JavaScript Fundamentals For Beginners

Published on Mar 24, 2016 1,314,373 views

UPDATED COURSE HERE - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdI2b...

This is a mini-course on the fundamentals of not only JavaScript, but programming in general. We will cover the following...

What is JavaScript?
Variables & Data Types
Conditionals - If Statements, switches
Forms & Validation


  • Jacob Broughton
    Jacob Broughton 9 months ago Choosing a text editor - 6:15 Variables and Data Types - 9:07 Arrays - 17:25 Conditionals - 32:21 Objects - 39:28 Events - 51:14 Forms - 59:08
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    Dimitri Dehouck 3 months ago Hero!!! Thanks man!
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    شــركة تصـــاميم 5 months ago where is function?
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    Nicholas Bloxxer 7 months ago Jacob Broughton thank you
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    Jacob Broughton 7 months ago Rönny kh i knew i missed one
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    Rönny kh 7 months ago Loops - 25:15
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  • Live Lombs
    Live Lombs 2 years ago 9:00 Variables & Data Types 17:30 Arrays 25:10 Loops 32:20 Conditionals 39:23 Objects 50:59 Events 59:03 Forms & Validation
  • Twisted Mind
    Twisted Mind 1 month ago I watched the whole video, if you want to learn effectively, don't skip any parts. but thank you!
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    Karim Benzema 1 year ago you should share the notes on Google Drive with everyone here!
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