Spanish For Beginners | Spanish 101 (Ep.1)

Published on Jun 17, 2014 2,071,651 views

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2:06 - Learning Your Alphabet/ Letters
9:11 - Learning Your Vowels
16:34 - Basic Greetings
19:48 - 10 Basic Pronouns in Spanish/ Conjugation Chart
25:52 - Culture Section

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Ep.2 -When to Use Ser or Estar - https://youtu.be/z7c0IlnBr7k
Ep.3 -Mastering AR Verbs - https://youtu.be/OhruBtJCWT4
Ep.4 -How to Say ‘THE’ and ‘A’ - https://youtu.be/Hpp0TO3LxeQ
Ep.5 -Mastering the Verb IR - https://youtu.be/p2JLyK1dLpE
Ep.6 -Mastering ‘ER’ and ‘IR’ verbs - https://youtu.be/D95mAYdT9m4
Ep.6.5 -Common Words for Clothes - https://youtu.be/4AxgVah7Yh0
Ep.7 -Mastering Irregular Verbs - https://youtu.be/6oXAwaZPHFM
Ep.8 -Colors!! - https://youtu.be/cwsiao0gckw
Ep.9 -Numbers - https://youtu.be/MIo6EZAhCGE
Ep.10 -How to Tell Time - https://youtu.be/yZSbz99doys
Ep.11 - Food - https://youtu.be/IG3--SlLXaE
Ep.12 -Family - https://youtu.be/1fihLMegrNw
Ep.13 - Weather - https://youtu.be/vv4NMHOyKMg
Ep.14 -Months, Days & Seasons - https://youtu.be/1yO-np9snvA
Ep.15 - Mastering Reflexive Verbs - https://youtu.be/O_crd4XH-6A
Ep.16 -Daily Routine Nouns - https://youtu.be/eZctbpNnNmI
Ep.17 - Using "IT" & "Them" - https://youtu.be/lr7pnUojw0w
Ep.18 - Common Words in Spanish - https://youtu.be/BEtpeEEww-o
Ep.19 - Best Tips to Learning Spanish https://youtu.be/fG_exxPnUBw
Ep.20 -Traveling Vocabulary - https://youtu.be/IDrhUh-mq7E

Season 1 Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...

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  • aadi 1804
    aadi 1804 1 year ago If anyone is searching comments to check if the video is worth to see or not than I assure you it is very good and you should spend your 27:54 minutes on it...He is an excellent teacher..☺☺☺
  • Jenny Kerr
    Jenny Kerr 9 months ago Tgy
  • Bibek Rajbhandari
    Bibek Rajbhandari 8 months ago gracias
  • Gladys Mwaniki
    Gladys Mwaniki 8 months ago I agree 1000% percent the video is super excellent!!!
  • A Silva
    A Silva 8 months ago hey ,if anyone else is searching for easy way to learn spanish language try Nadazma Fast Spanish Helper ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my mate got amazing results with it.
  • Jelena Kuznetsova
    Jelena Kuznetsova 8 months ago Helpful
  • faisal jama
    faisal jama 7 months ago @xtreme6492 hi, how are you ?
  • faisal jama
    faisal jama 7 months ago @xtreme6492 yes let's do it I teach English
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    g money 7 months ago yes he is ☺😊
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    mean mabes 6 months ago That's EXACTLY why I looked in the comments, thanks!
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    Nima 6 months ago You read my mind. I always go to the comments to see if something is worth it. Thank you
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    I Am Not A Robot 6 months ago 534 youtubers have different opinion
    ABDULHAKEEM YUSUF 6 months ago I agree , he’s excellent teacher
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    Zach Scott 6 months ago Thanks
  • Camus Sadalsuud
    Camus Sadalsuud 6 months ago Hola amigos, I'm from Mexico City and I am studying to become a Spanish and English teacher. If you want to boost your process of learning Spanish, feel free to contact me, +5215548438985, this is about to create a win-win relationship, you're going to learn Spanish for free and this teaching experience for me will be amazing.
