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The basic beginners guide to Breath Of The Wild. Subscribe to see more For Beginners like this! If you have any games you want to see done or have any tips for future games please leave a comment, tweet me, or send me a message. LINKS TO ALL THE STUFF BELOW!


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  • SuperButterBuns
    SuperButterBuns 9 months ago (edited) Kept ya waiting, huh? https://twitter.com/SuperButterBuns/status/1042931598692413441
    AIAI GRIM 1 week ago Can you do splatoon2 for beginners and Super Mario Oddessy
  • Thomas Dator
    Thomas Dator 1 week ago Ok but why does it smell like that tho ❤️
  • Tigerman Prevatt
    Tigerman Prevatt 2 weeks ago @Twilight17 Petkoton r/wooooosh
  • Twilight17 Petkoton
    Twilight17 Petkoton 2 weeks ago Cach phrase that i never saw from any metal gear soild games because it didn't catch on. And the real cach phrase was kept you waiting and not soild buns that a different cach phrase.
  • Tigerman Prevatt
    Tigerman Prevatt 2 weeks ago @Twilight17 Petkoton its big boss and solid snake's cach phrase from the game
  • Twilight17 Petkoton
    Twilight17 Petkoton 2 weeks ago So what metal gear soild and what big buns because that makes no sense.
  • Tigerman Prevatt
    Tigerman Prevatt 2 weeks ago @Twilight17 Petkoton metal gear soild I guess big buns would have worked to but that sounds bad
  • Twilight17 Petkoton
    Twilight17 Petkoton 2 weeks ago @Tigerman Prevatt Ok?
  • Tigerman Prevatt
    Tigerman Prevatt 2 weeks ago Solid Buns
  • Twilight17 Petkoton
    Twilight17 Petkoton 2 weeks ago What are you texting about?
  • Seth Antonissen
    Seth Antonissen 2 weeks ago SuperButterBuns your cat is so cute
  • Twilight17 Petkoton
    Twilight17 Petkoton 3 weeks ago Ok your welcome?
  • The ghost Pika
    The ghost Pika 3 weeks ago Yay
  • Twilight17 Petkoton
    Twilight17 Petkoton 1 month ago Ok don't shove the switch version down your pants because it can a broken switch with the joy-cons controling. Never shove your switch in your pants.
  • Werewolf 777
    Werewolf 777 1 month ago SuperButterBuns there’s something I need to tell u... I CAN SHOVE MY SWITCH DOWN MY PANTS!
  • Twilight17 Petkoton
    Twilight17 Petkoton 1 month ago Yeah there a story it about Zelda and Link are explore a underground ruins and something with dark powered. And a mummified of Ganondorf.
  • Werewolf 777
    Werewolf 777 1 month ago SuperButterBuns you know there’s now a legend of Zelda breath of the wild sequel and I’m really excited for what it comes out in 2020
  • Twilight17 Petkoton
    Twilight17 Petkoton 2 months ago Ok i got the neon color red left and right blue joy-con control's and a switch pro control and after paying two switch games and amiibo's. I getting the left blue and right red joy-con control's. And head up got a green and yellow joy-con control's.
  • Twilight17 Petkoton
    Twilight17 Petkoton 2 months ago Ok i got default gray because i was slow to get neon color's.
  • Twilight17 Petkoton
    Twilight17 Petkoton 2 months ago A what switch version did you get the neon-color or the default gray for your switch?
  • Twilight17 Petkoton
    Twilight17 Petkoton 2 months ago That MGS it Zelda.
    CELEBRITY B U L L S H I T 2 months ago Hrgh... Colonel...
  • Twilight17 Petkoton
    Twilight17 Petkoton 2 months ago Only OoT and MM 3D edition have fishing and Breath of the Wild Link can kill any animal, underwater creatures and every enemy's he run into.
  • owo uwu owo
    owo uwu owo 2 months ago You are not the only person I know with a fish fetish
  • Caj moto
    Caj moto 3 months ago Large towers sponsered by ubisoft!? Im fucking subbing! Ya punchlines and metaphors is hip hop clever
  • Twilight17 Petkoton
    Twilight17 Petkoton 3 months ago Yep a lol on Ganon Gunk?
  • The ghost Pika
    The ghost Pika 3 months ago Lol ganon gunk
  • Calamitify
    Calamitify 3 months ago I want to have anal with that fish too
  • Twilight17 Petkoton
    Twilight17 Petkoton 3 months ago Are you hungry or something?
