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In this video I am going to teach you everything you need to know to get started working with Active Directory!

I create IT courses that help students get hands-on experience and hopefully an IT job.

  • Instructor Paul
    Instructor Paul 1 year ago Check out my other IT related courses! www.InstructorPaul.com/courses
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    zakaria warsame 1 year ago Instructor Paul
  • David SAELEE
    David SAELEE 1 year ago I click on the link to get get the free ebook but the only link it sent to my email is a subscription link.
  • Qand S
    Qand S 11 months ago you're amazing one of the best video on youtube...thank you so much
  • Stefan Lengyel
    Stefan Lengyel 11 months ago me too, no ebook :(
  • Instructor Paul
    Instructor Paul 10 months ago David SAELEE this was fixed thanks for letting me know
  • Instructor Paul
    Instructor Paul 10 months ago Qand S wow thanks!
  • Instructor Paul
    Instructor Paul 10 months ago Stefan Lengyel I think I fixed it now. did you get it?
  • Aaron Lassen
    Aaron Lassen 8 months ago Doing this at 7 AM is a special type of crazy haha but thank you for the help!
  • C U
    C U 4 months ago This is awesome
  • C U
    C U 4 months ago @instructor Paul I set up the lab. However I am still in a WORKGROUP. How do I add it to the the domain? PLEASE HELP
  • Tone Baxter
    Tone Baxter 4 months ago Instructor Paul I clicked on the link for the free e-book but was only re-directed to a paid subscription page. I've seen that others have had the same problem. 01/05/2019 still not working.
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    Wilbert Foronda 3 months ago Is the eBook still free for download?
  • Tone Baxter
    Tone Baxter 3 months ago @ Wilbert Foronda Don't waste your time, I never got my copy yet I still get promotional emails from this guy for his paid courses.
  • Salvius GEE
    Salvius GEE 3 weeks ago No Ebook - seems like a scam to get people to signup to a subscription... Nice try and ty for wasting my time along with everyone.
  • Kriss Parker
    Kriss Parker 8 months ago Keep them going Paul! Some next video recommendations: - adding windows 10 client to domain - push software / software updates - setting individual permission
  • Regenerative Entrepreneurs Podcast
    Regenerative Entrepreneurs Podcast 1 year ago Thanks for breaking it down for newbies!
  • Instructor Paul
    Instructor Paul 1 year ago Yeah thanks for watching!!
  • Kristal Wright
    Kristal Wright 2 days ago Paul, Where is the ebook link? Thanks
  • Gaurav Daiwdnya
    Gaurav Daiwdnya 8 months ago Thank you Paul, this video is going to help me alot. :)
  • Justin Yaing
    Justin Yaing 3 months ago hey paul, thankss for putting this info into the public. in the beginning where you said its a catch 22 where companies want experience but how can you got experience without being giving the opportunity to work with the product, i was like this man gets it. very helpful. you got my sub.
  • Hockeyman66 Gavin
    Hockeyman66 Gavin 1 month ago Brilliant tutorial I am totally new to this and I followed every step and got it. Thank you :)
  • Jose Reynel Chaux Perez
    Jose Reynel Chaux Perez 1 year ago Excelente material, muchas gracias !!!
  • Instructor Paul
    Instructor Paul 1 year ago Thank you Jose!!
  • Hardcore Bob
    Hardcore Bob 6 months ago Nice tutorial, very hands on!
  • Instructor Paul
    Instructor Paul 6 months ago Absolutely! I make sure that all of my training provides hands-on experience for my students.
  • Phil B
    Phil B 2 months ago Hi Paul, Loved this vid!! You mentioned deleting an account in AD. I only have very limited exposure to AD, but I was told to not delete an account, but to make it inactive when a user leaves. Then, once a new user is hired, reactivate that account and add the new users details so that you don't have to redo all the access administration that the old user had. Is that good practice or just a personal choice? -Phil
  • SmashDog
    SmashDog 1 month ago tbh that sounds like very good practice
  • Breylin Davis
    Breylin Davis 10 months ago Great review man! Thanks from an entry-level IT
  • Decimo10X
    Decimo10X 1 year ago Ty man helped me a lot.
  • Instructor Paul
    Instructor Paul 1 year ago Thanks man! I am really glad. Please like and sub if you want! Also share it with friends who would benefit from watching it. Do you have any video requests? I want to create more educational videos like this but I need some ideas!
  • Decimo10X
    Decimo10X 1 year ago Instructor Paul Already subbed and liked.Would be nice if you explained group policies.
  • Instructor Paul
    Instructor Paul 1 year ago Decimo10X thanks! Great suggestion! I will record that this weekend and upload it in a couple weeks
  • phase two
    phase two 1 month ago Thank you for the video, appreciated. The next step usually would be to create an Outlook account for the new user. How to do that from Server side please?
  • slbglorioso
    slbglorioso 1 year ago Exactly what I'm looking for Thanks Paul..
  • Instructor Paul
    Instructor Paul 1 year ago slbglorioso awesome! Thanks for the like comment and sub!!
  • Sandesh Pundpal
    Sandesh Pundpal 2 months ago Paul, it was an awwsm vid...could you please share details regarding SCCM patching ,how it is dond,what it is and other information. Thank you
  • Rashad in Oz
    Rashad in Oz 2 months ago Terrific, Paul! Perfectly paced, great information, very very listenable presentation style. I needed a quick refresher on AD and this went nicely towards it. No doubt I'll be headed next to ferret about in your video collection for more. Thanks mate. Keep up the good... umm... excellent?... work. ;))
  • Atticus Declan
    Atticus Declan 1 year ago thanks man I hope I can apply this to my interview.
  • Instructor Paul
    Instructor Paul 1 year ago Yeah definitely! Let me know how your interview goes!
  • Stephenson Undunty
    Stephenson Undunty 8 months ago Amazing stuff bro !! I just understood all of it.. Perfect revision for ADDS !! Killer My bro ! Thank you. :)
  • Keith Smith
    Keith Smith 9 months ago Hey this was pretty cool. Much appreciated, a friend of mine told me to try youtube when prepping for interview and take notes. I've taken community college courses and have passed the classes but have no hands on experience which makes it hard to ace and interview.
  • Venita Rosier
    Venita Rosier 6 months ago Sir from the very bottom of my heart I want to say Thank you very much.Not even Professor Messer could've done a better job in my opinion .Again, thank you very much.Of course I subscriber , duh !🤗