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    Annet Naigayi 6 months ago @faisal jama hi
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    Rochelle M 5 months ago aadi 1804 Not all heroes wear capes. Thank you!!!
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    Shabby Heath Designs 4 months ago @xtreme6492 Have you had anyone contact you to practice?
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    zaimanza 4 months ago Gracias
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    christian lopez 4 months ago Que hermoso es español
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    William Bettler 4 months ago He is so good am talking Spanish already my parents are trying to figure out how.
  • Weixia Ou
    Weixia Ou 4 months ago its 27:53 minutes
  • A. D.
    A. D. 4 months ago (edited) @Camus Sadalsuud Hey Camus, I live in Spain and I'm a beginner in the language. I would like to be ur student :) do u have WhatsApp? or any other way to communicate
  • W FL
    W FL 4 months ago aadi 1804 agree...i like this a lot
  • K T
    K T 4 months ago Yes he is good teacher
  • Rich Egger
    Rich Egger 3 months ago I second that. I have listened to many YouTube instructors & this one is the easiest to learn from because he makes it clear.
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    陈财 3 months ago aadi 1804 that is ture
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    Jennifer Calderon 3 months ago Agreed, took me back to high school Spanish
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    br3wskee 3 months ago xtreme6492 Hello my nigga? 😂😂😂😂 Bruh that shit was funny lmao
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    *GET OFF MY LAWN* l: / 3 months ago Gracias! 😁
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    Hikmah Paulines 1 month ago @xtreme6492 shud i???
  • Ashish Kumar Sharma
    Ashish Kumar Sharma 1 month ago (edited) Hola, soy Ash. I am eager to learn Spanish. I am good at a lot of accents in English. I can speak a lot of languages since I belong to the most diverse country INDIA 😁 but also wanna learn foreign languages. I want to talk in Spanish more often to practice it well. Instagram: _aconfusedsoul
  • Ashish Kumar Sharma
    Ashish Kumar Sharma 1 month ago @br3wskee 😂😂Damn
  • Hikmah Paulines
    Hikmah Paulines 1 month ago @Ashish Kumar Sharma alot of languages like wat n wat,,am learning spanish too
  • Ashish Kumar Sharma
    Ashish Kumar Sharma 1 month ago (edited) @Hikmah Paulines Spanish, French, German and Greek for now😁 I am 16 and moving to College/University so it might help when I move abroad.
  • Hikmah Paulines
    Hikmah Paulines 1 month ago @Ashish Kumar Sharma waawa keeptup
  • Ashish Kumar Sharma
    Ashish Kumar Sharma 1 month ago @Hikmah Paulines Are you Spanish too?
  • Hikmah Paulines
    Hikmah Paulines 1 month ago @Ashish Kumar Sharma nope but i am on my journey of learning it
  • Ashish Kumar Sharma
    Ashish Kumar Sharma 1 month ago @Hikmah Paulines Bien.
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    Alice Shao 2 weeks ago I agree 100% that the video is excellent and the teacher, too.!!!
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    Lazarus 2 weeks ago The video is 27:41 minnuets
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    Phyllis Jones 2 weeks ago Yup he sure is He sounds southern
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    Language Learning Lover 1 week ago aadi 1804 Muchas gracias!
