Why The US Has No High-Speed Rail

Published on May 7, 2019 5,697,953 views

China has the world’s fastest and largest high-speed rail network — more than 19,000 miles, the vast majority of which was built in the past decade.

Japan’s bullet trains can reach nearly 200 miles per hour and date to the 1960s. They have moved more than 9 billion people without a single passenger causality. casualty

France began service of the high-speed TGV train in 1981 and the rest of Europe quickly followed.

But the U.S. has no true high-speed trains, aside from sections of Amtrak’s Acela line in the Northeast Corridor. The Acela can reach 150 mph for only 34 miles of its 457-mile span. Its average speed between New York and Boston is about 65 mph.

California’s high-speed rail system is under construction, but whether it will ever get completed as intended is uncertain.

Watch the video to see why the U.S. continues to fail with high-speed trains, and some companies that are trying to fix that.

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Why The US Has No High-Speed Rail

  • Ryko Kohne
    Ryko Kohne 2 months ago saying japan and china can build easier because its flat there is BS. Japan bore through every mountain and China bridges over any body of water, meanwhile CA can't even complete a route through the flat valley
  • Lorenzo L
    Lorenzo L 2 days ago Big oil that's why
  • John Krummel
    John Krummel 2 days ago yes, that was a strange statement
  • Steven L
    Steven L 4 days ago @callmeWeiGe so you enjoy living in a country that has mass shooting where young kids died because of the gun rights of a deranged person? a country where people will died because they don't have enough insurance? US has enough resources to take care of all its sick people yet they don't. A president openly admit that he grope women because he can get away with it. A "democracy" where a leader of a political institution can obstruct a president because he feels like it and boast about it afterwards? Nobody say Chinese government is not corrupted but US government is now the laughing stock of the world.
  • Steven L
    Steven L 4 days ago @How to train a milf you obvious can't IMAGINE a train that is clean and nice. We are not talking about intercity train here.
  • 1204gameday
    1204gameday 4 days ago Why the hell would anyone think California was a good place to put this unless they wanted it to fail?
  • Brutus Tan
    Brutus Tan 6 days ago Duncan W but elevated futureproofs it in case that land get developed. Futureproofing
  • Kwok Wendy
    Kwok Wendy 1 week ago Au Jeffrey building bridges over everything is the easiest move because u dun need to care conservation of the original soil and also u dun need to do all the building work on site, ie digging up ground and stuff. bridges can b built beforehand in a factory in blocks so all they do is to connect them all together on scene, also less impact to the environment as well
  • 肖凯
    肖凯 2 weeks ago callmeWeiGe i agree you are telling the truth, but HSR does benefit the majority, though at the cost of some few. With 1.4 billion people China and the Earth cannot environmentally afford a ‘Country on Wheels’ like US. I believe it is the right thing in the long run.
  • Bruce L
    Bruce L 2 weeks ago @xellossaxon well, it's said that hyperloop could reach 760 mph, isn't that newer and faster? how about some electric power airplane? The US is full of innovators, we should not be bound by one solution or and others. In any case, the initial investment is the biggest problem for most countries, that's the reality.
  • xellossaxon
    xellossaxon 2 weeks ago @Bruce L What do you mean "inventing some new transportation system"? The best system has already been invented, by a German. It is called Transrapid. Magnetic levitation technology. It is a direct competitor to airplane travel because of its speed (500 km/h) and it is more energy efficient than regular railroad. Unfortunately nobody is willing to use it because everybody is blinded by the initial investment hurdle.
  • Graphics Outfitters
    Graphics Outfitters 2 weeks ago China builds wherever and whenever they want. No Environmental Protection Agency. No law suits by every organization that wants to save a Spotted Sprtzker Magner. They want to build across a Environmentally sensitive Estuary. Dredge it and Fill it! Move on!
  • Lee Benson
