Learn to salsa dance for beginners. This walkthrough video will help you learn how to salsa dance and provide you a series of salsa dance lessons that will teach you the basics steps to salsa dancing, right turns, cross body leads and the cross body lead 180. After practicing this salsa lesson a few times you will be able to do all the salsa moves that we show you at the beginning of the salsa video. For more free salsa dance lessons, check out our page at: https://www.addicted2salsa.com .

Salsa Lessons Shortcuts:
1:07 Basics Steps On1 Timing
3:20 Dancing with a Partner
4:17 Salsa Right Turn On1
5:17 Leading a Right Turn in Salsa Dancing
6:05 The Cross Body Lead
7:48 Cross Body Lead - Side Angle
8:10 Leading a Cross Body Lead
8:50 Cross Body Lead with Turn
9:12 Shanay Turns in Salsa
10:08 Cross Body Lead with Turn Steps
11:02 Cross Body Lead with Turn in Partnerwork
11:37 Cross Body Lead 180

As always, please consult your physician or an EMT, and wear the proper safety gear and harness before doing the moves in any dance video.

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    Sierra Eaton 2 years ago What the hell i was just trying to make salsa this guys not a chef at all
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    outwiththem 2 years ago we are not big eaters, we are big dancers....sorry for you..
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    Zaid 1 year ago Well now you know how to dance! Congrats!
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    Shashidhar Kote 1 year ago Zumba for beginners
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  • Marko Petrovic
    Marko Petrovic 1 week ago Sierra Eaton Many thanks, been searching for "learning the salsa" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried - Miyyan Wenacob Bulldozer - (search on google ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my neighbour got amazing results with it.
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    NICK BONNIE 1 week ago Many thanks, I've been looking for "free salsa dance steps" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried - Miyyan Wenacob Bulldozer - (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my neighbour got excellent success with it.
  • Sunnilocs
    Sunnilocs 4 years ago A good partner is essential.  Many leads don't realize the importance of the push and pull.
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    Mr. McGee 5 years ago i swear you had powdered sugar on your hands when you were talking in the introduction
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    Fruitycoconut G 1 month ago Ahaha !
  • George Garcia
    George Garcia 4 years ago I struggle so bad with partner dancing and salsa dancing. I've had lessons twice and it still feels completely unnatural. This is so embarrassing for me because believe it or not, I'm Cuban American and living in Miami. Knowing how to salsa dance is almost a requirement. It's embarrassing when I say I can't really dance salsa, and people look at me like I'm from Mars. "But aren't you Cuban" they say with a twisted face. Truth is, I grew up in  family that never danced and never went to parties. My mother really never thought to teach me. And I really grew up in schools that were completely Americanized. I grew up dancing to The Romantics, U2 and The Police. An 80's MTV kid. It messes with your social life a bit because you're expected to know it. My ex wife didn't care... I think. I've got to at least learn the basic moves this video teaches. Otherwise, they may kick me out of Miami for good!
  • Angelica Acevedo-Morales
    Angelica Acevedo-Morales 4 years ago Don't feel bad. That's because you was born and raise in America. I'm Puerto Rican. I was born and raise in New York City. I had to teach myself how to dance salsa because my family are just the same as your family. You will learn, it just takes practice.
  • michael knight
    michael knight 3 years ago i give you alot of props for admitting it,almost same story here except im puerto rican from new york. all my relatives whom still live in nyc are dance machines and its embarassing for me when i went to a family reunion 4 yrs ago aunts and cousins dragged me out on dance floor and i felt like a complete moron trying to dance. i still had alot of fun ,but not very confident...where we as a family went wrong is when i was super young my dad retired and moved us way upstate ny from brooklyn, all my relatives stayed in the city meanwhile we moved to a small country hick town where i was the only spanish person in the whole school district. now looking back i realize i lost touch with my culture. having kids myself now i want to learn my salsa ,merengue , and of course bachata. got a wedding coming up in couple months down in the city and i soo wanna dance with all my relatives all of whom are wonderful dancers.seems to come natural for them.sorry about the rant. i wish you the best of luck.
  • szililolabu
    szililolabu 3 years ago @Manny George it may take months to feel the beat. But worth it.
