The basics of camera lenses explained, tips on how to choose a lens for video and examples of what different focal lengths look like! *** Check out my top 3 cheap canon lens recommendations here ➡️ https://youtu.be/Jd2T-gJJiKc

*** Show Notes and Gear Mentioned in the Video ***

1. LENS — Canon 18-55mm IS STM Lens (This lens comes with most Canon DSLR's)

2. CAMERA — Canon G7X (Complete Camera with a 24 - 100mm focal length) http://amzn.to/2zfBvoK

* The Joby Gorilla Pod I'm using in the video

3. LENS — Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM Lens

4. CAMERA — Canon 70D (All of the primary shots in this video are shot on this camera) http://amzn.to/2govdzj

5. LENS — Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM Len

VIDEO - Top 3 Cheap Canon Lenses for YouTube

VIDEO - Learn about our Sony a6500 setup here: https://youtu.be/7r9tyCukCrk

6. My Photography Camera - Canon 6D (Full Frame DSLR)

7. LENS - Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8 G2 Di VC USD SP (Full Frame)

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About This Video:
In this camera lenses explained video Sean Cannell from Think Media shares tips on how to choose a lens for video. If you want to learn how to choose a lens for a dslr or see a lens focal length comparison, check out this video. The goal was to create a camera lenses for beginners video that covers dslr lenses for beginners. People ask, "what is the best dslr lens for beginners?" So this video is dslr lenses explained for beginners. People also look for the best beginner lenses for canon and beginner lenses for dslr. So check out this camera lenses explained for dummies video with lens focal length comparison and focal length comparison examples. This beginners guide to lenses will help you learn some camera lens tips!

