32 Minutes of English Listening Practice for Beginners

Published on Jun 20, 2017 1,895,213 views

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In this video, you’ll challenge your English listening comprehension skills. You will listen to small dialogues for for beginners by English native speakers. This is THE place to start if you want to start learning English, and improve both your listening and speaking skills.

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    Koalas 1 month ago They speak too slow, it doesn't help me improve at all, though it's fun to solve those riddles lol
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    Chiquixita 79 2 months ago There are many videos to learn Spanish. I invite you to watch it, if you are bored, you will have a lot of fun watching it.
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    Ninja Weretiger 11 months ago Well I am Canadian. Here we speak English or French as offical languages. I am watching this not just for fun. But to help friends learning English.
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    Ghcm Chgm 1 year ago I think it's too slow to speak like they do in the video , is it true ? Because you guys sound like you pronnounce like 5 words at the same time
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    Koalas 1 month ago Is this fast for you? they speak like robots lol
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    luli 6 months ago @Vladislav Brooks but i still want to visit russia hahah
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    luli 6 months ago @Vladislav Brooks oooh sorry i didn't know, my geography note is not so good either, lol
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    Vladislav Brooks 6 months ago @luli I am a ukrainian, hah :D :D
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    luli 6 months ago @Vladislav Brooks wow it's so cool that through a language, in this case English, everyone can communicate with people around the world, someday i wanna visit russia
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    Vladislav Brooks 6 months ago (edited) @luli EF Set shows me level between a1 and a2 what is pretty weird though i didn't had a lot of speaking practice and I have the same with academic english. P.S. My native language is russian.
  • luli
    luli 6 months ago @Vladislav Brooks i think it's more than a B but i'm not really sure, my native language is spanish, i live in argentina and the academic level is not so good
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    Vladislav Brooks 6 months ago (edited) ​@luli,what is your level now by CEFR and what is your native language?
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    luli 6 months ago it's very easy for me, i just didn't understand a few words, all i know is that thanks to the songs, movies and series that i see in English, i don't think the video is fast
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    João Vitor Mendes Cerqueira 6 months ago i don't think so
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    m a y i k i e 7 months ago Cambridge say that the begin (basic) is "ket" with this level of listening
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    max gaks 8 months ago Not fast
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    nedu 8 months ago not fast indeed. But the words are too complicated for beginners.
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    Bir Sual Bir Cavab 9 months ago Make speed 0.75
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    Uma KUMAR 9 months ago Jorge Aguilera shishu6mandirgo 1
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    RandomQuestion 1 year ago 5,5 for listening during a English test. And now I guess everything correct...wtf?
  • Hakob Hakobyan
    Hakob Hakobyan 1 year ago I think that there is an error in busstop part, left side is incorrect represented. I think that green is correct busstop.
  • Toni H
    Toni H 2 weeks ago English teacher here. The audio doesn't say which way to turn. Very confusing, even with a map. Without a map... Impossible.
  • igor efraim
    igor efraim 3 weeks ago i agree with you
  • Daiane Ferreira
    Daiane Ferreira 1 month ago YES. There´s a mistake. I whatched it two times. I was like "what?? I can't be wrong!"
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    Ivy Kitty 2 months ago Same
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    pedercio 015 2 months ago I agree!
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    Edbert 4 months ago You arent the only one mate!@
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    Lucas Balbino 4 months ago (edited) @DUSTIN NGUYỄN No, I thought that there was an error as well, but when I listened twice I realized that I was understanding wrong. When the boy says that would be nice to have a new printt next the shelf, he's saying that the one that was there, It was the older. Then, they decided to put the older next the window, 'cause there was space enough there.
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    Pablo Soria 6 months ago I have been complaining with my girlfriend about this and now I know she was wrong. THANKS MAN
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    jay gatz 8 months ago yes, there is. It is incomplete, i think
  • Degpy
    Degpy 9 months ago ME TOO
    DUSTIN NGUYỄN 9 months ago i think that there is an error in printer part, too
  • Francesca Alderisio
