How to spot a liar | Pamela Meyer

Published on Oct 13, 2011 15,624,231 views

On any given day we're lied to from 10 to 200 times, and the clues to detect those lie can be subtle and counter-intuitive. Pamela Meyer, author of Liespotting, shows the manners and "hotspots" used by those trained to recognize deception -- and she argues honesty is a value worth preserving.

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  • Slylie Zeroseven
    Slylie Zeroseven 2 days ago My dad lied to me once about getting some milk and coming right back....... That was 20 years ago
    ANG DROS 6 hours ago @Monday Morning ITS SATAN IN POWDER FORM
  • Monday Morning
    Monday Morning 16 hours ago @Fragya 73 Cocaine is a helluva drug..
  • Monday Morning
    Monday Morning 16 hours ago Lol, sorry.. 💓
  • mrfester42
    mrfester42 17 hours ago Maybe he got lost! Did you ever think of THAT?
  • Fragya 73
    Fragya 73 18 hours ago Hello there, RJ, thank you for your communique; unfortunately, despite my considerable skill in twisting & distorting other peoples' words until they say what I want them to say, instead of what they meant & intended...I just couldn't figure out what you actually WANTED to say; but of course, it would be rude to simply ignore you, wouldn't it, dear.??  So, RJ, may I invite you to rewrite & rephrase your little blurb.??  But please, darling, wait your turn to post...Its rude to just push in..OK.??
  • RJ
    RJ 21 hours ago @Fragya 73you're a fucking weirdo dude
  • Slylie Zeroseven
    Slylie Zeroseven 1 day ago Uuhhmmm just FYI I’m a dude so....
  • Fragya 73
    Fragya 73 1 day ago HELP.!!  HELP.!!  I've been lied to & misled...Miss Zero7 CANNOT be related to me...She is obviously a direct orange-hued descendant of The Trumpeting Trumpster..You only need look at our totally different face-pic coloration;...Slylie, dear, DO NOT send me ANY personal information...& DEFINITELY DO NOT send me ANY bent over, smiling invitingly back over your shoulder into the camera nudie pics...Forget about me..IMMEDIATELY.!!
  • CurveeN7199S
    CurveeN7199S 1 day ago my son. 34 years ago. Stay strong. ❤
  • Fragya 73
    Fragya 73 1 day ago My darling Slylie, I'm so happy I finally found you, a funny thing happened to me when I stepped outside to get some milk for your porridge...let me see, now,...Gosh, that was 20 years ago..but its OK now, I'm back darling..& all of that doesn't matter...WOW.!!  You must be nearly 21 now...aren't you a big girl.??  Did you miss me.??
  • Fusing Phil Music
    Fusing Phil Music 2 days ago TED lied to us. I didn´t learn anything new from watching this video about how to detect a liar.
  • Ah Dindu Nuffin
    Ah Dindu Nuffin 7 hours ago It's mostly a shameful self-promotion stand. Just spot the deceit.
  • Fred Forbush
    Fred Forbush 1 day ago Stop lying and tell the truth!
  • Serena Boutin
    Serena Boutin 2 days ago Congrats, you are an expert lie spotter
  • RJ
    RJ 1 day ago "How to spot a liar" just turn on CNN, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, FOX, That morning show Whoppi is on , Snopes or any other mainstream media news source
  • sea monkey
    sea monkey 1 hour ago Don't forget NPR.
  • J Taylor
    J Taylor 3 hours ago @RJ It's the truth, i can't stomach that crap. These people have hate in their heart and they place it on white man, and that's wrong. Its caused from ignorance.
  • RJ
    RJ 4 hours ago @J Taylor yeah that with a little bit of man-hating and racism
  • J Taylor
    J Taylor 7 hours ago News outlets,yes. The View, IDK, i think it might be a case of the "dumb af" with those squakers.
