Kubernetes Architecture made easy | Kubernetes Made Easy | Kubernetes Tutorial | Coupon: UDEMYK8

Published on Dec 11, 2018 28,042 views

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In this video, we will discuss Kubernetes Architecture, its components and terminology

- High-level Overview of Kubernetes Architecture
- In-depth look of Kubernetes Master & Worker
- Complete Kubernetes Architecture
- Kubernetes Architecture Terminology

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  • Sreenivasa Kondapi
    Sreenivasa Kondapi 1 day ago Me too tried finding a proper session on kubenetes, but did not find a good one. this one explained the things very well. Thanks Srinath.
  • Test Account
    Test Account 3 weeks ago (edited) this accent....killing me softly... +1 Great video!
  • anto lepore
    anto lepore 4 days ago (edited) What is kubernetes exactly and why we need it?
  • nidhi bhardwaj
    nidhi bhardwaj 2 months ago Thank you very much for the awesome video on kubernetes !! It helped me a lot
  • sha p
    sha p 4 months ago Thanks a lot Srinath ... really nice ...keep it up your efforts
  • Thati Srikanth
    Thati Srikanth 2 months ago The word crystal is apt for the video Super srinath
  • Venkata Suman Manne
    Venkata Suman Manne 3 months ago What a good presentation.. Thank you Srinath.. Let me know if you have a good videos for Kubernetes Developers
  • Zeio Nara
    Zeio Nara 1 month ago Thank you, very clearly explained!
  • Amit Pansuria
    Amit Pansuria 4 months ago Very good video series. Really help me in understanding concept. Can you guide me which kubernetes best course we need to do to clear certificate exam
  • Madhup Srivastawa
    Madhup Srivastawa 1 week ago Awesome video mate... you nailed it... I appreciate the strategy and effort you put in for this fantastic illustration !
  • Sushil Musande
    Sushil Musande 1 month ago What an explanation... Sir... Thanks for uploading... explanation Get involved me to learn and hear the things that you explained in video.
  • Subbu P
    Subbu P 2 months ago Super presentation Bro... really understood the arch in a short time. Please continue making similar videos
  • Nayab syed
    Nayab syed 3 months ago Really very good appreciated explanation Srinath. well done
  • Anil Kanchana
    Anil Kanchana 3 months ago I have no words for your explanation, it's a simply superbπŸ‘Œ... I'm very confused after seen too many videos for Kubernetes architecture,now I'm pretty confident and clear about it... Thanks a lot... πŸ˜€πŸ‘
  • kiranjith TG
    kiranjith TG 4 weeks ago crisp and clear :+1:
  • Kiran Kumar Gunturu
    Kiran Kumar Gunturu 4 months ago What an amazing presentation.You made it very simple and to the point.Thank you so much
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    Srinath Challa 4 months ago Glad to know that. πŸ‘
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