  • Glen Foley
    Glen Foley 3 months ago 🥔🥔🥔🥔
  • Twilight17 Petkoton
    Twilight17 Petkoton 3 months ago (edited) What are you texting about and it not a April fool day joke ok?
  • Mike Bacon
    Mike Bacon 3 months ago 10:35, that is all. Y? "Cuz screw you" that's y.
  • Twilight17 Petkoton
    Twilight17 Petkoton 3 months ago Yeah that what Breath of the wild Link hunt any animal but the cocco he throw a cocco into a lava because he not falling that trick.
  • Lucas Barboza
    Lucas Barboza 3 months ago (edited) Does anyone know the name of the song that plays when she kills the goat at 34:00?
  • Twilight17 Petkoton
    Twilight17 Petkoton 3 months ago Hey i look up YouTube on extra DLC and i only used and full walk thought book with all stories. Try beat the game with 3 hearts only and don't get best ending at same time
  • Garbage Reviews
    Garbage Reviews 3 months ago Ok the guide is meet and all but like, to just yeeted the yeeto Spearow into the yoeto gaurdianos
  • Twilight17 Petkoton
    Twilight17 Petkoton 4 months ago Ok it long it bread version and not the butt rear ok.
    MICROSOFT HQ 4 months ago Taste those buns
  • Twilight17 Petkoton
    Twilight17 Petkoton 4 months ago What i never a fan of salad and snake who your texting to?
  • lorderp the3rd
    lorderp the3rd 4 months ago you are no SALAD snake
  • Twilight17 Petkoton
    Twilight17 Petkoton 4 months ago (edited) What 67 Potato Man boi? Because I'm not into any complicated speech.
  • Potato Man boi
    Potato Man boi 4 months ago PossiblyTsundere 67
  • Twilight17 Petkoton
    Twilight17 Petkoton 4 months ago Really Link is a Ladies Man because he meet a lot of girl's and women though his Zelda games and not three bad games for Philips CDI and Nintendo will never talk and texts about that ever.
  • Twilight17 Petkoton
    Twilight17 Petkoton 4 months ago For beginners i got a couple of game over who new to Zelda game like breath of the wild only Pro so texts to The Completionist because he doing. On a Super Beards Bros. or other YouTube user's like Jessie Cox so careful what to say or texts about video games for beginners.
  • Corbenik Gaming
    Corbenik Gaming 4 months ago Let me guess link still doesn't get the girl ? Lol
  • TheLittleDragon
    TheLittleDragon 4 months ago if I can recommend a game for "for beginners" I want to recommend shelter 2 because that game wants your children dead
  • Twilight17 Petkoton
    Twilight17 Petkoton 5 months ago That better and i not trolling you i anyone who trolling in real life but on YouTube that a LOLOLOL nothing else.
  • leonardo bumas
    leonardo bumas 5 months ago Mate, what particular thing of what i said was linkd to race, the voice comment was abbout butterbuns, and you brought up th isue of your tag name yourself, wich i should mention has nothing to do with race, i dont know what they tought you that word means, but it doesnt mean what you think, also, what in the world i said to make think i was judgemental in any way??, seariously, what did I said?, explain to me now I just think you are just trolling me, wich all given, at least your some what clever about it, and not bulgr like most trolls, so yeah, i guess im sorry, about what ever i said, mate@Twilight17 Petkoton
  • Twilight17 Petkoton
    Twilight17 Petkoton 5 months ago Hey I'm not joking on that so that not funny and were not friend until you texts sorry to me so texts sorry or not be friend at all. And watch your texting because no one want to be friend on racist types so show some respect on everyone or never be friends ever OK!
