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The basics beginners guide for Skyrim! A new "for beginners" video each week so please subscribe! If you have any games you want to see done or have any tips for future games leave a comment.

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Special thanks to everyone who helped me with this video you're all fantastic!

NOTE: I apologize for the videos low resolution. My capture card was having an issues again but I've recently fixed the problem so from now on everything will be in HD!

DISCLAIMER: Some tips are very vague and my personal opinion so please don't take them too seriously.

  • Cynical Potato
    Cynical Potato 3 years ago You forgot the most important thing. DONT. KILL. THE. CHICKEN.
  • unokitsune
    unokitsune 2 years ago Or dance/run by giants. I remember 11/11/2011 and the week following...so many deaths by giants.
  • BrunixTp
    BrunixTp 2 years ago unokitsune Giants are the most harmless creatures ever don't know what you are talking about...Unless you are talking about the Daggerfall ones.
  • radknight
    radknight 1 year ago I play Zelda so that’s common knoledge.... Still didn’t stop me
  • radknight
    radknight 1 year ago you are either insane, brave, stupid, or all of the above
  • ShAuN?
    ShAuN? 1 year ago I did :3
  • Futuristic Arcader
    Futuristic Arcader 1 year ago When I was around 11 I got my hands on Skyrim for the Xbox 360 I went to the nearest town killed a chicken made everyone try to kill reload and play as a sword wielding tank who didn't know what he wanted in life. I went around killing people in there sleep, stealing the murdered's belongings, went with the rebels in the civil war, played through all of the DLC all before entering high school. I now have Skyrim for the PC with 35 or so mods that makes it so I can cheat anything I want. Such is life.
  • Giorgos Lykeridis
    Giorgos Lykeridis 1 year ago I am now going to kill the chicken to find out what happens
  • BFFS Channel
    BFFS Channel 1 year ago Cynical Potato Did That When I Began The Game For The First Time.....Did Not Go Well.
  • Nav Pierce
    Nav Pierce 1 year ago it is known by all not to assault the holy poultry gods
  • Native_Beats _2016
    Native_Beats _2016 1 year ago Cynical Potato I couldn't do that till after thw Dragonborn DLC
  • Scott Wells
    Scott Wells 9 months ago unokitsune a giant killed lydia:(
  • lexi2008
    lexi2008 9 months ago OMG I killed the chicken! Lol
  • Elijah DeHart
    Elijah DeHart 8 months ago I killed the chicken in riverwood and the rest of the people killed me
  • lexi2008
    lexi2008 8 months ago @Elijah DeHart lol me too! First time ever playing. Lol i went straight for the kill. I had to reload all the way to the beginning to get the people to stop killing me. I haven't killed a chicken ever since.
  • TheBrilliantShadowFox
    TheBrilliantShadowFox 8 months ago (edited) Well excuse me princess!!!!!!! LOL
  • Otaku Batman
    Otaku Batman 8 months ago or paarthurnax. you'll regret it. I do
  • GAMER TC21
    GAMER TC21 7 months ago don't even look at it
  • isaac summers
    isaac summers 7 months ago whats worse killing a chicken to have it kill you or killing a chicken to have the assassins guild called (yes this did happen to me)
  • Josephine Morrison
    Josephine Morrison 6 months ago Wait. Isn’t that a LOZ rule? What happens when you kill chickens in Skyrim?
  • GAMER TC21
    GAMER TC21 6 months ago +Josephine Morrison find out yourself
  • Brooke Thole
    Brooke Thole 6 months ago Cynical Potato YEAH DONT DO THAT
  • Quadraptor 94
    Quadraptor 94 6 months ago Which chicken.....ooooohhhhh u mean KFC
  • Gamer Miller
    Gamer Miller 6 months ago @isaac summers an assassin tried to assassinate me every 30 minutes,and the note says,"someone wants this fool dead." And I was like BRUH.
  • DragonLord
    DragonLord 5 months ago yeah I killed the chicken and everyone with a weapon went after me
  • DragonLord
    DragonLord 5 months ago @unokitsune i killed a giant at level one by getting him stuck
  • Pro bot pixelz
    Pro bot pixelz 5 months ago Why can't I kill the chicken?
  • BJGvideos
    BJGvideos 5 months ago @Pro bot pixelz Everyone in the area will come after you.
  • Pro bot pixelz
    Pro bot pixelz 5 months ago @BJGvideos Oooooh. So instead of a horde of angry chickens theres a lot of chicken loving people (right?).
  • BJGvideos
    BJGvideos 5 months ago @Pro bot pixelz Basically.
  • Victor Millen
    Victor Millen 4 months ago Hmm, you can actually kill a chicken, when there's absolutely no-one watching
  • Gamer Overtron
    Gamer Overtron 4 months ago @Giorgos Lykeridis if you kill a chicken they will send the whole imperial army after you xD
  • wayne king
    wayne king 6 days ago in runescape when you're a noob chickens are your bread and butter such a big mistake
  • Jade
    Jade 5 days ago Ill take this advice... Im scared.
  • Juan 'Jampy Blackrose' Sotomayor
    Juan 'Jampy Blackrose' Sotomayor 1 day ago and mod the s!@# out of it.
