How HashMap works in Java? With Animation!! whats new in java8 tutorial

Published on Jul 14, 2015 589,308 views

How does java hashmap work ? HashMap is one of the most popular java.util data structures.
Its one of the associative array implementations, here I have explained its internals in simple terms using an animation. Java8 adds a bit of enhancement to HashMap by using a balanced tree when there is too much has collisions. I have covered that as well.
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  • Anil sharma
    Anil sharma 3 years ago This is the best tutorial I found for "How HashMap works"! Demo using animation is remarkable :)
  • Shyamal Munshi
    Shyamal Munshi 3 years ago This is probably the best explanation of Hashmap I've come across! Kudos to you!
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    Manohar Menam 3 years ago One of the best explanation for HashMap. Good work. Keep making more videos.
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    Jon KC 2 years ago Your face is in the way of the slides. lol
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    Yuyue Jiang 3 years ago This is an in-depth very well explained video! Thanks a lot!
  • Ranjith ramachandran
    Ranjith ramachandran 3 years ago Thanks!
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    Ritesh Puj 3 years ago I learned a lot about Hashmap from this video. Thanks a lot Ranjith, you have did a great job. :)
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    nsarvesh 3 years ago Exceptional presentation of HashMap. Keep up the good work :)
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    Pierry Ângelo Pereira 3 years ago Excellent job @Ranjith ramachandran! Keep doing it!
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    Deepak Pandey 3 years ago Superb explanation Sir, keep it up and keep aspirants enhance their skills.
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    ronak chatterjee 1 year ago This got to be the best explanation of Internal working of hasmap that I have ever seen. Thanks..!
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    Jie Zou 3 years ago Thank you very much for the work. Explanation is clear and animation is very good!
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    Mike Rodriguez 3 years ago Amazing approach!! Thanks a lot worked like a charm!!!
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    Jin Liu 3 years ago Very good video! Thank you for your explanation.
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    sangit dhanani 3 years ago dude stop coming back and forth in to the screen. Its distracting
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    Podzirov Viktor 3 years ago Thanks. It's very helpful.
  • Ranjith ramachandran
    Ranjith ramachandran 3 years ago thanks
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    arun s 2 years ago I was looking for a good explanation for a long time, and I found today. Thanks, Ranjith.
  • Praveen Kumar
    Praveen Kumar 3 years ago Nice Explanation...
  • Yogesh Bhat
    Yogesh Bhat 3 years ago How hash(k) is calculated? Can you please explain..
  • Ranjith ramachandran
    Ranjith ramachandran 3 years ago +Yogesh Bhat - hash(k) in real implementation is done to address "poorly" implemented hashcode methods in classes, that will cause a bucket(or index) loaded with too many nodes(or in older terms entries). It basically spreads higher bits of actual hashcode to lower order. This is done because the modulo operation produces different results only based on lower order btis.(in base 10, think of numbers at 'ones' position)
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    Shadab 3 years ago Hey Ranjith Very detailed and nicely animated work..It was easy to understand
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    Ben Ray 2 years ago you look exactly like an indian Michael Ian Black.. also thanks for the tutorial!