Yoga For Beginners - 40 Minute Home Yoga Workout

Published on Mar 19, 2014 4,762,291 views

This sequence is beginner friendly and with a focus on FOUNDATION and FLEXIBILITY. Hop on the mat and start to build the foundation of your own yoga practice with this 40 minute Yoga For Beginners video! For more, check out my Yoga For Beginners playlist: http://goo.gl/ok5VvS

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  • Perci Carvalho
    Perci Carvalho 1 year ago this video is from 2014. We're in 2018. so i thought it'd be a little silly to leave a comment. but then i scrolled down the comments and realized your videos from 4 year ago or more keep helping people that, just like me, are trying new habits, looking for health and harmony.... for that... thank you. your channel is amazing.
  • Brianna Nelson
    Brianna Nelson 6 days ago @Teagan Hopson You are not alone <3
  • Teagan Hopson
    Teagan Hopson 1 week ago Well it’s 2019 for me. I don’t feel silly commenting, I just feel like nobody will read my comment
  • Jonny Knight
    Jonny Knight 3 months ago I just did this one for the first time too!
  • Lucy Desi
    Lucy Desi 3 months ago @Louis Vega I too do this one every Sunday! It makes me feel "sane"
  • Louis Vega
    Louis Vega 9 months ago I'm with you. I do this particular one every Sunday to set my week. It's amazing!!! Thank you Adriene. As a former football player and powerlifter I have several troublespots once I discontinued my flexibility routine and finding you has been a huge blessing.
  • Ziautu
    Ziautu 2 years ago So this is my first attempt at yoga. I don't really want to join a class..there's people there and I don't do well with crowds..So I decided I'd try it online. So in with the search, this was the first video I found. So I gave it a shot. And I gotta say, holy crap I felt defeated. I am a little over weight so some of the position would just simply not work for me because of my gut. I did the 40 minutes and came the end doing the corpse I actually cried a bit. I'm not quite sure why, probably just the stress from feeling like I'm failing. Or the frustration of being a bit over weight. So a few hours later I figured, well she is healthy and skinner than I am, maybe I should look into over weight yoga or someone with a body type similar to mine. And I have to say, after like hours of searching. I'm coming back here. I like how you explain things. You're not stressing me out or anything like that. The stress I was doing was just my own ideas of what I should be and think I am not. I'm going to try sticking to this. Thank you for these videos. I think they will help me quite a bit.
  • Morgon Allbaugh
    Morgon Allbaugh 3 weeks ago I feel similar. I have a larger chest, a bit of a gut, bad feet and those lunges were hard! I look at it as a goal to work towards not something to be defeated by.
  • Eugenia
    Eugenia 1 month ago girl i feel you. I have been doing ballet for all my life? and then i stopped for 4 years. I tried this and I had to skip at least 3 exercises, my legs are trembling. It is normal to feel discouraged when you try somthing for the first time. Although this routine is for begginers I found other yoga videos in this channel and others that are way easier than this one. I think this routine is for beginners but for those who have been doing yoga for at least a month or two.
  • Maia Sitter
    Maia Sitter 11 months ago Ziautu I like her. She makes you feel confident in what you can do. "It's okay if you can only go half way. Just do what your body tells you to do." I love her videos. ❤
    FFLFP 1 year ago Hi, I'm skinny and this kicked my butt. This is my first time doing it. I'm glad you realized it was your own ideas, like you said. I hope you're feeling better now and on to more advanced yoga. If not, you can always restart with me now!
  • M. Naveed Ashraf Siddiqui
    M. Naveed Ashraf Siddiqui 1 year ago Leanne Hunter college guide
  • Minxracing
    Minxracing 1 year ago @Ziautu- I bet by now you are a pro. I am over weight with past injuries (broken neck and back) that limit the posses I can endure as well. You can make you own or just take a break and work up to them. I have only done yoga 4 times now and just in those few sessions I feel amazing and more flexibly even with the extra weight. <3
  • Leanne Hunter
    Leanne Hunter 1 year ago I found Adriene when looking for ways to bring your foot all the way forward to a lunge from downward dog. I love her pace, explanations of what to press into the mat and her reminders to relax and find what feels good. I have quite post baby belly (my kid are 11&12 mind you...so it's food belly too). I'm new to yoga and she is able to prompt me into enjoying the stretches and understanding the full body experience a little more. The core stuff is tough tough tough and my hips are tight but I hope to notice improvement.