    BAESIKLI 2 years ago :( I went to this party the other day and I guess the ladies there thought I could dance so I gave it a try (which I can't)... I took a mad L, I was the embarrassment of the party and I'm Ecuadorian. I promise that next time I pull up, imma prove all them wrong 😈🤘
  • Lara Marchese
    Lara Marchese 1 year ago George Garcia get your hips moving
  • Johnny Resto
    Johnny Resto 1 year ago BAESIKLI bro I'm taking this girl on a date and she wants to go salsa dancing but I don't even know the basics which I told her, but she's persistent on we go. Time to swallow my pride and just dance
  • Iris Bonet
    Iris Bonet 1 year ago George Garcia I'm Puerto Rican and don't know how to let a guy lead for the life of me.. lol "I'm an independent woman that don't need no man" bahaha
  • Imanuela E
    Imanuela E 1 year ago Hahaha! I can so relate. I'm a beginner, 5 lessons or so, and though I've been told I've picked it up really fast, by far the most frequent feedback is that I should "let the man lead." I'm working on it though. I think I'm getting better, but sadly the only way I'll ever become a really good salsa dancer is to learn how to follow. I love the music and atmosphere so much, anyway it's only for the duration of the dance!
  • Esther Gonzalez Martinez
    Esther Gonzalez Martinez 1 year ago @Iris Bonet ,
  • Liliana Feliciano
    Liliana Feliciano 1 year ago George Garcia I know the struggles I'm Puerto Rican people tell me music is in my blood my family can danced but they never thought me I feel embarrassed and I hate feeling this way that I can't dance my own music
  • j2times2006
    j2times2006 10 months ago Right there with you man. It’s a little t of fun and as long as you put the effort in you’ll see some results. Just started going to classes myself and the more you do these steps the more comfortable you’ll get trust me. The toughest part is overcoming the beginning
  • xMyPointlessChannelx
    xMyPointlessChannelx 10 months ago George Garcia I can relate lol but it’s when I say I can’t speak Spanish. I also just started taking salsa lessons too aha.
    VIVIKAS WORLD 9 months ago I feel you, I only know how to dance to rnb lolll
  • Mike Post
    Mike Post 9 months ago (edited) It's been 3 years since you posted this. How's it going, @George Garcia? As for your original comment: man, you had two lessons. It'll come. Chill.
  • hmm
    hmm 9 months ago George Garcia Bro same over here, we’re gringo Miamins.
  • Bruce Charlie
    Bruce Charlie 5 months ago I'm an engineer that is shit at maths but I still work for rolls Royce... some things in life don't come easy and will always be a struggle for your brain, but a man has to still get on with it
  • Kitty crack corn and Idc
    Kitty crack corn and Idc 4 months ago I relate to this except I know how to dance I just can't speak Spanish...
  • German Scheit
    German Scheit 3 months ago I know the struggle bra
  • Calliope Lyre
    Calliope Lyre 2 months ago So cute.
  • Giovanni Oyola
    Giovanni Oyola 1 month ago And I’m from PR and every time I say I don’t know how to dance everyone goes -But you are puertorican!
  • Fruitycoconut G
    Fruitycoconut G 1 month ago @Mike Post kicked out of miami
  • leo leo
    leo leo 1 week ago This was great, thanks, I been tryin to find out about "learn how to dance salsa video" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried - Miyyan Wenacob Bulldozer - (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my mate got amazing results with it.
  • hayden nielsen
    hayden nielsen 3 years ago Have to learn how to salsa for a friends quinciñueta... Nervous.. Hahaha a white American boy trying to salsa
  • Lalalabanya
    Lalalabanya 3 years ago Good luck!! I'm sure you'll do great. :)
  • Rincy Albert
    Rincy Albert 3 years ago n n. illness.
  • Kennedy Tsang
    Kennedy Tsang 3 years ago +hayden nielsen How did it good bro? I am also learning how to salsa for a friends too lol Nervous
  • sofea babby
    sofea babby 3 years ago SAME OMG! So nervous, how'd it go for you?
  • Someone Had To
    Someone Had To 3 years ago +hayden nielsen Yep, hopefully it went well my friend. Somewhat similar situation here. Haha
  • Norman Vazquez
    Norman Vazquez 2 years ago he died, it was too much for him and the heat of the salsa made him spontaneously combust
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    Josh Adams 2 years ago hayden nielsen facts bro this guy sucks
  • chung CHug
    chung CHug 1 year ago same bud
  • Joe Cooper
    Joe Cooper 1 year ago hayden nielsen I have to learn Salsa in school 🤣😐Can you dance it alone ? 😁
  • Melina Encarnacion
    Melina Encarnacion 1 year ago you can practice alone, I had to learn it in school before. But if you are a female, or doing the following role, you have to start with putting your foot back then forward because the leading dancer is to lead by moving forward first. it's a bit confusing at first but when you listen to salsa music while dancing it goes easier.