  • MissMokate
    MissMokate 2 years ago (edited) I played Skyrim for the first time ever today and oh my, after all these years I finally got to witness the Arrow To The Knee Original. I felt like an archeologist discovering a lost piece of rumoured treasure.
  • Fortello
    Fortello 2 years ago MissMokate E-except that it didn't originate from Skyrim ...
  • shehzaen
    shehzaen 2 years ago Smartass. It was obv popularized by Skyrim..
  • Fortello
    Fortello 2 years ago shehzaen ok?
  • MissMokate
    MissMokate 2 years ago I don't know the 'true' origins of the phrase (except the one about marriage, but the opinions on that are very mixed from what I've glanced), I'm only aware of the memes that originated from the game, hence the Original in my comment.
  • The Lean 8usinessmen
    The Lean 8usinessmen 2 years ago +Fortello Where did it come from then?
  • [MSH] Xalius
    [MSH] Xalius 1 year ago Yeah, great find, except everyone else who's played this game has more than likely heard this too
  • Devin Cruz
    Devin Cruz 1 year ago I believe some guy in an old movie says it too
  • mula cula
    mula cula 1 year ago MissMokate same here but in 2018 lol.
  • Emrister
    Emrister 11 months ago MissMokate it was like that my first time too back in 2011
  • DovahKrieg
    DovahKrieg 11 months ago I came across a guard once and she said that phrase
  • Xx Moral Nerd98 xX
    Xx Moral Nerd98 xX 4 months ago yep
  • Atheist In Louisiana
    Atheist In Louisiana 10 months ago If you just started playing Skyrim in 2018, you're not alone. I also just started playing in 2018. Thumbs up for all the noobs!
  • A t r a s h M a m m a l
    A t r a s h M a m m a l 9 months ago Atheist In Louisiana yes
  • F B I
    F B I 9 months ago (edited) Is it free? My only hope of figuring out how to is to download is to drive the half hour to Bethesda studio and ask What Is Skyrim And How Do I Play It
  • Scott Wells
    Scott Wells 9 months ago I started playing in 2016
  • F B I
    F B I 9 months ago This is because you can’t trust all downloads...
  • Game of thrones Lover
    Game of thrones Lover 9 months ago Atheist In Louisiana just bought it lol
  • GlitteryGecko
    GlitteryGecko 9 months ago I've started playing... And restarted playing... And restarted playing... And I've probably put at least 1000 hours into this game and I've completed 1, read 1, quest line. I've almost finished another one but then I made a new character. Then I discovered mods.
  • Thundrstroke
    Thundrstroke 9 months ago So you're so shit at elder scrolls it takes you nearly a decade just to start the easy mode
  • Avacado
    Avacado 9 months ago Same
  • deadmanh205
    deadmanh205 8 months ago Is it bad that im level 39 and im running out things to do btw is my first time playing through the game
  • Atheist In Louisiana
    Atheist In Louisiana 8 months ago Running out of things to do? Do you have all of the Daedric items? The Wabbajack is neat. Did you max out all of your combat skill? What about your magic skills? Did you adopt two kids? Did you find all the wordwalls and unlock all of the shouts? Did you find the Aetherium forge with Katria? What about the bugs in jars? There are 5 of them you can find throughout the game.
  • Loquito45 G
    Loquito45 G 8 months ago I'm thinking about getting it but it 1 player. Thoughts?
  • Atheist In Louisiana
    Atheist In Louisiana 8 months ago Loquito45 Garcia, Skyrim is 1 player. There is a multiplayer version called Elder Scrolls Online, but that's not the same thing as Skyrim. I definitely recommend Skyrim. It's fun and there is a ton of stuff to do.
  • Defalt
    Defalt 8 months ago I started playing in 2017
  • Juan Miguel Fernandez
    Juan Miguel Fernandez 8 months ago i havent played DLC of it yet.😢
  • E
    E 8 months ago i started it today
  • daisykit aj
    daisykit aj 8 months ago I think I started last year and I literally beat the game (except I still can't find Wulf's brother and probably dead) I have full daedric armor and weapons, most of my skills are maxed out and have a ton of gold, but I'm still addicted to this game and continues to play it today.
  • Dave Marx
    Dave Marx 8 months ago Nope. I've been playing since about a year after release. I haven't actually played it in a few months. ... breath of the wild.
  • Alexander Sobieski
    Alexander Sobieski 7 months ago At least now more people can enjoy the Special Edition on a 64-bit Engine. If you get tired of constantly playing through Helgen's opening scene with a new character, install the 'Live Another Life' mod - it adds some much needed role-playing variety!
  • Noe rodriguez
    Noe rodriguez 7 months ago Did you go to the cloud district very often?¡ Oh what im saying of course you dont.
  • Amelia Lathras
    Amelia Lathras 7 months ago I just started Yesterday
  • Noe rodriguez
    Noe rodriguez 7 months ago @Amelia Lathras welcome to 2011 prepared for understand memes like :beware of chicken, arrow to the knee and the beacon.
