UPSC Topper Mock Interview, Srushti Jayant Deshmukh (Rank 5, CSE 2018)

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We extend our heartiest congratulations to Srushti Jayant Deshmukh on this great achievement and are gratified to have been a part of her journey to success. Wishing her all the very best for her future!

Presenting to you here, her mock interview video to provide you an opportunity to imagine yourself in a similar interview setting, going through the same questions.

Mock interviews help not only in familiarizing with interviews in general but they also help identify areas that a candidate needs to work upon. Even though one can imagine oneself in an interview setting, it is strongly advised that you watch these videos and learn from the experiences of other people. The interviews being uploaded here are real interviews and not scripted.

Hope this video helps you in your preparation and we look forward to your feedback in the comments section – don’t hesitate to ask!

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  • Drishti IAS : English
    Drishti IAS : English 3 months ago For Mock Interviews of Hindi Medium candidates, please check this link: https://youtu.be/92kT5dw2gVs
  • Nityanand Gaur
    Nityanand Gaur 1 day ago Salut you mam
  • Chaman Saifi
    Chaman Saifi 1 day ago Hindi English Dono Mein interview de sakte hain
  • Sonika Devi
    Sonika Devi 4 days ago Thankyou mam me Hssc ke liye tyari kar rahe hu but house wife hone k saat study karna bahut difficult hai kya karu time nahi lagata hai study karne ka
  • Suryapal Singh
    Suryapal Singh 1 week ago Bhaiya ji humne kya comment kiya hai plz jaroor bataiyega plz...Hum to sabhi ka respect karte hai
  • Karan Kaushik
    Karan Kaushik 1 week ago Sir, can we do exam writing in English and interview in hindi??
  • watch react
    watch react 2 weeks ago I think that you have to stop and should told him that U. P is not a backward state. U. P is the finest state of India.
  • Gurpreet Shergill
    Gurpreet Shergill 3 weeks ago Drishti IAS : hindi
  • Hamza Hamja Khan Dandupur
    Hamza Hamja Khan Dandupur 4 weeks ago Drishti IAS : English I am proud feel of you for
  • satpal saini
    satpal saini 1 month ago @karu kumar happy new
  • Ashrafnaik Ashrafnaik
    Ashrafnaik Ashrafnaik 1 month ago Kiya interview sirf English me hi hota hai
  • Tushar Walthare
    Tushar Walthare 1 month ago Drishti IAS : English
  • Shubham Yadav
    Shubham Yadav 1 month ago shubhi agarwal don't overreact...its just mock interview not real one...😊
  • Ankita Rawat
    Ankita Rawat 1 month ago I love proud of you
  • shubhi agarwal
    shubhi agarwal 1 month ago totally fake it is made after result camera ka angle to dekho . compare it with 1st rank 2012 gaurav agarwal's interview. link given below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0bE3dWmi4Q
  • Shubham Yadav
    Shubham Yadav 1 month ago @BeingDifferent this is the very first qstn which also arose in mind and upon pondering a bit u can get ur answer too like i did...just see the level of her answering without showing a little sign of nervousness on her face... indeed she is nervous from inside and definitely she knows about the women's day but being nervous from inside she might overlook the 8th of march and last but not the least this is the mock interview where she can anlayse,learn and work on it.
  • BeingDifferent
    BeingDifferent 1 month ago Of course, she is brilliant. But, it is surprising that being a woman and believer of women empowerment, she does not know International Women's Day. She should have known the importance of March in a woman's life- the International women's day.
  • Pankaj Rawat
    Pankaj Rawat 1 month ago U have a lots of guards 😘
    SHIV BARAN 1 month ago K
    RISHAB KUMAR 2 months ago Pol sci (hons) student
    RISHAB KUMAR 2 months ago Pls di
    RISHAB KUMAR 2 months ago Pls mam I would like to meet you
  • Poonam Nakashe
    Poonam Nakashe 2 months ago It
    AESTRO VLOG. 2 months ago @Ashok Kumar ranking is not important each and every one has different view points.
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    Kuldeep Dutta 2 months ago @radhika Kahrana yes radhika ji
  • vijay gadage
    vijay gadage 2 months ago Kindly add more mock interview
  • Road to 100M
    Road to 100M 2 months ago Sir do these people only take; nterview of every english medium ias interview student? i have seen them taking interview of many other ias
    BLIZZ xSHIKHAR 2 months ago @indian indian he is pagal
  • Jagadish Sajjanar
    Jagadish Sajjanar 2 months ago This aren't real interviews how can we think question were asked like that they answer like this don't fool people put this aren't real videos at beginning of videos
  • Aayat Qazi
    Aayat Qazi 2 months ago Proud of you girl .....I also want to become IAS officer.