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    Think Media 1 year ago (edited) QOTD: What lens do you use the most? LMK 👇 👇 👇 Also, check out other videos in our BEST Budget YouTube Equipment series here ➡️➡️➡️ http://bit.ly/BestBudgetGear
  • Rizky Ramadhan
    Rizky Ramadhan 1 year ago I always use 15-45mm on my EOS M3 for vlogging, and 50mm on 60D for taking B roll video
  • 진토라
    진토라 1 year ago Think Media this maybe off brand but could you do a video about essential online tools a youtuber should have or know about?
  • DragcentricDeb
    DragcentricDeb 1 year ago Think Media Where can I get good SFX for graphics pop ins like u have in ur intro? Don't say YT gallery. I have already checked there. Thanks!
  • Brandon White
    Brandon White 1 year ago I am starting out my channel with the 24mm, what is the typical distance you use with it you did not say in the video. thanks love your channel. i'm using t5i so crop sensor.
  • R.J. Ronquillo
    R.J. Ronquillo 1 year ago (edited) Excellent explanation and examples. I use a cheap 50mm lens because my "set" has some depth to it, with lighting in the background, so I like the blurring back there.
  • Jwillscool *The Jamaican Gaijin*
    Jwillscool *The Jamaican Gaijin* 1 year ago I use my 30mm lens for my beauty tutorials!!! Love the bokeh, because my background isn’t very lovely!! Lol
  • Kunal Thakuri
    Kunal Thakuri 1 year ago Haha i just watching your vlog of best dslr for vlog and this video comes out thanks anyway 🙏🏻
  • Mark Holtze
    Mark Holtze 1 year ago Totally depends on what i'm shooting. People, landscapes, product shots? All require different looks so again, loaded question that can't be answered for me without too many variables. Great video!
  • HAM Tube
    HAM Tube 1 year ago Think Media I use the 12-60 mm on my lumix for vlogging it has a good range and crisp picture
  • HAM Tube
    HAM Tube 1 year ago Great video this actually helped me a lot
  • Think Media
    Think Media 1 year ago nice - great setup!
  • iVividWorksVideography
    iVividWorksVideography 1 year ago Samyang 24mm T1.5
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    Aiden Riley 1 year ago Thanks for leaving a ❤️ on my comment.
  • China Teacher
    China Teacher 1 year ago Think Media hi there. I actually tried to fill the focal distance gaps 10-18, then 24, 18-35, 50 I'm saving for a 70-200
  • China Teacher
    China Teacher 1 year ago DragcentricDeb (Dragcentric) it's not free but I love epicsound.com
  • Cios Productions
    Cios Productions 1 year ago Hey Sean, do you know, whether youtube recognizes, that you put out videos in different framerates and resolutions and does youtube "punish" you for that?
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    The Miranda Project 1 year ago Thanks!
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    King Aragones 1 year ago Think Media wide!
  • King Aragones
    King Aragones 1 year ago Please do macro lenses
  • Yung 4reign
    Yung 4reign 1 year ago just bought my first camera! I went with the SL2! Appreciate all of your videos man, they really help! thank you!
  • Nerd Panda
    Nerd Panda 8 months ago I am poor, don’t have a camera 📷 So y I’m watching this video
  • carlitos vodka
    carlitos vodka 7 months ago I was looking for mounts differences. I bought an EOS m50 but dont know what lenses/ mounts to use or boosters or whatever
  • Cari Salgado
    Cari Salgado 7 months ago I have the cannon 80D and I use my 50mm lens for review but it makes a lot of noise when I put items close for focusing. How can I eliminate that noise? Thank you for your videos!
  • Christopher Johnson
    Christopher Johnson 6 months ago Off topic...Where do you get your pants?
  • Mary Sadat
    Mary Sadat 5 months ago Which is the best lense for beauty and make-up photography and video with canons m50 and sl2
  • Flipdaddy777
    Flipdaddy777 3 months ago 18-55 on canon t5i i haven't had money to buy anymore.
  • Messy Room Studios
    Messy Room Studios 3 months ago Think Media I’m definitely buying a 10-18 and a 24 mm!! Thank you Sean for these great tips, so excited to FINALLY learn photography!!
  • Juice
    Juice 1 year ago Sean, thanks to you I've made over $130 with my YouTube channel with 2k subscribers so far. You deserve 1m subscribers, my friend. Thank you for sharing your videos. Much love from Miami, Brother =)
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    Think Media 1 year ago Juice! Great job - thanks for sharing - keep builging!!
  • Bee Irakabaho
    Bee Irakabaho 1 month ago You have so many subs now 😭 good job!
  • Nathan Hall - Gadgets & Greatness
    Nathan Hall - Gadgets & Greatness 1 year ago My tip is to start where you are with what you have, and be creative with it! I have two kit lenses with my Nikon and I just picked up a Nikkor/Nikon 50mm f/1.8 used for $60! So, I'm learning to maximize in the limitations until I can move up a notch or two, I am LOVING the 50mm though! That depth of field effect is intoxicating!
  • Phil Zero
    Phil Zero 1 year ago Great video. I'm a DSLR noob and this helped a lot
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    Sarath SunilDutt 11 months ago Phil Zero That is the whole point of this video moron
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  • CheapGeek
    CheapGeek 1 year ago Just to throw out some important info to consider. If you are using a Canon Rebel series camera- you have to multiply 1.6 (crop factor) by the focal length to get the TRUE or actual focal length. Example: Canon EF 10 -18 mm X 1.6 (crop factor) actually = 16-32 mm or 18-55 mm X 1.6(crop factor) actually = 28.8 - 88 mm Thanks! Great video!
  • Think Media
    Think Media 1 year ago True. However, that doesn't apply to EF-S lenses correct? The 10-18 EF-S is a crop sensor lens ... vs... the Canon EF 17-40mm. The 17-40 on a crop camera would be multiplied by 1.6... but a native crop sensors lenses should be true to the focal length they promise. Unless I'm wrong...
  • Think Media
    Think Media 1 year ago Ok... I think I'm wrong... reading this http://community.usa.canon.com/t5/Lenses/Does-an-EF-S-lens-focal-length-have-the-1-6-crop-factor/td-p/145516 👊💯
  • CheapGeek
    CheapGeek 1 year ago Yep, the crop still applies. :) That's where the weird focal range numbers come from...
  • CheapGeek
    CheapGeek 1 year ago Same also applies to the EOS M series cameras as well. :)
  • Mike Zupancic
    Mike Zupancic 1 year ago EF-S lenses are still the same focal length and still need to multiply by the crop factor but the actual lens only needs to let light in to cover the smaller sensor. A crop lens put on full frame will actually have part of the image cut off because the sensor is so much larger. (If the lens even works as some will and some wont) crop cameras can use larger lenses meant for full frame as well.
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    Sandor “the Hound” Clegane 1 year ago TOO MANY NUMBERS, PLEASE SEND HELP
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    Cathie Zimmerman 9 months ago Ummmmm what? I’ll be over here in the pre-beginner Class if that info is supposed to be for beginners. 🤣🤣