  • Zev's Star Ark
    Zev's Star Ark 1 month ago Easy. Their pants are on fire
  • Pedro J
    Pedro J 3 days ago :)
  • Theo Fulk
    Theo Fulk 6 days ago They have a 'tell'---- they can't cry, but claim they lost a child
  • overclucker
    overclucker 6 days ago Not to mention hanging from the telephone wire, that's a dead giveaway.
  • some dude in a mask
    some dude in a mask 1 week ago Deadass
  • rico567
    rico567 2 weeks ago Zev's Star Ark Perfect. Now I Don’t need to watch the video. Really.
  • Alrie' Matthews
    Alrie' Matthews 2 weeks ago 😆
  • Rebecca Lockett
    Rebecca Lockett 2 weeks ago 😂😂
  • trebelclef
    trebelclef 2 weeks ago @Sprint Rollingon me too, imagine seeing so many with pants aflame.
  • Sprint Rollingon
    Sprint Rollingon 1 month ago Lmao
  • Sofi Woot
    Sofi Woot 3 years ago The lying mothers face as she did duping delight freaked me out
  • Rocket
    Rocket 1 day ago that didn't bother me in the least, that was like her 30th take on camera probably and someone off screen probably was trying to help her relax, I am not sure of the truth in the event itself, maybe she killed them and this was full on duping smiling; seems to me though, that it isn't typical to react as expected in regards to such events and being on camera particularly with a huge audience, you can get overwhelmed with the attention and just respond poorly or just end up smiling trying not to cry I remember seeing a father of a kid who was shot at the Sandy Hook shooting who was smiling until he got in front of the audience, then he almost cried. He had tried to be prepared up to that moment. As he got off the stage he went back to appearing happy. I am pretty sure he was just reacting to the relief of having gotten through talking to such a large crowd about something hard, but maybe it was something more.
  • Pete Tindal
    Pete Tindal 2 days ago Roya
  • wanderlust about
    wanderlust about 5 days ago @Don Perry nope, only work for you, your family, and your american friends. I dont understand, how american really enjoy dirty jokes and embarrassment jokes?? Thats pathetic.
  • Tobias Goldman
    Tobias Goldman 3 weeks ago @Venxas Martin I hope she was executed for her crimes.
  • Josepha Black
    Josepha Black 3 weeks ago When I was a Teen my grandpa died. It was not only a terrible death, it was worse, because he killed himself. So when I told my friend about it I couldn't handle it well. I was not really in mourning for I didn't know him so well and had rarely seen him in my life, but in this moment it was the first time someone I knew had died and I couldn't handle it. When I told her, I smiled sometimes, like a grin, I don't know why. I didn't kill him, that's for sure. So maybe it's not always a sign of duping delight. I think the specific situation and the age is very important. Since this day I was really confused by my reaction but I think I was just too insecure in emotional social situations so I leaked this insecurity through inconsistent body language. Does that make sense?
  • CH 67 D
    CH 67 D 3 weeks ago There are many more sinister and disgusting videos of that psycho woman who killed two of her kids and she paralyzed one too. There was a movie made about her. She's trying to get released. Sicko. Worst "mom" ever to live.
  • the reap
    the reap 3 weeks ago her smile reminds me of Sheela of Osho's followers
  • Ashley Raikes
    Ashley Raikes 1 month ago what part did she do it at bc i don’t feel like watching the whole video💀💀💀💀
  • Niya Sioul
    Niya Sioul 1 month ago ikr creepy
  • tralala1958
    tralala1958 1 month ago Because she's not "just" a murderer. She was a liar first, and a narcissistic sociopath/psychopath. Those people LOVE getting that feeling of "I'm putting a big one over on you, SUCKER!" even more than whatever it is they're trying to get you to believe. It's the reason they lie, I think. To have a feeling of superiority that they don't get from living their normal lives. And they NEED to feel superior. Not equal to-- superior. "Regular" murderers, like in a crime of passion or just someone who has a mental issue where they can't control their actions, don't necessarily excel at lying, or even feel compelled to.