  • Dominic Torrato
    Dominic Torrato 2 months ago @Ashok Kumar she's rank 1
  • Anamika Sinha
    Anamika Sinha 2 months ago Desh ke real hero ko mera namskar
    BHUMIKA SAHU 2 months ago Hindi me interview de skte h ki ni...
  • Aarti Singh Janmeda
    Aarti Singh Janmeda 2 months ago Seriously I have no word to say except " Excellent " Welllllllllllllllllllllll Done Mam
  • radhika Kahrana
    radhika Kahrana 2 months ago Upsc clear krna he bouth grv ki bat hai vo chy kisi b rank s ho....we want respect all rankers....
  • Suryapal Singh
    Suryapal Singh 2 months ago @Ratul Roy tumhara koi rank abhi tak aya kya ....... Respect to every ranker in civil services exam...
  • indian indian
    indian indian 3 months ago @Pradnya Rajmane really?? How could u even ask things like this buddy? Are u serious?
  • indian indian
    indian indian 3 months ago Which diploma is she talking about?
  • prudhvi raj chandragiri
    prudhvi raj chandragiri 3 months ago Extremely good quality videos, great..
  • Gopal Purohit
    Gopal Purohit 3 months ago Drishti IAS : hindi
    RADHAKRISHNA P 3 months ago Mam, you are really awesome. I hope you will achieve more in the future.
    SHREY JAISWAL 3 months ago Please upload the video of AIR 51 CSE OF VIKRAM GREWAL
  • karu kumar
    karu kumar 3 months ago Very nice video new music show very
  • Pradnya Rajmane
    Pradnya Rajmane 3 months ago Please upload interviews of those candidates who have not selected so we can learn from those interviews
  • Ratul Roy
    Ratul Roy 3 months ago @Ashok Kumar Bhai 5th 1st se koi kam nahi hoti
  • Ashok Kumar
    Ashok Kumar 3 months ago We want upsc rank 1 interview.
  • Kuldeep Dutta
    Kuldeep Dutta 3 months ago (edited) Chemical engineering ke question achai thi but face to face or I contact ke sath interview dena or seat per bethane me koe bhi narvas jate hai
  • Kuldeep Dutta
    Kuldeep Dutta 3 months ago (edited) Congratulations Shruti Didi I am engineering student , Good question ,
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    Az Ad 3 weeks ago Tik tok girls😂 watch here ,👉 real talent👈
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    Az Ad 7 hours ago @shmin gaj oh really
  • shmin gaj
    shmin gaj 7 hours ago Az Ad ...m also a tik-tok girl BT m also preparing for upsc examination..i would like to be an IAS officer... I HV both talents...so plzzz...
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    Sanjeet Kumar 1 day ago 🐷🐱😁😂😀
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    Sukhvinder Kour 1 day ago Yaah
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    Akanksha Tripathi 1 week ago Ya bro uh r right but every one don't have the same talent and knowledge capability ...so we should respect every talent even acting and dancing is also one of them🙏
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    Md Mumtaz Alam 1 week ago 😅😅😅😅
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    Misha Roy 1 week ago @Az Ad off course.. everyone cannot make good tiktok videos..it's a quality that one achieves..
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    Az Ad 1 week ago @Misha Roy tik tok and talent😂
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    Hema Kurrey 1 week ago Sab yahi karenge to public bor ho jayegi and enjoy Naam ka word hi khatam ho jayega🤦‍♀
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    Misha Roy 1 week ago what is there to mention tiktok about? u cannot compare Albert einstein with Salman khan...neither Messi with Virat..Time is yet to come in future u might be able to see tiktok users over here..plz dont judge anybody's talent..
  • saurabh
    saurabh 1 week ago @Vladimir Putin of Kalinga So called sum tiktok "Hijras" are more popular and earn more than these UPSC passout..
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    Abhishek Singh 1 week ago Hahaha...
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    prerna gupta 1 month ago This lady can be called as "BEAUTY WITH BRAIN"....
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    shrikant patel 1 week ago She is beauty with brains.
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    Jitu Gogoi 1 week ago Fir aate hain Tiktok with Make up
    FRANKLIN JONES 1 week ago Of course rare but exists
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    9994152805 Pkraj 2 weeks ago Mm
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    Vishnu Vamshi 2 weeks ago r u serious Beauty with brain...every beauty has brain but she doesn't have a commonsense of culture and women empowerment....r u serious about calling her as a beauty with brain??