    Lee Benson 2 weeks ago @@dharmdevilThis is a think you can do when you in enslave the people, try it here and you will be met with 2 million guns.
  • Lee Benson
    Lee Benson 2 weeks ago @Shane Willbur If you think being free is a sad state then great you can stay were ever you live, I love being free and I will never ride on a train so I don't want to pay for it. If it bothers you! you can send me any money and I will get it to the right people. LOL
  • Lee Benson
    Lee Benson 2 weeks ago @@Otakuvn99We are a free Society! I know its hard for slaves to grasp this concept so I can only say SORRY.
  • Michael Slawson
    Michael Slawson 2 weeks ago Pelosi,s husband got that contract,but the governor stopped it,,because it wasn't cost effective
  • David Walmsley
    David Walmsley 2 weeks ago @Deborah Smith Go to the foot of our.... I can't think of a word starting with H that means Stairs.
  • Steven Martinez
    Steven Martinez 2 weeks ago Ryko Kohne exactly I don’t get why in this video at about 10:30 mark they complain about having a different president or democratic leadership yet we here in California have been a super majority blue state for along time now! This has zero to do with the fed! California state legislature can’t get it done, they been trying to get this stupid train going for along time now. We’re footing the bill, every year the price tag goes up because delays. Jerry brown ,Gavin Newsom and the whole state legislature got rich off tax paying citizens
  • parry jackson
    parry jackson 3 weeks ago @Au Jeffrey China's longest bridge is the Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge which is 165km LONG !
  • PTP120122
    PTP120122 3 weeks ago Have y'all considered how much Chinese construction laborers get paid? It's a communist country using captialism to fund, and getting projects done with low wage slavery.
  • Sunny
    Sunny 3 weeks ago I’ve been to China where there’s mountainous regions and tunnels that goes through them that stretches on for miles
  • TheZyreick
    TheZyreick 3 weeks ago they don't want to have to look at it. that is the real reason they wont get it built
  • the joy of reason
    the joy of reason 3 weeks ago @The Last Spartan Intelligent answer...really so smart
  • fairandbalanced65
    fairandbalanced65 3 weeks ago @Au Jeffrey That is correct...having it elevated there will be no collusion ;-) and you want to put piles so it stays properly level over time. If you want to do 200 MPH you better make sure it is dead level all the way. I trevelled on high speed railway in China a lot...it is very comfortable.
  • Ezra Brooks
    Ezra Brooks 3 weeks ago @How to train a milf ...we can ride on top or hanging out the sides , like india
  • Danilo Bingham
    Danilo Bingham 4 weeks ago Not to mention the earthquakes in J.
  • seaofgreens
    seaofgreens 4 weeks ago @Otakuvn99 Except China doesn't have private property, and do not need to pay each individual landowner the train would need to pass through. They also don't have all the building and environmental regulations that are shoved through congress each year to cost more money for competitors of a certain industry, so one company can dominate and monopolize pricing... So that's the point...?
  • Duncan W
    Duncan W 4 weeks ago @Brutus Tan aren't a few road overpass less expensive than thousands of miles of elevated trainways? The likely explanation of China's seemingly useless bridges is unstable (e.g. marshy) soil.
  • yakfinger
    yakfinger 4 weeks ago The gov of China owns the land so they can build thru anyone's backyard and they don't give a crap about any enviro impact. Just build, go, next.
  • James Slater
    James Slater 1 month ago TheDok The issue is the only thing conservatives want to spend money on is blowing up brown people.
  • David Drake
    David Drake 1 month ago How to train a milf Don't use their words ILLEGAL ALIENS.
  • David Drake
    David Drake 1 month ago Night Sky Too much liberalism in politics.
  • David Drake
    David Drake 1 month ago Pauly Winkerstinkle Democrat graft and fraud. Need to be investigated.
  • David Drake
    David Drake 1 month ago George Dang Perfect for Mag-Lev. High tech and fast. Top end possibly 500 MPH.
  • chris hill
    chris hill 1 month ago California is a disgrace
  • chris hill
    chris hill 1 month ago Your so right. The state of California is a G$%Da$@
  • Jed Burnell
    Jed Burnell 1 month ago @bruce hain:: Easier climbs and fewer mountains, plus easier to connect to a line off to Las Vegas.