  • WhiteLoneWolf
    WhiteLoneWolf 7 months ago I just got a friend addicted a couple months ago
  • rian chan Briliantama
    rian chan Briliantama 7 months ago Same here
  • FireRaptor220
    FireRaptor220 7 months ago Already my favourite game
  • Mariosam100
    Mariosam100 7 months ago Atheist In Louisiana I don't know whether I should get the game now or wait until the next one comes out
  • FireRaptor220
    FireRaptor220 7 months ago Mariosam100 it could take a long time for the next elder scrolls game to come out so I would suggest getting it
  • saffie girl
    saffie girl 7 months ago I played it when it first came out on Xbox 360, got bored with it, swapped for Fallout 4, got bored with it, then switched back to Skyrim re-mastered and on the PlayStation in 2018 (bought it for like nine bucks from a Redbox). It's a lot of fun when you take a nice hiatus from it; plus the re-mastered version has the DLCs already attached.
  • Blunder
    Blunder 6 months ago I started 2011 2nd grade for me
  • Das H
    Das H 6 months ago @Mariosam100 Try Enderal: its bettet than skyrim and its free
  • Moballion Gaming
    Moballion Gaming 6 months ago I started in 2018 too!
  • IRrebel3
    IRrebel3 6 months ago I bought the game in 2011 but found the game boring due to how limited the combat felt and other small minor details. Figured I would give the game a second chance now in 2018 but this time I modded the shit out of the game with over 70+ mods such as better sounds, more immersive npcs, more fluid combat etc basically removing all the stuff that bugged me when I first tried Skyrim and now I am in love with the game. It really amazes me how a game that for me felt so mediocre with the only thing really going for it were the story could become one of my all time favorite game due to the loving community that has spent the last 7 years modding the game to fix all the weird shit bethesda left in the game.
  • woodlefoof2
    woodlefoof2 6 months ago Noe rodriguez I still don’t understand the beware of chicken meme, I’ve been playing it since 2011 and have played the game till I couldn’t find it entertaining anymore around 2015
  • IRrebel3
    IRrebel3 6 months ago @woodlefoof2 Well from my understanding it started with someone realising that killing the chicken in riverwood makes every npc hostile to you...
  • ezhil maran
    ezhil maran 6 months ago (edited) I started modding a year ago still searching and installing mods for skyrim, what I mean is that you can explore lot, mine is heavily modded.
  • MysteryMelon3
    MysteryMelon3 6 months ago Atheist In Louisiana I use to be an adventurer like you but then I spent so much time in Skyrim I somehow got bored
  • CeaselessVids
    CeaselessVids 6 months ago Yes same
  • Daniel
    Daniel 6 months ago I started playing in 2017
  • Bencze
    Bencze 5 months ago i just started yesterday, never played before :) was sitting in my steam library since years...
  • Serro Vela
    Serro Vela 5 months ago I just started my first Skyrim run on my switch =)
  • psychowolf 124
    psychowolf 124 5 months ago Better late than never lol
  • Laurynas 01
    Laurynas 01 5 months ago I played skyrim a few years ago but i bought The real game in 2018 because i played a cracked version
  • Like A Grape
    Like A Grape 5 months ago @Serro Vela awesome! Great game.
  • Sean Smith
    Sean Smith 5 months ago I did start playing in 2017 but I was 10 years old soooooo yea
  • Like A Grape
    Like A Grape 5 months ago @Sean Smith you get a pass😂
  • Christian Spradlin
    Christian Spradlin 5 months ago Just got the VR version! Absolutely loving it!!! The best, most immersive VR game I've ever played...
  • Sarah Jensen
    Sarah Jensen 5 months ago I started playing Skyrim in 2016, but I modded my PC version to be a vampire with cool abilities, and I only used console commands to revive Lydia because I like having her wear steel plate armor. It looks cool on her. Also, she's actually REALLY strong with using all the two-handed weapons I find.
  • xenorayz
    xenorayz 4 months ago I m starting to pay skyrim in 2019 :(
  • 3PiecesOfBread
    3PiecesOfBread 4 months ago I’m playing it for the first time ever. And I’m playing it in VR
  • The Cat XO1
    The Cat XO1 4 months ago I started in 2017 and now 2019 very good game but needs more mods the creation Club makes it so much better
  • Ayeesha Patil
    Ayeesha Patil 4 months ago I literally started yesterday
  • underestimated kid
    underestimated kid 4 months ago anyone in 2019
  • bea foxxylady
    bea foxxylady 4 months ago Me too on switch
  • Spooky Gamer Online
    Spooky Gamer Online 4 months ago (edited) I started playing in 2019😁🤩
  • Pun Mstr Skeleton
    Pun Mstr Skeleton 4 months ago this had 666 likes 1/20/2019 noice
  • Pun Mstr Skeleton
    Pun Mstr Skeleton 4 months ago late '17 but same
  • fukthegoog
    fukthegoog 3 months ago Got it a few days ago, have already put 10 hours into it... I bought a horse to go up the mountain, and some fire thingy burnt it, and I'm being followed everywhere by some thot called Lydia.
  • jonathan garcia
    jonathan garcia 3 months ago Started 2 days ago
  • fukthegoog
    fukthegoog 3 months ago @jonathan garcia Ya gonna love it :)
  • Heng Heng
    Heng Heng 2 months ago Me too and I don't have DLCs.
  • Kady Voss
    Kady Voss 1 month ago WHAT IN OBLIVIAN IS THAT
  • rtrgrl78
    rtrgrl78 1 month ago 2019 here.