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    Zona Zoe 2 days ago Yes, he is
  • Futbol Resumenes Soccer Highlights
    Futbol Resumenes Soccer Highlights 2 days ago this is good for gramma. For conversation I use Real Spanish Lessons https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7lf_ySBMOrEJLJBlhpSaKA/playlists
  • Dafne
    Dafne 14 hours ago I'm Spanish teacher online £12 per hour interested, please contact me xx
  • Dafne
    Dafne 14 hours ago @A. D. Hi I'm Dafne Spanish teacher online £12 per hour. Interested please contact me xx
  • Dafne
    Dafne 14 hours ago @Gleison Stanlley Hi I'm Spanish teacher online £12 per hour. Interested please contact me xx
  • Dafne
    Dafne 14 hours ago @lisa Boddington Hi I'm Spanish teacher online, is £12 per hour by skype. Interested please contact me xx
  • Dafne
    Dafne 14 hours ago @Alice Shao Hi I'm Spanish teacher online, is £12per hour, if you're interested, please contact me xx
  • Dafne
    Dafne 13 hours ago @Ashish Kumar Sharma Hi I'mfrom Spain and Spanish teacher online, £12 per hour. Are you interested? Please contact me xx
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    Pretty Poised Productions 1 week ago (edited) TRANSLATION: Like if you watched (saw it) because you are studying English and you wanted to know how the foreigners (typically europeans) study Spanish...🤷🏾😉
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    Fernando Castro 1 week ago @María Uribe yes it's because of verb conjugations.
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  • LuisFer Bendezú
    LuisFer Bendezú 1 month ago What about if we create a whatsapp group to practise Spanish and English? I'm a native Spanish
  • Tao Tao
    Tao Tao 1 month ago great ideas
  • Marcus Narcus
    Marcus Narcus 1 month ago Yes..i can teach you English and you teach me spanish sounds great, what is your whats app number
  • Steff Tan
    Steff Tan 1 month ago (edited) Si!Por favor, Señor @LuisFer Bendezú! Muchas Gracias! ❤
  • Erika Rosas
    Erika Rosas 1 month ago It's a beautiful and great idea. I want participate please, I'm Spanish native too and I want practice my English. :D We can help us ^^
  • Osas Sarah
    Osas Sarah 1 month ago 9ice one
  • Jenny Goh
    Jenny Goh 1 month ago Me too.. i can teach english
  • Alisha Styles
    Alisha Styles 1 month ago I wanna join too I can teach English in return my first language is not English but I'm pretty good at it. Have a great day
  • nissrine hakaoui
    nissrine hakaoui 1 month ago Me too
  • Maryam IM
    Maryam IM 1 month ago Nice I would love to join in whats app to
  • Dil Bhullar
    Dil Bhullar 1 month ago LuisFer Bendezú that’s a very good idea
  • T Rex
    T Rex 1 month ago nice i want to join
  • raymund dano
    raymund dano 1 month ago .me too
  • Joya Trif
    Joya Trif 4 weeks ago LuisFer Bendezú YES
  • Fresas_ Con Crema
    Fresas_ Con Crema 3 weeks ago Sign me up, I would love to help!
  • John Jr
    John Jr 3 weeks ago Yeah why do you delay ? Please create it ASAP .
  • Ralph Garcia
    Ralph Garcia 3 weeks ago LuisFer Bendezú yes please 👋
  • Amina Hussain
    Amina Hussain 3 weeks ago What's d what's app no
  • kengol cm
    kengol cm 3 weeks ago Hi guys, my native language is Spanish, so create a group. I created a whatsapp group to try to contribute our knowledge. https://chat.whatsapp.com/Ilf95ewO2MR7Cfi3Adkcc4
  • Hania A. Cab
    Hania A. Cab 3 weeks ago LuisFer Bendezú Uno de WhatsApp. Soy Mexicana. Digan quien será el admin y pasen los números.
  • Hania A. Cab
    Hania A. Cab 3 weeks ago LuisFer Bendezú Hi everyone. I'm from México. I don't speak English very well but i'm trying. If you want lear spanish with me we can create contact via WhatsApp. If you want to join leave mme a message
  • Baraa Abee
    Baraa Abee 3 weeks ago Me too
  • Angel Moonstone
    Angel Moonstone 2 weeks ago Plsss join me plsss
  • Angel Moonstone
    Angel Moonstone 2 weeks ago Plsss join me plssss
  • Tammy Johnson
    Tammy Johnson 2 weeks ago I need help 😣😣😣 but I don't use whatsapp anymore because the guys would harass me 🙄
  • rakshya awasthi
    rakshya awasthi 2 weeks ago I would like to join too
  • rakshya awasthi
    rakshya awasthi 2 weeks ago @Hania A. Cab yes .I would want to jlin
  • Tammy Johnson
    Tammy Johnson 2 weeks ago @kengol cm Can you help me too? Is there another way, like facebook or something?