  • Geoff Stacey
    Geoff Stacey 1 month ago @UltiminiumX you are dead right. There is nothing funny in it but some people were laughing presumably to show that they spotted this dead give-away.
  • Geoff Stacey
    Geoff Stacey 1 month ago @Aravind K.M she was glad she did it. The smile was totally unconscious, because it gave the game away completely. I wouldn't call it a "duping" smile, because, as you can see by the comments, nobody was duped.
  • Bill Kilmer
    Bill Kilmer 1 month ago I remember her. Even as kids, we all knew she was lying. We just couldn't figure if she was truly insane, or just a horrible person, one now covering up her actions. Chilling.
  • Jo Bernstein
    Jo Bernstein 1 month ago How to spot a liar: It has a vagina.
  • Tom Orga
    Tom Orga 1 month ago 77 .gt@Mgoldenboyz
  • Daniel Luca
    Daniel Luca 2 months ago @AustaBeClair Can you point the minute when that happenes please ?
  • Daniel Luca
    Daniel Luca 2 months ago Can you please point the minute when it happens as well ? :)
  • Cockeyed Optimista
    Cockeyed Optimista 2 months ago It was certainly shocking.
  • Russell Kanning
    Russell Kanning 2 months ago I think she was actually an actress playing the part of a killer..... so plenty of duping delight
  • MUSIC COSMO - Focus & Brain-power-Chillout music
    MUSIC COSMO - Focus & Brain-power-Chillout music 2 months ago @UltiminiumX Yes, that scared me too, my God! They laughed! Horrifying audience.
  • Saira Chaudhry
    Saira Chaudhry 3 months ago yessss! My heart dropped, like it's a scene from a horror movie. UGH Hope she's locked up
  • Indrajit Ghosh
    Indrajit Ghosh 3 months ago Ffffpoò3cc'd 2332oooooo awfybbbvvvc17TÞMM HHHHCCX0P2
  • Allison Colby
    Allison Colby 3 months ago Me too..the creepy chills And so blithe about her descriptions of her gruesome actions, was rather sickening to observe. I caught myself making the facial tell of contempt hearing such un-funny words; words where smiles are completely inappropriate. A great example of what to look for.
  • Luckyboy YT
    Luckyboy YT 3 months ago Regarding the previous comment about why people laughed, I personally chuckled because the speaker says "if you look closely" beforehand. I was squinting to spot minor twitches at the corner of her lips, and I wasn't expecting such a big giveaway smile. Yes, what she did was horrific, but it is possible to watch a video and study a specific element of it rather than the whole. In this case, we were meant to see how ridiculous someone's duping delight can be.
  • Victoria J
    Victoria J 3 months ago (edited) Hello everyone, Y’all should please borrow me a minute of your time before you curiously contact a fake personel. I hate cheaters and liars. I had my friend Harry on instagram @patrick_allen77 hack into my spouse phone and computer when my guts started telling me his cheating. I wouldn’t like to go much into details since it’s person. He got the phone hack done in less than 3 hours after I paid him for the software. Contact him today!! Cyberhackpros@gmail.com also you can Text or Whatsapp on + 1 518 290 0093
  • Sonya Gower
    Sonya Gower 6 months ago that was creepy!
  • The Mind Flayer
    The Mind Flayer 6 months ago Strange. I didn't feel anything.
  • castirondude
    castirondude 7 months ago Freaked me out too. It's at 15:34 and onwards. It's off-the-charts creepy that someone can derive pleasure from watching their kids die.
  • StyxHexenhammer666
    StyxHexenhammer666 7 months ago Its still going on in "mass shootings". Are you still freaked out or just ignoring it?
