Published on May 12, 2019 48,006 views

Watch Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang's hat-trick and the rest of the goals as Arsenal confirmed their place in the UEFA Europa League final.


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  • Pepe Alboroto
    Pepe Alboroto 1 month ago In 2 matches: Lacazeyang 7-3 Valencia.
  • -
    - 2 weeks ago AubamabludclaatZette
  • deni sherlock
    deni sherlock 1 month ago Lacazeyang 7-3 Diakhameiro
  • Methanol Muzik
    Methanol Muzik 1 month ago Auba to score two in UEL final. Believe That.
  • Sudarshan G.S
    Sudarshan G.S 4 weeks ago Yesssssss
  • Ukraine Kyiv
    Ukraine Kyiv 1 month ago England dominate in football 2019. Goodluck Liverpool & Arsenal in Final!
  • titimilidbz
    titimilidbz 3 weeks ago @Alessandro Kremers Won 7-3 on aggregate with Valencia scoring an offside goal DiDnT dEseRvE tHe WiN
  • Alessandro Kremers
    Alessandro Kremers 3 weeks ago This was pure luck, Arsenal didnt deserve the win. But they where effective.
  • MortonTV
    MortonTV 1 month ago Ukraine Kyiv 👊
  • Jérémie Fada
    Jérémie Fada 1 month ago I hope with all my heart, Arsenal must overcome his curse and finally win his first European title ! ( Sorry for my english), greeting from France :)
  • Muhammad Ridzwan
    Muhammad Ridzwan 1 month ago Arsenal have won the Cup Winners Cup in 94...
  • Aryan Nanda
    Aryan Nanda 1 month ago Jérémie Fada thanks mate
  • Christian nwoye
    Christian nwoye 1 month ago Emery will win the finals
  • M Yazdani
    M Yazdani 1 month ago English Premiership football is best in the World. Love Arsenal good luck in Europa league and Good luck Liverpool Destroy Spurs in UCL !!
  • Jela Boothe
    Jela Boothe 1 month ago 4 english clubs in final but Livers & ARSENAL, all the way.
  • Yash patel
    Yash patel 1 month ago Auba is a sensational striker.
  • The Music Place
    The Music Place 1 month ago what a pleasure watching spaniard teams getting out
  • Ser Sol
    Ser Sol 1 month ago (edited) You waited 10 years to say that haha
  • 19Lion8
    19Lion8 1 month ago (edited) VAR = Refs cannot favour Spanish sides anymore!
  • Tamzon Razon
    Tamzon Razon 1 month ago First
  • Massimo Casagranda
    Massimo Casagranda 1 month ago Too arsenal
  • Mark van der Wal
    Mark van der Wal 1 month ago Arsenal is going to win the Europa League Final. Change my mind.
  • deni sherlock
    deni sherlock 1 month ago @Sajjaad Francis So why are you watching? lol stupid hater
  • 19Lion8
    19Lion8 1 month ago (edited) I wouldn't underestimate Chelsea in Hazards last game. City just scraped the win in the League Cup final against them too.
  • Sajjaad Francis
    Sajjaad Francis 1 month ago Who cares about the europa lol
    『FATE』 KANUM 1 month ago Great
  • Tamzon Razon
    Tamzon Razon 1 month ago Arsenal fc are by far the greatest team the world has ever seen
  • Sudarshan G.S
    Sudarshan G.S 4 weeks ago @Infinityz22 ’ sod off!
  • Sajjaad Francis
    Sajjaad Francis 1 month ago Lol thats why they play europa
  • Infinityz22 ’
    Infinityz22 ’ 1 month ago Tamzon Razon Ur rly good at jokes
  • Xgeorge Man
    Xgeorge Man 1 month ago In Europa this season yes
  • cak sontong
    cak sontong 1 month ago TOTTENHAM FOR UCL ARSENAL FOR UEL
  • Goatman
    Goatman 1 month ago No Liverpool for UCL
  • João Gabriel
    João Gabriel 1 month ago Brazil
  • Roberto Lima
    Roberto Lima 2 weeks ago Chelsea maior de Londres!!!