  • lillispyris
    lillispyris 1 year ago I had to pass some of the excersizes, it hurt my knees and I´m overweight to, so some of them I just couldn't do :/
  • Sahiba Taneja
    Sahiba Taneja 1 year ago hay i am little chubby to, and this was my first attempt, and it wasn't perfect buy boy did it relax me. just keep on practicing, have check out her beginners video the 20 minute one. I did that one first and it was a little less intense. You got this just keep on practicing., you dont have to be perfect dear :)
  • Lina
    Lina 2 years ago Ziautu doesn't she have yoga for overweight people though, be kind to your body, don't stress it by forcing it into positions that hurt. And btw I'm skinny and some of these were too hard for me too so don't don't be too hard on yourself ❤️
  • Ktrin006
    Ktrin006 2 years ago I know I came a little too late to respond, but... This is the second time I tried doing yoga with these videos... Yesterday I tried the one that lasts about 20 min... But today I felt overwhelmed... I'm overweight too, and I was thinking I couldn't make these 40 min, as I'm big enough to not achieving some exercises correctly. But then, as the video continued and Adriene kept talking I kept going on, and then I felt so overwhelmed that I cried a little... Like I was surprised I can do it, and felt all fears going away, and felt thankful and joyful and peaceful... And then, after I finished, I saw your comment and thought "hey, this is awesome, I'm not the only one who cried"... So I will also stick around for a bit so I can grow some strength and at the same time lose some weight. (And sorry for my bad english, it's not my native language :D)
  • kelsey morgan
    kelsey morgan 2 years ago i know this comment is a bit old, but my god, what a beautiful comment it is!
  • H. Zaman
    H. Zaman 2 years ago Fuck yeah! Yoga saves.
  • da Ya
    da Ya 2 years ago (edited) I find that focusing not on the big picture, which brings pressure to do everything right at once, but the small steps of improvement, which brings (perhaps smaller bursts of) joy far more regularly. When I feel frustrated, instead of judging my performance or self by saying, "Oh, I did poorly," or "I'm/my body is bad because I didn't meet my expectations," I will myself to let go of judgement and say instead, "I feel frustrated because I want to improve. Now what do I want to try to do just that?" I also accept that there will be obstacles in the process of learning (because how much more dull and difficult it would be to see improvement if it came without struggle?). This could mean looking for what you suggested or trying again while being kind to your learning body and self by recognizing when you're putting pressure on yourself, deciding if it's helping, and if you want to continue applying that pressure.
  • Frank van Schie
    Frank van Schie 2 years ago Ziautu I'm fairly fit, have no gut anymore and have previously done yoga for a few years, but not in a long while. This is for beginners, sure, but all of these poses are in teacher trainings I've witnessed too. Modify what you can't do, and just do what you can. :)
  • Lauren Miller
    Lauren Miller 2 years ago Don't feel like you have to be perfect at first. And if there is a stretch you cannot do yet don't force it. Also remember that there should never been sharp pain. So if you experience that stop. Also I like think about it like this, do not think you failed because you can't do them like her, think how you succeeded in trying and how you are making better decisions about health :) also remember she's been doing this for forever! She didn't start out perfect either! Hope you don't give up! And I hope you reach your goals.
  • Josee Gendron
    Josee Gendron 2 years ago I have a gut too; it gets better fast you'll see.
  • Zoey Legend
    Zoey Legend 2 years ago I understand your frustration. That's how I felt the first few times I tried a yoga routine. I'm not overweight but I'm also not super thin and I have bigger breasts. After practicing more I started noticing changes and improvements. The key is perseverance. She also has a 20ish minute beginner's video that I find easier. Try that one and see if it's encouraging. No matter what you do remember that you're trying and that's the most important thing.