  • Krystal Gonzalez
    Krystal Gonzalez 7 months ago Same here got the schills all over my body
  • Venxas Martin
    Venxas Martin 7 months ago Sofi Woot yep its haunting
  • brokenwing2005
    brokenwing2005 10 months ago Sofi Woot That was chilling
  • WanderingRandomer
    WanderingRandomer 11 months ago The problem is, most people probably only interpreted it as that because we were primed beforehand that she was the liar. If we didn't know either way, the smile might've been interpreted differently.
    YABBAHEY YABBAHEY 11 months ago ultim..X - That was a nervous tittle. Not a laugh. In other words the majority of people in the audience were "uncomfortably astonished" by the blatancy of the woman's facial reactions. Lots of people giggle or titter when they're Horrified ( one example ) , Scared is another. It's a human condition not a reason to think people are sadistic. "Heh-heh , wow." Is another way of saying : "Holy cow that woman is evil incarnate & I/we appreciate that you've shown us such an obvious example of the point you are trying to convey."
  • Sofa Ⓥ
    Sofa Ⓥ 11 months ago Thanks for the warning, I'm about to sleep as well
  • Veronica Proctor
    Veronica Proctor 11 months ago +UltiminumX They're not potential murderers lmao. Laughing when you see something ridiculous/scary/dark is something loads of people do. They're not laughing people what happened is funny, they're laughing because they actually can't believe her reaction/how obvious it is. It's jarring and stupid and scary, therefore people are uncomfortable, hence darkly laughing to try and shake the scaredness. Your generalisation that a natural human reaction to distress means many people in that talk were murderers is pretty gross tbh, and to insinuate they're laughing because of dead children rather than the absurdity of the situation is also gross. Also I completely disagree that they were ignoring contexts or subjects - if you think that laughter had anything to do with what she did then you're the only one who misread the situation.
  • Yonathan Billy Christian
    Yonathan Billy Christian 1 year ago Idk but somehow i didn't get scared at all instead i was thinking that she's really not good enough to tell a lie, so i just got a little bit frustrated (hey don't get me wrong either, i hate lying stuff 😂)
  • Lamya Ojeil
    Lamya Ojeil 1 year ago Sofi Woot IT WAS HORRIFYING
  • Worlds most Interesting Man
    Worlds most Interesting Man 1 year ago Sofi Woot She's got Doll Eye's
  • Erik Hendrych
    Erik Hendrych 1 year ago (edited) The first one feels like acting in a movie. The second one really hurts to watch (especially knowing it was real).
  • Critically Thought
    Critically Thought 1 year ago JN West what? Sociopaths gravitate towards the private sector? When people start making communistic overtures like this It legitimately makes me scared for our future.
  • Debby Ammann
    Debby Ammann 1 year ago Remember the disappearance of Madeleine McCann - I watched the video of the parents in a documentary and it was full of examples like this. Now I see it. Soooo creepy. The one person you think you can always trust is your mom.
  • Najib Casa
    Najib Casa 1 year ago Just wonderful, I been tryin to find out about "relationship after an affair" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of - Qenamilla Strayer Magnet - (just google it ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my co-worker got excellent results with it.
  • takemeintothethick
    takemeintothethick 1 year ago me 2, istant chills down my spine
  • Sofia Torres
    Sofia Torres 1 year ago It freaked me out, such a creep
  • Dee Henry
    Dee Henry 1 year ago Sofi Woot facts there are truly evil people in the world
  • taurnguard
    taurnguard 1 year ago You can see in her eyes that she is soulless.
  • bouboulroz
    bouboulroz 1 year ago They laughed because the way they froze the video made it really obvious, so they laughed at how bad a liar she was, not noticing she hid at least two other duping delight during the interview.
  • homhable
    homhable 1 year ago It's Diane Downs. A murderer. No actress.
  • aleister crowley
    aleister crowley 1 year ago No, sociopaths DO show emotion -- they show emotion in relationship to the wrong cues. Watch infamous serial killer Ted Bundy's interviews -- he is a true sociopath. He shows emotion but in a totally narcissistic, amoral manner -- he laughs and responds POSITIVELY when discussing his crimes, how brilliant he must be to have escaped from jail, how he had many female fans, etc. Yes they lack empathy but they DO show emotion.
