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  • Shinthant Kyi
    Shinthant Kyi 1 year ago “Your eyebrows is sisters, not twins” That’s my motto from now on! O:
  • Omar__
    Omar__ 11 months ago Shinthant Kyi are sisters
  • Eve S
    Eve S 9 months ago #me one of my eyebrows have a big chunk of hair in it and the other one is basically invisible
  • Ashlee_The Alpaca
    Ashlee_The Alpaca 9 months ago Shinthant Kyi mine is when life gives you a thousand reasons to cry give life a minion reasons to smile
  • Luna
    Luna 6 months ago Shinthant Kyi Nah my eyebrows are the complete opposite of eachother
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    Pftwhatssleep Yt 5 months ago My eyebrows are very distant cousins
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    Just_AutumnYT 4 months ago thats my motto with eyes
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    Zain s 3 months ago @Omar__ Beep Beep Make way! Grammer police is here!
  • Zain s
    Zain s 3 months ago @Ashlee_The Alpaca I like it. Can I use it too?
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    Breelynn Myers 1 month ago Mine arent even related
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    urfiabc 1 month ago Mine are plain up enemies
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    Lazy Pandah 1 month ago It’s from James Charles originally isn’t it? Don’t hate pls 😅
  • Zain s
    Zain s 1 month ago urfiabc oof
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    Eva Nguyen 1 month ago Shinthant Kyi are
  • Depressed Shit
    Depressed Shit 1 month ago *ARE SISTERS
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    Angie ThunderStryke 2 weeks ago Mine are conjoined twins.
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    Ein dummes Kind 2 weeks ago I made the liked 666
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    Timmering 2 hours ago Shinthant Kyi yes! I love that lol
  • DrawingWiffWaffles
    DrawingWiffWaffles 1 year ago These tips would have been super helpful when I was younger. I think when we start out we are a little too absorbed in achieving perfection we fail to see the stunning beauty of imperfection. And the little quirks that make art interesting.
  • Ashlee C.
    Ashlee C. 1 year ago DrawingWiffWaffles haiiiii senpi ❤️
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    Viktorija Lozankoska 1 year ago DrawingWiffWaffles i agree btw i love your videos and Baylees
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    PastelWhales 1 year ago DrawingWiffWaffles RIN! HAIIII
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    Everything together GIRLS 1 year ago DrawingWiffWaffles I love your vids
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    Katie 9 3/4 1 year ago DrawingWiffWaffles beautifully said <3
  • Izoo
    Izoo 1 year ago Too true, when I started I automatically bought copiics. I really regret that as now I use cheaper stuff
  • Reading with Sophia
    Reading with Sophia 1 year ago WAFFLES!!! My favorite art youtuber aghhhhhh!!!
  • Jays Personal
    Jays Personal 1 year ago Waffles! I just finished watching your Scrawlerbox video!! I'm a huge fan!
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    MaryAnn Cunningham 1 year ago same!
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    Julian Floremacc 1 year ago DrawingWiffWaffles hello queeennnn
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    Itz Dizzi 1 year ago Lol, I Was Just watching a video by you, I clicked onto this vid and... Your On Here... Woah
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    Artsy Mask 1 year ago CAN YOU AND BAILEY DO A COLLAB :0
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    Jean Currid 1 year ago I love you
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    Madelyn Morris 1 year ago DrawingWiffWaffles omg drawing wif waffles not to fan girl but I love your vids! ^-^
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    Real eyes realize Real lies 1 year ago DrawingWiffWaffles haiii I love your videos they really help me out 😁 and very well said, that is true. Love ya and I love waffles! literally had waffles for breakfast and after school haha -kriizii
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    TJ Paradise 1 year ago I LOVE YOU RIN
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    Bridget Foley 1 year ago Waffles I love u! U r my queen
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    Amy Smith 1 year ago Not to offend anyone here, but I think it's not the nicest thing to tell a YouTuber that commented that you love them, when they commented on someone else's video... I feel like the creator that has been commented on in that situation wouldn't feel too great. I don't know if anyone else agrees or whatever but yeah :P I totally agree, Waffles <3
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    ward kousa 11 months ago DrawingWiffWaffles o'
  • Jana Nicole
    Jana Nicole 11 months ago DrawingWiffWaffles OMG!!!! I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!!!
