Top Desktop Support and Help Desk Interview Questions and Answers Complete Package

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Welcome to complete package of Top Interview Questions and Answers related to Desktop Support and Help Desk job positions. The purpose of this video is to combine two major factors required to be successful in acquiring of IT Jobs specifically related to this field; thus merging of two separate videos.

Refresher Crash Course for Desktop Support, Network Admin, System Admin, Web Dev, Help Desk https://youtu.be/9u32zZjjeFw
TOP 10 Desktop PC Issues and Problems with Solutions https://youtu.be/Fza_ykzypGU
Desktop Support, What is Production Impact? https://youtu.be/LzEDEhgUPgg
Desktop Support DHCP Basics You Must Know https://youtu.be/m03FTgXHQ3Q
Desktop Support, What is a Local Profile? https://youtu.be/oHctJ3Us1UU
Desktop Support, Windows 10 Crash Course https://youtu.be/-_Fxtldhrco

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    cobuman 6 months ago Certification Study Guide (affiliate) https://amzn.to/2OfPtls Written Version is Here -- https://goo.gl/2rpcnE Desktop Support Learning Book from Amazon: http://amzn.to/2hoUcC6 (affiliate link)
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    Monica Acosta-Zamora 2 months ago The computer programming certificate I received from SMU, is dated. However, I’ve been able to diagnose issues with PC, networks, and mainframe computers, at every J O B, I’ve been at. They never believe me, instead, pay thousands of dollars, to a contractor, to resolve their issues. Often, the person who should already know what is wrong (it’s their JOB) has apologized. Boggles the mind! Thank you for this video. Wish I had the time to watch more of them. God bless you, Mona
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