Solo MVP using Lord Knight for Beginners (Ragnarok Online ROMYSG)

Published on Apr 15, 2019 180 views

Hello all! This is my little tutorial demo on how to MVP for noobs (cause I'm pretty much a noob at this game too compared to the veteran pros).

WARNING(S): This video features my cringey almost non-existent video editing skills, music from my spotify playlist when I was recording (they were not supposed to be in the video but I had no idea how to edit them out, sigh.), also my very entry level MVP hunting skills and low APM.


MVP Steps and Tutorial for serious Noobs who want to learn:

1. Decide which MVP you would like to hunt and get to know the map & MVP spawn periods. Google google.
( In my case I had chosen Eddga @ Payon Guild Dungeon Map to avoid competition from Pro MVP hunters)

2. Study the MVP's attack skills and property.

3. Make sure you have enough potions and buff items. Check that you are wearing the proper Equipment to maximize attack and maximize defense to the MVP's attacks.

4. Teleport all over the MVP map until you find the MVP.

5. Clear other mobs that would disturb you before you engage attack with the MVP.

6. Once mob is cleared, buff yourself and then use all your character's skills to the best of your ability and defeat that MVP!

7. Note; you may need to bring along Life insurance(s) and Token of Siegfried(s) because frankly most of the time noobs go for solo MVP; they end up dead.

8. Good luck and keep hunting the MVP when they spawn until they drop the items you're farming for!

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