  • amyanimegirl1991
    amyanimegirl1991 11 months ago I agree waffles, when I was younger I got too focused in on my drawings being perfect and symmetrical.
  • Calash Trash
    Calash Trash 10 months ago True
  • Waifu Mtsuki
    Waifu Mtsuki 10 months ago Yah I am pretty young this helped me a lot!
  • Jay etc.
    Jay etc. 10 months ago Waffles! Saranghaeyo~♡♡
  • That one Artist
    That one Artist 10 months ago +Jana Nicole then why are you in baylee jay’s video then
  • David Redick
    David Redick 10 months ago DrawingWiffWaffles yes. I’m a beginner in art and I struggle and I get really mad when it looks TERRIBLE. I like trying to draw realistic but..
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    Lyndsie Hofmann 10 months ago i love your vids
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    Laur TRIES To Draw 9 months ago Woah... that was kinda deep!
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    KT Girl 9 months ago What does the ✅ on your name mean
  • srce
    srce 9 months ago DrawingWiffWaffles You would be great at illustrating students' books! You have a very eye-catching and entertaining art style that would be great for presenting new lessons to children. ♡
  • Maevyn B
    Maevyn B 8 months ago lol when i was little i already thought i was the best artist in the world, so i was imperfection blind to begin with XD
  • Sonya Doodles
    Sonya Doodles 7 months ago i just watched one of your videos! It's very helpful to me too.
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    Henry Chanta 6 months ago DrawingWiffWaffles ya true
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    Enderking 582 6 months ago DrawingWiffWaffles prech female/male prech
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    Remy Fortnite 6 months ago Ohhhhhhh!😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲
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    Joseph Ronan 5 months ago (edited) (im on my uncles laptop im not a boy) OMG WAFFLES I LUV YOUR VIDS <3 <3
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    YMY Chocolicious Crafts 5 months ago Low-key true Waffles l also want pancakes right now Jk love Waffles 🤭😸
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    Namjoon's Chin 4 months ago :0 I wuv u
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    LPS Candyyy 4 months ago DrawingWiffWaffles I started drawing at the age of 3.... HOLY MOLY!
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    ツL i l l X ‘. 2 months ago You really inspire me to do draw more
  • ツL i l l X ‘.
    ツL i l l X ‘. 2 months ago I used to always stay in the house and do nothing until I watched your tutorials!! That’s for being so amazing you deserve your subscribers!!! ❤️❤️❤️
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    Hainne Lim 1 month ago So true Btw I love your videos! 💕
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    Marie Sacchitello 3 weeks ago DrawingWiffWaffles WAFFLES I LOVE UR CHANNEL
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    Hainne Lim 1 week ago @Janessa Armstead why is that lol? That's a bit rude
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    Big Smoke 5 hours ago She did lol
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    kr gll 1 year ago "Because perfect symmetry looks strange" Death the kid would be so disappointed in you.
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    Ermilio Collins 1 year ago So true 🤣
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    Chrartsic Gameplay 1 year ago Lol! Same thing I was thinking!
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    Jasmin Morley 1 year ago lol all I could think of was kid in that tip
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    gemilatosk 1 year ago Hahahahaha
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    _ツαlεxα 11 months ago Don’t even know who death the kid is but k
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    kr gll 11 months ago Unicookie Gaming --You should watch Soul Eater than.
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    Pandalicious 2006 9 months ago kr gll , who's that?
  • kr gll
    kr gll 9 months ago Pandalicious 2006 》Watch 'Soul Eater'. It's an anime and he's a character from it.《
  • Krxst
    Krxst 9 months ago Pandalicious 2006 Death The Kid is a character from an anime called Soul Eater and is rather OCD about perfect symmetry.
