Learn acrylic pouring for beginners in this step by step video tutorial. I'll show you all of the basics that you'll need to start acrylic pour painting on a budget with easy to find supplies.

This video is a great place to start for anyone who is just starting out with acrylic pour painting and wants to get a better idea about what's involved.

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+++++++ SUPPLIES +++++++

The following supply list contains affiliate links. I make a small commission if you purchase through these links, and I really appreciate it if you do!

- Husky Plastic Sheeting : http://www.kbecca.com/amz-husky-plast... (or a large garbage bag / old newspapers / a bunch of plastic grocery bags / a painter's dropcloth)

- Foil Cookie Tray (to catch most of the excess paint as it runs off the edges of the painting - I purchased a set of 2 for $1.00 at the dollar store)

- Vinyl Gloves (if you don't want to be cleaning acrylic paint from under your fingernails for days, then use gloves - I buy mine by the box at Walmart in the cleaning supplies aisle)

- Acrylic Craft Paints (in the video, I used Folk Art & Americana brands, but I've also used Martha Stewart, Apple Barrell, and Michael's Craftsmart store brands with good results)

- Elmer's Glue All + Water : http://www.kbecca.com/amz-elmers-glueall

- Squeeze Bottle : http://www.kbecca.com/amazon-squeeze-... (I put the glue and water into this and shake it up until they're well mixed. The squeeze bottles are a really easy way to dispense your pouring medium, and you can just put the cap back on when you're not using so it doesn't dry out)

- Food Service Portion Cups : http://www.kbecca.com/amz-food-servic... (to hold the paint / pouring medium mixture - you can use any small plastic cups for this, or you can save yogurt containers or even plastic cat food containers and use those)

- Wood Craft Sticks : http://www.kbecca.com/amz-wood-craft-... (to stir the paint / pouring medium mixture - I picked up a package of 100 for $1.00 at the dollar store, and once the paint is completely dry on them, you can reuse them)

- Art Alternatives 8x10 Canvas Panels : http://www.kbecca.com/amz-art-alterna... (if you want to hang your paintings on the wall, you should use a regular canvas, but I like these panels and buy them by the dozen from Amazon)

- Plastic Shot Glasses (to raise the canvas off of the work surface so the paint can flow off the edges after you pour - I bought a package of 24 plastic shot glasses for $1.00 at the dollar store, but you can use food service containers, plastic yogurt containers, cat food containers, or even a small box under the canvas)