  • Maureen Njoroge
    Maureen Njoroge 2 weeks ago I want in too. My first languages are English and swahili am very good at both.
  • Tashikayo Gayle
    Tashikayo Gayle 2 weeks ago Or a live video chat room
  • abhijit saha
    abhijit saha 1 week ago Drop your whatsapp group link here , we will surely join 🙂
  • oscar arturo badani quiñones
    oscar arturo badani quiñones 1 week ago Good idea, I'm English teacher and , if you want, to learn English grammar, I could teach and improve the English Grammar and the English language too.
  • Ashleen louis
    Ashleen louis 1 week ago LuisFer Bendezú yessss please
  • Jessa Jane Sapiera
    Jessa Jane Sapiera 1 week ago It would be nice.
  • Jessa Jane Sapiera
    Jessa Jane Sapiera 1 week ago @Erika Rosas i want to learn spanish also. Maybe we can help each other🤗
  • paprika h.
    paprika h. 1 week ago Can we make this happen?
  • Fernando Castro
    Fernando Castro 1 week ago Good idea and I'd be really gratefull to join there because I'm a native Spanish speaker who is looking for polishing English speaking skills.
  • Sri Rejekibanyuwangi
    Sri Rejekibanyuwangi 5 days ago I am from indonesia, currently learn english and japanese too. but I do have interest in spanish. I would love to join the group. That's a great idea.
  • Evil Desmos
    Evil Desmos 5 days ago I Want to join
  • Harshit Kulshrestha
    Harshit Kulshrestha 5 days ago May I join ?
  • Cool Libra
    Cool Libra 4 days ago I want to join. I want to learn Spanish
  • charis wealth
    charis wealth 4 days ago What's the link?
  • nour Moghrabi
    nour Moghrabi 4 days ago I would love too
  • Omar Smith
    Omar Smith 3 days ago Great idea I am Jamaican and I am trying to learn Spanish
  • Adriana Parra
    Adriana Parra 3 days ago I speak spanish, I don't know english, I want learn and share my idiom
  • Tanya Gera
    Tanya Gera 3 days ago @Fernando Castro I am good in english and we can help each other. What say?
  • Vijay K
    Vijay K 3 days ago I would like to join the group
  • Omar Smith
    Omar Smith 2 days ago Adriana Parra do you want help I can teach u and you can teach me
  • Deth Deth
    Deth Deth 2 days ago Hania A. Cab I want to learn Spanish
  • Deth Deth
    Deth Deth 2 days ago Did u create the group?
  • Mc John
    Mc John 1 day ago LuisFer Bendezú may i join?
  • Giannis Ritsonis
    Giannis Ritsonis 2 weeks ago Education should be TOTALLY free for everyone. You make this world a better place. Thanks.
  • smokey kool-aid
    smokey kool-aid 4 months ago I decided to start back learning Spanish and today is the first day 2019... Lesson 1 😀
  • Marsha Mel
    Marsha Mel 2 months ago You can do it!! It's the same for me.
  • Paris Lee
    Paris Lee 1 month ago Me to
  • ildefonso r
    ildefonso r 1 month ago ¿Y siguen estudiando español o ya lo abandonaron?
  • Abraham Peña
    Abraham Peña 1 month ago I can help you learn Spanish I also study English we can learn here my WhatsApp number +1 829 384 5804
  • Brandon
    Brandon 2 days ago Sounds like you have to learn english first.