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    Shivanand Kuber 2 weeks ago beauty with brain You know It's a miss India
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    Pardeep Pardeepkumar 2 weeks ago How are you
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    le ca 1 month ago Lol every girl and boys have brain just need to understand and maintain it for purposes😁😁
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    जनसेवा हिच खरी ईश्वरसेवा 1 month ago (edited) Her hair style😃😃😃 wo log kya sochte honge
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    Science study 1 month ago I LOVE THE GIRLS VOICE AND TALENT
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    Shovan Das 1 month ago (edited) I imagined myself at her place, I was full blanked 🤣🤣
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    Santi Hossain 8 hours ago Exactly 😰😬😬
  • Vibhuti Jha
    Vibhuti Jha 5 days ago bs ek ques usko ni aya...8th march wala..that was the only ques i knew the answer
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    Examपुर Defence Warrior 1 week ago दोस्तों अपने परिवार को Subscribe करें ,,और हमे Subscribe krke Sport kre
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    Royal Hero 4 weeks ago @Shovan Das wat u said in hindi i don't know. But i guess u r not a girl boy. Am i correct
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    Shovan Das 4 weeks ago @Royal Hero Sis bolta hai mereko?!
  • Shovan Das
    Shovan Das 4 weeks ago @Royal Hero par bhai me toh ladka hun🤣
  • Royal Hero
    Royal Hero 4 weeks ago Don't underestimate urself sis u can also do anything. Hard work never fails. Do anything with full confidence u can do ur best.
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    Aishwariya Debnath 4 weeks ago Me too
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    Hackerspedia 1 month ago That is the reason she is there and we are not.
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    Weird 0 Wizard 1 month ago Haha...I'd be left with my mouth opened!😂
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    sasi Kumar 1 month ago Run away
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    Archana Awasthi 1 month ago Because they are asking questions about her interest
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    Jimmy's Little World 1 month ago She forgot 8th march is a International Women's Day.. But she is actually brilliant and smart.. Hats off about confidence
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    Thirupathi Badhinapelli 2 days ago my birthday on this day
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    Love You Too 1 week ago Yes I cloud answer this question
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    sahaj sayings 2 weeks ago When V read /prepared for any high leveled examination, then it sometimes happens... Anyone can forget such a little points. Doesn't matter. 👍😇 !!!
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    suhani 3 weeks ago @Hackerspedia yaaa me too 😂😂😂
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    Hackerspedia 1 month ago (edited) Even if i was there i couldn't even remember my birth date😂
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    Taresh Kurup 1 month ago Under pressure
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    Imran Basha 1 month ago There should be a basic entrance examination for PM,CMs,cabinate ministers center and state.
    HARSHU WAGHMARE 1 day ago Right
  • Roja Rai Official
    Roja Rai Official 2 days ago Everyone will fail for sure.
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    Rehman Khan 1 week ago Hell yeah
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    shantanu lokhande 2 weeks ago Degree to laden ke pass bhi thi
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    Sai Dash 3 weeks ago @Priyankar Chakraborty which party are u going to write?
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    Priyankar Chakraborty 3 weeks ago @Sai Dash no I will .
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    pardhu Reddy 4 weeks ago 😂🤣😂🤣
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    Sai Dash 1 month ago no none will get pass😂😂
  • gayathiri dv
    gayathiri dv 1 month ago The way she answered & her attitude, english fluency is really awesome.... Well done sis... Congrats
  • Pratik Kamble
    Pratik Kamble 1 month ago Ooh god .... Her level of simplicity + knowledge is incredible! She is a pure example of beauty with brain !!!! 💝👏
  • Sainandini Kathula
    Sainandini Kathula 1 month ago Hearty Congraltions
  • Weird 0 Wizard
    Weird 0 Wizard 1 month ago (edited) I feel the same😊
  • suresh paliya
    suresh paliya 1 month ago I feel very bad about this type of student who study hard and have to work under an uneducated politician
  • प्रियंका यादव
    प्रियंका यादव 3 days ago Absolutely right
  • R
    R 5 days ago @saurabh Could you let us know how the politician has a higher IQ than ."these UPSC passout students"" like you say".
  • saurabh
    saurabh 1 week ago @suresh paliya whats your mean...may you explain...
  • saurabh
    saurabh 1 week ago @Pushkar Dixit 🤗
  • suresh paliya
    suresh paliya 1 week ago @saurabh 1 in 100 only 99 are for only business
  • Pushkar Dixit
    Pushkar Dixit 1 week ago @saurabh yo bro your grandfather is absolutely right.
