How To Ice Skate And Glide For Beginners - Skating 101 For The First Time Learn To Skate Tutorial

Published on Mar 8, 2013 3,222,538 views

Follow on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/hockeytutor... Must watch - https://youtu.be/ndQO71Okwzg How To Ice Skate And Glide For Beginners - Ice Skating 101 For The First Time Learn To Skate. This tutorial describes a basic technique of ice skating called gliding or forward stroking.

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This video was request and probably should have been one of the first videos I ever uploaded. Better late than never.


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  • hwasalt
    hwasalt 2 years ago who's here not because of YOI but because they're going ice skating and don't want to fall and die? just me? okay
  • Xfate Mammal
    Xfate Mammal 19 hours ago hwasalt yuri on ice is my fucking life
  • manda panda
    manda panda 3 days ago Well, I've always really wanted to ice skate, yet I've never been able to due to the lack of cold weather in Florida and how I don't live near an ice rank. However, after watching YOI, it helped encourage me to try and at least learn a lot more so I'll be prepared if I'll ever be able to skate.
  • Andi Mapua
    Andi Mapua 3 days ago XD
  • Angeline Garcia
    Angeline Garcia 2 weeks ago This is so relatable I love how I can just find people in the comments who are in the same circumstances as me
  • Sodnfn Die
    Sodnfn Die 3 weeks ago hwasalt ME XD
  • Mickey J
    Mickey J 3 weeks ago me lol
  • Icy Sykz
    Icy Sykz 1 month ago Nah me to ;D
  • Galaxy - Chan
    Galaxy - Chan 1 month ago Me Lmao
    ITZPANCAKE 1 month ago Me XD
  • Ann Kinomes
    Ann Kinomes 1 month ago I'm here bcs I saw a skating rink in a mall.
  • The Superheroes Adventures
    The Superheroes Adventures 1 month ago im here :p
  • KingZD1
    KingZD1 1 month ago I just fell 3 times on my ass, you’ll be fine just watch how yo fall
  • Rick Malone
    Rick Malone 2 months ago (edited) Idk what YOI is lol, but it's been half my life since I went and I was good, however; people do say it's not like how riding a bike comes back to you, but more of learning to snowboard again! I never fell (outside of hockey), just had very sore ankles from straining them to keep my balance going so fast and turning hard. Definitely stretch, just like going on a hike and also preferably be in shape lol
  • Elle
    Elle 2 months ago hwasalt both honestly
  • kneega
    kneega 2 months ago Im going out with 4 friend and they know how to play but im a gamer spend most of the time at home infeont of the computer
  • cutepoteto YT
    cutepoteto YT 2 months ago Same
  • Strawberry Peaches
    Strawberry Peaches 2 months ago Omg you got me
  • Texting Stories
    Texting Stories 2 months ago Me
  • 12 Boy
    12 Boy 2 months ago hwasalt can relate
  • 넬라애
    넬라애 2 months ago I’m gg tdy and I think I’m gonna die
  • Robloxkid45
    Robloxkid45 3 months ago Me lol
  • Layon Chambers
    Layon Chambers 3 months ago ME! I want to do the eros routine....eventually!
  • Viper
    Viper 3 months ago No I know how to skate but sometimes I fall
  • Monita Phoeuk
    Monita Phoeuk 3 months ago 😭Goin skatin today
  • Neli Oblak
    Neli Oblak 3 months ago me
  • A N
    A N 3 months ago Me too dw n I'm still Confused n I'm scared bc it's my first time ice skating tmr fuck me
  • Artsy clover
  • Nehorai tube gaming Lol
    Nehorai tube gaming Lol 4 months ago hwasalt me to
  • Hailey Wilkinson
    Hailey Wilkinson 4 months ago Ha I’m going skating with my girls and they all know how to skate ooof
  • Nevaeh Lewis
    Nevaeh Lewis 4 months ago I’m going ice skating for my best friend birthday party and I don’t know how to skate she’s going to help me tho
  • Plebby potatoes Eat floofs
    Plebby potatoes Eat floofs 4 months ago Meeeee
  • Matthew Jones
    Matthew Jones 4 months ago Don't want to die but also going for a first date with a Figure skate. The last time I went I was falling and grabbed hold of a thirteen year old lad as I was going down....
