How to Make a $70 DIY Kicker Ramp for Beginners in 2 Hours

Premiered Mar 14, 2019 33,258 views

Today we teach you how to build a basic kicker in 2 hours! This Skatepark style super kicker is something all you beginner ramp builders can learn the basics of building a ramp. It is fairly simple. MAKE SURE TO MEASURE!

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  • Nil_scoot 17
    Nil_scoot 17 1 week ago When u know you’re not gonna build it because of your parents but u still watch cause it’s undialed
  • undialed
    undialed 1 week ago When you’re the most rad person in the comment😭❤️
  • Ashkasha Hija
    Ashkasha Hija 2 days ago i know how you feel bro
  • Matt Extreme
    Matt Extreme 1 week ago Please make a guide about how to do a quarter pipe
  • undialed
    undialed 1 week ago coming soon:)
  • Matt Extreme
    Matt Extreme 1 week ago Thanks
  • JAHA Scoots YT
    JAHA Scoots YT 1 week ago undialed yess please me and my mate are planning to build one and need a good video
  • Josh Kreuger
    Josh Kreuger 1 week ago GUYS WHEN YOU GET ALL THE RAMPS YOU NEED do games of SCOOT and do RIDE DAYS WITH PROS!!!!! That would be so dope
  • undialed
    undialed 1 week ago I lie the idea!
  • Stock Brothers
    Stock Brothers 1 week ago (edited) You helped me understand the Pythagorean Theorem better than my math book.👍
  • Obamagamer55
    Obamagamer55 1 week ago also a tip for the 2x4s. when you look at the ends of the board, you may see a dot at the end with the "rings" of the tree going around it. DONT use those boards if the dot is visible at both ends. the dot is called the pith and it experiences the most amount of stress and tension and as the humidity rises/falls the board will be more likely to warp/bend/twist.
  • Glen Zagami
    Glen Zagami 1 week ago After you guys make tons of ramps you should make a skate park
  • Jarren Thayer
    Jarren Thayer 1 week ago Mom: what are you watching? Me: math lessons with will Mom: ... ok
  • E2 Meme
    E2 Meme 1 week ago You guys should do a Lucky Charms spocered video part 3!!!
  • undialed
    undialed 1 week ago planning on it;)
  • Brian B
    Brian B 2 days ago Be a teacher when you retire from scootering
  • Josh peery
    Josh peery 1 week ago Or if your making a perfect triangle, multiply both A and B and then divide that number by 2
  • Stacy Ocharo
    Stacy Ocharo 1 week ago I ordered undialed stickers on February 25th and they still have not come.Please explain
  • привет пока
    привет пока 1 week ago Can't wait till you build DIY skatepark for 200$ 😂😂😂
  • John 1205
    John 1205 1 week ago 2:00 willy lokey teaching the pitagoran theorem
  • Andre Lyssenkoff
    Andre Lyssenkoff 3 days ago Keep these videos coming, for once you actually explain how to make it. Please make a quarter pipe as i struggle to make a good transition for scooters
  • Preslav Petkov
    Preslav Petkov 1 week ago Make a tutorial for diy kicker for fingerboard
  • Valdemar Loft
    Valdemar Loft 1 week ago I am gonna do this
  • Douglas O’Toole
    Douglas O’Toole 1 week ago Love the channel keep up the good work Will and Clayton 💜💙💚🛴🛴
  • jet. scofield
    jet. scofield 1 week ago Pro scooter rider and mathematician👏🙌
  • Milo Fessler
    Milo Fessler 4 days ago I skateboard but you guys are pretty cool. And I am sorry that skaters are mean to you.
  • Scootergirl Sabi
    Scootergirl Sabi 1 week ago Yeah boys thanks I love this vid😁🔥🙏🏼