  • saurabh
    saurabh 1 week ago @Pushkar Dixit No ...but my grandfather was in civil services.........and he always say thairs no comparison between political leaders and civil servants.... politics is combination of all telents.🙄
  • Pushkar Dixit
    Pushkar Dixit 1 week ago @saurabh i think you have a political background 🤣
  • saurabh
    saurabh 1 week ago politicians are like collage drop out billionaire...... they have higher IQ and EQ than these UPSC passout students.....they just don't have degree🤗
  • Pushkar Dixit
    Pushkar Dixit 2 weeks ago This is not mandatory that every Dm will have to consider with a politician
  • Niranjana K J
    Niranjana K J 2 weeks ago Yes
  • JIJA G
    JIJA G 2 weeks ago ya ri8 this is very bad part of this civil service.
  • Sandeep Tiwari
    Sandeep Tiwari 3 weeks ago And i feel so disgusting that such a lame person to feel sorry for the hard work and dedication of the girl .
  • Garima krishnan
    Garima krishnan 3 weeks ago totally agree....I also think sooo most of the time
  • Shravani Bhongade
    Shravani Bhongade 4 weeks ago really very true...
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    Anamika Tamta 1 month ago Right sir 🇮🇳
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    ritesh gonare 1 month ago You are right bro
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    Abdul Rahuman 1 month ago @Imran Basha exactly....they will understand the pressure that students are going throughbwhile attending NEET!!
  • Imran Basha
    Imran Basha 1 month ago There should be basic entrance exam for politicians also.
  • Tri Pti
    Tri Pti 1 month ago What a brain with the simplicity+cuteness 😍😍😍 no any types of ego luv uh alot mam n god bless uh😊
  • Rdx Me
    Rdx Me 1 month ago You are 💯 right
  • le ca
    le ca 1 month ago Every human have brains just need to understand and make use of it depends upon interest😁
  • Tri Pti
    Tri Pti 1 month ago @Rdx Me wahi bat mne b kahi h sir....
  • Rdx Me
    Rdx Me 1 month ago Ego yha nhi chalta madam ego ko do min. Me room ke Bahar KR dete hai
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    Rahul Vats 1 month ago I thought of watching for few minutes but ended up watching complete video. Brilliant lady.
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    Mani Sharma 1 month ago Mujhe to wo question puchene wale ko dekh ke hi itna nervous ho Raha ha how can I be 😅😅😅
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    Soul Hunters 6 days ago Bhai meh tho "say about yourself " se mere gand phat ta hai ,😂
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    Mani Sharma 1 month ago @Chitralekha Gogoi haha sahi ha mahnet karni padegi
  • Chitralekha Gogoi
    Chitralekha Gogoi 1 month ago Yes.. Muje to pasina v agya he
  • veeresh srivastava
    veeresh srivastava 2 weeks ago She is a fearless. Give the answer with full confidence. God bless you
  • ratna varma
    ratna varma 2 days ago Yes
  • Madhan GK
    Madhan GK 1 week ago What a brave girl
    ROHIT RAJPUT 3 months ago Can you guys plz upload a mock of any random candidate who is not got selected. So that we can understand what mistakes they have made. It just a request if possible plz upload 🙏
  • mahadeva g
    mahadeva g 5 hours ago yes
  • swech subba
    swech subba 2 weeks ago Ah absolutely correct 👍
    DENOMINATED ALLIANCE 2 weeks ago Yeah, please upload..
  • rajit soni
    rajit soni 3 weeks ago Ya pls
  • suresh paliya
    suresh paliya 3 weeks ago The mock is not for passing exams For that you need study material for revisions
  • Dream IAS
    Dream IAS 4 weeks ago UPSC ने जारी किया Guideline 👇👇 https://youtu.be/AGbSKYw59pM
  • Abhishek singh
    Abhishek singh 4 weeks ago Right thought brother
  • K Niharika
    K Niharika 1 month ago Absolutely u are right..!!
    YASH NAMTA 1 month ago Absolutely it will help us alot
  • Tali Tzudir
    Tali Tzudir 1 month ago Lol. No one is useless theory
  • Vinod Menaria
    Vinod Menaria 1 month ago बहुत सही कहा,सटीक प्रश्न, पर शायद fail व्यक्ति का वीडियो अपलोड करना उस व्यक्ति को ज्यादा दुखी करना होगा जो पहले ही फेल हो चुका है
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    Anjali Pundir 1 month ago I agree
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    Economy redefined 1 month ago I Agree
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    sajid rao 1 month ago Yes guys pls upload that video
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    study lover 1 month ago Every one agrees But they don't even bother this comment and upload 😖
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    Ikbal Hussain 2 months ago @ROHIT RAJPUT ha ha ha dont be upset sirji...
