Tips for lock picking for beginners. Attacking locks: What tools do you need? What are the different lock picks FOR? How do you USE them?

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  • tim bum
    tim bum 4 years ago imagine the idiet that attacked it waching this like i beat the shit out of that thing and this dude opens it in 10 sec.
  • NCE -OutCry
    NCE -OutCry 4 years ago lol
  • D D
    D D 1 year ago The IDIOT is you
  • jonathan truesdale
    jonathan truesdale 1 year ago D D harsh for grammar errors isn't it. I guess someone who spells idiot with an E, should not cast stones so touche
  • jonathan truesdale
    jonathan truesdale 1 year ago tim bum u average a spelling error for every 1.5 sentences, congrats
  • Luke Rainbow
    Luke Rainbow 9 months ago In a glass house with a fist full of rocks there....
  • Sage Waldron
    Sage Waldron 7 months ago Imagine the idiot that can't spell idiot...
  • Pranesh Pal
    Pranesh Pal 7 months ago (edited) Had very little food while bashing the lock?
  • D. Alex Hutchinson
    D. Alex Hutchinson 6 months ago Perheps not mespilled bet anly a tipohgrephicol arror.
  • manfred schmalbach
    manfred schmalbach 5 months ago D. Alex Hutchinson 😂
  • Sam Lee
    Sam Lee 4 months ago @Sage Waldron I thought it was an ID 10 T form
  • Al La
    Al La 4 months ago Idiot
  • Trace Akins
    Trace Akins 2 weeks ago Ideit u say?.......lolz
  • Stephen Moore
    Stephen Moore 3 years ago LOL "Usually this doesn't work" lock opens "Usually THIS doesn't work" lock opens again classic
  • Bret Hager
    Bret Hager 3 months ago That tells me that the lock name that's printed on it. It doesn't deserve. It's definitely not best in any way shape or form. I'm thinking maybe it's just a junk brand lock. Definitely nothing I would ever put any faith in if I had to buy one
  • NetAndyCz
    NetAndyCz 3 weeks ago Lock just cooperates for camera:)
  • Raine Cortum
    Raine Cortum 2 years ago what i learned from this video: nothing works the second time💔
  • Fred Thamm
    Fred Thamm 2 years ago lmao
  • ale
    ale 2 years ago Yesterday it took me 4 hours to pick a lock, the following day.....3 mins _
  • zeus lim
    zeus lim 2 years ago rng in real life
  • Sanmata
    Sanmata 2 years ago +zeus lim LOL
  • wIm Nijenhuis
    wIm Nijenhuis 2 years ago Raine Cortum
  • The Elderworm
    The Elderworm 2 years ago The Lock learns from its mistakes.
  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 1 year ago zeus lim FACTS
  • farrypro
    farrypro 1 year ago Raine Cortum 😂
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    jizoe hizoe 1 year ago Raine Cortum lmao hahaha
  • Giljr Gnosis
    Giljr Gnosis 6 months ago The Elderworm hahah 🤣
  • Decoy
    Decoy 2 years ago this lock is amazing, it identifies your techniques and nullifies them.
  • kakashi1234777
    kakashi1234777 1 month ago Decoy I’m dead XD. It’s learning.
  • Matthew Tsai
    Matthew Tsai 1 month ago It's A.I. 🤣
  • Spajdero
    Spajdero 4 years ago Greatest Skyrim Tutorial Ever.
  • blazednlovinit
    blazednlovinit 3 years ago 404, keys not found
  • Keuthonymos
    Keuthonymos 3 years ago Hahahahahahaha "I like using this because it really pisses you guys off." Amazing.
  • Sieptium
    Sieptium 5 years ago Usually this doesn't work x10 Works every time. So.. I guess, that's a really bad lock haha
    END Of DAYS VIDEO 5 years ago +10 lockpick skill 100 xp gained
  • Chris Moore
    Chris Moore 3 years ago I take stuff out of my naughty bucket once a week and play with it for thirty minutes or so, too! But I don't think our naughty buckets are the same...
  • Bret Hager
    Bret Hager 3 months ago 😂😂😂
  • Trace Akins
    Trace Akins 2 weeks ago Bucket full of dix? Ha.