  • you're beautiful bae
    you're beautiful bae 1 month ago Normie i started it in 2019
  • Apollo9898LPs
    Apollo9898LPs 3 years ago Wait what Thomas the Tank Engine ISN'T in the vanilla game?
  • DivineHolinessjr
    DivineHolinessjr 3 years ago +Apollo9898LPs Huh.. I never knew.. because oi'm usually Thomas..
  • the popular girl
    the popular girl 3 years ago +Apollo9898LPs Well at least the Macho Man is... right...? guys?
  • DeathByProcrastination
    DeathByProcrastination 2 years ago THIS IS AN OUTRAGE !
  • Gibson Litster
    Gibson Litster 2 years ago Apollo9898LPs WELP, time to riot!
  • Call Me Chris
    Call Me Chris 2 years ago funny thing is my brother downloaded a cracked game of skyrim and it had thomas the train mod and we tought it was in the game without modding we're dumbasses
  • Gothic RedNeck
    Gothic RedNeck 1 year ago ya you are dumb if you truly thought a damn train would be in this game
  • river gaming and toys
    river gaming and toys 1 year ago Big Smoke and the rest is a cringey/dead channal k? omg lol
  • Willy_Th3_ Walrus
    Willy_Th3_ Walrus 1 year ago That's bullshit of course it is
  • End me
    End me 1 year ago Apollo9898LPs I know, right? Dealbreaker.
  • The Squid Lord
  • not kj
    not kj 1 year ago Apollo9898LPs 420 likes wow
  • End me
    End me 1 year ago The Squid Lord Well I'm here now.
    VILIEM ASSASINS CREED 1 year ago Apollo9898LPs it's a mod
  • BFFS Channel
    BFFS Channel 1 year ago (edited) Apollo9898LPs Where Is Macho Man??
  • BoxBoySam
    BoxBoySam 1 year ago I was suprised too
  • The-Flaming-Black-Knight -Penguin
    The-Flaming-Black-Knight -Penguin 1 year ago nope sorry it’s a dragon mod i forgot the name since i don’t play with mods that much anymore on xbox one
  • elli Lempiäinen lempiäinen
    elli Lempiäinen lempiäinen 11 months ago Apollo9898LPs its mod
  • Val Encarnacion
    Val Encarnacion 7 months ago +God of FANGIRLING [• •] it actually is "tank engine" tho
  • Val Encarnacion
    Val Encarnacion 7 months ago +God of FANGIRLING [• •] it actually is "Thomas the Tank Engine" tho
  • Tristan Steinhelfer
    Tristan Steinhelfer 2 months ago Wait, is that a mudcrab with a top hat and monocle? That’s where I draw the line. Come on master chief, let’s go
  • Joseph Waters
    Joseph Waters 2 months ago Apollo9898LPs nope. It’s a mod of the game.
  • Epic gamer moment
    Epic gamer moment 1 month ago VILIEM ASSASINS CREED that has to be the biggest /r/WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH ever
  • K D
    K D 1 month ago Are you sure I modded it to have dragons
  • xXZAlphaNXx L
    xXZAlphaNXx L 2 years ago Who else here have played Skyrim for about 6000 hours but still watched this?
  • Refik Mehmeti
    Refik Mehmeti 2 years ago you didn't play for 6000 hours bro
  • xXZAlphaNXx L
    xXZAlphaNXx L 2 years ago +refik mehmeti what if I have?
  • xXZAlphaNXx L
    xXZAlphaNXx L 2 years ago +refik mehmeti Don't say I haven't cause I have.
  • Refik Mehmeti
    Refik Mehmeti 2 years ago @The Legendary Soldier maybe 600 up to 1000 but i mean 6000 do you have a real life bro
  • xXZAlphaNXx L
    xXZAlphaNXx L 2 years ago +refik mehmeti lol to be real it's 5527
  • xXZAlphaNXx L
    xXZAlphaNXx L 2 years ago +refik mehmeti and no I don't.
  • xXZAlphaNXx L
    xXZAlphaNXx L 2 years ago +refik mehmeti 2 months= 200+ hours. In soon 6 years.
  • Refik Mehmeti
    Refik Mehmeti 2 years ago @The Legendary Soldier send me your save game i have finished skyrim twice but i formated my pc and my saves are gone and i don;t want to finish it three times
  • xXZAlphaNXx L
    xXZAlphaNXx L 2 years ago +refik mehmeti my best character/save is cheap af. You can one hit kill everything with it but you gotta play stealth with Bow,Knife and slow time shout as well as with my racial ability to see in the dark (Kahjit) and with an alliteration spell that allows you to see through walls.
  • xXZAlphaNXx L
    xXZAlphaNXx L 2 years ago +refik mehmeti then I got over 50 more saves lol but they ain't that good
  • Ethan Morris
    Ethan Morris 1 year ago The Legendary Soldier OH MY GOD ME!
  • Ibui Shinka
    Ibui Shinka 1 year ago I DO ^^ ! I wish to know where that invisible chest is tho?
