Microservices + Events + Docker = A Perfect Trio

Published on Apr 14, 2018 257,343 views

Microservices are an essential enabler of agility but developing and deploying them is a challenge.
In order for microservices to be loosely coupled,each service must have its own datastore.
This makes it difficult to maintain data consistency across services.
Deploying microservices is also a complex problem since an application typically consists of 10s or 100s of services, written in a variety of languages and frameworks.
In this presentation, you will learn how to solve these problems by using an event-driven architecture to maintain data consistency and by using Docker to simplify deployment.


DockerCon 2016


Chris Richardson


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  • Chris Richardson
    Chris Richardson 1 year ago I hope you like my presentation. Here is a lot more information about the microservice architecture: http://microservices.io/index.html
  • Peter Lustig
    Peter Lustig 1 week ago he just talk about oranizing teams not about code. a calss in itself is a microservice as far as im concernced. bullshit buzzword bingo
  • Lets be human
    Lets be human 1 month ago this is an amazing presentation
  • Preeti Johnson
    Preeti Johnson 2 months ago Wow..you explained it in a very easy to understand way. Thank you !
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    Sarunas Tankeliavicius 4 months ago Very professional !!! Thanks :)
  • Tony R
    Tony R 5 months ago Excellent presentation. Thank you :)
  • Jeff G
    Jeff G 5 months ago Excellent video - one of the best out there on uServices. What are your thoughts regarding using Kafka as the event store. Seems like would be a good fit. Consumers of Kafka would be used to populate the aggregation store for the materialized views. Thoughts?
  • Chris Russell
    Chris Russell 7 months ago Excellent. I learned a great deal from this. Thank you!
  • satyakam rath
    satyakam rath 7 months ago (edited) Hi Chris. I have been through your website and I recommend all my colleagues to go through the same to know more about microservices implementation and patterns. By far the Best "No nonsense" site. Keep going and keep them coming !
  • Calm Energy
    Calm Energy 7 months ago Loved it!
  • R G
    R G 7 months ago Chris Thank you!!! I listened to every word you said. I started following your clips.
  • japrogramer
    japrogramer 7 months ago why not use nspawn instead of docker? Its even more lightweight os native virtualization.
  • Erick Koskey
    Erick Koskey 8 months ago Excellent presentation. Thank you.. Love from Kenya
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    Landon Prewitt 9 months ago Thank you for this presentation, it was very informative!!
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    Freund Allein 9 months ago Awesome, Chris! Thank you.
  • Fan Kam Thong
    Fan Kam Thong 10 months ago Chris Richardson Great stuff, you pull all together to make sense. And also you also provide insight on the pitfalls we should take months or years of lessons. 👍
  • Todor Mihajlovic
    Todor Mihajlovic 10 months ago Hey, can you provide us a link for that event sourcing article that you were talking about on 20:24? Amazing speech by the way!
  • Arjya Bhattacharjee
    Arjya Bhattacharjee 11 months ago Sunny Dua sharding at data tyre is a different concern that's where data nodes and clustering takes place . I don't think it has to do anything with microservices. For ha, dr you probably need that. However even you maintain clustering at your persistence lvl your microservice should not aware of it (that's how lb abstraction came in picture) . By doing that you will be able to avoid unnecessary complicity. This is what I have experienced so far.
  • Sagar Dua
    Sagar Dua 1 year ago Chris: Do you believe Microservice architecture coupled with Sharding at Data-tier, is a highly scalable design for Cloud apps?
  • TeeDawl
    TeeDawl 1 year ago I genuinely enjoyed your talk. You performed really well. Thank you!
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    Deontae P 1 year ago Great presentation. Thank you
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    Coding Tech 1 year ago Chris, your presentation is amazing!
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    Michael Qin 7 months ago This is the one of the best talks about Microservices, Event-driven, and Docker architecture all together. Excellent.
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    Starlight 1 year ago Excellent presentation, you really hammered home some incredibly useful concepts. Cheers!
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    Ian Francis 4 months ago Great presentation, I'm just getting my head around this subject and this has been a valuable watch (and listen).
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    Michael Brenden 6 months ago (edited) "eyemunna" EBNX 4 "I am going to"
  • Stepan Mozyra
    Stepan Mozyra 1 year ago Great speech, thanks. About querying the event store - I would suggest never do that. Read models are designed specifically for this kind of requirements.
  • Cody Fitzpatrick
    Cody Fitzpatrick 9 months ago Agreed. This is why he recommends a materialized view of the aggregate events, for easy querying as with typical object relationship maps.
  • Merton
    Merton 4 months ago Everything is well, until you change what those event mean... Good luck with that.
  • Patrick Paechnatz
    Patrick Paechnatz 1 year ago Great presentation! I've seen a lot of microservice "deep-dive" introductions but this one is pushing the limits in kind of clearance and usability using a (real) concept - thanks a lot! :)
  • Andy Zhang
    Andy Zhang 7 months ago brilliant presentation!
  • Martin Hammer
    Martin Hammer 4 months ago (edited) 1) Would the event sourcing table life within an own service or just be another table within its private OrderService database? 2) How would you consume the event source table? Would you have to write your own logic to prevent and detect race conditions? Is there an off-the-shelf-solution? Would I have to implement it by myself? Very high-level overview :/
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    Venkata Chadaram 2 months ago Excellent insight into how to architect Micro Services with Event Driven Approach. Thoroughly enjoyed the talk and presentation.
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  • yossarian2909
    yossarian2909 4 months ago Amazing talk thank you
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