  • leonardo bumas
    leonardo bumas 5 months ago ok when you say racist i know youre joking, by the way you were funny, thanks for the laugh,again, no desrespect, really, no arguing tone here i swear, dont take it like that, my racist firend@Twilight17 Petkoton
  • Twilight17 Petkoton
    Twilight17 Petkoton 5 months ago Ah no because this voice normal and Petkoton is a guy look and Twilight Sparkle is a Brony who love MLP FIM nothing else leonardo bumas OK! you racist person
  • leonardo bumas
    leonardo bumas 5 months ago @Twilight17 Petkoton and i just said twinky girl as a joke, i didnt meant to ofend any hardcore fan or anything, im new to this content and made a reference to the bayoneta video, so again, excuuuse me princess
  • leonardo bumas
    leonardo bumas 5 months ago young man im sorry i dont understand your slang, what is a left field moment ? @Twilight17 Petkoton
  • leonardo bumas
    leonardo bumas 5 months ago got it, so, no disrespect, like seariously, no disrespect at all, but your voice sounds like a girl, and the coments about th beatufil man, i kind of thought, so excuuuuuuuse me, princes, but everything seemed like you were of the female kind @Twilight17 Petkoton
  • Twilight17 Petkoton
    Twilight17 Petkoton 5 months ago No and don't go with twinky girl just something that she likes or loves and i not confused you and you did a left field moment nothing else.
  • Twilight17 Petkoton
    Twilight17 Petkoton 5 months ago Hey i using a user name and i love Twilight Sparkle nothing else.
  • leonardo bumas
    leonardo bumas 5 months ago are you superbutterbuns?????, now im confused@Twilight17 Petkoton
  • leonardo bumas
    leonardo bumas 5 months ago dammmn, for a second i thought the twinky girl responded, =(@Twilight17 Petkoton
  • Twilight17 Petkoton
    Twilight17 Petkoton 5 months ago You know i guy right and i not gay ok.
  • leonardo bumas
    leonardo bumas 5 months ago I love ya twinky girl
  • Twilight17 Petkoton
    Twilight17 Petkoton 5 months ago No where did you texts that because no one texting that.
  • Fredradk DK
    Fredradk DK 5 months ago Ahem it’s snakes line
  • Twilight17 Petkoton
    Twilight17 Petkoton 5 months ago Yeah doing a sword unlimited attack but at piece you can get hit once and count how many game over's you got nothing else.
  • FeLdEr jYnX
    FeLdEr jYnX 5 months ago What took you so loong *i know this isnt original but the tempt is unmeasurable *
  • Twilight17 Petkoton
    Twilight17 Petkoton 5 months ago Not really for beginners unless you and other want get your a$$ kick in Master Quest mode and have a counter for game overs.
  • Kindred Hunter
    Kindred Hunter 5 months ago You're pretty good...
  • Nicole Kennedy
    Nicole Kennedy 5 months ago THERE'S MY BABY!
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    Youri Heavensent 6 months ago the Cat made it worth watching <3
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    Raulxoboss 6 months ago Worth it!!!
  • nich2710
    nich2710 6 months ago Final fantasy 12 or sly cooper for beginner, next?
  • Rustic nostalgic Gaming
    Rustic nostalgic Gaming 6 months ago METAL GEAR
  • Jake Parker
    Jake Parker 6 months ago * metal gear solid v phantom cigar song
  • The No.1 Guy
    The No.1 Guy 6 months ago where's your playthrough? does it still live?
  • Potato Lol
    Potato Lol 6 months ago SuperButterBuns our of my at least 71 hours into this game I have yet to die by guardians and they are at least half of what I fight in the game
  • Ken Hsing
    Ken Hsing 6 months ago The best philosophy ever "SHUT UP DAD I DO WHAT I WANT"
  • Brian the Trainer
    Brian the Trainer 6 months ago hides in mailbox and waiting 🤣
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    Nico Aello 6 months ago SNAKEEEEEEE
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    The No.1 Guy 6 months ago this dude stole your video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5XJn9HLi14
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    wah #justiceforwaluigi 7 months ago THEY PLAYED US LIKE A DAMN FIDDLE!
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    gamer1611 7 months ago Uh the unlikes on the video right now is the mark of the beast
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    MagnuMagnus 7 months ago Where have you been all my life? Subscribed!
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    Ben Schubert 7 months ago 4:58 reads decription of food I'm DEAD. XD OH MY GOSH!
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    ツkegstrap 7 months ago Man this is great
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    Michelle Isaac 7 months ago SuperButterBuns 😂👏
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    MAFFHUE Antoni 7 months ago You dont have knee caps? nice vidja, much funny
  • Callofdutyguy 11
    Callofdutyguy 11 7 months ago SuperButterBuns this isn’t metal gear
  • Augustus Ramseyer
    Augustus Ramseyer 7 months ago Don't use a battery pack for your switch that isn't approved by nintendo because they really screwed with the USB type-C port and it asks for a different power draw than it pulls, even wall chargers for phones are not good as both can make your switch a pretty door stop over time.
