Docker, FROM scratch - Aaron Powell

Published on Sep 25, 2017 75,569 views

Docker's popularity has exploded over the last couple of years, especially in the DevOps space, but unless you've spent a lot of time in that area it can be a confusing technology to wrap your head around.

So let's step back and start looking at Docker from, well, FROM scratch (and we'll understand just what that means).

With minimal starting knowledge of Docker we'll look into what it is, cover off all the core concepts from images to containers, volumes to networks, and how we can compose environments. We'll also look at how to use Docker in Dev, not just DevOps and how containers can be useful tools without being something to run production infrastructure on.

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    waffstacks 8 months ago (edited) Does network aliases work with external compose files? Reason I'm asking is because when calling "docker-compose run <service> bash" and then calling "docker inspect <container-id>" the alias I have listed in my compose file is non-existent.
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    Aaron Adams 5 months ago (edited) Really great presentation style, the way he builds on things step by step is great. By the end, I felt comfortable with docker. I highly recommend if you're just starting out.
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