Calamity they could have similar moves in terms of attacks corresponding to jokers first persona but your just wasting time because this is a turn based game (youre wasting ur time)
  • Tofu
    Tofu 6 months ago @Brandon Wenneborg So they can bust out random knowledge about the game to their friends like they played it and be excited with them.
  • Abandoned channel because my mom hates me
    Abandoned channel because my mom hates me 6 months ago @Calamity exactly
  • Calamity
    Calamity 6 months ago @Brandon Wenneborg BECAUSE!
  • Brandon Wenneborg
    Brandon Wenneborg 6 months ago But why? What does this help...? What is there to research? haha
  • chowder
    chowder 7 months ago Same
  • Nanorod
    Nanorod 7 months ago Disappointed.
  • pokemon card colletor
    pokemon card colletor 7 months ago Same
  • Maricella Wright
    Maricella Wright 7 months ago You're not alone, I can't continue the game because time issues, but you are safe here, don't worry :3
  • Something of a meme
    Something of a meme 7 months ago I can’t believe how accurate this statement actually is
  • Daniel Washington
    Daniel Washington 7 months ago Mood
  • I am Littlepon
    I am Littlepon 7 months ago bad joke
  • oofio boofio
    oofio boofio 7 months ago Same lol
  • ImADanganronpaWeeb
    ImADanganronpaWeeb 6 months ago and 2 + 2 equals GO TO BED
  • Marsupial Mole
    Marsupial Mole 1 month ago This is why you max out teacher as soon as possible
  • Ice Wolf
    Ice Wolf 2 months ago •_• Vannilow •_• Akira likes chairs
  • B. Vaegler
    B. Vaegler 2 months ago That point had me crying, keeps me coming back again and again
  • •_• Vannilow •_•
    •_• Vannilow •_• 2 months ago Water is wet Akechi likes pancakes
  • The_Chicken_Was_To_ Water_Burnt
    The_Chicken_Was_To_ Water_Burnt 2 months ago 11:02
  • Shitty Name
    Shitty Name 6 months ago There's only one way to avoid the best girl debate.... DATE EVERYONE !
  • Tsyumamatsu TheHavenofGuardia
    Tsyumamatsu TheHavenofGuardia 4 days ago ahem https://youtu.be/mq4ErmmywAA
  • matthew natividad
    matthew natividad 6 days ago I haven’t even maxed out a single confidant
  • Wooga
    Wooga 1 month ago No it’s Futaba don’t @ me
  • J Sauce
    J Sauce 1 month ago you mean the harem route?
  • Jasmine & Fern
    Jasmine & Fern 1 month ago Except for Ohya, the shitty alcoholic journalist bitch.
  • Ninjajoe95
    Ninjajoe95 1 month ago @family friendly WAT WHAT THE FU-
  • Personafived Undertones
    Personafived Undertones 1 month ago Blue Squid Ryuji cause he's your first confidant
  • Peyton Junkin
    Peyton Junkin 1 month ago Wait but you can't date the boys...:(
  • Missing A Forest
    Missing A Forest 1 month ago BRO! that's haram!!!
  • Lucas the Demon 2.0
    Lucas the Demon 2.0 2 months ago For me, I knew before I got the game.
  • Blue Squid
    Blue Squid 2 months ago but who do you start dating first?
  • Loocaz
    Loocaz 2 months ago B l e s s
  • family friendly
    family friendly 2 months ago Date igor
  • Guy Pointing His Head
    Guy Pointing His Head 3 months ago POLYGAMY IS THE WAY!
  • Moogle Mod
    Moogle Mod 3 months ago Omg your a genius!
  • Mr.XplosionGames
    Mr.XplosionGames 3 months ago But remember the Valentine's day =)
  • Limonenmaedchen
    Limonenmaedchen 4 months ago played P5 for 113 hours didn't know that SP stands for "Spirit Points" whoopsadoodle.
  • Giannis Pixel
    Giannis Pixel 6 days ago I didn now what hp meant till i was 13
  • Giannis Pixel
    Giannis Pixel 6 days ago Hahahahahaha
  • Ray Plays
    Ray Plays 1 week ago I thought it stood for,special,points
  • Moon
    Moon 2 weeks ago r/TIL
  • Retendo
    Retendo 1 month ago Limonenmaedchen I thought sp was sp
  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo 1 month ago It's not Stand Power?
