How To Be A Man: Strategies For Beginners (Phase II Part 2) CARP018

Published on Mar 14, 2019 4 views

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"Men in the world are seeking only pleasure, so they really don’t care about anything of consequence. Why?...Because It’s a serious buzz killer!"

Jerry Jacobs Jr. ~ Catholic Alpha

In this 18th episode? Part 2 of Phase II on "How To Be A Man"...

* Are we really made from monkeys? A quick logical debate on this issue.
* In this weeks "Man On Fire" (1 - Part 2) with Walt Janiec, we answer the questions...
* What's wrong with the state of masculinity and why is it being attacked?
* Before marriage, should you and your fiance` discuss the structure of your family (kids, contraception, religion, if she will stay home, etc?)
* Would either of us advise a young man to get married?

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