  • Javier G Lopez Tavarez
    Javier G Lopez Tavarez 1 year ago Quinciñueta? Did you meant Quinceañera? Lol
  • Sydney Tansky
    Sydney Tansky 1 year ago You got this! I’m a white latina
  • Mike Post
    Mike Post 9 months ago Even if you were the worst dancer in the world, they would still really appreciate you taking that effort!
  • Mutsu Hanma
    Mutsu Hanma 2 years ago instructions unclear, headbutted my wife
  • Laura Kuiper
    Laura Kuiper 5 years ago Your way of teaching is so clear and understandable: super!
  • Asim FLayeh
    Asim FLayeh 3 years ago This is amazing, but you wont learn it unless you do it physically i mean with a partner and an instructor to correct your posture
  • Jessica M
    Jessica M 5 years ago This is sooo clear and precise!! Just the video I was looking for! Thanks so much! I'm hoping my fiance and I could learn some dances for the wedding to spice things up! I'm def subscribing :-)
  • Addicted2Salsa
    Addicted2Salsa 5 years ago We did salsa dancing at our wedding (which was last July). It was fresh and fun - we even got the crowed involved half way through the dance to transition the party and get everyone on the floor.
  • Esther Gonzalez Martinez
    Esther Gonzalez Martinez 1 year ago P lo
  • Mathew Z
    Mathew Z 3 years ago I came here bc i wanted to dance like cruz after a td 😢
  • Fotios Kiamos
    Fotios Kiamos 4 years ago I've been watching your videos for years and I honestly believe that you post the absolute best tutoring salsa videos on the net. I know so because I have attended several dancing lessons. Well done! Greetings from Greece!
  • ZFlyingVLover
    ZFlyingVLover 3 years ago To all salsa wannabe's . **IMPORTANT**:Note that you can click on the gear icon in the lower right hand part of the video and slow this or any video down. This is very useful to see what's going on when the instructor isn't thinking about instructing and is just having fun. Sometimes the instructor isn't able to communicate what needs to be done because they either arent good communicators or they forget. For me its been alot easier to watch than to listen to instructions as I am a visual learner. I hope this helps everyone.
  • Neal Turner
    Neal Turner 9 months ago THANKS SAME AS YOU VISUAL
  • Thresh Main
    Thresh Main 2 years ago You forget the most important thing, u need to move those hipps. Or as i like to call it. SHAKE THAT ASSSSSSSSSSS!
  • Judi Christopher
    Judi Christopher 1 year ago YES!!! That is why Salsa dancing is so sexy... It is a Beautiful dance... (From New Mexico USA)
  • Rich Grant
    Rich Grant 3 months ago @Judi Christopher-You dont do that as a beginner. It will confuse an throw you off. Do it much later.
  • u2good2b4gotn
    u2good2b4gotn 3 years ago (edited) What frustrates me about these salsa videos is the man's lead. There's a subtle move where the man uses his fingers to signal to the woman that "something is coming". It makes all the difference in the world to be a good leader, and if the lead is not strong enough, it's easy for the lady to get confused. I thought I knew what I was doing, but when another man broke it down and showed me what that felt like, I was absolutely stunned. They do NOT show you this in those one hour classes at the nightclub. I wish there was a better way to show this subtlety in these YT videos.
  • JJ MG
    JJ MG 1 year ago u2good2b4gotn I am a professional dancer and I can tell that the way someone leads is SUPER important and I totally agree with what you said. It is easy for the lady to get confused and be seen as a person who doesn't dance just because of the leading person
  • lila kell
    lila kell 10 months ago (edited) When Salsa got profetional lost the Fun, the men leading thing is culture.. sometimes the woman is the one leading and you don't even notice.. because she's the better dancer.. I think for many Latinos is natural as as 1,2,3,4 instead, the time of salsa is really 4 times on the musical scale, I'm glad I learn with a musician.. that make the difference with me.. and there's not rules to brake if you fallow the time of the music, in Puerto Rico women dance in the kitchen with the broom, who's the leader!? Lol you gotta keep it simple and feel the ritmo the great thing about salsa is you can dance alone..
  • Rich Grant
    Rich Grant 3 months ago (edited) ​@lila kell-Dont do that a broom is much easier to lead than a real man.
  • Helen R
    Helen R 1 month ago I agree. Ive had four beginner classes and one gentleman i couldn't follow so i felt lost which has knocked my confidence a bit especially when i have to dance with this particular man. The instructors as lovely as they are have only given one session per turn with a few repetitions then you dance with someone else and hope you and they remember.