  • Da Bash
    Da Bash 1 year ago dawnstar
  • Yoshi The One
    Yoshi The One 1 year ago The Legendary Soldier i saw my played time on steam it was 7469
  • [MSH] Xalius
    [MSH] Xalius 1 year ago (Slowly raises hand) me
  • Isaac Santos
    Isaac Santos 1 year ago Ibui Shinka, there’s at least one in most cities.. dawnstar near the mine is the most known one.. others than that just use a plate or platter to glitch thru shit, and access unloaded areas, and walking thru thin air while also underground and find secret merchants chests.. happy hunting
  • Isaac Santos
    Isaac Santos 1 year ago Yoshi The One, I have at least 4K hours to.. I think it’s more like 5500 but I have deleted saves and shit
  • neb519
    neb519 1 year ago The Legendary Soldier there is absolutely no reason that someone would be able to spend even 500 hours on it without beating everything and getting extremely bored.
  • shavy plays games
    shavy plays games 1 year ago The Legendary Soldier it's far from just 6000 friend
  • Valentine Love
    Valentine Love 1 year ago The Legendary Soldier me
  • CJ Conner
    CJ Conner 1 year ago 6000 try 300000
    ESOTUME 1 year ago 6000 hours and still on novice difficulty.....
    ESOTUME 1 year ago And 300,000 hour is just over 34.2 years.... it's 2018 and the game has been out since 2011 (7years) ... so I'm questioning you logic? Do you time travel?
  • psycho maniac
    psycho maniac 1 year ago (edited) The Legendary Soldier ive definitely played it for at least 10000 hours dont know exact numbers i love the bloody game still playit up to this day... started my 72 character.... im counting
  • psycho maniac
    psycho maniac 1 year ago Rob dont know about the other guy but steins gate has chosen me and so i now play a tone time travel back and continue playing although its the same part of the game
  • Elizabeth Frei
    Elizabeth Frei 1 year ago The Legendary Soldier yes
  • Sky Blue
    Sky Blue 1 year ago The Legendary Soldier yep
  • watts
    watts 1 year ago Me!!
  • CrazyGamerGirl 97
    CrazyGamerGirl 97 11 months ago I have around 5000+ hours spread across 50-200 characters.
  • Rob Learn
    Rob Learn 11 months ago Almost
  • Joe DiCocco
    Joe DiCocco 10 months ago The Legendary Soldier yes
  • Nanno bot12
    Nanno bot12 9 months ago Meeeeeeee
  • Carson Speks
    Carson Speks 9 months ago More like 4 years but I have
  • Heitor Viana
    Heitor Viana 9 months ago I did
  • Elijah DeHart
    Elijah DeHart 8 months ago Not 6000 but I have played a lot
  • lildeviousdude
    lildeviousdude 8 months ago Still didn't know about that chest tho >.>
  • Artemisia Wyllow
    Artemisia Wyllow 8 months ago I'm on my first playthrough, 498.23 hrs, lvl 64, have been avoiding alduin but finished Dragonborn dlc, playing on master, and STILLLLLLLLLLLLLL finding things to get into!! On console btw!
  • skyrim warrior 85 7312
    skyrim warrior 85 7312 7 months ago In one day no but over time maybe idk I don't keep track how much I play. But if I did I would say to much
  • Boris Binckilton
    Boris Binckilton 7 months ago Refik Mehmeti Yep
  • Daniel Lucifer
    Daniel Lucifer 7 months ago My life is just one story after the other of my Dragonborn getting f-ed in the a
  • daddy
    daddy 6 months ago 900 hours
  • ant burst
    ant burst 6 months ago I spent about 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999(error number to big to fit) centuries
  • Kaine Peterson
    Kaine Peterson 5 months ago I have over a thousand hours and still love this shit
  • Zak L
    Zak L 3 months ago I have played for ages, 6000 hours is a little higher than me though.
  • Daniel Caston
    Daniel Caston 2 months ago just checked, i have 1439. Damn I'm inexperienced...
  • the Fire dog cult
    the Fire dog cult 2 months ago hmmm about hours just joking I don't think that's possible
  • K D
    K D 1 month ago Nope
  • Monkeyboy2g lataa
    Monkeyboy2g lataa 2 weeks ago I like you
  • David Something
    David Something 2 years ago "And oh God! Was I supposed to pick up Janice from the airport?!" ...That's oddly... relatable to me...
  • Dat Aggron
    Dat Aggron 2 years ago you're profile picture is oddly relatable to me
  • David Something
    David Something 2 years ago @Dat Aggron F-father?!
  • Catbell
    Catbell 2 years ago Your profile pic reminds me of Final Fantasy III for some reason...
  • David Something
    David Something 2 years ago @Nekone Rin It is final fantasy 3 now Arc as an onion knight
  • Cody Hines
    Cody Hines 1 year ago Nice Hat.
  • Sky Blue
    Sky Blue 1 year ago oh...my....god i cannot believe you didnt pick me up! (Janice from friends lolol)
  • gen101394
    gen101394 5 months ago I ignored the main quest line so much I was a top assassin, master theif, wife to a drug dealer, mother to two kids, and thane with two houses before I even entered Whiterun.
  • professor z
    professor z 1 week ago Ysolda lives in white run though.
  • Myuni
    Myuni 1 year ago "It's not a crime unless someone sees you" Oh how my world opened up when I figured this out
  • BVale
    BVale 10 months ago +Myuni: >"It's not a crime unless someone sees you" That someone could be a dog, cow, or chicken as well as a human.