  • canciochi
    canciochi 1 year ago Yes, it stayed in my mind and I actually got scared.
  • mike shinoda
    mike shinoda 1 year ago Its probably because shes an actor.
  • Estelita Scott
    Estelita Scott 2 years ago Gave me chills.
  • Mgoldenboyz
    Mgoldenboyz 2 years ago Sofi Woot and if she wasn't lying she would show sadness but she showed no emotion other than the smile
  • The Senate
    The Senate 2 years ago She's a freaking psychopath
  • JN West
    JN West 2 years ago Tess it is now with the Trump Administration because they come from the private sector where sociopaths gravitate towards.
  • RoLorenz
    RoLorenz 2 years ago Here name is Diane Downs. She was diagnosed as a sociopath with a histrionic personality disorder. They just can't relate to other people's feelings or notice how their own behaivour appears in the eyes of others.
  • TJ L
    TJ L 2 years ago sociopaths/psychopaths display no emotion either. Doesn't mean guilt or deception. Thats a whole other ball game for spotting their tells..
  • FW Poon
    FW Poon 2 years ago she obviously didn't practice enough.
  • Don Perry
    Don Perry 2 years ago Aloha +dennis galvin, (spoken words here in the voice of Dirty Harry)...well punk, you feeling lucky? Go ahead Dennis, pull my finger...and when you have exhausted all silliness [yea, pun intended] or had it, hypothetically, of course, beaten out of you by those lost souls who wander here ever vigilant to shame others for the inappropriate within themselves, my prayer will be that you are sledge-hammered awake and aware to the reality that telling a joke here, to us, in this traumatized state is akin to whistling in a graveyard. It is a mechanism within all...well, most all, of our brains to find or impart some rationality where there can be none. A sad, futile attempt to avoid confronting the absolute knowledge that evil does exist in our world. Awa denying that question forming deep within us all; what went on-is going on-in her mind...what is in her soul...what is different inside her...that, there but for the Grace of God, or some invisible good, bad or indifferent genetic coding, or some gifting of parental/community nurturing, could that ever be me?
  • dumpthe chump
    dumpthe chump 2 years ago Only 1 died. All three were shot.
  • dumpthe chump
    dumpthe chump 2 years ago You mean the child killer? Of course. She's a killer of her own child.
  • dennis galvin
    dennis galvin 2 years ago any fart jokes? except the one about them being aliens from Uranus,I heard it before.
  • Don Perry
    Don Perry 2 years ago (edited) aloha +UltiminiumX ,+BeetleBUMxXand especially+Toolman329: If i may...psychologists tell us that the human response of laughter is engendered by three emotional states: surprise, fear and embarrassment...this is why "dirty" jokes work; the punchline of any good joke is a 180 flip from the setup=surprise. Add-in sexual innuendo and especially a fart reference=-say it with me: embarrassment! These folks were quite surprised and hopefully embarrassed and certainly that spooky smile is chilling. The laugh response is involuntary, they're horrified not tickled.
  • KamaroPayne
    KamaroPayne 2 years ago UltiminiumX omg WHAT? Can you say that in less than 1,000 words?
