River in a forest || watercolour painting tutorial || painting for beginners

Published on Apr 15, 2019 456 views

I am biswanath Paul. welcome to my YouTube channel easy paint with biswanath

About this video - hello friends, today I will show you that how to paint simple and very easy nature senary painting only for beginners. Today I was painted of a river in a forest senary painting. I hope it is very helpful for beginners. So please watch the full video and subscribe my channel for more videos. Thank you so much for watching

The color I am used - https://youtu.be/vhkbzlRz_UU

How I made this color at my home - https://youtu.be/-3xeBDKRaPw

Best brushes for beginners - https://youtu.be/6sIGOW961ew

How to mix colors - https://youtu.be/ml2vmgOsjLk

Which paper I am used for painting - https://youtu.be/Z6Le9H2qgb4

Made a perfect painting board like a canvas in just 20 rupees - https://youtu.be/LoPhB5XWPZE

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