  • Thunder of doctor Doom
    Thunder of doctor Doom 4 months ago Then wear a helmet keep it tight
  • Kawaii Hailee
    Kawaii Hailee 4 months ago hwasalt I’m both
  • Eliezer Silver
    Eliezer Silver 4 months ago Me XD
  • Omega Dream
    Omega Dream 4 months ago You can’t die it happened to me
  • TT the Wolfgirl
    TT the Wolfgirl 4 months ago hwasalt I’m watching this for last minuet learning and I’m wearing full Yuri on ice, plus this is my first time skating so wish me luck XP
  • peachy jimin
    peachy jimin 5 months ago Me
  • GamerTeijupeiju - Gacha life & Roblox
    GamerTeijupeiju - Gacha life & Roblox 5 months ago Me
  • Sades XOXO
    Sades XOXO 5 months ago MEEEEE MEEEEEE, literally on my way to the ice skating rink 😂
  • [ Tranquiled Sirens ]
    [ Tranquiled Sirens ] 5 months ago Me 😅
  • Abigail Newey
    Abigail Newey 5 months ago I know I’m going to fall :D😂😁🤣
  • Abigail Newey
    Abigail Newey 5 months ago Me ( :
  • Rumesha Jeyavudeen
    Rumesha Jeyavudeen 5 months ago Learned my lesson by falling on my bottom several times. So now I’m here to learn 😅
  • It's mike
    It's mike 5 months ago Same
  • Nojamlee127
    Nojamlee127 5 months ago Im here because i have a date tomorrow and i don't want to die too😥😲.
  • Stunnzu
    Stunnzu 5 months ago hwasalt tf is YOI?
  • Kiarna Matthews
    Kiarna Matthews 5 months ago Yeh im going in just a few hours and only found out im going just 30 minutes ago😂😬😬
  • Cameron Minton34
    Cameron Minton34 5 months ago hwasalt me too
  • Salvador Bermudez
    Salvador Bermudez 5 months ago Maaah :D
  • heeheejin
    heeheejin 5 months ago hwasalt me dhdhd
  • Justin Blacer
    Justin Blacer 5 months ago In a few hours, doing it for the first time in my life!
  • Coffee Eyed
    Coffee Eyed 5 months ago Meeee!! I'm a little nervous about going skating with my friends in a couple of days 😭
  • MollyS11
    MollyS11 5 months ago Me
  • Neka tamo
    Neka tamo 5 months ago Meee
  • x XxxX
    x XxxX 5 months ago Mee
  • jiminugh
    jiminugh 5 months ago same
  • angelina urcino
    angelina urcino 5 months ago Same here
  • Walking Silently
    Walking Silently 5 months ago hwasalt No me also.
  • Ace Fam Fan
    Ace Fam Fan 5 months ago Me😭😭
  • KatBTSarmy
    KatBTSarmy 5 months ago I’m here because I like YOI AND because I’m going ice skating today and don’t want to fall and die.
  • Martin
    Martin 5 months ago same, but he didn't even tie his skates properly lol
  • Justlee knowknow
    Justlee knowknow 5 months ago Army
  • Pineapple Bombshell
    Pineapple Bombshell 5 months ago Today is my field trip and I’m watching this is the morning so yeah since last year I went to ice skating and I fall and It really hurts
  • Hi Iii
    Hi Iii 5 months ago ME OMD
  • Hannah Griffin
    Hannah Griffin 6 months ago MEEEE
  • Namirah Is Awesome
    Namirah Is Awesome 6 months ago ME
  • Hammer23rD
    Hammer23rD 6 months ago No, me too I am having a field trip today on Skating!
  • Jurp likes 2 art
    Jurp likes 2 art 6 months ago Me
  • d boy
    d boy 6 months ago Idek what y'all talking about. My girlfriend's birthday just falls in December 🤷🏽‍♂️
  • Farzaneh Nouri
    Farzaneh Nouri 6 months ago Me. I’m going tomorrow and smack myself on the ground
  • Daniel Brockwell
    Daniel Brockwell 6 months ago No, going out later tonight, and fell over 4 times on the last outing!
