Yoga For Beginners - The Basics - Yoga With Adriene

Published on Oct 12, 2016 1,369,061 views

This yoga practice is perfect for beginners but also nice for those looking for a slow and mindful back to basics class. Promote deep listening with the basics. Up your fitness practice and even your yoga workout by connecting or reconnecting to action and alignment. Get the most out of your time on your mat by connecting with your energy and awareness. Cultivate deep listening each time you show up on your mat. This practice is also great for yoga teachers or aspiring yoga teachers! Special thanks to my assistant on this one, thanks Benji!


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  • AnnaGal95
    AnnaGal95 2 years ago I'm not very new to yoga, I've been practicing with your videos and taking classes in studio for an year now, but I must say that I really needed this prectice to show me how important it is to pay attention to each movement, each sensation and that sometimes I forget about it, especially on public classes. Thank you for reminding us how important it is to stay connected to our bodies - "sensation over the shape". Lots of love ♥
  • Minimalist Vegan Lifestyle
    Minimalist Vegan Lifestyle 2 years ago The coincidence. I woke up much earlier than usual and have decided to practice yoga using your channel and you just posted 24 seconds ago. Amazing. Thank you
  • Robert Barker
    Robert Barker 6 days ago Thank you so much for this. You seem so genuine and grounded and I feel a real connection which is often lacking. I'm going to set aside at least half an hour every morning and night to do some. yoga, you've really kickstarted this for me, I feel very relaxed and self aware which is a connection I feel like I often am missing. Thank you so much. <3
  • Dude Sweet
    Dude Sweet 1 week ago A GENUINELY SLOW VIDEO, Many many thanks for this much needed reprieve from the often over-stimulated and rushed feeling practices that seem so prevalent in YouTube yoga culture (at least in the videos by and for westerners).
  • Christine McCloud
    Christine McCloud 2 years ago Oh, that sweet Benji! He looked so relaxed! I wish I could reach through & pat him! Good practice; didn't feel like 40 minutes.
  • Lisa Fortner
    Lisa Fortner 2 years ago I've been doing yoga with Adrienne for 13 days now and I've never found any type of exercise enjoyable. Now I find myself doing yoga in the mornings and evenings and looking forward to it! Thanks so much Adrienne! Peace, love and happiness!
  • Sofía Amenta
    Sofía Amenta 2 years ago same here!
  • Brittney DuBreucq
    Brittney DuBreucq 3 weeks ago Lisa Fortner same! I haven’t been able to stick with anything because I always hate it! She’s so amazing and life changing.
  • Jonalyn Echanez
    Jonalyn Echanez 2 days ago (edited) Hi Adriene, I am new to Yoga. I tried one class last weekend (Yoga studio) here in our place and I emjoyed it very much. So, I bought a yoga mat thus morning before going to work. Now I tried this video when I got home and super refreshing. I will enroll to a Yoga class but I will definitely watch your vids whenever I want to do this at home. Thanks for sharing! Namaste!
  • Yolanda G
    Yolanda G 2 years ago I love that Benji is a part of this! He is precious
  • Lara Croft
    Lara Croft 2 years ago 7 Powerful Yoga Asanas To Build Six Pack Abs https://youtu.be/NIVngrpnUNo woman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIVngrpnUNo lllooovvee
  • JoaninBelgium
    JoaninBelgium 2 years ago Violasphere gg
  • Carol Grunewald
    Carol Grunewald 10 months ago Today is day 7...and managed my first plank! I find myself mindfully breathing throughout the day, and occasionally stretching for no particular reason other than it feels really good! I also spend more than one class with you, each and every day, and it is time so well spent. I'm feeling more limber, definitely stronger in my core and peaceful in my mind and heart. I'm utterly and completely hooked! So grateful, Thank you!
  • nanners333
    nanners333 2 years ago Hi, I'm a high school student who is being buried in stress and anxiety, so I've decided to try yoga! I'm hoping this will definitely help me calm down! Thank you!
  • naomi tayla
    naomi tayla 2 years ago seriously it helps! I have also been suffering from anxiety. I have a mantra that i say when im stuck in anxiety "out of my head and onto my mat" Hope you find your way x love and light
  • JOKR
    JOKR 2 years ago Definitely, you chose well! Yoga will not only help you out managing your weight and shape your body, it also helps you distress and relief tension, boosts immunity and overall be a happier person! Watch this video for all the details : https://goo.gl/te5oNl
  • Caitlin LeDuc
    Caitlin LeDuc 8 months ago I wish you luck. High school is a really stressful time - as much from social situations as from the academic side of things. Yoga should help a lot and just remember to take things one step at a time. Namaste ❤️
  • Marijn Kool
    Marijn Kool 2 years ago Thank you, Adriene. I have been practicing your earlier beginner video's in the past weeks and it is so good. With this one: beautiful to feel how your guidance and presence have deepened. Namasté.
  • Honda Housey
    Honda Housey 2 years ago bahaha! That dog kills me the way he's just dozing off there.
  • Yoga With Adriene
    Yoga With Adriene 2 years ago He is so zen. A natural!!!
  • Der Wandersmann
    Der Wandersmann 2 years ago Just looking at Benji sleeping relaxes extremely :-)
  • Yoga With Adriene
    Yoga With Adriene 2 years ago Me too hhahaha
  • Teri Cristal
    Teri Cristal 10 months ago What just happened.
  • Gianna Aprilakis
    Gianna Aprilakis 2 years ago Hi Adriene, I'm a beginner to yoga and I've started with your 30 days of yoga and I am obsessed. I haven't missed a day and I feel great. Thanks for being YOU! I wanted to buy a mat (I've been using my rug until now, but rug burn is no fun) - is there one you recommend for beginners? Thanks!
  • adam jensen
    adam jensen 2 years ago you guys should do a class called "15 minute yoga mornings" for the casual streacher
  • PlumDutchess
    PlumDutchess 2 years ago There are a few short, but sweet (morning) practices.
  • Sarah Beauties ! '
    Sarah Beauties ! ' 2 years ago 7 Powerful Yoga Asanas To Build Six Pack Abs https://youtu.be/NIVngrpnUNo woman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIVngrpnUNo you
  • Savoury Days Kitchen
    Savoury Days Kitchen 2 years ago Great tutorial!! I feel so refreshed and ready for the new day. Will definitely come back to this video and other videos on your channel <3
  • Jeff Jorgenson
    Jeff Jorgenson 2 years ago I love Benji. Thank you for your practice Adriene, and thank you for helping me find my center.
  • Yoga With Adriene
    Yoga With Adriene 2 years ago Beautiful. Thank you Jeff.
  • Ashanti Bradley
    Ashanti Bradley 2 years ago Jeff Jorgenson
  • ست الملك
    ست الملك 2 years ago 7 Powerful Yoga Asanas To Build Six Pack Abs https://youtu.be/NIVngrpnUNo woman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIVngrpnUNo lovve
  • Jdawg J
    Jdawg J 2 years ago I love your videos so much. They have helped me and I started with your 30 day challenge and omg I love it! I'm 15 and I am on day 29 tomorrow :) just finished 28! Thought I'd comment here since it's a better chance of you seeing it :) Namaste x
  • doitwithhelp
    doitwithhelp 2 years ago loved this one. what a great reminder to get back to basics :)
  • Caroline Mariétan
    Caroline Mariétan 1 year ago That was such a great introduction !! I started the 30 days of Yoga but it felt a bit too difficult, so I'll do it when I feel more confident :) And Benji made me so happy, he's such a cutey !!!!