  • UltiminiumX
    UltiminiumX 2 years ago @BeetleBUMxX Thanks for your comment, what you said makes sense to me, I agree that that I may have been judgmental because of how I felt, sorry it offended you or anyone else, but I was just so outraged about laughter at such a moment (and I still am!) no matter how brief it was, it immediately told me that people who laughed were literally ignoring the context and not thinking about subjects, but just reacting in a passive way, that was my feeling of course, but again I agree, I should not be that impulsive with judging people, it'd hinder my ability to think myself and eventually make the right decisions in certain situations... yet I maintain that eveybody should be extremely careful about what they're laughing about, out of decency for other human beings suffering... I think I already mentioned the following before, but here's the question again: what if victims were our family members, or someone we love dearly? Would our reaction (brief nervous laugh) be the same? I sincerely don't think so! Uless there's something to fix! At least that's my opinion :/
  • Zarraf. K
    Zarraf. K 2 years ago (edited) She couldn't hold it in
  • Weston Harward
    Weston Harward 2 years ago same here. and her eyes give it all away at first glance. the eyes that pursue murder
  • BeetleBUMxX
    BeetleBUMxX 2 years ago I can't say why they all laughed, but I chuckled when I saw her duping. Not because I enjoyed her deception but because of her blatant stupidity. Some people laugh when they are nervous and others because they're not really thinking about the full context of the scene. It was a sickening expression and sometimes laughter is how we cope with distress. There are differences between nervous giggles and full on laughter and most of those people sounded nervous. Nervous laughter doesn't trail on very long. It's short and abrupt. Amused laughter is louder and last longer. It's clear your sentiment and horror at the women's actions moves you deeply, but you don't have to be so judgmental of others because of how you feel. And yes I was offended by your generalization, but also moved by the reaction you had. Humans are complex.
  • UltiminiumX
    UltiminiumX 2 years ago @Toolman329 thanks for the theory, I think we don't really need to learn this from a TED talk (that horrendous smirk), as human beings we witness many weird people behaviors in our lives, but we don't particularly laugh about it, and in such a context where children were tortured to death, as "learners" as you say, we need to be careful when we laugh, the context was horrible, it wasn't some thriller of action movie, it was a real case, people need to be extremely considerate with these things, I think!
  • UltiminiumX
    UltiminiumX 2 years ago The worst for me was how part of the audience laughed about it!! Are they potential murderers???? I still can't believe it, just after having described that scene...
  • Zarraf. K
    Zarraf. K 2 years ago That was scary af
    JIMBOBJUNIOR 2 years ago Exactly, that's just sick the smile she did.
  • Aravind K.M
    Aravind K.M 2 years ago Thats soo fucked up man i still dont get how you would unconsciously smile after killing 2 of her own kids
  • Lavoi Wilder
    Lavoi Wilder 2 years ago Same
  • Roya Sani
    Roya Sani 2 years ago no joke!  I was in a room alone and it gave me the shivers like sensing a bad spirit in your presence.  Yikes!!!!
  • Angel Christina
    Angel Christina 2 years ago THE ANTHONY'S PLEASE GOD...
  • AustaBeClair
    AustaBeClair 2 years ago @I Comment just don't... :D
  • AustaBeClair
    AustaBeClair 3 years ago Exactly... I'm really glad I fell asleep, it took a lot of effort after that
  • AustaBeClair
    AustaBeClair 3 years ago I've been looking for a comment like this so I know I'm not alone... I got literally frost for a while.
  • Sky Banks
    Sky Banks 3 days ago Plot Twist: She's lying about almost everything in this segment.
  • Isaac Smith
    Isaac Smith 16 hours ago @Tony Hancock damn brother, 'twas but a joke
  • Tony Hancock
    Tony Hancock 21 hours ago What on earth are you implying.??   I'm not sure what you're trying to say...What EXACTLY ARE YOU trying to say.??   Sure there's a "Plot". .but EVERYBODY knows that...& of course its "Twisted"...but "Lying".??  "LYING".??  About "Almost everything".??  "ALMOST".??  Sure, I notice you deliberately don't specify what "Almost" everything actually means...I think you've got an agenda...a "HIDDEN" agenda...a "TROUBLEMAKING" agenda...You CANNOT BE TRUSTED...I think you're lying through your teeth...YOU'RE a TROUBLEMAKER.!!
  • adhanda2017
    adhanda2017 3 weeks ago You know a politician is lying when his lips are moving.