  • Braden Reily
    Braden Reily 8 months ago Just so you know there is a stable right before the volcano which has a random npc that will ask you if you want to buy some fire proof potions. Just so you know NOONE LOOKS AT THIS AND THE NPC IS RANDOM!!
  • Nick Landsberger
    Nick Landsberger 8 months ago Hilarious script & edit
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    Alyssa Bentley 8 months ago Worth Da Wait
  • Master
    Master 8 months ago u should do this for tv shows (im thinking anime)
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    James Smith 8 months ago Just stumbled upon your page and I'm very happy I did. Hilarious and informative- keep up the good work!
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    Kathy Jones 8 months ago Michael Jackson never gets old
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    Oroboruscomp 8 months ago (edited) SuperButterBuns should i subscribe cuz idk... yet
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    Rohaan Asad/BNDHAL 8 months ago thank you SuperExoticButters for the effort hat went into the script and video.
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    Cyber Punk 8 months ago You are so underrated lol
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    Juan Rodriguez 8 months ago This video is hilarious yal😏 No srsly love it😁😂🤣👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
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    gamer1611 9 months ago L.I.F.E is asinine
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    christian almli 9 months ago Welcome the fuck back, you beautiful, uplifting, goofy ball of..........neh, I'm out of nouns.
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    Seiyuōkami Himura 9 months ago Awwwww man, YouTube didn't tell me. I had no idea until I saw the video and realized I haven't seen this one!
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    pikachufan25 9 months ago Play BUGSEEE
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    jetnight 88 9 months ago SuperButterBuns yeah , yeah and YEAHHHHH!
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    EvilSolution 9 months ago BOSS
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    RiZe Toasty 9 months ago Ian H Michael Jackson - Bad
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    MidoriMushrooms 9 months ago you beat the divine beasts in exactly the same order as I did... :o on difficulty I recommend vah medoh first though
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    Black Condor 9 months ago yassssss love yor for beginning series, so funny,made my day, bless u
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    Chris Williams 9 months ago Nearly had a conniption fit! Thank god!
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    Ian H 9 months ago Buns what song is used at 27:20?
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    Soulz 9 months ago SuperButterBuns the cry sounded so real u should be a voice actor
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    Iivaitte 9 months ago This is an excellent video. You are amazingly entertaining. Glad youtube recommended you to me!
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    Clear Beard 9 months ago I would love to see what you have to say about the Metal Gear Solid series .
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    SheepShade 9 months ago SuperButterBuns ä
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    SirScrap 9 months ago at your end card why dont your "other videos" have annotations so we can actually watch them?
    PHILL SHIVELY 9 months ago It's Overrated HYRULE Warriors was more enjoyableThan Breath of the Wild
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    GAMER TC21 9 months ago DOOM 2016
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    The Return Of Jafar 9 months ago Honestly yeah. Oh and I started playing Kingdom Hearts as your video detailed, i must say, where was it in my childhood, it looks so good.
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    Lil Zally 4 months ago @Porkchop Sandwiches it's a good idea if you're looking for trouble. Context is key
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    greendayfecer 4 months ago Ishi 123 while playing breath of the wild? Oh yeah. This motto has had me leading link into imminent death multiple times. Still doing that, because I can’t find the villiage that sells electric lighting bolt arrows. I need to help links wife’s brother/his brother in law.
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    yolofolk2019 5 months ago True
  • Porkchop Sandwiches
    Porkchop Sandwiches 5 months ago There are no bad quotes... oh wait this is a fucking terrible one... I have an idea go to an airport and yell “I have a BOMB!” Yeah it’s a bad idea, that will also go terribly wrong.
  • Samuel Gapi, Jr
    Samuel Gapi, Jr 5 months ago me 4 months later: i could have done it better myself ;~;
  • A Film and Game Guy
    A Film and Game Guy 5 months ago This almost WAS my senior quote 4 years ago
  • Inter
    Inter 6 months ago I know what my senior quote is now
  • No Name Name
    No Name Name 3 months ago "I want that fish to fu-" "hi, welcome to headspace."
