Kubernetes The Easy Way!

Published on Jan 1, 2018 308,884 views

Watch Kelsey Hightower deliver an awesome presentation on Kubernetes via several demos during his keynote talk on the KubeCon 2017.


KubeCon 2017


Kelsey Hightower


The original video was published on CNCF [Cloud Native Computing Foundation] YouTube channel with the Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed).


Original video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07jq-...

  • Shariq Torres
    Shariq Torres 1 year ago Kelsey is the man. When he pulled out the phone and called the server, I passed out.
  • V H
    V H 3 months ago @fess ye once upon a time many many years ago I thought kit from knightrider was real as in 1 car that did all that. Perhaps questioned the voice. Anyhow a friend had gone to see set and told me no there are like 10 of those cars that are used in different bits. Anyhow the short of the long story is I know from having delt with kubernetes that unless you are paying some subscription with huge monthly cost the caveman way is the way
  • fess
    fess 3 months ago @V H nope. your CLI interface looks expert level. voice commands are hollywood.
  • V H
    V H 8 months ago makes my shell script look like caveman technology
  • Yammy Hammy
    Yammy Hammy 1 year ago You'd have to make your own, I'm assuming he made this specifically for this demonstration for extra flare.
  • Marcello de Sales
    Marcello de Sales 1 year ago Where can I get this chatbot with Google Assistant?
  • Hirad Roshandel
    Hirad Roshandel 1 year ago (edited) @Florjon Koci he has made a chatbot integrate with google assistant using dialogflow
  • Florjon Koci
    Florjon Koci 1 year ago Is he using google assistant ? I tried the same but google will search in the internet instead of opening the console
  • Custersword
    Custersword 1 year ago I gotta admit that was pretty dope!
  • James Moore
    James Moore 11 months ago I'm confused. This doesn't seem to be about Kubernetes; it's all about Google cloud-specific stuff.
  • guibirow
    guibirow 6 months ago Oh god! This thread is full of bullshit! Of course it is Kubernetes, and like the title suggests, it should be the easy way. K8s was not meant to be easy, he is showing how you can use managed K8s and don't worry about doing your own setup!
  • cream bun
    cream bun 7 months ago NO wonder google is mess
  • Gilliam Flebus
    Gilliam Flebus 9 months ago Okay, I see what you're saying now.. Might be a valid point.
  • Vanya Yani
    Vanya Yani 9 months ago Gilliam Flebus  Google has incentive to make Google Cloud easier to use, but not Kubernetes. For example, if you'd like to setup K8s on premises, e.g. with KVM, you'd have to go through circles of hell before you can achieve anything roughly comparable to Google Cloud. There are vendors that take K8s and build distributions that are easier to use, but it's still vendor-specific. There's no Kubernetes native experience like Docker Swarm. There's CloundNative Foundation which tries to be vendor independent, but they don't seem to be interested in building products and be competitive with Google, Microsoft or Amazon.
  • Gilliam Flebus
    Gilliam Flebus 9 months ago What kind of bullshit is that. You actually have a point in that it's like Linux. There's no "Linux" you can use, there's only the Linux kernel. You use a distribution that uses the Linux kernel as its core. Kubernetes is not something you can use directly. People use AWS or Google Cloud so they don't have to maintain the infrastructure, not because it's hard to use. To compete Google has every incentive to make it easier to use.
  • Vanya Yani
    Vanya Yani 9 months ago It looks Kubernetes is like linux. You don't use it directly. If it was easy to use, nobody would've used AWS or Google Cloud or Azure. So Google has every incentive to make it harder to use. This way GKE would really shine.
  • Gilliam Flebus
    Gilliam Flebus 9 months ago As I understood it Kubernetes is a spec, so you'll always have to work with a specific implementation.
  • BlueBockser
    BlueBockser 10 months ago While that might be true, it is not reflected in the video title. In my opinion, it should be.
  • P Ackerman
    P Ackerman 10 months ago Kelsey's a Google Cloud Developer Advocate. This is Google Cloud specific, but using Google Kubernetes Engine.
  • Aloha Ackbar
    Aloha Ackbar 1 year ago This guy is from the future.
  • Ythalo Rossy Saldanha Lira
    Ythalo Rossy Saldanha Lira 3 months ago Yes, he is an Observer !
  • David Blankenship
    David Blankenship 1 year ago Pretty Dope! Yup!
  • Anton Mochalin
    Anton Mochalin 1 year ago Now I want to write some code which would require Kubernetes to run xD
  • Joseph Chambers
    Joseph Chambers 11 months ago That's a great idea about having your deployment configs in it's own repository.
  • Balaji S
    Balaji S 1 year ago (edited) kelsey is the man , there is always that one guy that says 1000 replicas and kelsey doess some "quick maths" to make it 5 or 10 . :P
  • Sagar Munjal
    Sagar Munjal 1 year ago you actually sound like "shah rukh khan". You can dub his voice easily.
  • blasttrash
    blasttrash 8 months ago A good presentation with awesome humor but thats it coz I learned nothing apart from how to use voice assistant on phone lmao. :P
  • Anugrah Vijay
    Anugrah Vijay 1 year ago While what they show is impressive, what would be more helpful is the automation and services that enable this so others can follow the 'best practices'. Maybe not in the presentation, but docs or links to learn more would be helpful.
  • Scott J
    Scott J 1 year ago It looks like some (all?) of the code can be found in his projects on github: https://github.com/kelseyhightower/helloworld-infrastructure-qa/blob/master/cloudbuild.yaml
  • Ankit Kapur
    Ankit Kapur 1 year ago This is extremely cool stuff, hats off to the devs!
  • Buley Builds
    Buley Builds 1 year ago Yoooooo!!!! impressive
  • Carlton Freeman
    Carlton Freeman 10 months ago (edited) *tap temple* You'll always have the favor of the demo gods if you are a demo god.
  • J.M. Janzen
    J.M. Janzen 11 months ago Alright, I'm sold. This is the most revolutionary thing I've seen in my career to date! Amazing demo.
  • Simon Kalu
    Simon Kalu 3 months ago This guy is amazingly awesome. And he makes it look so simple
  • Louis-Philippe Lebouthillier
    Louis-Philippe Lebouthillier 1 year ago Thanks to the god demo, that was one of a king presentation. It's worth an A+
  • boykotgooglification
    boykotgooglification 1 month ago Gradually I am taking away the power from human beings. You don't have to know the internal workings of your organs. I'll deal with it in my terms. Imagine they shutdown and deny acces to your services suddenly for a silly reason. 😱😱😱😱
  • Matt Sven
    Matt Sven 3 months ago Thanks! Just got my first GCP Kubernetes cluster up with one of my docker webpages, linked to GitHub to trigger on tags. Need to watch the video SEVERAL more times to grock it more.
  • James Logan
    James Logan 6 months ago Good presentation. Showing real world steps in a deploy pipeline.