  • isaac summers
    isaac summers 9 months ago "it's not a crime unless someone sees you" that goes along with my favorite saying "anything is free if your fast enough"
  • Under Kucked
    Under Kucked 8 months ago @isaac summers Word bro, word.
  • Charles Ballard
    Charles Ballard 7 months ago As far as I can tell, your companion can count as a witness. NO ONE was around but her when I killed a few people, and I've got a bounty of 25 in 2 holds, and a bounty of 50 in another.
  • Ewan Steel
    Ewan Steel 6 months ago Honestly I am the same, when I found this out I stole so many magic staffs from the Yarls wizard.
  • this is IAMPIE
    this is IAMPIE 6 months ago @Ewan Steel when I learned I can drag items behind a wall and yoink them I couldn't move in minutes. Too much lol
  • Jonathan Prince
    Jonathan Prince 4 months ago And yet even with no witnesses, they still somehow manage to send Hired Thugs to kill me. Then if I run to the guards hoping they'll take care of the Thugs assaulting me, they just laugh in my face and say "Hey a fight! This should be good".
  • Pun Mstr Skeleton
    Pun Mstr Skeleton 4 months ago life lessons with butter buns
  • Tristan Steinhelfer
    Tristan Steinhelfer 2 months ago That’s why the bucket trick is great
  • Agent Phoenix
    Agent Phoenix 2 months ago Also goes with the saying "No one will notice, If theres no one to notice"
  • Aidan Keogh
    Aidan Keogh 2 years ago "There is a level cap of 100." OBJECTION
  • DKGH124
    DKGH124 2 years ago Pretty sure it's 81 from memory. Of course, you can get a mod that removes the cap.
  • Aidan Keogh
    Aidan Keogh 2 years ago @DKGH124 Yes, its 81. Without the Legendary Edition, course.
  • Tony Redgrave
    Tony Redgrave 2 years ago Mods so he can be around the level of 999...
  • Migulao
    Migulao 2 years ago Actually, there isn't a level cap I believe. 81 is just the most you can get from leveling all your skills to 100. However, once skills get to 100 you can reset them to 1, turning them ''legendary'', which you can then level up again, allowing you to keep getting experience and level past 81.
  • SpikeWall
    SpikeWall 2 years ago Aidan Keogh uhm this is the CONSOLE variant as clearly said in the start so yes there is a level cap
  • Cracked Helm
    Cracked Helm 2 years ago Nope, no level cap on 360 version, can confirm.
  • SpikeWall
    SpikeWall 2 years ago jordan danial ohw oke then i just listen to what buter tells me i never reached such cap
  • The Lean 8usinessmen
    The Lean 8usinessmen 2 years ago +Aidan Keogh nope, thanks yo an update its either lvl: 100 or lvl: 225
  • The Lean 8usinessmen
    The Lean 8usinessmen 2 years ago +Spike Wall Nope, your wrong, there isn't even a lvl cap on the console ver
  • guitarman0365
    guitarman0365 2 years ago the point of this being? you can get through the entire main dragonborn story, plus the civil war story, plus the mage college quests, thieves, guild, companions,dark brotherhood, pretty much all missions except endless radient quests before even getting up to 50. What is the point of being such a high level when all that is left to do is just ride around on a horse and killing animals and shit? This game is fun but I can't see it being that fun when there is no story left and you just walk around waiting for things to respawn.
  • Iskandar, the King of Conquerors
    Iskandar, the King of Conquerors 2 years ago There is for skills
  • Armageddragoon
    Armageddragoon 2 years ago there was a level cap but in update 1.09 they introduced the legendary option(return the skill to lv 1 or 15, can't remember) so you could level up infinitely, if I'm not mistaken the best way to level up after 1.09 was using an illusion spell with a big AoE while sitting in Whiterun's well.
  • nikhil gupta
    nikhil gupta 2 years ago I loved your videos and that yellow thing popping up
  • Chasten Childers
    Chasten Childers 1 year ago Is there a level cap on the xbone?
  • Tyrone Rickard
    Tyrone Rickard 1 year ago i know i got to level 124 on my xbox 360 so there is no level cap
  • UrDaddy WingNut
    UrDaddy WingNut 1 year ago Originally, there was a level 81 cap. Now you can level pretty much infinitely. I'm only 231 right now- & I think at level 254 you will have every perk unlocked. So, I'm jussa going to keep grinding on to see what level I am when I finally tire of the game
  • trequor
    trequor 1 year ago TAKE THAT!
  • David Garner
    David Garner 8 months ago If you make your skills legendary then there's no level cap
  • Dave Marx
    Dave Marx 8 months ago It's uh... it's over 9000
  • Dev Shah
    Dev Shah 1 month ago She said that there is a level cap on a particular skill, like archery, not overall
  • wayne king
    wayne king 6 days ago my normal account is 100 and my cheat account is 145
  • PiesCanFly
    PiesCanFly 3 years ago Okay, every video I've seen of yours has an "mmm whatcha say" at some point, and...it never gets old. It's always funny.
