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The basics beginners guide for Final Fantasy 15! A new "for beginners" videos every 2 weekish so please subscribe! If you have any games you want to see done or have any tips for future games please leave a comment, tweet me, or send me a message. LINKS TO ALL THE STUFF BELOW!

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DISCLAIMER: Some tips are very vague and my personal opinion. Please do not take them that seriously

  • TrueSniver
    TrueSniver 2 years ago Buns Pin this I love you
  • CriticalAether
    CriticalAether 1 year ago didn't know it was that easy.
  • Dude-Tuber 10,000
    Dude-Tuber 10,000 1 year ago Anakin - YOU WILL NOT TAKE HER FROM ME
  • ___
    ___ 1 year ago TrueSniver bh
  • I don't Know
    I don't Know 1 year ago FireLord 696 q
  • Delete Mexico
    Delete Mexico 2 years ago TrueSniver Buns can u do Injustice 2 for beginners
  • J L
    J L 2 years ago The bonds of friendship... . ahem PERSONA ahem
  • Steven Mckendry
    Steven Mckendry 2 years ago Dave Bradley pretty funny? no no no shes HILARIOUS
  • Slavic Bleach
    Slavic Bleach 2 years ago LanCable In a good way 😍
  • The GEek CAve
    The GEek CAve 2 years ago TrueSniver She is pretty funny
  • EpicNinja218
    EpicNinja218 2 years ago TrueSniver Lol
  • rockaholic1241
    rockaholic1241 2 years ago I am not sure guys but I think buns really likes gladio... but its just a theory its not like she mentioned him every time she could.
  • Deondrae
    Deondrae 3 months ago Hey guys. Befriend me on xbox 😁 Shhh86 Im at ch12
  • Hermit Gamer exe
    Hermit Gamer exe 2 years ago rockaholic1241 look at 10:30
  • Lovely Phoe
    Lovely Phoe 2 years ago "its just a theory" A SUPPERBUTTERBUNS THEORY!
  • Gary Sutton
    Gary Sutton 2 years ago rockaholic1241 Same I think buns does
  • xLunaDivinerx
    xLunaDivinerx 2 years ago MewMewSun hello there Opening
  • MewMewSun
    MewMewSun 2 years ago "Hello Opening"😜
  • xLunaDivinerx
    xLunaDivinerx 2 years ago I COME UP WITH A NEW RECIPE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Steviofo
    Steviofo 2 years ago @TheMike0088 for some reason I can't tell at all.
  • TheMike0088
    TheMike0088 2 years ago @Steviofo why? as a straight guy myself I can, in accordance to my own views of attractiveness, see and admit when a guy is attractive. like, say, gladio, jason momoa or chris pratt.
  • Steviofo
    Steviofo 2 years ago you know I was wondering if Gladio was hot being a straight man I did not know.
  • TheMike0088
    TheMike0088 2 years ago "but its just a theory" A GAME THEORY, thanks for watching! ...I'll see myself out.
  • Anthony Bellemare
    Anthony Bellemare 2 years ago rockaholic1241 obviously shes a Iggy fan
  • rockaholic1241
    rockaholic1241 2 years ago Donnel Waddle Dee I think you are right I have no idea how I came up with my theory now. Thanks for clearing things up.
  • Donnel Waddle Dee
    Donnel Waddle Dee 2 years ago rockaholic1241 ...Nah, I think she has the hots for Prompto, totally, definitely, absolutely.
  • Black Caelum
    Black Caelum 11 months ago > *sees title : Final Fantasy XV for beginners* > *has already finished Final Fantasy XV* > *Watches it anyway*
  • Lyghfe
    Lyghfe 3 months ago Absolute mad lad!
  • Roksana Lepkowska-Akrong
    Roksana Lepkowska-Akrong 3 months ago Same here.icky
  • Gamer Scrolls
    Gamer Scrolls 4 months ago Me too
  • Rob
    Rob 10 months ago Same here, and i'm glad(io) i did
  • Scott Sama
    Scott Sama 1 year ago When did Sasuke get into final fantasy
  • Levi and his Bae
    Levi and his Bae 4 months ago Sasuke was so emo that Final Fantasy thought, we need him.