  • Pandalicious 2006
    Pandalicious 2006 9 months ago Krxst oooooh ok, lol I'm also ocd
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    Mo loves 잰 8 months ago He'll go hysterical and probably make accounts to dislike the video
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    Chris Hernandez 4 months ago Alice
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    Haley Dawn 4 months ago This is a beautiful comment.
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    that one friend 3 months ago Too bad his hair isn't symmetrical
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    MRcRaBs 3 months ago kr gll OML I SAID THAT IN MY COMMET XD
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    YeetusTheFetusAndCommitSelfDeletus 69 1 month ago _ツαlεxα it’s from soul eater
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    Shiiblu 3 weeks ago (edited) Soul Eater was a great show!
  • Thank You For The Bulletproof Heart
    Thank You For The Bulletproof Heart 1 week ago Omg my night has been made. I love when I’m watching a non-fandom related video and someone just posts something to do with a fandom I’m in.
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    Fie My 1 year ago I just discovered that I wasn't subscribed to you... Although I have literally been watching regularly for YEARS... Wth? It's fixed now tho 🤷‍♀️
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    atinyfatbird 1 year ago Sprinkle Creativity maybe YouTube un subscribed us
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    Maddie W 1 year ago PusheenFluffyPuff I wouldn’t be surprised. I heard stories of people being unsubscribed from their favorite channels and ending up subscribed to Logan Paul when they don’t even watch vloggers
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    ThunderGirl 406 1 year ago SAME LOL
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    Yajaira Sanchez 3 months ago ME TOO
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    pewshy 3 months ago Me to
  • Kristorys
    Kristorys 1 year ago When that’s low key how I draw trees
  • Shika-U
    Shika-U 1 year ago Thank GOD. I've been drawing for over 11 years but, it is so nice to see some non-biased art tips. No "Don't draw anime, don't draw this like this, blah blah". Just good art tips that can apply to anyone's style.
  • Jinxlock
    Jinxlock 1 year ago Bailey draws a sock with sandals Other people: that’s a nice tip, Bailey! Me: She-she drew socks with sandals... that fashion choice though
  • Baylee Jae
    Baylee Jae 1 year ago 😂😂😂
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    Sofia Who? 2 weeks ago 200th like
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    violet lol 1 week ago hey- are you makin' fun of me?
  • Selorm Dzimega
    Selorm Dzimega 1 year ago 13:48 girl, stop lying to us, those are 100% GUCCI
  • Lucaria
    Lucaria 1 year ago This was actually sooo helpful. Usually when you watch videos targetted for ''beginners'' the things in the video are very very basic things that even many beginners would have heard of before, but this was slightly more advanced and had things that make you think or that you might not have heard before. Thanks Baylee!
  • Birgithe
    Birgithe 1 year ago darn I was just gonna comment this! I agree, these types of videos usually have the exact same tips, but this video was really refreshing
  • Presto Paints
    Presto Paints 1 year ago For a self taught artist, it would’ve helped a ton if I had this video two years ago when I started getting serious. I hope this helps out a lot of young artists and beginners.
  • ᴄʜᴀʀʟᴏᴛᴛᴇ ᴢ
    ᴄʜᴀʀʟᴏᴛᴛᴇ ᴢ 10 months ago Just a random fun fact I remembered from the symmetry: (For DDLC players/fans) Ya know Monika? You know how she was a bit unsettling? That's because they made her perfectly symmetrical unless she was doing her weird leany-smile thing. Even then they made it as perfect as possible. They did this just to make her really creepy just looking at her.
  • callisto
    callisto 8 months ago woah, that makes so much sense!
  • XxBlueRockArt99xX
    XxBlueRockArt99xX 5 months ago I just remembered this but I always found her front facing where it seems to make eye contact as if she truly notices you while the other girls hadn't unless under her influence was the creepiest part that I hadn't recognized that she was also symmetrical
  • Starry Sky's
    Starry Sky's 3 months ago I'm gonna go look at mobile now to try an find something wrong...
  • ASMR - Aesthetic
    ASMR - Aesthetic 2 months ago I never noticed that!