  • Reyes Leo
    Reyes Leo 3 years ago if you cant pick a lock, put some skills points in lockpickint the next time you level up
  • Manu El
    Manu El 3 years ago Answer what?
  • Artemis
    Artemis 3 years ago +Manu El skyrim
  • rory yeatman
    rory yeatman 3 years ago +Artemis I am gonna stick to destruction and conjuration cus I have used gotten so far hahahahaha
  • M. Eric Carr
    M. Eric Carr 2 years ago I think he's already Legendary.
  • David Glotzbach
    David Glotzbach 2 years ago Why would you need perks when you have a skeleton key though...
    OPULENT 1 year ago Reyes Leo SKELETON KEY BITCH
  • Alexander Motley
    Alexander Motley 1 year ago i knew id find skyrim quotes on these tutorials xD
  • Grey Area
    Grey Area 1 year ago And dont forget to wear your lockpick hero gear
  • avoca dude
    avoca dude 1 year ago rory yeatman lol
  • Christopher Peck
    Christopher Peck 1 year ago Elder Scrolls!
  • damnamas
    damnamas 9 months ago skill books are the way to go tho
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    Nathan Austin 4 months ago Lockpicking: 100
  • Miner 15101
    Miner 15101 2 months ago Lockpicking 100
  • Владимир Лощин
    Владимир Лощин 5 years ago Great video. Thanks a lot. This night I'm gonna to get a new car. 
  • 007Aeon
    007Aeon 5 years ago Good luck with that. You know that there is also electronic security in a Car?
  • Luci Venom
    Luci Venom 4 years ago see you in prison
  • Jeremy Fcukyou
    Jeremy Fcukyou 4 years ago @Luci Venom You get youtube in prison?
  • Владимир Лощин
    Владимир Лощин 4 years ago @007Aeon not every car in Russia has an electronic security. And 70% has an outdated security systems with vulnerabilities.
  • 007Aeon
    007Aeon 4 years ago Ok, I admit many used cars even here in germany use oudated electronic security, even my Opel Corsa which is seven years old. But newer, intersting cars like a Maybach or a nice Mercedes S class use more modern security systems. Some are even chiped with an GPS traker, like the one of my goodfather.
  • Владимир Лощин
    Владимир Лощин 4 years ago @007Aeon GPS tracker signal can be blocked by GSM/GMS-jammer. And then it could be located (by simple reciever) and removed from the car. After stealing. Russian electronic systems much better because russians are much more competent thiefs.
  • The Penumbra
    The Penumbra 4 years ago @Владимир Лощин Were you born in Russia? And if so is there any tips you can give for learning Russian?
  • The Real American
    The Real American 4 years ago Well now we all know what you do for a living. Is it like how it is in tv shows bro
  • Владимир Лощин
    Владимир Лощин 4 years ago @The Penumbra if you are not English native speeker, you know what to do. Watching foreight moovies with suptitles, listening foreign music is the best method. (But I learned English in school too, and my teacher was the best) This year ruble was devalued very much, so you have a chance to visit Russia by your self.
  • K5 Vermilion
    K5 Vermilion 2 years ago i mhonestly just here cause ive been playing a ton of skyrim and ive been wondering how lock picking Actually works
  • bakersmileyface
    bakersmileyface 2 years ago Skyrim's terrible at showing it. You'd have a better idea after playing oblivion. But of course barely anyone who has played skyrim has played oblivion.
  • Lisiralei
    Lisiralei 2 years ago bakersmileyface its obvious that the skyrims locks, even admiring smithing skills that people can achieve, that the locks are trivial. In skyrim, i believe, there is rakes as the lockpicks. Oblivion does not show lockpicking better than skyrim, its never that easy to knock a pin into place, because you dont just knock them. And you do understand, that the game do need easy-to-pickup gameplay. And in skyrim there is a way to pick every lock first try, there is a unique sound when you set pick on the very middle of the spot, but it is really hard to tell from other noise
  • bakersmileyface
    bakersmileyface 2 years ago @Lisiralei Oh I agree that Oblivion doesn't accurately represent lock picking. But it definitely shows it better than Skyrim. In Skyrim it looks nothing like raking. Go and look at skyrim lockpicking again. You spin the tension wrench around until you hear a click and then you just rotate the lock to unlock it. How in the world is that raking? At the very least I have never heard of any technique that works like that. If you can find me a source as to where that would work, please do share it with me and correct me on this of course. But still. At least Oblivion at least shows the general idea of what lock picking is like. It's not that easy to knock a pin in to place as it is in Oblivion, but at least in real life the whole idea is to actually knock the pins into place.