    Francesca Alderisio 11 months ago Meowchan yes but if you are giving me directions, you have to tell me if i have to turn right or left at the traffic light because i don't know where the bookstore is before i get there. What if i decide to go left at the first traffic light and then i keep following the directions turning left as the man says? I would get lost. So even if i can understand the right answer because i see the map, there still an mistake
  • Cẩm Tú
    Cẩm Tú 1 year ago i agree with you
  • Meowchan
    Meowchan 1 year ago The reason the green bus stop is wrong is because the man tells you to turn left at the bookstore. If he said to turn right at the bookstore then green would have been correct.
  • Mohd Sopie Azizan
    Mohd Sopie Azizan 1 year ago Yes, I have same answer with you. But I thought I am wrong because I am not an English speaker.
  • Piboon-b
    Piboon-b 1 year ago There's no word "turn right at"the second traffic light,there's just only "turn at".that's a mistake.
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    Kurtuluş Kafkaz 1 year ago Hakob Hakobyan yeah , i agree with you too
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    Tan Kin Kete 1 year ago 😧🌐🐽🐏🐽🐽🐗
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    Arthur Kozyar 8 months ago In the bus stop case. I think it's wrong. Because he didn't say in which side she needs to turn.
  • Lił Guuuz
    Lił Guuuz 1 month ago @Catarsis Agresiva calma, con practica lo lograrás
  • Koalas
    Koalas 1 month ago It's not wrong. You were supposed to know which side to go when he said "Turn left at the corner of the bookstore" you can't turn left on the other side of the road, can you?
  • Catarsis Agresiva
    Catarsis Agresiva 1 month ago (edited) i thought the same but im really bad for the speaking and listening, i can read and write very good, but i can´t understand nothing when the people try to say me anything... im a fucking fraud
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    IAmNinja 5 months ago i thought that i was terrible at english xD
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    Simran Saini 6 months ago Yeah he told to turn from signal ..bt didnt mentioned the direction whether to turn left or right
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    DANI _ 7 months ago I was reading the comments because I wanted to find out if someone had noticed that!
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    kardoz 1 year ago I really liked it. The listening is one of the most important thing to me, and those videos are so helpful to improve my English. Thanks a lot.
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    O canal de Um ratinho 1 year ago If I wanna improve your listening FASTER you should watch to the news
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    De todo un poco 2 weeks ago X2
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    Koalas 1 month ago Why is that?
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    Patrick. sri 1 month ago When you just start listening practice,Teacher advice you to listen music and you open "Rap god" to listen
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    Zhao Ethan 1 year ago Great job of you to give us this video. And I can get most of it.Thx a lot.
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    Herlemem 1 year ago actually is very advanced English to classify as beginner
    ALEX LOKE01 5 months ago i agree with you !
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    Maryoom Blo 7 months ago Thank you so much l improved my listening skill and had fun in the same time 💜💜
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    Celtic Whisper 1 month ago Definitely NOT a beginners exam! More like A2 level.
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    BOT Game TV 3 weeks ago Thank you for helping me improve the listening part.
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    We Fix Your English 1 year ago This is a very useful video with great content, but it seems a bit high for beginner. At least that's my opinion. Regardless, great work!
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    Vothana Chab 2 months ago you are right
  • Gabriel Mansilla
    Gabriel Mansilla 4 months ago @Cesar Braga I don't think... I'm sure that my listening skills are not good but this video is very easy 🤔
  • SoloNet
    SoloNet 9 months ago Breno Vs it’s useful to listen in slow motion?
  • Breno Vs
    Breno Vs 1 year ago Reduce the speed.
  • John Cristovam
    John Cristovam 1 year ago (edited) Well, i'm a freaking bigginer, and i've got almost everything of it. 97%, i guess. -
  • Cesar Braga
    Cesar Braga 1 year ago I agree, I'm beginner and I had some difficult to understand this video.
  • Męřıțą Ņå
    Męřıțą Ņå 5 months ago In 9:31 why the bus stop isn't the green one ? He said turn left and not right 🙄oh come on !!
  • Koalas
    Koalas 1 month ago It's not the green one because he said Turn LEFT at the corner of the book store. If you paid attention you'd know.
  • MIDO Pop
    MIDO Pop 3 months ago @ReyNu Dancer Yes i had that problem as well
  • ReyNu Dancer
    ReyNu Dancer 5 months ago Ye menn I was the same and he didn't say where she need to turn
  • Maria Parolin
    Maria Parolin 6 months ago the edit was fantastic, good job!
  • Ramal Namazov
    Ramal Namazov 7 months ago Vaqanın əsəbinnən oynama
  • Richobicho Serrato
    Richobicho Serrato 8 months ago In the family part there is a mistake i thing, the introducer talk about who lives with the man, and his 2 parents live neraby, no with him. It is my point of view
  • Vaiva Margo
    Vaiva Margo 8 months ago This is great! I will feature you on my Teacher Vaiva facebook page. Students always ask me where to find great clear listening practice - and here it is! Brilliant! I especially love that you provide multiple rounds of audio and the subtitles. Subscribed :)