Docker Compose in 12 Minutes

Published on Mar 14, 2017 426,028 views

Learn how to use Docker Compose to run multi-container applications easily. This is the second video in this Docker series.

Learn Docker in 12 Minutes: https://youtu.be/YFl2mCHdv24
Deploy Docker Containers with Docker Cloud https://youtu.be/F82K07NmRpk

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  • Leonard Pauli
    Leonard Pauli 2 years ago Straight to the point. Great attention to details in the video production as well. Love it!
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    Jake Wright 2 years ago Thank you
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    Ian Partridge 2 years ago Great video. How about doing a video on Kubernetes?
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    Abraham Olamipo 5 days ago thanks so much Jake....words can't describe the magnitude of help you're providing.
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    MuhsinFatih 2 weeks ago (edited) "it's as if I planned in advance" lmao (3:00)
  • Alejandro Foronda
    Alejandro Foronda 1 month ago I honestly think your videos saved me hours of searching and watching tedious tutorials that never address the solution. Thank you so much!
  • Keras Me
    Keras Me 2 years ago i was working on something similar recently. Really appreciate the tutorial.
  • Jesse Goodier
    Jesse Goodier 2 months ago This is a great video, love the speed and clarity. Also appreciated the example you used. subbed.
  • Calm Energy
    Calm Energy 2 months ago This really helped me understand the concept of "services" and now I know why some are called micro services because the "service" can be as small as just a textual list of available products...
  • Angel Mendoza
    Angel Mendoza 2 months ago Jake, someone else already posted this comment, but, You are really good at explaining stuff. Keep it on!
  • Yun Lee
    Yun Lee 1 year ago Could you give me link to video where explains about shortcuts you are using? Your coding is so fast
  • Kamalakar Macharla
    Kamalakar Macharla 1 year ago Excellent !! Please make paid tutorial service on Udemy
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    Rajesh J 2 months ago Brilliant composition of a tutorial !!
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    Reza H 7 months ago @Base2 yes we know, but it helps beginner, you dense fck
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    Gene Myers 7 months ago @Base2 except video this comes up higher in Search (Google) than the docker getting started does ;-)
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    Dangelo Guanipa 8 months ago @Base2 So, what were you expecting to find in this video? I mean, it is all supposed to be in the docs, right?
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    Kuan-Yu Lin 9 months ago you must have some freud nightmare when you are a child Did mommy left you home?
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    Warop Yow 9 months ago @1boompje oops no worries I guess I was kinda susceptible, I'ts just that I don't want to feel unready for the future haha... Internet technologies are changing and evolving so fast!!!
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    1boompje 9 months ago @Warop Yow I'm meant to reply to base2. Sorry
  • Warop Yow
    Warop Yow 9 months ago @1boompje younger smart people with improved learning skills not limited by standards
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    1boompje 9 months ago Who hurt you?
  • Warop Yow
    Warop Yow 9 months ago (edited) Base2  World is not a square my friend, look at the technology you use, people 10 years younger with metaprogramming AI learning full documentations in seconds will be overpowering your skills in less than you realize, so don't come to tell me I'm a good or bad programmer because I don't waste my time reading in 2018.
  • Base2
    Base2 9 months ago (edited) Warop Yow if you're a programmer (clearly not a good one if you think reading documentation is lame) get used to reading the documentation ... you'll do it for the rest of your career.
  • Warop Yow
    Warop Yow 9 months ago (edited) Base2  Why read a full documentation when you can learn everything you need to start in 12min with a visual demo? are you a dinosaur? just watch a couple videos of real examples and connect the dots, If you want a full technical course for free you're not in the right place
  • Base2
    Base2 9 months ago (edited) Because this information is available in the docs. He's teaching nothing that isn't taught here: https://docs.docker.com/compose/gettingstarted/ ... literally copied it and turned it into a video. Basic crap. Only helpful to absolute complete noobs who cant be bothered to read :S
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    TechSquidTV 10 months ago Scumbags.
  • Barun Kharel
    Barun Kharel 4 months ago Everything is clearly stated. Thanks for the awesome video.
  • Arba'i Effendi
    Arba'i Effendi 2 weeks ago Thank you, i watch lot of video about docker recently, and this one is the most solid one :)
  • Z.O.E
    Z.O.E 5 months ago Your videos are great man, You make it really easy to understand. Thank you.
  • Jos van Oorschot
    Jos van Oorschot 4 months ago Great video tutorials about Docker and Docker-compose, thanks !!
  • Alaa Al-Sea'dawy
    Alaa Al-Sea'dawy 4 months ago I enjoy your British accent as much as the content. Keep it up, and thanks for your efforts!
  • Lap Todarf
    Lap Todarf 3 months ago Yesterday I was pulling my hair out trying to make a .yml file for my project and you explained everything very well, I'm sure I'll be able to do it now!
  • Mutturaj Bali
    Mutturaj Bali 1 month ago that was excellent quick sneak peak of docker concepts. This is what required for beginners. Thanks Jake