  • brollona
    brollona 2 years ago I played Oblivion after Skyrim. But I don't remember skyrim's lock picking (it's probably same as fallout's), but I do remember oblivion's.
  • Crazy Bosmer
    Crazy Bosmer 1 year ago bakersmileyface Lock picking in Oblivion makes no sense
  • Sharon Willow
    Sharon Willow 1 year ago K5 Vermilion lol same
  • OM Garage builds
    OM Garage builds 1 year ago For me it was fallout 4 lol
  • Haizi
    Haizi 1 year ago Man, the memories of that game
  • Antonio Innocente
    Antonio Innocente 3 years ago There's a lot of innuendo
  • Chris Thompson
    Chris Thompson 3 years ago Yup
  • Antonio Innocente
    Antonio Innocente 3 years ago Throughout
  • NeTwerk
    NeTwerk 1 year ago You’re reading into it too much
  • topher
    topher 7 months ago That's the goal
  • Antonio Brother
    Antonio Brother 1 month ago lol
  • XxDaringDxX
    XxDaringDxX 2 years ago I love how the lock was just like "Here let me show them that this method can work :)"
  • Henry DuFour
    Henry DuFour 2 years ago So true then it was like I'm a good lock and didn't work the second time
  • mezman merrill
    mezman merrill 2 years ago Don't know how I am here but that is late night YouTube for you.
  • Seanfire94
    Seanfire94 2 years ago Too true
  • Scott Yager
    Scott Yager 2 years ago reporting in
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    ry00001 2 years ago mezman merrill checks out
  • Mobius Grey
    Mobius Grey 1 year ago Me neither but I've also just bought a beginners lock pick set on Amazon now.
  • maaslider
    maaslider 1 year ago Insomniacs end up in a wide variety of either interesting or very weird videos...gotta do something!? 🧐
  • Sean Sherrill
    Sean Sherrill 1 year ago mezman merrill dude I feel you
  • Michael Fleming
    Michael Fleming 4 years ago Thanks, now I will attempt to pick my roommate's deadbolt and put smirnoff ice's everywhere. haha
  • Saluta Sandro
    Saluta Sandro 2 years ago this is the first video i've ever seen on this channel and i thought that was an error xD (404)
  • Wes Hale
    Wes Hale 2 years ago Same here.
  • PunCala
    PunCala 4 years ago So kids, as the video said: lube up first, don't go in raw! Also, squirt.
  • Tn Yamaneko
    Tn Yamaneko 4 months ago But... also rake quite violently...
  • Rev Rav
    Rev Rav 1 month ago dont forget to rock to get inside
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    Off The Ceiling 1 month ago Just used WD-40 Lube with a hooker... It hurts when I pee and she says she has a UTI... Help, it's been 4 years..
  • Xcuze
    Xcuze 2 years ago Funny how the locks been bashed to death by some frustrated crim with a sledgehammer. Then this guy comes along with a few cheap picks and opens it everytime in a few seconds!
  • topher
    topher 7 months ago Expensive picks and a ton of skill*
  • spydergs07
    spydergs07 6 months ago These are FAR from cheap lol peterson picks are top end. A set of like 10 picks can run $300 lol
  • Awkward Seal
    Awkward Seal 4 months ago @spydergs07 That's ridiculous. For a few shaped pieces of metal lmao.
  • Aurora Arrow
    Aurora Arrow 2 months ago Things are worth more as a tool than in raw materials. Logic
  • Build the wall Don’t tread on me.
    Build the wall Don’t tread on me. 2 months ago Brains vs Brawn. Clear winner Brains.
  • Sagan Unit
    Sagan Unit 2 days ago @Build the wall Don’t tread on me. The guy just didn't just enough brawn.