  • hanna joy
    hanna joy 2 years ago When I started yoga I found Adriene and the foundations of yoga series......it really helps especially for beginners, I highly recommend! Keep at it and you'll get better!
  • TangoXrayNiner
    TangoXrayNiner 4 years ago Im 40, served 12 years in the army, 8 in war zones.  And I lifted weights and carried around 100lbs of gear for years.  My back, knees and ankles were all in pain constantly.  I quit working out over and over again because I hated the constant pain. 4 weeks ago I decided to try yoga, and now Im doing this video 5 times a week, mon thru fri and I feel better then I have since I was 20!! Adrienne your the best, thank you so much for this video and I wish you all the best in life.
  • Gl1tchm4nX
    Gl1tchm4nX 8 months ago Thanks for your service!
  • Helen Shupe
    Helen Shupe 1 year ago SteelD34KC l
  • Purnima Pindolia
    Purnima Pindolia 2 years ago ,
  • Sad Onion
    Sad Onion 3 years ago @Mark Montgomery @Noba Dee im also a fellow vet. served 8 years in the army, 2 tours of afghan and my back/knees are bits due to weight of all that gear. these videos are helping so much
  • Bobin Lee
    Bobin Lee 4 years ago @Noba Dee I'm a veteran myself, and I'm very happy for you.
  • Nora Dee
    Nora Dee 4 years ago @Mark Montgomery I injured my back badly on two deployments and nearly lost a leg on my 3rd. Multiple doctors prescribed me Yoga for therapy, so that I could eliminate pain and disability. It has worked wonders on my back since I started it a year ago. I use to have periodic pains and eventually it all disappeared. Of course, it gets sore from time to time if I do anything strenuous; but, that's expected. I do a lot of group exercise programs and I'm generally the most flexible person in the group. I think I might start doing dance classes next. lol
  • TangoXrayNiner
    TangoXrayNiner 4 years ago @Franny True!
  • RodShark
    RodShark 4 years ago @Mark Montgomery Well if it turns out that it's too much for you, you could always go back. It's not like there's any pressure to master everything ASAP. :D
  • TangoXrayNiner
    TangoXrayNiner 4 years ago @Franny I will start that today!  Didnt know if I needed more experience or something yet :P
  • RodShark
    RodShark 4 years ago @Mark Montgomery Have you tried going through her full 30 days of yoga playlist yet?
  • TangoXrayNiner
    TangoXrayNiner 4 years ago So where do I go from here?  I think 6 full weeks now of this 5 to 6 times a week.  Depending on how I feel.  Where do I go next?
  • Kathleen's Closet
    Kathleen's Closet 4 years ago My cat thanks you for the corpse pose, she wasn't happy that I kept moving around but as soon as I laid still she took the opportunity to cuddle hahaha
  • Caryn Caldwell
    Caryn Caldwell 2 months ago Ha! Cats are so funny. Mine does the same thing yours did. :-D
  • Ami McManus
    Ami McManus 3 years ago i know some people are not liking your chatter,but its one of the reasons i find your video's so easy to relate to. thankyou for making yoga alone a special and fun experience. i love my time on the mat with you.
  • Sofysgalaxy
    Sofysgalaxy 3 years ago I tried yoga last week but the instrutor was too stressful so I decided to search for classes on youtube. I just did this begginers' class and in the middle of it I started crying. I think it was on the child pose. I don't know why, nothing sad happened to me or anything during the past years but I think it was stress being released. I suffer from generalized anxiety, last year I even had a seizure and ended up on the ER. I've been a lot better now with medication and exercise, but never tried yoga. I just ended this class and I am so surprised! I don't feel the usual stiffness on my shoulders anymore. To be honest I am surprised with how light my body and mind feels after only 40 minutes of yoga. I will keep doing these online classes and even look for a new instrutor. Thank you.
