meditation for beginners-20190413 -precepts

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Resume of Ven Kaixin
1. Ordained as śrāmaṇera under Master Boon King, abbot of Ang Hock See since 1996
2. Ordained as bhikkhu under Master Jing Xing, at Guang De Shi, Jing Jue Shan, Taiwan since 1999
3. Graduated from Fuyan Buddhist Institution , Taiwan in 2002
4. Learning Abhidhammatasangha, Samatha and Vipasana under Rev Kaiyin between 2002-2005
5. Teaching Abhidhammatasangha at Santavana between 2006-2008
Formerly as:
1. Head of Shanga Education department of Santavana
2. Co-founder for introductory camp of Abhidhammatasangha in Santavana
3. Set up of exam board, provide teaching and tutor training for Abhidhammatasangha in Santavana

Now as:
Abbot of Erdivihara, advisor of Guanyintang Cheras;Recently and actively launching one day retreat and one day course, including dharma study group in order to unite the layman committees through right view. Encouraging fresh graduates equipped themselves with the knowledge of “Path of liberation” and a meditation skill before commencing a career or family
Education system of Erdivihara is established, the available of long term courses as following
1. Meditation for Beginners(12 lessons )
2. History of Buddhism(primary level)
3. The Path to Buddhahood and The Theory of Meditation of Miao Yun Hua Yu(secondary level)
4. Abhidhammatasangha and Visudhimagga(Tertiary level)

In term of practice, mantra chanting,meditation and Qigong class is conducted in regular basicas well as short term courses including one day retreat and one day course