  • Morgan Laxton
    Morgan Laxton 2 months ago ᴄʜᴀʀʟᴏᴛᴛᴇ ᴢ that’s a pretty cool fact! Thanks for sharing ☺️
  • vinyl
    vinyl 1 month ago ᴄʜᴀʀʟᴏᴛᴛᴇ ᴢ woah!!!! that’s super cool tbh
  • Ko Doesn’t Care
    Ko Doesn’t Care 4 weeks ago Oh shit that’s why the final scene was so creepy
  • Just Monika
    Just Monika 3 weeks ago Yes, that is exactly why I’m so creepy!
  • Gracie Max
    Gracie Max 1 year ago Watching this makes me want to try drawing again. I’m a creative person (hairstylist who crochets, cross stitches, colors in coloring books, and many many diy stuff) I guess I’m guilty of wanting to do something, trying it, and then when it’s not going how I wanted, I give up. I need to let that go. I started coloring when I started watching your copic coloring videos. But I still give up when the “shading if off”, or doesn’t look good. Thanks for this video! Love from a fellow 🇨🇦. Can this book be bought at chapters or Indigo? 🦄🍀🐠👑
  • Olivia C
    Olivia C 1 year ago This is honestly so helpful, I wouldn’t consider myself a beginner in art but I honestly learnt so much from this thank you 😊😊
  • Jennifer Slack
    Jennifer Slack 1 year ago Liv C learned** sorry
  • Olivia C
    Olivia C 1 year ago (edited) Jennifer Slack learnt is an English word and in this context is acceptable. (in Britain, where I’m from it’s more common to here “learnt” over “learned”) 😊
  • Katie 9 3/4
    Katie 9 3/4 1 year ago #RoadTo1m :D Love the pink nails Baylee <3
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    NutellaTheDonut ! 1 year ago Katie 9 3/4 +the pink hair, amazing!
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    Some one 10 months ago Katie 9 3/4 yessss
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    Yono Ara 8 months ago AYEEEE 1M 👌
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    Shantei 1 year ago 21 minutes long?! B L E S S
  • Art of Ley Saulnier
    Art of Ley Saulnier 1 year ago Where was this video when I was 14 - 16 and drawing just basic female characters standing in the white vastness of my sketchbook over and over again? I still really love that mermaid from your artbook. She's so stunning!
  • tinna G
    tinna G 1 year ago Art of Ley Saulnier get this woman more subscribers she is so talented :)
  • ThunderGirl 406
    ThunderGirl 406 1 year ago Art of Ley Saulnier I subscribed to you :3 you seem nice . D .
  • Art of Ley Saulnier
    Art of Ley Saulnier 1 year ago ThunderGirl 406 Aw, thank you! 💜
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    Gacha_ Lover07 11 months ago Art of Ley Saulnier i
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    Estevan 11 months ago Omg haha meee
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    Zahra Tasmin 10 months ago Art of Ley Saulnier
  • Obvious Troll. Yet you still got baited. Congrats
    Obvious Troll. Yet you still got baited. Congrats 5 months ago Art of Ley Saulnier When i was that age I just draw them in dynamic poses
  • Naoki Best
    Naoki Best 4 months ago Art of Ley Saulnier love your art style
  • Emilee L.
    Emilee L. 1 year ago This is so helpful! Usually I skip videos for beginners because I'm not extremely new to art. A lot of the videos don't really seem to encompass so many important tips. I'm an aspiring artist, but I only really committed to it a few months ago. While I have some knowledge from watching people's videos and admiring yours and other artists drawings, I have been struggling a little bit at where to start, to improve. I think your advice will help me make my future drawings just that much better. Thank you ~~ I also think your book looks amazing and I hope to buy it soon if I can find it somewhere ^^
  • Loli Senpai
    Loli Senpai 1 year ago I can see a million views for this video in the future! This will help a lot of beginners, and even nobles who needs to refresh some elements they tend to struggle with!
  • Elisa Del Masso
    Elisa Del Masso 1 year ago Hello Baylee! You were the one who inspired me to actually show my drawings to people, and not keep it hidden