  • Diallo Banks
    Diallo Banks 15 hours ago Literally yes
  • Zuelh Berrios
    Zuelh Berrios 1 week ago I got a fast and furious made moviee
  • Spudley
    Spudley 1 week ago I think I’m the only one who didn’t follow the sidon love train
  • SS SendHelp
    SS SendHelp 3 weeks ago Ihalfandhalfbastardi is that you
  • Emerald Sky
    Emerald Sky 3 weeks ago “I want that fish to fu-“ “I remember being hopeless...”
  • Yukiko Draws
    Yukiko Draws 1 month ago I hate that damn ad xD
  • AJ 70694
    AJ 70694 2 months ago I got a different ad
  • CiCi'sCrazyCorner
    CiCi'sCrazyCorner 2 months ago No I was just laughing at the original comment. “I want that fish to fu-“ “hi welcome to headspace”
  • jetnight 88
    jetnight 88 2 months ago CiCi'sCrazyCorner I’m mean Sidon is quite a beautiful specimen indeed ❤️
  • CiCi'sCrazyCorner
    CiCi'sCrazyCorner 2 months ago 🤣
  • jetnight 88
    jetnight 88 2 months ago cesar febres ohhh really wow 😉 yes. Sidon definitely A fine specimen indeed
  • cesar febres
    cesar febres 2 months ago jetnight 88 he’ll buy her something, probably
  • jetnight 88
    jetnight 88 2 months ago cesar febres I mean it’s true buy a girl a drink 1st this is going to fast Sidon 😘
  • cesar febres
    cesar febres 2 months ago I laughed a lot at that part xd
  • jetnight 88
    jetnight 88 2 months ago D the lucario 12 I mean definitely a beautiful specimen I definitely agree
  • jetnight 88
    jetnight 88 2 months ago No Name Name I mean it’s a Beautiful specimen indeed yes
  • D the lucario 12
    D the lucario 12 2 months ago @a bad name me to
  • a bad name
    a bad name 2 months ago I just got that ad too
  • Fynn Doepel
    Fynn Doepel 1 month ago (edited) Ever come across a Shrine that says “A Major Test Of Strength...” r u n
  • PyroClaymore
    PyroClaymore 19 hours ago Well that makes one of us.
  • PyroClaymore
    PyroClaymore 19 hours ago AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Shazku
    Shazku 1 day ago Beep....beep..beep beepbeepbeepbeepbeep boom
  • MaskOfFury
    MaskOfFury 1 day ago I get so happy because im tired of puzzles
  • PyroClaymore
    PyroClaymore 4 days ago That's what I always do.
  • Hyper Boi
    Hyper Boi 2 weeks ago When I find them, I get happy cause I'm about to get some good shit
  • J.D’s studio.
    J.D’s studio. 3 weeks ago They’re easy if you’re later on in the game.
  • Vlian 77
    Vlian 77 3 weeks ago flurry rush
  • GTLive Fanart
    GTLive Fanart 3 weeks ago Got it.
  • I dunno the Queen
    I dunno the Queen 3 weeks ago Nah I don't need to run I just spam shock arrows with a x5 Lynel bow
  • F1Z2I3 Games
    F1Z2I3 Games 1 month ago The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 for beginners
  • PyroClaymore
    PyroClaymore 19 hours ago Rehydrated Ganondorf.
  • jbcooler ninja
    jbcooler ninja 1 week ago When or if it comes out
  • Nickhee Y Gee
    Nickhee Y Gee 3 weeks ago oh so you heard it too
  • DarkLordYianni
    DarkLordYianni 4 weeks ago it will come...
  • TFW
    TFW 1 month ago I think it will have a different name
  • Honey-Saur
    Honey-Saur 2 months ago Roses are red Zelda wears a dress "WELL EXCUUUUUUUSE ME PRINCESS"
  • Da IcyMVP
    Da IcyMVP 15 hours ago I love this reference!
  • MizzBrah
    MizzBrah 1 week ago Wtf but why does Zelda wear a dress if he is a warrior MAN??