  • Elle Kelsheimer
    Elle Kelsheimer 6 months ago I really like her specifically. She does a great job of reminding you to breath and release stress.
  • Derek Vajda
    Derek Vajda 8 months ago Thank you. That's very thoughtful of you to share.
  • Simmy Rogers
    Simmy Rogers 8 months ago I'm/you/I/it's/.** See, we aren't all perfect. Perhaps, don't judge so quickly :)
  • Sambulate
    Sambulate 8 months ago It has been two years since you left this comment, but I wanted to tell you that the same thing happened to me (twice) while working through Adriene's videos. For me, I don't believe it was anxiety, but the way Adriene talks to us. She's great at teaching us to do what we can while still gently pushing, and encourages self-love and tenderness, which is something that rarely comes easily to us. That last bit certainly hit a nerve with me. Aside from this, I have come to appreciate just how important it is to cry, and have come to view tears as a vehicle for pain to leave us. They're necessary for good mental health--kind of like emotionally vomiting the bad feels. Cry when you feel the need to. It'll help you feel better. I hope this finds you well!
  • Kain Highwind
    Kain Highwind 9 months ago Brisa Johnson English isn’t everyone’s first language. You easily knew what they meant so it doesn’t really matter does it?
  • D.J. Prawn
    D.J. Prawn 1 year ago Sofysgalaxy duuuude, I cried at the end in the corpse pose !!!! What's that all about !!! 😂
  • Cheng LingYa
    Cheng LingYa 1 year ago Sofysgalaxy
  • sweeeetee
    sweeeetee 1 year ago Yup that happens... Surprising isn't it?
  • Michelle Lee
    Michelle Lee 1 year ago This is actually a common occurrence....during yoga, if you really allow it, your mind 'let's go' of things that keep you stressed and anxious in your day-to-day life. Congratulations! I hope you're still in the yoga world, living life to its fullest!
  • Songs Of Eden
    Songs Of Eden 1 year ago Adriens videos are just the best.
  • Brisa Johnson
    Brisa Johnson 1 year ago Ok i dont mean to comment right now but the only way to get the keyboard off my screen now is to type something so........hi i guess.
  • Brisa Johnson
    Brisa Johnson 1 year ago Alexandra McGinnis
  • Brisa Johnson
    Brisa Johnson 1 year ago Sofysgalaxy im not being rude but the first time u tried to spell instructor i thought it was just a typo but the second time bothered me....its not instrutor its instructor
  • James Farquhar
    James Farquhar 1 year ago Don't worry about pinoy426, on the internet, there are people called "trolls" they are sad and angry people because life isn't going their way so they try to make others feel sad and angry by saying mean things to them. They are simply ignorant and know not what they do so don't pay attention to them, they are like mosquitos hahaha that's all. NAMASTE !!!!
  • Alexandra McGinnis
    Alexandra McGinnis 1 year ago +pinoy426 Do you know what anxiety is like. I have some mild anxiety and you know what, I freak out over not getting a 4.0 GPA because of one A-. And I’m mild. And exactly why did you feel the need to replied to this comment just to be rude?
  • pinoy426
    pinoy426 1 year ago wtf you started crying? jesus christ get a grip...
  • SiK TiK Media
    SiK TiK Media 3 years ago 40 minutes seemed like 5.
  • Anna T
    Anna T 1 year ago SO TRUE
  • Jun Harmony
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  • Andrea A.
    Andrea A. 3 years ago +SlikRick360 The SiK TiK I know right :D time flies when you're so peaceful
  • L H
    L H 3 years ago I remember doing this video, when I started yoga 6 months ago. And I remember that this was quite hard for me, today I found it really relaxing. I am so much more flexible and happy with my body. I did the 30 days of yoga twice already, and I started doing power yoga, which is a new challenge for me. I want to thank you, because through these videos I found my love for yoga ❤
  • Reshma Banu
    Reshma Banu 10 months ago Heyy I'm a beginner too but at loss as to where to begin
  • Ayah H.