  • Grimoire Weiss
    Grimoire Weiss 4 months ago Square should let me use the Rinnegan on the secret boss
  • 202cardline
    202cardline 5 months ago Cup noodles paid him to be there
  • lolosh99
    lolosh99 8 months ago When he saw glodio
  • Fluffymiyster
    Fluffymiyster 9 months ago Noctis is to Sasuke as Prompto is to Naruto. Noctis, the quiet and reserved one. Prompto, the hyperactive one shrouded in insecurities.
  • Assationater
    Assationater 9 months ago Sasgay alrready has a bird
  • Cup o Tea
    Cup o Tea 9 months ago When he realized he could have a car and a bird
  • Sephibob Onewingedpants
    Sephibob Onewingedpants 1 year ago It was the moment when he realized that the Anime Naruto is a massive mess and he wanted to be part a game without a little bitch as the protagonist who cries every fucking five seconds about him.
  • RectalDiscourse
  • Tshadowangel no.
    Tshadowangel no. 4 months ago haha
  • Roque El Rompe-rocas
    Roque El Rompe-rocas 11 months ago Hahahahaha good one
  • Charlotte Goodwill
    Charlotte Goodwill 1 year ago I just discovered this channel. No regrets.
  • Biddo Diggo
    Biddo Diggo 2 months ago (edited) Welcome to the party pal
  • Kaitland Thull
    Kaitland Thull 3 months ago Same!
  • MrVent
    MrVent 4 months ago SAME
  • Cloverit
    Cloverit 2 years ago recommend not setting prompto on fire? he already is ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • The Phantom of the Paradise
    The Phantom of the Paradise 7 months ago In fact he's FLAMING!
  • Roi
    Roi 1 year ago (~_~)
  • Davell Riney
    Davell Riney 1 year ago Yes he's,definitely bae
  • the gaming otaku 69
    the gaming otaku 69 1 year ago Pronto can attack my opening ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Taylor Brouwer
    Taylor Brouwer 1 year ago He's my husbando
  • Aitsuto
    Aitsuto 2 years ago YES!!
  • •Ring Around the Rosie A Spoopy Weeaboo is Cozy•
    •Ring Around the Rosie A Spoopy Weeaboo is Cozy• 9 months ago N I P P L E H I E M
  • RavenWithATopHat
    RavenWithATopHat 1 year ago I’m not gay but... I would be for Gladio
  • Roksana Lepkowska-Akrong
    Roksana Lepkowska-Akrong 3 months ago I would be for ravus, he has totally no respect and nobody talks about him, he is a good guy
  • Vivi 恥ずかしがりや自信がなくなった Ornitier
    Vivi 恥ずかしがりや自信がなくなった Ornitier 4 months ago Who wouldn't? I mean, let's be real here
  • Ezgi Acik
    Ezgi Acik 8 months ago Haha imagine being a pansexual. All I can say is that FFXV has um a lot of game
  • Umber
    Umber 1 year ago I am gay and like longbottom? i'd bottom as long as gladio likes honey oooo honnneeeyy
  • Ina Amani
    Ina Amani 1 year ago MythicGeek id be for all of them ( I am gay that’s the joke)
  • Laundre Washington
    Laundre Washington 1 year ago MythicGeek same but also for ignis too (not sure if I spelled that right since I don't have the game)
  • Nani Garm
    Nani Garm 1 year ago I'd marry ignus in a fucking heartbeat
  • I.
    I. 1 year ago I would be gay for Aranea so I understand
  • Andrew Carver
    Andrew Carver 1 year ago (edited) 10:30 My favorite part. "Then SCREW PHYSICS!" SANIC "You're there, kiddo."
  • Brady Kristoff
    Brady Kristoff 1 year ago whines because this makes me want to play Final Fantasy XV all over again... for the third time I love my handsome gay anime boys okay they give me feelings lmao
  • NotAnEmo
    NotAnEmo 4 months ago Hannah Henderson that was by far the worst comment be ever read, you and gnash or whatever her name is are stupid, you want people to accept you as gay but anytime anyone disagrees or thinks unneeded bullshit like sexuality should stay away from story driven games because IT HAS 0% IMPACT ON THE STORY, so the only annoying one here is the 2 idiotic females trying to stereotype straight people just because you don’t like what people have to say when they give their opinions, you don’t have to like others, but when you try and fight hate with hate all you do is make that hate more intense, so just cut the shit.