  • TheFatherSeal 08
    TheFatherSeal 08 1 month ago Well excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me princess
  • Dshstroyer House
  • Honey-Saur
    Honey-Saur 1 month ago (edited) @Badduncan96 Lol you don't want to marry me, trust me
  • Tawny Yazzie
    Tawny Yazzie 1 month ago Oof
  • Bargas Dddd
    Bargas Dddd 1 month ago No
  • Badduncan96
    Badduncan96 1 month ago OodleDoo marry me
  • Oliver Ford
    Oliver Ford 2 months ago I have a problem, I’ve made it a tradition to watch this video daily
  • Twilight Link
    Twilight Link 2 weeks ago i do to... this is my 8th day
  • MiNa ChAn
    MiNa ChAn 2 weeks ago Update. It is now something I watch daily...and have forced upon my friends to watch lol
  • Diesel Marcus
    Diesel Marcus 2 weeks ago problem?
  • Marley Mathewson
    Marley Mathewson 3 weeks ago Me too buddy, this is my 17th time I watched this. I think I need to see a therapist.
  • samara611
    samara611 1 month ago It's my favorite xD
  • MiNa ChAn
    MiNa ChAn 1 month ago I just played it 3xs in a row lol
  • Raghav Hosalli
    Raghav Hosalli 1 month ago Me too, this is my third day in a row watching it
  • Todatchi-Kun
    Todatchi-Kun 1 month ago (edited) "The hills are alive with the sound of- OH GOD THAT WAS A STONE TALUS OH JESUS HEL--
  • jbcooler ninja
    jbcooler ninja 1 week ago @BioCraftHero if you want a game that gives you a heart attack if you do literally anything play subnautica
  • Alex Strife-Sinclair
    Alex Strife-Sinclair 2 weeks ago @BioCraftHero Same with me! I freaked out when one randomly appeared.
  • BioCraftHero
    BioCraftHero 4 weeks ago This happened to me on the Great Plateau when I first played the game and it gave me a heart attack lol
  • pokemaster
    pokemaster 3 months ago i know that most people will hate her for only having a switch but i'm going to congratulate her on: HAPPY FIRST NINTENDO CONSOLE
  • Krysian .D
    Krysian .D 4 days ago First I got the Wii then the DS! That's it :)
  • BioCraftHero
    BioCraftHero 4 weeks ago Wyatt Fosdyck I only have a Wii U because my Wii broke and it was a few years before the switch released
  • Wyatt Fosdyck
    Wyatt Fosdyck 1 month ago The switch is my second Nintendo console and the best console ever
  • CiCi'sCrazyCorner
    CiCi'sCrazyCorner 1 month ago All you ever need is the switch lol
  • NedVedSed
    NedVedSed 2 months ago I don't think that people will hate buns for not having a WiiU, though!
  • It'sJustJosh That'sIt
    It'sJustJosh That'sIt 1 month ago BOTW 2: "H-" Buns: "I'm in the Endgame now."
  • Nickhee Y Gee
    Nickhee Y Gee 3 weeks ago so am i
  • Thewax00
    Thewax00 3 weeks ago For some reason it took 8 months for me to come across this masterpiece.
  • True Roman
    True Roman 3 weeks ago Zeke That Gamer Geek Weapons really are everywhere tho, hard to run out.. emulate the game and mod it if you truly can’t get over it
  • Nai Choginne
    Nai Choginne 3 weeks ago I saw this video a long time ago but I keep coming back to it
  • Zeke That Gamer Geek
    Zeke That Gamer Geek 3 weeks ago I just found this channel as well. This is the only video that has gotten me to try BoTW again. If I could just turn off weapon durability, I would have so much more fun with this game.
  • Pls Help
    Pls Help 1 month ago I will now refer Mipha's Grace as "Big babies boo-boo band-aid"
  • Bleed Fade Away
    Bleed Fade Away 1 month ago Why does this funny genius not have 1 million subscribers?
  • Person Human
    Person Human 3 weeks ago Ew is that a homestuck profile picture
  • The Raging Phantom Razor
    The Raging Phantom Razor 3 weeks ago I know, right?
  • Hime Takamura
    Hime Takamura 1 month ago >a basic beginner's guide >50 minute video sounds about right
  • Nairi Lee
    Nairi Lee 6 months ago "Dying is temporary, but being out of shape is forever."
  • cherri bomb
    cherri bomb 3 weeks ago Dat so true
  • GTLive Fanart
    GTLive Fanart 3 weeks ago I mean... If you whistle while running you’ll never run outta stamina so..
  • Juan Isasi
    Juan Isasi 3 months ago The title for my autobiography.