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  • Jo Threatt
    Jo Threatt 9 months ago I have been watching acrylic pouring for over 4 months now. At least one every day from different artist. I've never painted in my life except maybe 3rd grade and thats it. I'm 61 now. I want to tell you how much I appreciate the exact detail as to what to buy, how it works, what it's for, the order of use, and where to buy the products. Yours is the best video I've seen that explains everything. Thanks sooo much and have a sunshiny day !! 😎😎😎
  • Kathy Gratto
    Kathy Gratto 1 month ago @Setare Maz rubbing alcohol can be found at any drug store or Walmart
  • Rose ColoredGlasses
    Rose ColoredGlasses 1 month ago I agree, Jo! Great first timer video. Last time i painted was at the age of 8. I am 58. Great video.
  • Setare Maz
    Setare Maz 1 month ago I guess i am the lucky one here, since this is my first pour art video. Thank you very much for the details and to the point tips, plus your voice is very soothing. One question please, where do i buy the alcohol you mentioned at the end.....
  • Colleen S.
    Colleen S. 2 months ago I totally agree- I think I have watched at least 40 videos and this was the most informative by far! Thank you so much :)
  • Tina Sparks
    Tina Sparks 3 months ago @Terry Spetter LOLLOLOLOL!! Me too!!
  • Terry Spetter
    Terry Spetter 3 months ago That's funny Jo I'm 61 and just started too. I love it.
  • Dena Cox
    Dena Cox 4 months ago Thank you, i appreciate you breaking it down for true beginners. This will be my first and you made this possible. Most people do not expain enough. Thank you again. Very cool painting, cant wait to do my first.
  • Gillian Pender
    Gillian Pender 4 months ago (edited) I absolutely agree with you. I too have been watching acrylic pouring for months and am desperate to try it, but I’m a complete novice. This is quite the best educational (but not patronising) tutorial I have seen. Thank you so much for your straightforward delivery of a lot of what we need to know to get started!
  • Jane Hicks
    Jane Hicks 8 months ago so true all the other ones I have seen go and for ever and I have lost interest by then
  • Kristen // k.becca
    Kristen // k.becca 9 months ago Jo Threatt - Thank you very much! I'm so happy to hear that the video was helpful for you.
  • Sharon Muller
    Sharon Muller 9 months ago Unlike most pouring videos you give clear info about supply list, techniques, etc. without taking forever. You give a lot of information in a short period of time!! Hooray!
  • M Goode
    M Goode 1 month ago Well Said !!!
  • Kristen // k.becca
    Kristen // k.becca 9 months ago Sharon Muller - I'm so glad that you enjoyed the video - thanks!
  • alyssa m
    alyssa m 11 months ago You sound just like Jenna fischer (aka Pam from the office)
  • YouTube Account
    YouTube Account 4 weeks ago That’s what my brain kept telling me as I watched
  • Heartfeltsong
    Heartfeltsong 2 months ago My thoughts exactly!!
  • HotFeetScratching
    HotFeetScratching 3 months ago Yes
  • Tina H
    Tina H 3 months ago NOW I CANNOT UNHEAR IT!
  • edoylee
    edoylee 4 months ago lol yes! great video
  • Alie Oost
    Alie Oost 4 months ago Vertaal in Nederlands
  • Chelly Herrera
    Chelly Herrera 5 months ago @Johnathan Rego haha too funny!
  • Johnathan Rego
    Johnathan Rego 5 months ago It's Pam during her art college career
  • karmma
    karmma 5 months ago omg I was about to comment saying that
  • Hannah Forsythe
    Hannah Forsythe 7 months ago Omg I can't unhear it now
  • Cocoa Girl
    Cocoa Girl 8 months ago If you want to be able to hang your panels you could just glue a Coke can tab to the back.
  • Setare Maz
    Setare Maz 1 month ago i wonder if it will be strong enough to hold the weight of the canvas. The glue must be very strong i guess.
  • laura johnson
    laura johnson 2 months ago Genius!
  • Rekha Agarwal
    Rekha Agarwal 4 months ago wow what a brilliant idea!
  • sappy kat
    sappy kat 5 months ago Yeah ive glued ribbon to the back too
  • roseanne hopkins
    roseanne hopkins 7 months ago or a 3M command strip
  • LolaInTheDesert
    LolaInTheDesert 7 months ago (edited) Cocoa Girl I’ve seen 3 together in a triple 5x7 frame and it looked awesome. I’m going to try it on a 5x7 panel, I’ll try to remember to give an update!
  • Cocoa Girl
    Cocoa Girl 7 months ago @LolaInTheDesert True, but you'd need a frame that was kinda deep though wouldn't you?
  • LolaInTheDesert
    LolaInTheDesert 7 months ago Cocoa Girl you can also pop them in a frame.
  • Cocoa Girl
    Cocoa Girl 8 months ago @Dana Weiss It's a handy trick my parents taught me :)
  • Dana Weiss
    Dana Weiss 8 months ago I never thought of that!
  • Melissa
    Melissa 1 month ago “ I use gloves to keep paint off my nails!” Me: “but that’s how I get my manicures!”
  • Vicky Miller
    Vicky Miller 1 month ago Really information l needed to start...thanks so much...now l can try to paint!!!
  • Gloria Hosek
    Gloria Hosek 1 day ago Love the simplicity of your technique. Some other videos show a complicated list of ingredients. Thank you.
  • Marlene Spencer
    Marlene Spencer 3 months ago Answers to many of my questions. Thanks
  • justjenna
    justjenna 5 hours ago Could I do this if I only have clear glue? Or do I need Elmer’s glue all / white glue?
  • Kathy Bricco
    Kathy Bricco 2 months ago Exceptional directions and spoken and explained so clearly. Thank you.
  • Iram Amber
    Iram Amber 3 months ago Its v helpful video thank you so much😊
  • Terri Troutner
    Terri Troutner 10 months ago Finally a good tutorial so I know what I'm doing!! Thanks!
  • Aline Skibunny
    Aline Skibunny 1 year ago Thanks Kristen, very precise instructions. Much appreciated.
  • Earnestine Strahan
    Earnestine Strahan 11 months ago Thank you for sharing how to mix and pour. You make it seem easier to do.
  • Barbara Mah
    Barbara Mah 4 months ago Thanks, very informative!
  • Ashley Blake
    Ashley Blake 1 year ago Thank you so much for this video! I’m so excited to try this out ❤️
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    Pamela Cioffi 1 month ago Thank you for this awesome tutorial!
  • M Goode
    M Goode 1 month ago You do a Great Job explaining everything. Thank You !!
  • Laurie Douglas
    Laurie Douglas 4 months ago Thank you very informative...
  • Tony Tyssens
    Tony Tyssens 7 months ago Thank you for explaining step by steps on how to start for a beginner like me. lol your awesome 😎