  • Ikbal Hussain
    Ikbal Hussain 2 months ago same here.. Kindly upload
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    avinash pimpale 2 months ago Ha yes yes
  • rock star siva
    rock star siva 2 months ago Yes nice thought . Even that kind of videos are also useful because who are preparing for civils they will know which kind of things don't do
  • Manisha Jais
    Manisha Jais 2 months ago Yaa plz guys upload that video which is useful for us
  • khushi bauri
    khushi bauri 2 months ago I also agree
    ESÇ APÉ 2 months ago @Sania Saxena helLO
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    Mansi singh superstar 2 months ago u r ryt🙂
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    Shyamala Japamala Mary 2 months ago Yaah plz upload.!!
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    Wow Kidzz Action 2 months ago I aggre
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    The Adventure Enthusiast 2 months ago Yes please
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    Vandana Yadav 2 months ago Ya plz......
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    Preeti 2 months ago Yes yes I agreed
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    farmer boy 2 months ago Ok
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    Bipin Kumar 2 months ago Right bro
    SUSANT MEDIA 2 months ago Yes, please we need it.
  • Dominic Torrato
    Dominic Torrato 2 months ago @ROHIT RAJPUT 😂😂😂 whatever. I don't mind with lack of information. Because I was able to answer most of the questions asked in the interview and I myself have seen the vicinity of success.
  • Dominic Torrato
    Dominic Torrato 2 months ago @ROHIT RAJPUT so what I want to say is it is hard to replicate failure in interview you stupid. Those who have failed in interview had some luck factor which caused questions to be different And there are many factors those affect interview- 1) Knowledge 2) Confidence 3) Interviewer questions 4) Candidates posture. I want to say that it is hard to replicate failed interviews. You can't define failed interviews because final selection is a function of total of scores obtained in Mains and Interview. I hope you grow up and give interviews someday and then you understand why I said we can't define failure and replicate failed interviews. Go and give some interviews yourself.
  • crack exam with amarjeet
    crack exam with amarjeet 2 months ago nice.
    ROHIT RAJPUT 2 months ago (edited) @Dominic Torrato Here my request is about the candidate who was appear for UPSC interview also he gave Drishti's mock interview but unfortunately he didn't get selected, so which mistakes he made, which lackness he had will shown in that. It's all about to learn something.
    ROHIT RAJPUT 2 months ago @Dominic Torrato You don't know anything first of all gather some information.... This mock interview are took before their UPSC interview. This mocks are for their practice. This is not like srushti madam got selected, then she came for interview. So next time come with some information.
  • Dominic Torrato
    Dominic Torrato 2 months ago @ROHIT RAJPUT I know what's your point and your point is useless. You are seeking failure.😂 It's difficult for failures to do mock interview. And what do you expect an UPSC Aspirant who cleared his mains should give mock interview to show how you fail?
    ROHIT RAJPUT 2 months ago @Dominic Torrato I think you didn't get my point what I want to say
    ROHIT RAJPUT 2 months ago @Dev Singh I don't agree with you bro. Our answers should be neutral not leaning on one side . That makes impression
  • Dev Singh
    Dev Singh 2 months ago Bro you need to be leftist basically. There was a study on this. Answer questions from leftist liberal viewpoints that's all.
  • Dominic Torrato
    Dominic Torrato 2 months ago @BrilliantReadTV you are right. Don't get disheartened from toppers because the questions which have been asked in interviews is not very high level. Even though I am preparing for other exams (not UPSC) I know answer to many of the questions. INTERVIEWS ARE THE EASIEST PART OF ANY SELECTION CLEARING THE MAINS IS THE MOST DIFFICULT TASK.
  • BrilliantReadTV
    BrilliantReadTV 2 months ago They should rather create a mock based on the performances of those people rather than uploading any person's video as it may demotivate/dishearten that individual.
  • Dominic Torrato
    Dominic Torrato 2 months ago Use your brain focus on successful students. Failure is an outcome of lack of knowledge.
  • munnalal kori
    munnalal kori 2 months ago Yes..
  • Bhawana Tomar
    Bhawana Tomar 2 months ago i have same Q??????????? pls try to upload those videos
  • Amreen Fatima
    Amreen Fatima 2 months ago Absolutely, they also have same level of knowledge. so, where they lack we want to see.
  • naman singh
    naman singh 2 months ago @ROHIT RAJPUT I think in 30 minutes video enough to know about oneself, In feedback they are also telling about strength and weakness of Aspirants then why it is required
  • TJs Creation
    TJs Creation 2 months ago Still we are not gotten freedom from English
  • David Kayastha
    David Kayastha 2 months ago I agree