  • Phantom Inferno
    Phantom Inferno 1 month ago (edited) I thought it was stamina points
  • Khalid Hassan
    Khalid Hassan 1 month ago 200 hrs and had no clue as well oof
  • Joyce Summer
    Joyce Summer 1 month ago Wait... It's not Skill Points?!
  • just a tosterstrudel
    just a tosterstrudel 1 month ago I thought it was skill points, but eh
  • fuzzy apple pie
    fuzzy apple pie 1 month ago I thought it meant Special Points.
  • Genji Shimada
    Genji Shimada 1 month ago It doesn’t.. it stands for STANDO POWAH!!!!
  • MsKawaiichii
    MsKawaiichii 7 months ago I must be living underneath a massive rock. Thank you Smash for introducing me to this game; aka another black hole that will devour my time and money.
  • Thwompthing
    Thwompthing 1 month ago i mean, there is something called metacritic that has all games you can look at.
  • FrostBug
    FrostBug 5 months ago @BlazingSerenade Yeah I know, the reason I called it wild brother is how crazy the spin off games and how the fans including myself enjoy it.
  • Stephen Flesch
    Stephen Flesch 5 months ago I love how Persona fans are so welcoming of new players instead of saying "I don't want these normies invading the game I like", because some people are dedicated GATEKEEPERS
  • BlazingSerenade
    BlazingSerenade 6 months ago FrostBug persona is the easiest of the SMT series dude
  • FrostBug
    FrostBug 6 months ago As a person who finish it, you better be ready. Also welcome to the wild brother of SMT
  • Mettaton Ex
    Mettaton Ex 6 months ago 15 years ago it introduced me to Legend of Zelda, and my life had never been the same since. 10 years ago it introduced me to Metal Gear Solid, and my life had never been the same since. 5 years ago it introduced me to Fire Emblem and Xenoblade Chronicles, and my life had never been the same since. A couple months ago it introduced me to Persona, and for gods' sake my life is barely recognizable.
  • Final Thief
    Final Thief 7 months ago MsKawaiichii Hope you buy it and enjoy it! trust me..the game is worth it!
  • jarrett mulqueen
    jarrett mulqueen 3 months ago Joker: Oh boy I can't wait to be in smash and fight ever-- Morgana: yOu LoOk TIrEd, gO To bED
  • Giga Derek
    Giga Derek 7 months ago A warm welcome to the smash players who've never played this slice of fried gold here.
  • Definitely Errel
    Definitely Errel 2 months ago I got no PS4
  • sl1ckf0x
    sl1ckf0x 2 months ago lmfao, never played it but my sister has the game. Thanks for the welcome :)
  • Alightminer8 OFFICIAL Team PewDiePie
    Alightminer8 OFFICIAL Team PewDiePie 2 months ago Giga Derek I can’t play it, because I don’t own a PS4.
  • ᴊ ᴇ s ᴛ ɪ ɴ
    ᴊ ᴇ s ᴛ ɪ ɴ 2 months ago Persona 5S says no
  • Condemned Crimson
    Condemned Crimson 2 months ago @guardian Persona 5 S says "Hi"
  • Facade Underground
    Facade Underground 5 months ago Nigga this game a full loaf
  • Akira Kurusu
    Akira Kurusu 5 months ago I'm here cause my friend forced me to watch a let's play of P5
  • Taelin Exford
    Taelin Exford 5 months ago @Hybridchicken04 Gaming NanOmacHIneS, SoN!
  • Hybridchicken04 Gaming
    Hybridchicken04 Gaming 5 months ago Taelin Exford I personally recommend metal gear rising
  • Taelin Exford
    Taelin Exford 5 months ago @Hybridchicken04 Gaming But I enjoy hack-and-slashers. I know I'll love it. The narrative is just a bonus.
  • Hybridchicken04 Gaming
    Hybridchicken04 Gaming 5 months ago Taelin Exford tbh it’s not the best I just recently played it and it’s extremely overrated
  • Taelin Exford
    Taelin Exford 5 months ago @Mohan Grewal not my style, but I might check out some gameplay. Gotta get Nier: Automata first.
  • Mohan Grewal
    Mohan Grewal 5 months ago Taelin Exford get Bloodborne too
  • Taelin Exford
    Taelin Exford 5 months ago I literally just bought a PS4 for this awesome work of art. And I won't lie, Smash was a big reason behind that choice.
  • Mr. Moof
    Mr. Moof 5 months ago ikr?
  • Tristan Wong
    Tristan Wong 6 months ago Yo.