  • marc curtis
    marc curtis 1 day ago Fox Racist Network
  • marc curtis
    marc curtis 1 day ago Trump , the Repubugs and CONservs = LIARS!😫
  • Ynemey
    Ynemey 2 days ago Sexist spotted.
  • Purple Reign
    Purple Reign 2 days ago First red flag: Donald Trump. 2nd: Anyone who thinks Donald Trump is great. Then everything after that is easy to detect.
  • Marshall Atkin
    Marshall Atkin 5 days ago Interesting how everyone points to government officials lying, and yet Pamela's first example was corporate fraud and deception.
  • SZBall
    SZBall 6 days ago @Sam Samoa No matter what technique you use to see if they are lying or not it's gonna say that they aren't lying. Because they've been so convinced by this lie trough culture and parental influences to the point where the person in convinced by this lie and takes it as a true information and doesn't show any lying symptoms when talking about religion and why it's "true"
  • SZBall
    SZBall 6 days ago As a future politician I can agree for the most part, specially when it comes to euphemisms.
  • Jim McCracken
    Jim McCracken 6 days ago adhanda2017, That's ridiculously sexist. Female politicians lie too. Wake up.
  • mkbxtr44
    mkbxtr44 1 week ago @feuerrmFilms Well, the reality you and I exist in doesn't need 'belief' and 'faith' to exist like your 'religion ' does..
  • Google Chromebook
    Google Chromebook 1 week ago @Lucy Jane Nothing is more dangerous than intercrural labial lying 🤥 I hear such conduct will make a man out of any female, if you know what I mean: Pinocchi(a) 🦵🤥🦵
  • Lucy Jane
    Lucy Jane 1 week ago Google Chromebook no... the other ones.
  • Google Chromebook
    Google Chromebook 1 week ago @adhanda2017 Are you talking about facial lips?
  • Alan Parkinson
    Alan Parkinson 2 weeks ago most plebian comment...ever. Look it up.
  • oofahman mooch
    oofahman mooch 2 weeks ago Jacob M we could definitely say that about Reich Wing Conservaturds
  • Nicolas Hanna
    Nicolas Hanna 2 weeks ago Dam!
  • Sam Samoa
    Sam Samoa 2 weeks ago @feuerrmFilms "I think you may have some research to do." Who hasn't?!
  • Lu NaTi said how you sound
    Lu NaTi said how you sound 2 weeks ago @Jacob M facts
  • adhanda2017
    adhanda2017 2 weeks ago @Jacob M - It's called Fake News.
  • Jacob M
    Jacob M 2 weeks ago @adhanda2017 lol more like "how do you know CNN is lying? The channel is showing something"
  • adhanda2017
    adhanda2017 2 weeks ago @Jacob M - CNN anchors also.
  • feuerrmFilms
    feuerrmFilms 2 weeks ago @Sam Samoa I think you may have some research to do
  • 是邪恶的习近平
    是邪恶的习近平 2 weeks ago @Sam Samoa because they are.
  • 是邪恶的习近平
    是邪恶的习近平 2 weeks ago @Rain Fallen On My Shoes Kamala Harris
  • Jacob M
    Jacob M 2 weeks ago Actually the saying goes "how do you know when a salesman is lying? His lips are moving"... But I guess this would apply to the liberals too.
  • Lu NaTi said how you sound
    Lu NaTi said how you sound 2 weeks ago 😂🤣💪🏾
  • Silver Kid
    Silver Kid 2 weeks ago her lips
  • Queen Bee
    Queen Bee 2 weeks ago She hadn’t run into trump yet.......
  • Sam Samoa
    Sam Samoa 2 weeks ago "You know a politician is lying when his lips are moving." Why do people always pick on polticians as the worst liars? They are way second - to religious, especially Christian, leaders and preachers. They know Jesus never existed but they still blab on about his birth, death and resurrection as if they were historical events.