    Ayah H. 1 year ago L H I came to comments cause i felt tired and your comment was so helpful to know that this is normal..thank you ❤️
  • Bethany Koop
    Bethany Koop 2 years ago I'm way better at this than I thought I would be. She's a wonderful teacher; I love listening to her voice
  • Kathy Lopez
    Kathy Lopez 4 years ago I decided I wanted to try yoga for relaxation and to help me be more balanced and flexible. I did your 20 minute video yesterday and felt great, I just got finished doing this one and feel amazing. Thank you for these videos, I hope to be doing them more often and join a yoga class as well! You're very helpful and I like how you make yoga more about how you personally feel about your body rather than getting the poses exactly right.
  • came cooler
    came cooler 2 years ago Kathy Lopez b
  • Amanda Jo Napier
    Amanda Jo Napier 3 years ago Yes, exactly! I agree with everything you said!! :) :) :)
  • Tommy crocco
    Tommy crocco 3 years ago +TaylorLove〈3 email me wolves775@gmail.com tonight call and text me 847-977-7076 tonight please
  • TaylorLove〈3
    TaylorLove〈3 3 years ago +Kathy Lopez Yoga is soo amazing because i can relax thanks to it and additionaly i can lose fat :) I was doing exercises from this channel few weeks ago and reuslts are really nice. Of course i was also using diet ( this one http://brendasfitnessjourney.weebly.com ) and now i can recommend it to everyone. Try it girls if you want and good luck :)
  • Yoga With Adriene
    Yoga With Adriene 4 years ago @Kathy Lopez It is my pleasure. Enjoyyyyyy!
  • Reshma Banu
    Reshma Banu 5 days ago Hey, after finishing the beginners playlist, what playlist would you recommend next? My goals are weight loss, flexibility and strength (😅I guess I just listed everything that yoga offers) (Omg I feel like I was born for yoga sometimes🙈. I'm not even half as good at it as I want to. But it feels amazing. I've finally found my drug 🙈)
  • Lauren Miller
    Lauren Miller 2 years ago You're the best teacher :)
  • Lori V
    Lori V 1 year ago Adriene, it's been several years since I practiced, so I stumbled here for your videos for beginners to start fresh. This is my 5th day of 7, and I am so incredibly grateful for your style of teaching. I've always hated yoga DVDs bc I never felt a connection to the "instructors." Thank you for your "realness" in helping motivate me to work with my body again! :)
  • Patricia Kuiper
    Patricia Kuiper 4 years ago Bought a yoga mat today, put on some nature sounds as a background noise and lit some candles. This was my first time doing Yoga with Adriene and I'm already addicted. I loved this one.
  • Masha Gasparova
    Masha Gasparova 3 years ago I am one of those people who want to do yoga , but somehow in 15 minutes i want to quit everything and move on to something else, or i just check time every five seconds. This is first 40 minutes video i have accomplished and i'm so happy and so relaxed, thanks for the video
  • Rachel Bergan
    Rachel Bergan 1 week ago I struggle with insomnia and sleep in general due to anxiety. Last night after doing this video, I passed out and slept for 13 hours straight. Thank you for being amazing!!!!
  • Lindsay Wade
    Lindsay Wade 3 years ago I'm so glad you exist and decided to make these videos !! I've struggled with exercise and anxiety for a long time. I don't know anything about yoga or you; I've only been doing it two days, but I can honestly say I feel amazing!! :D
  • Cláudia Almeida
    Cláudia Almeida 3 years ago +Lindsay Wade Yay
  • roopal mehta
    roopal mehta 6 days ago (edited) 40 mins flew away so fast I was looking for more. Am a beginner but thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you so much
  • Doris Wanjiku
    Doris Wanjiku 1 week ago Just did this session 😂 I hope I'll be much better 29 days from now... Knees, wrists, feet not doing what they should 😭 I really want to be fit and flexible 💪
  • Brenda Martin
    Brenda Martin 4 months ago I’m 59 , just started yoga. You are very good at keeping my interest. I hope to strengthen my core & firm up. It’s gives me more than I expected. .