  • jamie t
    jamie t 6 months ago Rumours Intensifies
  • guardian
    guardian 6 months ago (edited) Im disappointed at atlus
  • tenryuu
    tenryuu 2 years ago >Mementos >optional AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  • Arthur Kear
    Arthur Kear 1 month ago It’s optional, but not, because [TEXT COPYRIGHTED BY ATLUS]
  • Monty2289
    Monty2289 1 month ago @Lenny face Boi You can do it with an optimal schedule 3 times in a year after building a collection of subquests. After every palace you're guaranteed at least 2 or 3 requests but definitely not enough to justify going that many times unless you are grinding for infiltration tool materials or finishing the compendium - the latter of which you can't really do until you are closer to the depths with Down Shot anyways.
  • _ _Flavio_ _
    _ _Flavio_ _ 3 months ago @ConstXV late to say no?
  • Francesco Piromalli
    Francesco Piromalli 3 months ago Lel
  • Lenny face Boi
    Lenny face Boi 3 months ago This is why we do mementos after every palace
  • Corgi Pants
    Corgi Pants 4 months ago I understand why this is funny now XD
  • IVHendricksVI
    IVHendricksVI 4 months ago Tartarus >>>>mementos
  • Jerome Robinson
    Jerome Robinson 6 months ago I got to the end of the accessible parts way before you had to go down there..... imagine actually taking her advice and never going down there until the end.... oof 😂
  • MrRjwagner
    MrRjwagner 1 year ago Mementos are fun in a way, but it falls apart if you do too much of it at one time. Thankfully, I feel like the developers realized this and made sure you basically couldn't head down to the Prison of Regression until literally the end of the game.
  • Igor19485
    Igor19485 1 year ago (edited) Luckily I found it fun to beat the Memento bosses and explore mementos. I wasn't aware how much it actually helped in the end lol, it saved me all the hustle. I already got to the end of Mementos before it was required of me.
  • Eastway
    Eastway 1 year ago (SPOILERS) If the palaces were sidequests, they were certainly necessary side quests. You have to complete them in order to not be ruined by pancake boy.
  • David
    David 1 year ago humanLucifer morgana..ryuji..maybe ann but i cant remember
  • humanLucifer
    humanLucifer 1 year ago how many confidants can be maxed out without going to mementos? not many, I'd wager.
  • Alex Carson
    Alex Carson 1 year ago Well because until you get to the end of the game... it very much implies it is optional, they don't really give you any indication it's important to complete until the end.
  • TheWerewolfofsalem
    TheWerewolfofsalem 1 year ago tenryuu I wish...
  • Grant Scheet
    Grant Scheet 1 year ago A VERY CREATIVE CHANNEL NAME The Freshmaker.
    A VERY CREATIVE CHANNEL NAME 1 year ago tenryuu Yummy Mentos.
  • David
    David 2 years ago MegaUltraSonic i went through it anyway before i did the bosses so i got that extra grind
  • MegaUltraSonic
    MegaUltraSonic 2 years ago That messed me up too. Everyone said Mementos is optional and just for sidequests and the main palaces are the main dungeons but if anything Mementos is the main dungeon and the palaces are side stories.
  • philipinoboy13
    philipinoboy13 2 years ago easy to get through. just do it after changing someones heart xD
  • GenericWeeb
    GenericWeeb 2 years ago Naw just gotta get to the end of mentos which can annoying if you didn't get far already.
  • ConstXV
    ConstXV 2 years ago wait, so you need to do ALL mementos requests to get the ending? really?
  • GenericWeeb
    GenericWeeb 2 years ago You only really gotta go once per arc when you have all requests you can get and the ending.
  • Lingering Will
    Lingering Will 6 months ago People watching P5 video with minor spoilers: Wow this video is really informative! People watching BOTW video say the MC is Link and Zelda is the princess of Hyrule and the villain is Ganon: OMG SPOILERS!
  • Bartholomule Sphensvil
    Bartholomule Sphensvil 1 month ago Whoa man spoilers give a heads up first geez
  • Extremer64
    Extremer64 1 month ago just to note: I've beaten P5 twice now and recently reached the 200 hour mark (The game kinda stole my heart (hehe) over the last month) I've encountered a hostage situation a grand total of ONE TIME
  • saphira5149
    saphira5149 1 month ago I just finished my second playthrough with a total playtime of around 230 hours and I still have yet to have anybody taken hostage. It's the last trophy I need for the platinum as well >.>
  • Corgi Pants
    Corgi Pants 4 months ago Donald Duck: I am no shadow, I fight for the light and letting 15 year olds die cause I don't feel like healing them is my passion. My true name is Donald Duck and I am the reason this game needs subtitles. God I love you, Buns XD
  • Vincent Lance
    Vincent Lance 2 weeks ago I read in the voice, help me.