  • Nobody _drawz
    Nobody _drawz 4 months ago what i say when my family keeps choosing hearts over vessels
  • AlohaAllDayLong
    AlohaAllDayLong 4 months ago Taesty dudes don’t just walk around with abs...it requires flex unless your a wrestler
  • Taesty
    Taesty 6 months ago It's sad Gerudo's shame link for not having abs
  • mouse 995
    mouse 995 6 months ago ???
  • Zaner the Gamer
    Zaner the Gamer 6 months ago words of wisdom.
  • Miles Monaco
    Miles Monaco 6 months ago S'cuse me wat
  • Oliver Thomas
    Oliver Thomas 3 months ago Who else thinks that the woman by the 'Don’t Touch the Flowers' shrine is a hypocrite as she runs over the flowers she tells you to avoid.
  • Adhia Cellist
    Adhia Cellist 1 week ago Legend said that she's more powerful than ganon it self
  • NJ Law
    NJ Law 2 weeks ago That lady was actually kind of scary
  • Alex Strife-Sinclair
    Alex Strife-Sinclair 2 weeks ago @Peg May I never even saw a path.... I just nearly died by her.
  • Matt H
    Matt H 3 weeks ago One time I got so pissed with her, after finishing that shrine I went up a hill over off in the distances where I could shoot the flowers without triggering her cutscenes, and I just unloaded on all the flowers with bomb and fire arrows and watched them burn lmfao
  • TFW
    TFW 1 month ago You can't even kill her, making her harder than ganon
  • ヤムヤム swirl
    ヤムヤム swirl 1 month ago Badduncan96 she was tho-
  • Badduncan96
    Badduncan96 1 month ago ヤムヤム swirl she was scarier than Ganon
  • ヤムヤム swirl
    ヤムヤム swirl 2 months ago That lady was scary
  • Peg May
    Peg May 2 months ago Actually, I think she runs through the path that’s there. It’s like the Game Developers saying “LOOK AT THIS PATH! IT’S NOT THAT HARD.”
  • Marianna Brzozowska
    Marianna Brzozowska 1 month ago "How to beat Ganon to death with a spoon" I was laughing for like 10 minutes of this.
  • Andrew Kolotyliuk
    Andrew Kolotyliuk 2 months ago comedy? deathly. editing skills? professional. hotel? OASIS (Oh-aye-sis) ((must get the spa treatment for them temporary hearts))
  • Random Turtle
    Random Turtle 1 month ago (edited) No, oasis. What is this tricigo... tri... trivago you speak of? Does it have a spa treatment?! Is it cheaper than the one in Gerudo?!?
  • Andrew Kolotyliuk
    Andrew Kolotyliuk 1 month ago @Gabriel Rivero no.
  • Gabriel Rivero
    Gabriel Rivero 1 month ago trivago?
  • Disturbed Pyro
    Disturbed Pyro 1 month ago I love how you said "aww that click never gets old" cause it's true! It's such a satisfying sound and I can't explain why!
  • Diesel Marcus
    Diesel Marcus 1 month ago YUP!
  • crossthelane andkeepgoing
    crossthelane andkeepgoing 9 months ago New buns content --> Yasss Breath of the Wild Beginners -->YAAASSSSS 50 minutes long ----> YEEEAAAA*explodes into confetti*
  • CiCi'sCrazyCorner
    CiCi'sCrazyCorner 2 months ago Make that 7 now
  • Nevan Leong
    Nevan Leong 2 months ago @CiCi'sCrazyCorner ayyyyyyyyyyyyy high five
  • CiCi'sCrazyCorner
    CiCi'sCrazyCorner 2 months ago YES SAME! I WATCHED THE WHOLE THING 6 TIMES
  • Craig Niedan
    Craig Niedan 2 months ago NO NOT explode into confetti just blow up
  • Lowalita
    Lowalita 2 months ago Same
  • D the lucario 12
    D the lucario 12 3 months ago Same
  • D the lucario 12
    D the lucario 12 3 months ago HA!
  • Earth The Kid
    Earth The Kid 9 months ago @Jeffrey George I came early
  • Julia Sofia Flordeliza
    Julia Sofia Flordeliza 9 months ago I’m kinda late whatevs forget sleep
  • Loretta Bes
    Loretta Bes 9 months ago Exactly.
  • Ian T
    Ian T 9 months ago But if all the fans explode into confetti who gonna watch
  • Jeffrey George
    Jeffrey George 9 months ago Christmas came early