  • James Wright
    James Wright 3 years ago For one reason or another, I really like when she scolds: "You nerd!" xD
  • mostafa mohamed
    mostafa mohamed 2 years ago SHE !!!! HE IS A GUY
  • James Wright
    James Wright 2 years ago nope
  • r3dp0isn
    r3dp0isn 2 years ago thank you for ruining it for me XD
  • Ulqui_210
    Ulqui_210 2 years ago Heck, she is a nerd herself when it comes to Kingdom Hearts.
  • Skaterboyfoxy Ghost21
    Skaterboyfoxy Ghost21 1 year ago James Wright Ahahahaha same!
  • Headows of Meaven
    Headows of Meaven 2 months ago "Oh call me nerd mommy I've been a naughty boy" Slaps ass
  • Mohamed Hashim
    Mohamed Hashim 2 years ago as pc user i suffered a lot in this game, i couldn't read the tips on the loading screen
  • Gamesfan34260
    Gamesfan34260 2 years ago That's what happens when you play in high resolutions, it has horrible scaling.
  • Mohamed Hashim
    Mohamed Hashim 2 years ago @Gamesfan34260 it's not about the scaling, it's about the loading screen only lasts 1 second
  • Gamesfan34260
    Gamesfan34260 2 years ago @Mohamed Hashim...That's a thing too I suppose. Loading screens take a while for me, not sure why.
  • BeefJurrky
    BeefJurrky 2 years ago Mohamed Hashim same here thanks to my SSD
  • SpikeWall
    SpikeWall 2 years ago Mohamed Hashim you should download a sarcastic tips mod
  • An Interneteologist
    An Interneteologist 2 years ago Mohamed Hashim I got w useless tip for you because you may have finished the game in solitude there's these 2 soldiers practicing archery and ther arrows go in the target you can take them for free I think they were iron arrows
  • End me
    End me 1 year ago Mohamed Hashim They are stupidly obvious anyway.
  • trequor
    trequor 1 year ago Yeah i know i couldnt believe it when i saw my friend playing it on PS4. I had actually forgotten that there is text on the loading screen because it basically just flashes up for an instant on my PC
  • Gargoyle
    Gargoyle 1 year ago You're mad that the loading took 1 second? Load it up with mods. A few script heavy mods will increase the loading times.
  • Jacob M33
    Jacob M33 11 months ago Cynosure feels bad when you have a great pc and ssd
  • Sarah Jensen
    Sarah Jensen 4 months ago I like reading the tips too. I also enjoy reading these in Fallout 4, because I'm new to the Fallout series. My first official Fallout game is Fallout 4. :D
  • MW H
    MW H 2 years ago Wait... Y O U C A N R O T A T E T H E M A P!?
  • Eero Lång
    Eero Lång 2 years ago Marius wallin Hagberg What is this sorcery :O...
  • Karen Mcchokemeplz
    Karen Mcchokemeplz 1 year ago Ya, but it’s annoying AF
  • trequor
    trequor 1 year ago I just checked steam... 213 hours without knowing for me. This is almost as bad as learning that you can slide down ladders on my third playthrough of dark souls
  • chely ಌಌ chanಌ
    chely ಌಌ chanಌ 1 year ago I didn't know you could fast travel...so basically by the time I was level 25 I had discovered soo much having a whole lot of quests
  • Ebb Kearney
    Ebb Kearney 1 year ago (edited) Fast travel sucks,I was fast travelling to whiterun stables and when I got there...guess what?...I was killed by 2 giants and 2 mammoths.never fast travel when there's a salty boi on ya...cause...ya can't...it'll say you can't fast travel when an enemy is close in top left corner...so...yeah...It sucks
  • Giovany
    Giovany 11 months ago holy shit wtf
  • isaac summers
    isaac summers 9 months ago how did two mammoth and giants spawn near the stables?
  • The Watchstation
    The Watchstation 8 months ago @trequor lol it took me so long to figure out run in bloodborne😂
  • Josephine Morrison
    Josephine Morrison 6 months ago Cue the “NANI?!”
  • Sarah Jensen
    Sarah Jensen 4 months ago I only found out by trying buttons
  • Ant Cannone
    Ant Cannone 3 months ago You have to if you want to fast travel to Marketh (sp?)
  • OmegaChase1002
    OmegaChase1002 2 months ago HOW?
  • casey gray
    casey gray 1 month ago I KNOW RIGHT?!
  • The Shaver Ranch + Wolves
    The Shaver Ranch + Wolves 2 years ago Dear SuperButterBuns, Please stop telling me to watch another one. it has been many days and the lack of food and water is getting to me... ;-) but seriously... great stuff... keep it up.
  • Gjul Allibuc
    Gjul Allibuc 2 years ago For those who cant find the secret chest. it is near the "Iron-Breaker mine". not the "Quicksilver mine"
  • Ignore Me
    Ignore Me 1 year ago THANK YOU!
  • Thomas Ferlauto
    Thomas Ferlauto 1 year ago Life saver
  • James Campbell
    James Campbell 1 year ago Thanks, just got this on Switch this will help a lot.
  • a.c.e
    a.c.e 1 year ago Gjul Allibuc thx
  • Sarah Jensen
    Sarah Jensen 4 months ago I should replay Skyrim on my PS3 so I can try to find that chest. I'll need to find Ironbreaker Mine first...