  • Joel Schmierer
    Joel Schmierer 2 weeks ago How to spot a liar: I turn on the news
  • paulnjoo
    paulnjoo 3 weeks ago Closely followed by Boris Johnson
  • Nancy Huber
    Nancy Huber 3 weeks ago Same with an addict. Learned that sentence at NarAnon.
  • chris quirke
    chris quirke 3 weeks ago Or he alive and at your door
  • Lucy Jane
    Lucy Jane 3 weeks ago Original!
  • acbulgin2
    acbulgin2 3 weeks ago Awesome!
  • Rain Fallen On My Shoes
    Rain Fallen On My Shoes 3 weeks ago Chump is at the top of the list
  • Ruby’s Reads
    Ruby’s Reads 4 days ago I know you lie, your lips are moving! Tell me do you think I’m dumb?
  • Fragya 73
  • Ruby’s Reads
    Ruby’s Reads 1 day ago By Rebel Wilson
  • Ruby’s Reads
    Ruby’s Reads 1 day ago It’s a song...
  • Fragya 73
    Fragya 73 1 day ago Dumb.??  Ruby, did you say, "Do you think I'm dumb".??  I mean, like, like, what does that even mean.??  If someone thinks you're dumb they don't even know me...you can be a real Dumbster..even dumber than the Gumpster, but I ALWAYS come last so a Lady can come first, because even though I know I'm dumb, I'm still a gentleman...and that is no lie..when you feel my lips moving, and your clittie is SCREAMING...& you're creaming uncontrollably...you know its true....
  • Marc C. E. Wagner
    Marc C. E. Wagner 2 days ago Individuals living with anxiety in it's many forms may present with awkward body language just because they feel uncomfortable. Not that they are lying in the least.
  • J Taylor
    J Taylor 7 hours ago i like the fake smile eye give away.
  • J Taylor
    J Taylor 7 hours ago She said the examples are flags, when you see a lot of flags you need to be more suspicious. Outside of math,it's hard being conclusive about anything.
  • T C
    T C 1 day ago @lasvegasloner Right. I hate looking people in the eye. I have learned to force myself to do it. It's almost a stare down game. I've noticed how much it makes some people back down so I can go back to making less eye contact. I think that they start thinking that I am a crazy person anyway because I'm not blinking enough. LOL
  • lasvegasloner
    lasvegasloner 2 days ago Absolutely. It's interesting but sometimes scary knowing some hacks are watching this expert and ready to start aiming their knew found "skills" at everyone. I don't have a diagnosis for anxiety, but it's in my family and I've always checked off many of the body language features she and others talked about that imply when a person is lying. I hate looking people in the eye, I have plenty of injuries making me fidget all day ( I can't even stand comfortably), and my mind wanders worse than most people you'll meet.... but I don't haver a reputation for being more of a liar than anyone, in fact I'm small town old-fashioned and introverted, and though I usually love a good story, when I am working seriously with somebody or have a relationship, I usually am more serious and nitpcky about facts than most people want. I just don't like having to fix things again and again.
  • Artem Joukov
    Artem Joukov 1 month ago Okay, I have to stop watching these videos. They do not answer the question they pose.
  • Xelith
    Xelith 15 hours ago Most of them don't, but this definitely did in many ways. Do people just not pay attention at all? Or are you lying? :P
  • Serena Boutin
    Serena Boutin 2 days ago Read her book
  • bandrukesucks
    bandrukesucks 4 days ago I get what you mean. She proposed we all lie to cooperate and be accepted. Her solution is to marginalize. It is not really a solution at all, since she also started off by saying, we are all liars. She was great at identifying lying, but not so great at reacting to it.
  • The Happy Medium
    The Happy Medium 1 month ago Don't give up. The truth hurts sometimes. It's supposed to. How else are we supposed to learn!
  • Linda Hamilton
    Linda Hamilton 1 month ago She showed how faces are different, how people twitch their bodies or fingers. Much more really