C# Tutorial For Beginners - Learn C# Basics in 1 Hour

Published on Apr 3, 2016 1,605,128 views

This C# tutorial for beginners helps you learn C# programming from scratch. Watch this C# for beginners tutorial and get started!
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Watch this C# tutorial for beginners to learn the fundamentals of C# (pronounced C sharp) and .NET framework. If you're looking for a C# tutorial that teaches you C# programming from scratch, this tutorial is for you. C# is a popular programming language and everyday people use to build games, desktop, mobile, and web applications.

00:00 Introduction
02:16 Difference between C# and .NET
03:07 CLR
05:21 Architecture of .NET Applications
07:52 Your First C# Program
18:45 Variables and Constants
27:24 Overflowing
29:34 Scope
30:33 Demo of Variables and Constants
42:40 Type Conversion
47:30 Demo of Type Conversion
57:43 Operators

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  • Abdullah Adil
    Abdullah Adil 1 year ago Console.Writeline("Hello World"); "Momma I became a programmer!"
  • Justice Darling
    Justice Darling 23 hours ago did you mean? Console.Writeline("Hello World"); #"Momma I became a programmer!"
  • Hans Zarkov
    Hans Zarkov 2 months ago but she won't be able to read it unless you add Console.Readline();
  • Carl CIFER
    Carl CIFER 2 months ago Mom: Oh my son so cute!! Debugger: What the actual fuck?!
  • Amazing Sage
    Amazing Sage 3 months ago Dude thats me XD
  • Snehal Pardeshi
    Snehal Pardeshi 5 months ago Oh you dint.. WriteLine boy..!
  • Anonymous Developers
    Anonymous Developers 7 months ago 2 weak warnings found ⚠️ Would you like us to replace them? Console.WriteLine(“Hello World”); // “Momma I became a programmer!”
  • Baron Kimaru
    Baron Kimaru 7 months ago Welcome to the unhappy world of Debugging young blood!
  • נועה שדה
    נועה שדה 8 months ago i think you mean: Console.WriteLine("Hello World"); --- you forgot the capital "L" in "WriteLine"
  • Nerf Master blaster
    Nerf Master blaster 10 months ago ahahahhahhahaha XD
  • Carlos Andiazabal
    Carlos Andiazabal 10 months ago ma quanto è bravo il mio bambino. Bello di mamma!!!!!!
  • Jurica Staresincic
    Jurica Staresincic 10 months ago you actually missed capital L in WriteLine nethod FFS :-P
  • Simon Ndung'u
    Simon Ndung'u 11 months ago cool
  • Programming with Mosh
    Programming with Mosh 1 year ago Congratulations!
  • Saeed Hashemi
    Saeed Hashemi 2 years ago thank u for teaching us in dark mode
  • felix styles
    felix styles 1 month ago 666 likes not gonna ruin it
  • SF12 Studies
    SF12 Studies 1 month ago Honestly PyCharm Is Better XP
  • RedstoneBros
    RedstoneBros 2 months ago And then the sections of him talking to the camera directly is brighter than the sun T.T
  • ga_lazy
    ga_lazy 6 months ago @Goomashroom He was saying thanks for turning on dark mode because after looking at white mode it hurts your eyes, escpecially when its an 1 hour tutorial. He was not being racist and referring to colors of people. Next time think about what you say
  • Sarah Anueyiagu
    Sarah Anueyiagu 6 months ago @Goomashroom really? Whats racist about it..😏
  • Goomashroom
    Goomashroom 7 months ago dude.... that's racist. in 2018, really man? not cool bro
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    Ibby M 9 months ago stfu
  • Isaiah Wallace
    Isaiah Wallace 11 months ago YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Diana Franco
    Diana Franco 1 year ago Hi Bas, thanks for your reply. I was able to turn the colours on following this: ReSharper - Code Inspection - Settings - Color Identifiers check box to enable Resharper syntax highlighting.
  • Bas Heijnis
  • Diana Franco
    Diana Franco 1 year ago The colour of the fonts are set automatically? Because I have the dark theme and my coding words are less colourful :(
  • Addam Boord
    Addam Boord 1 year ago Welcome to the dark side.
  • Bas Heijnis
    Bas Heijnis 1 year ago tools > options > environment > general > color theme
    BOBOUDA 1 year ago Just wondering, how do you enable that ?
  • Oyon Ahmed
    Oyon Ahmed 1 year ago https://goo.gl/TDsKfk
  • driate anass
    driate anass 1 year ago hahahaahaha
  • Marco Longo
    Marco Longo 1 year ago I've been looking for a tutorial like this for weeks. You seem to be the only guy ON INTERNET who doesn't take anything for granted and actually explains every single aspect of the programming language with knowledge and clarity. Most people don't understand that even the smallest insignificant detail could be very confusing for a neophyte if they don't explain what it does and why it behaves that way. Thanks for going so in depth on each topic!
  • Nabarup Ghosh
    Nabarup Ghosh 1 month ago @Programming with Mosh sir , please make a longer tutorial on C# & Java like you made in Python.Please
  • Julius Liaudanskas
    Julius Liaudanskas 3 months ago "Most people don't understand that even the smallest insignificant detail could be very confusing for a neophyte if they don't explain what it does and why it behaves that way" -- As a person who's trying to dive down into progamming, this is an absolute truth!
  • DjeieA KeksekI
    DjeieA KeksekI 1 year ago volod'ka no you are not old lol, I know somebody who was around 80 years old and was learning reading and writing, she had didn't have the opportunity before probably. I recommend you start with web pages because I'm a newbie myself. Believe me it can help you a lot ( HTML, CSS ), also if you want to make an app you should know how to make a website for it as much as I know ( I'm not sure but if your customers wanted to contact you or find the support they should go somewhere like your own website ). If you learn your first language you can learn other ones easier. You just need to put effort ( effectively ), put 5 minutes everyday to learn, but make sure to do it, never ever delay it for tomorrow. When you made sure you did it add more time to it, make it 15 minutes each day and .... . If you have the strong courage that you want to sacrifice other things then you can study hours, but make sure you continue it. If you really want to do something you should put effort ( effectively ).
  • volod'ka
    volod'ka 1 year ago +Programming with Mosh Good afternoon sir. I am a 22 year-old boy. I decided to begin learning programming ...yeah I've got a job after graduation (manager)...but,I 'd like to try programming,try smth completely new...there is a bunch of statements on internet claiming that such newbees as me MUST begin immersion into Programming with Web-development...to be honest, above-mentioned stuff does not interest me at all...I'd like to learn lang that can be used to creat apps...to me, it's more interesting than creating web pages.Am I old?What do you think??Thnx
  • Programming with Mosh
    Programming with Mosh 1 year ago Hi Marco, thanks for such a beautiful comment! I've got several tutorials on my YouTube channel, but if you want to learn more from me, you may want to consider getting my complete C# courses. This way you don't have to jump from one tutorial to another. Details are here: http://programmingwithmosh.com/courses