  • Natalie Santoro
    Natalie Santoro 7 months ago Idk if this counts as spoilers or not but I found the best girl: M-2:39 A-3:46 K-5:13 O-9:08 T-12:55 O-21:40
  • avery whitney
    avery whitney 1 month ago Jesus I’ve looked for so long
  • light
    light 1 month ago (edited) So best girl is persona 3 protagonist
  • Stupidity And Others
    Stupidity And Others 1 month ago O is 9:09
  • [D E L I C I O U S P A N C A K E S]
    [D E L I C I O U S P A N C A K E S] 2 months ago @Brandon Cain what's with the Pete impression
  • Brandon Cain
    Brandon Cain 2 months ago @[D E L I C I O U S P A N C A K E S] THEM'S FIGHTIN' WORDS!!!!
  • Definitely Errel
    Definitely Errel 2 months ago @Lyos oh
  • Lyos
    Lyos 2 months ago @Definitely Errel It's when sojiro appears
  • Definitely Errel
    Definitely Errel 2 months ago Where is M!!!
  • A Games Tale
    A Games Tale 2 months ago YOU SAVED ME THANK YOU
  • Lyos
    Lyos 2 months ago @Jack Strider: Knight of Time She is,but it feels wierd since she's a year younger than our main character
  • rafa Casanova
    rafa Casanova 2 months ago Yes i agree
  • Jack Strider: Knight of Time
    Jack Strider: Knight of Time 3 months ago No Futaba is best gurl
  • OptimalTT
    OptimalTT 3 months ago Takomo? Ah! You must mean *Takemi*, a common mistake.
  • Mechassault Man
    Mechassault Man 4 months ago I heard her discussing with Shenpai's video on "Persona 6" that she hid the letters in the frames, but I didn't know where the hell they were!
  • Roonco SP
    Roonco SP 4 months ago Best answer.
  • Joseph Watts
    Joseph Watts 4 months ago Dang, good eyes!
  • Corgi Pants
    Corgi Pants 4 months ago Holy shit I see how she hid it now, that sly buns.
  • Robert E. O. Speedwagon
    Robert E. O. Speedwagon 4 months ago I apologise dear Sir but you seem to have spelt futaba incorrectly
  • Galaxykitty 894
    Galaxykitty 894 5 months ago Lol
  • OtterLi Normal
    OtterLi Normal 5 months ago I just did the comma period trick and OHMYGAWD. How the frick did I not notice this?!
  • Pez Dispencer
    Pez Dispencer 5 months ago @Dharc Daniel Your auto correct changed the word "psychopath" into "badass", just FYI.
  • Dharc Daniel
    Dharc Daniel 5 months ago Me before her persona reveal: So lame and boring. Me after her persona reveal: HOLY SHIT MAKOTOS A BADASS!!! 100/10 best girl.
  • [D E L I C I O U S P A N C A K E S]
    [D E L I C I O U S P A N C A K E S] 5 months ago @Random Bon person you're gonna be the reason for why jacksfilms is gonna start ygs again
  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando 5 months ago U wrote "Igor" wrong
  • Random Bon person
    Random Bon person 5 months ago No she not haru even tho she more kawaii is the worst pt girl in my opinion makoto is 5 in my opinion
  • [D E L I C I O U S P A N C A K E S]
    [D E L I C I O U S P A N C A K E S] 5 months ago But makoto is worst girl
  • Links's True Power
    Links's True Power 5 months ago @Mac M I see it now. But man...Makoto was in my bottom three
  • Mac M
    Mac M 5 months ago @Links's True Power look at the bottom left corner during those times.
  • Links's True Power
    Links's True Power 5 months ago I'm sorry but I don't see the clues. How'd you come to this answer?
  • rose m
    rose m 6 months ago Ive watched this video a million times and i never noticed this bit!! Good eye!!!
  • Mac M
    Mac M 6 months ago Yo. I never realized that's how she did it. I though it was just a single frame saying who it is.
  • Icei 34 Errel
    Icei 34 Errel 4 months ago Spoilers: Getting arrested for being a good person Thank you Shido