  • Starship
    Starship 3 months ago (edited) Go to the quicksilver mine then do a 180. Go to the house in the far distance. The mine is around that house. The mine is to the right of that house
  • hipersonicc
    hipersonicc 3 years ago I just found ur channel. Hilarious!
  • Falk
    Falk 3 years ago me too
  • Tom G
    Tom G 1 year ago Falk me too
  • Frozty The Gamer
    Frozty The Gamer 1 year ago Me too
  • Budoo Budoo
    Budoo Budoo 1 year ago same
  • TheBryantCabrera
    TheBryantCabrera 1 year ago Me too
  • RTRD arbok
    RTRD arbok 1 year ago hipersonicc I
  • Brian Willis
    Brian Willis 1 year ago I made a mistake. It's the yelling about jak and daxter that was really funny.
  • Scott Wells
    Scott Wells 9 months ago Same
  • Funhow123
    Funhow123 1 year ago PROTIP! Don’t whirlwind sprint off the side of the cliff.... I did that ... more then 800000 times
  • Scott Adams
    Scott Adams 3 years ago A couple of tips I have that have made playing Skyrim much easier for me and will make playing easier for beginners would be the following : 1. Always stay on a road when traveling, cutting into the grass is like playing Pokemon. You'll always get attack by wild animals. 2. Always have a follower with you ( I prefer wizards for this one ) and let them do the fighting.  3. Always have potion's, food, and a healing spell with you ( ignore the last one if your character doesn't use magic). Because you're going to get attacked a lot, unless you plan on staying in a town all the time.  4.It doesn't hurt to be skilled at more than one weapon , I like to use a bow and arrow because most times I can kill the enemies before they get close to me. I also like getting right in there with a sword for those annoying humans who come charging at me. 5. Being either a Vampire Lord or a Werewolf can definitely help at times ( just don't go charging in a village as one )
  • George Mcqueen
    George Mcqueen 3 years ago pc gamers make a mokery of gaming and they think there doing the right thing by modding games they make gaming pointless
  • mariopikaman1
    mariopikaman1 3 years ago +George Mcqueen > implying modding is a bad thing
  • Ian Hollier
    Ian Hollier 3 years ago @mariopikaman1 Well, they certainly shouldn't act like it's the best thing ever. Like Jesus, if someone wants to play it on their console, let them.
  • Robert Harris
    Robert Harris 3 years ago +Ian Hollier if you study bethesda. youll se they dont even finish and 100% polish their games... thats because they expect modders to finish it...
  • Ian Hollier
    Ian Hollier 3 years ago (edited) @Robert Harris The poor coding has led me to that conclusion. Are you trying to make some kind of point here?
  • Robert Harris
    Robert Harris 3 years ago @Ian Hollier they literaly expect moders to finish their games. Thats how importent modding is to bethesda. They only port it to console for money. However. With fallout 4 having mod suport on xbox 1 we night see them focusing more on the consoles.
  • Ian Hollier
    Ian Hollier 3 years ago @Robert Harris Maybe. However, that aside, if people want to play it on consoles, let them. It's not like they're hurting you. We've got enough mod creators anyway. We've had so much added these past few years, it barely even matters anymore.
  • Robert Harris
    Robert Harris 3 years ago @Ian Hollier nobody ever said anything about not leting console gamers play them. Other then there alwayw being a posibibly that they drop the console ports entirely and just run for PC. Newvegas was actualy suposed to by many times larger and not be put into sections with loading screens but had to be dut down due to console limitations. And i mean the actual new vegas city. Not just the game.
  • Ian Hollier
    Ian Hollier 3 years ago @Robert Harris Ah, well, it does not bother me much. 
  • Water Is Wet
    Water Is Wet 3 years ago +Ian Hollier I play on console because I can't afford to get a PC but I wish I had these games on PC just for the visual mods
  • Ian Hollier
    Ian Hollier 3 years ago @Lou :D To me, some games just don't matter whether I get them for a console or a PC. For me, it's Bioshock. Some games, like Skyrim, do.
  • Uru
    Uru 2 years ago Skyrim is rather easy depending on how you play, you shouldn't struggle too much but if you do, the real life saver is the F5 key, on PC. Otherwise, just save a lot, so you can directly try a different strategy if an enemy is being a bit tough. 1. Staying on a road when travelling sort of defeats the purpose of an open-world game. If you really want safety just get a horse. Though I personally just explore everything on foot and save from time to time. 2. A follower can be useful when you're just starting but they also can be a pain, they keep blocking the way and sometimes they'll even push you into some deadly pits. I mostly used followers to carry my stuff because relying on them will block your levelling progression. 3. Agreed. Always keep as many health potion as you can, though you can also use healing spells as well on one hand while carrying a one-handed weapon in the other. 4. True, some people seem to forget about shields, which can be really useful. 5. On top of that, being a werewolf can be really practical to get from A to B. But as I said, the real life saver here is F5.
  • trequor
    trequor 1 year ago Followers die too easy. Bumrush Dawnguard to get Serana as a follower. She is permanently marked as "essential" so she is immortal
  • Vicodyn
    Vicodyn 1 year ago If people want to suggest others play on PC, let them, they're not hurting anyone. See how whiny and bitchy all-the-while pointless it is to say this?