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New to coding? This video will show you resources to how to learn to code! Including web, app and game development with languages like Swift, Java, Python, HTML/CSS.
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Need to learn how to code but don't know where you start? Decide if you want to do web development, game development or app development. In the end, it does not matter that much which programming language you choose. Once you learn one language and the fundamentals of progamming through it, It will make learning and coding new languages a lot easier in the future.

Web Development Syllabus [FREE]
-A very long term syllabus where each section has tons of cool resources to help you learn.

Codecademy [FREE] -
--- Allows you to learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript for Web Development, but also a lot of other languages.

The following are referral links which allow me to fund my learning platform called NoviceDock - so we can hire people to create even more syllabi.

UDEMY [FREE/PAID] - 10-30 hours of content usually!
- $10 The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0: https://click.linksynergy.com/link?id...
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- $10 iOS 10 & Swift 3: Beginner to Paid Professional: https://click.linksynergy.com/link?id... (72 hours of content)
- $10 Learn to Code in Unity and Unreal Gaming Engine! https://click.linksynergy.com/link?id...
- $20 Create a Helicopter Game Control System in UE4: https://click.linksynergy.com/link?id...

HackerRank [FREE]
--- Practice questions in lots of languages to help you learn coding and fundamentals of coding.

Pay What You Want - BGR Store:
--- Lots of coding video courses wrapped up in bundles.

Brackets.io Web Development Editor:

Atom Editor by Github:

Thanks for watching I hope all of you try to learn how to code. It is a great way of thinking and great for a resume. If you need any individual guidance feel free to message me.

  • Bread
    Bread 11 months ago Should You Major in Computer Science? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LifFuQ_CUiM&lc=Ugzi_yAvoDAWadRRGkR4AaABAg
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    Mini Marshmellow 10 months ago I'm 10 trying to be a genius here so don't judge me
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    N1KA GaMeR 10 months ago Bread u are the best 😍
  • Stanley
    Stanley 10 months ago Bread and what type of laptop or desktop you think i need to get into software developin
  • anthony perkins
    anthony perkins 7 months ago I've been interested in coding for a long time now and I dont know anything about coding, where do I start, what do you recommend I do first?
  • Time Lords
    Time Lords 6 months ago can you please show a how to make a game
  • Ahmed
    Ahmed 6 months ago Where can I learn free "Golang" and Google cloud computing?
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    syafie malek 5 months ago will you reply me if i subscribe you?
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    Lalmuankimi Chhakchhuak 5 months ago Where is the other videos ? I'm waiting for coding for app
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    WindsorHornIII 4 months ago @Mohammed android studio - java
  • Mardo Gamer
    Mardo Gamer 3 months ago I need help i want to make programs on android like chatting and i want to start devolping my game so i should go to hacker rank or what i dont understand plz help
  • Mardo Gamer
    Mardo Gamer 3 months ago @Mohammed me too should i go to hacker rank or what ??
  • SalmaN SulthaN
    SalmaN SulthaN 3 months ago @Stanley if you're planning to learn .Net, you need a laptop with a Windows OS (I would recommend Asus because these are cheap and best plus the build quality is better, but check out the reviews before buying a specific model). If you're planning to learn only web development then any OS(Linux, Windows, Mac) would work. If you're planning to learn mobile app development, I would recommend you to buy Mac because you can learn both iOS and Android. But if you're planning only on learning Android then you can go with either Linux or Windows. Hope this is helpful.
  • Jonelvis Alcantara
    Jonelvis Alcantara 2 months ago @Mohammed Theirs a lot of computer languages, but the main one is javascript. Or if you are talking about speaking language then learn english.
  • Giovanni Troiano
    Giovanni Troiano 1 year ago Literally just decided 1 hr ago Im going into coding. Absolutely enjoyed the video.
  • Bread
    Bread 1 year ago Giovanni Troiano best of luck! Don't give up
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    yomamapwnz 2 months ago tlessmo society, friends, family, books, facts, religion, common sense, and openness to learn. Also you gotta accept your views were wrong for awhile not be triggered by it.
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    Genesis Football 1 year ago Ok great video but after getting a laptop, where do i begin.. I'm literally a novice
  • Bread
    Bread 1 year ago Haha actually weird you say that cause I'm working on a blog called http://novicedock.com. Still missing a ton of content but you're welcome to check out what is there. Also check the description of the video because I posted a lot of links.
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    BRYCE hagen 1 year ago Genesis Football start on python. It's the easiest.
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    Jayden's Music Channel 1 year ago I think a great way to start is making a new text document. Then, enable file extensions And rename it to [name].py Make sue you have python 3.1 installed
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    ahano 1 year ago Start here on the front end track. best place to learn code //treehouse.7eer.net/c/426522/228915/3944
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  • Alex Lee
    Alex Lee 10 months ago It’s hard to find where to start without going to college for it. Everything’s too technical for newcomers... I have a video on my channel that hopefully tries to make it easier for people who literally have no idea how to start... maybe it can help someone out there
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    Informed Optimist 7 months ago (edited) Build phone apps! Tech savvy companies want phone apps. Most companies are slow to adopt because it's costly... you have to write code for Android, iOS at least... and maybe even Windows phones depending on the business needs. So just getting a project started usually means hiring 2 engineers, not cheap. So if you can build all 3 and do it with 1 code base (1/3 the time. And time = cost), you have a very good chance of getting hired. You should try Microsoft Xamarin. It builds for all 3 phones with 1 code base. You write it in c# language (it self a very powerful and highly adopted in enterprise world) and the Xamarin framework underneath will build the actual code for each phone device. You can even sign up for online courses for free at the Xamarin University. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/xamarin/
  • Ebutta Yu heard
    Ebutta Yu heard 6 months ago If you a beginner of coding and programming and want to learn the languages and make your own app.... I will show you the ins and outs of the coding world slow and easy. I’ve did 7 years of schooling to be the pro I am now . I’m accepting all payment through Cash app . Only $50 and I will give you the tools you need to get your business etc up and going. To message me please text 1845 405 8550 if you have the payment and your ready . one of our Representative will get back to you ASAP
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    Ebutta Yu heard 6 months ago If you a beginner of coding and programming and want to learn the languages and make your own app.... I will show you the ins and outs of the coding world slow and easy. I’ve did 7 years of schooling to be the pro I am now . I’m accepting all payment through Cash app . Only $50 and I will give you the tools you need to get your business etc up and going. To message me please text 1845 405 8550 if you have the payment and your ready . one of our Representative will get back to you ASAP
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    reference2me 2 years ago I think this is the way people will become educated in the future .... you set the time ... you can watch it over and over if you are a slow learner...and there are several teachers on the same subject so you can find an answer somewhere ....
  • iRate
    iRate 1 year ago You guys, I would suggest learning Python first because Python is kinda easy and it will help you when you start learning other languages like PHP, Java, etc.
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    Dontae Hitachiin 2 months ago I did coding years ago. Very basic stuff and forgot a lot of it. I learned JavaScript. It’s super simple once you get the hang of it. This video was so informative.
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