The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans | Daniel Amen | TEDxOrangeCoast

Published on Oct 16, 2013 8,622,341 views

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  • Omninaut
    Omninaut 2 years ago Anyone feel like they want to get a scan on themselves...see what their activity looks like. I certainly do.
  • Vzor Yan
    Vzor Yan 1 day ago generally brain activity looks like random groups of flashes all around the brain
  • jata shukla
    jata shukla 4 days ago In India where we can get that scan done
  • maxine lowe
    maxine lowe 5 days ago Looks like we would like one and why not x maybe it would help lots of us who feel there must be a reason I feel like this x
  • some guy named Merick
    some guy named Merick 1 week ago Me too, I want to know the effects of my childhood adventures with all those times I hit my head.
  • penny kirksey
    penny kirksey 1 week ago I really need one, I’m just getting medication.
  • Claudia Vlahović
    Claudia Vlahović 1 week ago Or non activity🤭
  • Rose Spaulding
    Rose Spaulding 1 week ago I'd be a little hesitant out of fear of what I've done to mine.
  • Siddharth Garg
    Siddharth Garg 3 weeks ago How much does it cost in India, anyone?
  • Pinkfeather Agape333
    Pinkfeather Agape333 3 weeks ago The dies injected to see ct scans..stays in the body up to 2 years..so do it only if necessary
  • beerman1957
    beerman1957 3 weeks ago My brain scan came back negative.
  • Shoaib Saleem
    Shoaib Saleem 3 weeks ago After watching this I feel like I need one too
  • Johnno Johnathan
    Johnno Johnathan 1 month ago in Israel we are working on it...this is part of personalized medicine , a concept that was born in UK. Itll take time, probably like 20 or 30 years do be suited for the usage of average(hate this word...) person cause its not all about medicine, but a lot about money either
  • Anthony Boarman
    Anthony Boarman 1 month ago @Why Not Now How do they correct the brain?
  • susan abbott
    susan abbott 1 month ago Scott Laux much more profit in drugs too!
  • Rachel Stone
    Rachel Stone 1 month ago For sure! I have been diagnosed with ADHD, major depression, anxiety, ptsd and insomnia and I am pretty sure I have discalculia. If there is something to fix that... I want in!
  • meganverne
    meganverne 1 month ago @pandroidgaxie I would like to argue that perhaps they do not use the brain scan to tell you WHICH situation your in (depression, schizophrenia, etc.) rather, to help with the medication of someone they show what type of activity the brain has to best match what could help? I believe they still use the therapy to determine what major issues are and maybe with the combo can tell what would work the best. I also argue that not all problems needs medication and can heal with time and traditional therapy.
  • Leonardo Palacio
    Leonardo Palacio 1 month ago Omninaut sucks that not everyone can afford it
  • Exploring Incredible Uttarakhand
    Exploring Incredible Uttarakhand 1 month ago i wish to get a scan from daniel sir.
  • Lo Sweet
    Lo Sweet 1 month ago Go to an advanced workshop of Dr Joe dispenza and he will scan your brain before and after the workshop. You will see improvement
  • Jozef de Beer
    Jozef de Beer 1 month ago Excellent and brave point. I think scans should be a regular part of medical monitoring for everyone. This would remove stigma.
  • David Kruse
    David Kruse 1 month ago @mackerel69 you arent supposed to think about that
  • David Kruse
    David Kruse 1 month ago (edited) @Gonzalo Herrera big companies would love this. why do you assume pharmaceutical companies wouldnt want this? These scans cost several thousand dollars themselves and the machines are made by big time medical companies. Plus if the scan show abnormalities most doctors would prescribe medications. I will add that this doctor charges several thousand dollars himself to run and evaluate these scans. This is not exact science and his treatment methods are no proven. This guy is a saleman and it sounds like you bought his sales pitch.
  • David Kruse
    David Kruse 1 month ago they are expensive
  • Major Disaster
    Major Disaster 1 month ago @pandroidgaxie nonsense, structural brain imaging and machine learning is yielding direct diagnosis.
  • Cyann Jinx
    Cyann Jinx 1 month ago Yea
  • A.R. Orr
    A.R. Orr 1 month ago Omninaut he’s creating demand for scanning services. Good business pitch.
  • Luis Enrique Terron
    Luis Enrique Terron 1 month ago Omninaut i wish there was app for that
  • David Molina
    David Molina 1 month ago Yeah totally, I certainly got a mess up there
  • Bogdan 12
    Bogdan 12 1 month ago Yes, but it's risky. There is some radiation involved, that could do unnecesary harm. Medicine acts with the principle of doing something harmfull for the result of getting the pacient better( x.rey, or even taking a simple blood sample. That is a harm that you put yourself through to get a result on your condition). So. Doing these scans are beter for people who have some simptoms and our responsability as citisens to see these simptoms at others that we care about. Only these people with simptoms need to take these scans ( because of brain iradiation) Sorry for my english.
  • Sad Soul
    Sad Soul 1 month ago Agreed, I want to visit Dr. Amen's office, to be honest.
  • Paul Guerra
    Paul Guerra 1 month ago I feel like that's my only hope :/
  • Chuck Barnett
    Chuck Barnett 1 month ago nah I'm cool wit the druuugs
  • Gabe Mont
    Gabe Mont 1 month ago Omninaut I did one it was great
  • Mama Jini Murphy
    Mama Jini Murphy 1 month ago Me, too!!!!
  • Seer Guru
    Seer Guru 1 month ago myMelody4life how much ?$$
  • Seer Guru
    Seer Guru 1 month ago NavyBlue well when your sons suicidal then risk reward points to test being worth it
  • (los talleres de) sorjuanadeinternet
    (los talleres de) sorjuanadeinternet 1 month ago League Addict They’re just XXI century children in XIX century classrooms... And one of the side effects of medication, if not imprescindible, is that we have just one liver for all the sum of pills for this and that!
  • Gary Simone
    Gary Simone 2 months ago Dont tell ya what yadont already know
  • Wendy Hill
    Wendy Hill 2 months ago @cellogirl11RW I agree the drugs do not treat everyone the same...actions and reactions vary greatly. A shot in the dark really then they start layering pills and allow your average/general Doctor to Baker Act people of all ages and shoot them up with drugs that do not work. All they want or are doing is to immobilized people.
  • Heather Dean Church
    Heather Dean Church 2 months ago @Toefuy Kon yes look him up in search
  • Heather Dean Church
    Heather Dean Church 2 months ago Yes oh yes I wrote him a letter he's a great human Ya know this really makes sense to me Even with TBI
  • Shameem Mohammed
    Shameem Mohammed 2 months ago Me too
  • Chloe Neo
    Chloe Neo 2 months ago I fall down when I was 10 months old. I knitted my forehead badly. 11 stitches on my forehead. I m 41 now. Is it too late to scan?
  • Adam Greene
    Adam Greene 2 months ago sign me up ^^
  • Doron Rothstein
    Doron Rothstein 2 months ago cheaper.. I don’t know. more like, ‘more profitable’.
  • ElectricLyn2
    ElectricLyn2 2 months ago Thanks @NavyBlue ! Excellent psychopathic instinct after that teary eyed pitch. I felt this creepy play on active shooter hype. Saving my 3k for MY bugatti voiture, not HIS.
  • Anam Farooqy
    Anam Farooqy 2 months ago me!!