  • Maria Christina Ruiz
    Maria Christina Ruiz 2 years ago It's crazy how this comes natural to Latinos lol
  • Kevin M
    Kevin M 1 year ago Does it ... or do 'Latinos' (your words) learn it through seeing and doing at a young age? I doubt anyone is born with the ability to Salsa (fluidly) without ever seeing or doing it.
  • Katrina Black
    Katrina Black 8 months ago lol i am boricua and i can't do this chenay(?) turn
  • Edisson .Ramos
    Edisson .Ramos 8 months ago No one is born with the "ability to Salsa" but we Latinos in majority are definitely born with rhythm which makes the "ability to Salsa" way much easier.
  • Nkunzimana Evrard
    Nkunzimana Evrard 6 months ago I wonder if your english is natural or you went for school for it
  • kittygirl8706
    kittygirl8706 5 months ago Nope, latina here and o can't dance for the life of me. Reason why i try these tutorials lol
  • Sr Rizo
    Sr Rizo 5 months ago Im Latino and my dads from Honduras my mom ls cuban and today a Columbian showed me up cause i cant salsa😅 so i am now here trying to learn salsa
  • judy godinez
    judy godinez 4 months ago have you seen all the latinos that can't do this...
  • Rohan Douglas
    Rohan Douglas 4 months ago @Kevin M you are so right. they grew up doing bits from they are babies as that's the dominant dance of their culture.
  • Xu pulse
    Xu pulse 4 months ago (edited) Its weird cause Im American and if I have a good lead its easy. I hadn't danced salsa a day in my life and the first time someone took me out on the dance for and I just followed easily and I didnt even know what I was doing. I came here to see the actual steps and understand. I also loved it but honestly knew I messed a little somehow. I have always appreciated Latin cultural as well as Mexican
  • Jesus Mendoza
    Jesus Mendoza 4 months ago Venezuelan and I fucking suck at it hahha
  • Slick D
    Slick D 3 months ago Everything comes easy when it's a fundamental of your upbringing. You learn easiest as a child.
  • DY/L17
    DY/L17 3 months ago Jajaja , eso es normal . Lo llevamos en la sangre . In english : Hahaha, that's normal. It's in our blood
  • alisa crus
    alisa crus 3 months ago Latina here, cant dance for shhiiiitttt lol i wanna learn so bad though
  • Kenny James
    Kenny James 1 month ago @Kevin M Well said Kevin. TRUE!
  • duvan mendoza
    duvan mendoza 4 weeks ago I'm colombian, and I can't dance like this at all kek, it's not hard tho
  • Tony Tay
    Tony Tay 3 years ago I ve just taken my third salsa classe (6th hour). The steps are very eazy to me. BUT ones we paste the whole routine in one go, I am completely lost and I dont even wanna talk about when they put the music.  Is that normal? I don't know if I am just too impatient or I am not good at it.....!!???? I am from Colombian father, but didnt grew up with him,  and next year I am planning to go there for the first time. My family is from Cali......do you think that by the time Iam going there I will have a decent level not too look stupid in the Cali's salsa clubs?? LOL sounds silly but I am anxious as my sister told me that it is important to be quite decent at salsa overthere.
  • pmarta896@gmail.com Martaperez
    pmarta896@gmail.com Martaperez 3 years ago u
  • Bruce Charlie
    Bruce Charlie 5 months ago Its bloody complicated mate don't put yourself down, if in 2 years you still cant do the steps then maybe you need help
  • liebe2010JC
    liebe2010JC 4 years ago I liked the video however it would make more helpful to have the female start on the correct food from the beginning. It is very confusing learning it one way first just to relearn it ultimately a different way.
  • John David
    John David 1 year ago I hate salsa
  • Dhankala Thakulla
    Dhankala Thakulla 11 months ago +John David you are so hate for salsa dance
  • christian Jiménez
    christian Jiménez 5 years ago Perfect <3
  • Jordan Landsaw
    Jordan Landsaw 5 months ago Is anyone else here because they just started dating a Latin girl?
  • Vincent Coleman
    Vincent Coleman 4 months ago Nope. But I want to tho lol I figure this will be my ticket to success!!
  • V Martinez
    V Martinez 3 months ago i am a latin girl
  • Jordan Landsaw
    Jordan Landsaw 3 months ago V Martinez so turns out my Latin girl is the only Colombian woman in the world that doesn’t know how to salsa. 💃
  • V Martinez
    V Martinez 3 months ago @Jordan Landsaw not really why do u think im here
  • Fruitycoconut G
    Fruitycoconut G 1 month ago Damn your profil picture. I thought something was on my screen and tried to remove it 😤
  • Himena C
    Himena C 3 years ago me alegra mucho saber que tambien estan interesados en ritmos latinos! un saludo desde ECUADOR