Price A Job Accounting - A Guide for Beginners

Published on Apr 15, 2019 619 views

Learn the basics of Price a Job software. This video tutorial will cover everything from...

- Raising sales invoices
- Recording customer payments
- Recording expenses
- Recording supplier invoices
- VAT returns
- And more...

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  • Banzai Banzai
    Banzai Banzai 1 month ago Hi...i wonder how should i charge a customer the amount of work done? Thank you
  • BookkeepingMaster
    BookkeepingMaster 1 month ago You can enter the hourly rate and quantity when raising a sales invoice. I hope this helps?
  • ForkTrader
    ForkTrader 2 months ago is that kashflow?
  • BookkeepingMaster
    BookkeepingMaster 1 month ago No, Price A Job. Any KashFlow tutorials I have will be available on my website - www.freebookkeepingaccounting.com