  • Hannah Henderson
    Hannah Henderson 6 months ago Xblowsmokex Stfu no one needs your assholness here, so just to annoy you and the rest of your hetro jerks, I'm gonna fucking put a rainbow filter on my fucking game and therefore it is gay
  • Chrisfragger1
    Chrisfragger1 6 months ago Only gay in your head canon.
  • Ho lee Fouque
    Ho lee Fouque 6 months ago #nohomo
  • Laydie Elle
    Laydie Elle 7 months ago @G4RN1SH Way to prove you're something special. Not. The guys aren't gay. Get over it.
  • TheLazySly
    TheLazySly 9 months ago G4RN1SH Is it bad being heterosexual lol? I kinda understand where they’re coming from when people just randomly assume characters sexualities lmao. It gets annoying, just worry about the actual story or character development
  • G4RN1SH
    G4RN1SH 1 year ago xblowsmokex shut your mouth hetero
  • xblowsmokex
    xblowsmokex 1 year ago Brady Kristoff how dare you project your sexuality onto these video game characters. Shame on you
  • haukilex
    haukilex 2 years ago I mean... it's not homo to like looking at abs... it's just bros looking at bros... yeah just.... bros... mmmmh... ahhhh~
  • Lycanthromancer
    Lycanthromancer 6 months ago (edited) It's only gay if your balls... uh... Okay, it's totally gay. But only once! A week. That's not too gay, right? I mean, it's Gladio!
  • Donnel Waddle Dee
    Donnel Waddle Dee 2 years ago haukilex ...huh? Oh right the princess...yeah...
  • Jon Pasciuti
    Jon Pasciuti 1 year ago This narrator is friggin hilarious!!!!!!
  • N-word Pass
    N-word Pass 1 week ago Annoying *
  • Biddo Diggo
    Biddo Diggo 3 months ago She can give me a laugh and a chuckle and I approve of this
  • Ducktle
    Ducktle 3 months ago Jon Pasciuti I kinda just find her annoying imo
  • Neopets4Life494
    Neopets4Life494 1 year ago (edited) "Nice legs, daisey dukes, makes a man go- THATS IT!" I WANT THAT AS MY MESSAGE TONE IT'S PERFECT Also, the song at 22:09... what is it? Sounds like the perfect song for the Regalia
  • MiDuWay
    MiDuWay 9 months ago song is "Wonderland" by Gugudan
  • ジェックス パークス jex purx
    ジェックス パークス jex purx 9 months ago I forced the bros to stay up for 2 in game weeks grinding exp. ignus was not happy
  • justunnam3d
    justunnam3d 1 month ago Only 2? Pathetic
  • Bad Meme Boy
    Bad Meme Boy 1 year ago “Hot sexy characters named Cid” Cid is hot and sexy?
  • BJGvideos
    BJGvideos 7 months ago Cid 8 was basically 95% Robin Williams with 5% Elton John and I'm not sure how I feel about that.
  • Suzuri Heinze
    Suzuri Heinze 1 year ago Cid Highwind is.
  • Mega Mirkat
    Mega Mirkat 1 year ago 10:30 I want a mod that does that every time I warp
  • Azyza
    Azyza 1 year ago “Wasted potential” MY MOOD WHENEVER I THINK ABOUT THIS GAME
  • Thorin Storm
    Thorin Storm 9 months ago Sad
  • Roasting Ghosts
    Roasting Ghosts 10 months ago (edited) “Florence and The Machine kicks down your door and kicks you right in the gut.” That’s the most accurate depiction of the beginning of this game I’ve ever heard.
  • AggrovatedAzerberjanMaca
    AggrovatedAzerberjanMaca 1 year ago Cannot get enough of your videos, your editing’s tremendously entertaining, you’re a little insane and your videos are very informative backed up with some excellent humour, touché brethrenet another masterful addition to your delicious video selection, my love for the channel grows at an exponential rate and I applaud you, peace and love Aggro’d