  • Ze Germanz
    Ze Germanz 13 hours ago @Brandon Savage 😂
  • Mely김
    Mely김 6 months ago Like Si Solo Querias Ver Como Les Enseñan Español xdd
  • Paula Sosa
    Paula Sosa 2 months ago Simon 😂
  • Tiga
    Tiga 2 months ago Jajaja
  • Ana Maria Carrillo Vargas
    Ana Maria Carrillo Vargas 1 month ago Jajajajaajjaja XD es verdad
  • Ani suail
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  • S U N S H I N E ' Ƨ
    S U N S H I N E ' Ƨ 1 month ago Me sale un diez :v
  • hopeyuqi
    hopeyuqi 2 weeks ago this
  • Raikita YT
    Raikita YT 2 weeks ago Sii Pd: ¿ARMY? JIKIJI
  • Carl Sagan
    Carl Sagan 2 days ago Ahora yo puedo hablar taco fluidamente. Por que ustedes usan el ":v"?
  • GeorgE *Z*
    GeorgE *Z* 1 month ago Este mensaje solo lo van a poder entender los que ya hablan español, Exelente video para los que no hablan español Se los recomienda un hispanohablante :)
  • Azul Hoseok :3
    Azul Hoseok :3 1 month ago Vengo porque quería saber como los gringos enseñan y pronuncian el castellano :v
  • Marta Martín Carmona
    Marta Martín Carmona 1 month ago Azul Hoseok :3 y yo 😂😂
  • Flavia Araujo Herrera
    Flavia Araujo Herrera 1 month ago Igual yo :v
  • Yoon-seo Cha
    Yoon-seo Cha 3 weeks ago X2
  • Danny Pilay
    Danny Pilay 3 weeks ago X3
  • Harry Warden
    Harry Warden 2 hours ago . io bine ah haprender ah ahvlar i eskrivir :')
  • Azul Hoseok :3
    Azul Hoseok :3 2 hours ago Jsjsjjss c mamut 😂, anda mi canal :v yo enseño palabras mas mejores alv xd
  • Seven 777
    Seven 777 2 months ago the best video in spanish that i saw for beginners
    LOKI SAMA 4 months ago My Spanish teacher was like Peggy Hill... I didn't learn mierda 🙄
  • K C Francis
    K C Francis 3 months ago Jaja
  • Ulises Salgado
    Ulises Salgado 2 months ago Hola podremos ayudarnos te enseño español y tu me enseñas inglés
  • alex serna jimenez
    alex serna jimenez 3 weeks ago @Ulises Salgado no se van a entender un culo
  • Jazmín: Blockman Go
    Jazmín: Blockman Go 2 weeks ago @alex serna jimenez ja ja si😂
  • Ulises Salgado
    Ulises Salgado 2 weeks ago @alex serna jimenez jajaaja hablo inglés un 60% maybe siii podríamos 🤣🤣
  • Ad P
    Ad P 1 week ago You learned the word mierda and that’s what matters
  • Primaxo Serrano
    Primaxo Serrano 1 week ago Chinguen a su madre todos :v, means, i love u everyone ♡ :D
  • Fabian Brown
    Fabian Brown 4 months ago I love spanish now
  • A D R I A N A •
    A D R I A N A • 4 months ago I know
  • melinda brown
    melinda brown 3 months ago This is professional, clear and trackable. Gracias!
  • Ulises Salgado
    Ulises Salgado 2 months ago Teach me English and i teach you Spanish please
  • melinda brown
    melinda brown 2 months ago @Ulises Salgado: If you're serious, email me: melinda.l.brown@outlook.com
  • 1000 subs with no videos?
    1000 subs with no videos? 2 months ago @Ulises Salgado ok lets do it
  • Ulises Salgado
    Ulises Salgado 2 months ago @1000 subs with no videos? awesome!!!!! My Facebook is Ulises Salgado could you send me a friend request
  • 1000 subs with no videos?
    1000 subs with no videos? 2 months ago @Ulises Salgado oof uh im only 12 xd sorry
  • Ulises Salgado
    Ulises Salgado 2 months ago @1000 subs with no videos? ok don't worry regards
  • 1000 subs with no videos?
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