  • Karlita Rene
    Karlita Rene 6 months ago Same I’m going Friday I haven’t gone since I was like 14 and I busted my self that time
  • redwhisker
    redwhisker 6 months ago I'm both
  • None of, your business.
    None of, your business. 6 months ago @KiuniMari GOOD JOB!👍👍👍
  • KiuniMari
    KiuniMari 6 months ago None of, your business. I SURVIVED AND ONLY FELL LIKE TWICE
  • Laura Chavez
    Laura Chavez 6 months ago Napa me to ;)
  • None of, your business.
    None of, your business. 6 months ago @KiuniMari Good luck. You'll need it.
  • KiuniMari
    KiuniMari 6 months ago I’m watching this video like 10 minutes before I go so wish me luck lol.
  • None of, your business.
    None of, your business. 6 months ago Me too, me too...
  • Priscilla P.
    Priscilla P. 6 months ago Pretty much 😂😂😂
  • Brooke Rye
    Brooke Rye 6 months ago I’m kinda am because I’m a gold figure skater and I’m showing a friend how to ice skate cuz she is trying to walk and she has no idea what to do 😂
  • Unknown Aura
    Unknown Aura 6 months ago hwasalt MEE IM SKATING TOM. 😫😫
  • Unicorn Lover
    Unicorn Lover 6 months ago Me
  • Fiona Idk
    Fiona Idk 7 months ago hwasalt me too but i already kinda got use to it before but its been long
  • Bufu Chan
    Bufu Chan 7 months ago David Kunkel me too bud
  • Mochi Mochi
    Mochi Mochi 7 months ago I fell over once, I think it helped.
  • Anxious Being
    Anxious Being 7 months ago I’m here too
  • Anxious Being
    Anxious Being 7 months ago I’m herebtoo
  • Mochi Mochi
    Mochi Mochi 7 months ago I'm here because of both. I'll be screaming the yuri on ice theme in my head while falling over like an absolute idiot.
  • David Kunkel
    David Kunkel 7 months ago I told my date I knew how to skate I don't and am trying to learn last minute.
  • 💳
    💳 7 months ago Me
  • Akeya Perkins
    Akeya Perkins 7 months ago @Kacey Craney 😂 at least you tried
  • Kacey Craney
    Kacey Craney 7 months ago I made the horrible mistake of realizing I should have done my research before I took to the ice like a fucking bowling ball today
  • Versatile- HD
    Versatile- HD 8 months ago Me :D
  • Adriana Guidotti
    Adriana Guidotti 2 years ago Anyone else come here because they're invited to go ice skating with friends?
  • SongbirdGarden
    SongbirdGarden 9 hours ago Me lol
  • Briana Terrazas Chavez
    Briana Terrazas Chavez 1 day ago Adriana Guidotti yes😂😂
  • Ainsley Carter
    Ainsley Carter 2 days ago Adriana Guidotti me 😂😂
  • Godzilla 2014
    Godzilla 2014 3 days ago Yes
  • ShiJie 12311
    ShiJie 12311 6 days ago Im the 988th person to like
  • billie eyelash
    billie eyelash 1 week ago ME!!
  • のぇのムね ジッ
    のぇのムね ジッ 1 week ago 😅😂🤣🤦🏻‍♂️I'm going tomorrow🤣😂😅
  • Eva Ortiz
    Eva Ortiz 2 weeks ago Adriana Guidotti YES I JUST WENT TODAY
  • Solai Wicker
    Solai Wicker 2 weeks ago With my school
  • Reese Ysabelle Templora
    Reese Ysabelle Templora 1 month ago Ik that it's been 3 months but I'm still gonna' reply... Yesss i got invited to skate and don't wanna embarrass myself
  • s a d g i r l
    s a d g i r l 1 month ago cough cough yuri on ice cough cough
  • Pamela
    Pamela 1 month ago I'm here because I'm inviting my friend and I wanna make sure I can skate circles perfectly around her because it's her first time.
  • Confused
    Confused 1 month ago Yes I'm clueless 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • _ Echoez _
    _ Echoez _ 2 months ago Yeah...
  • Edward Paleo
    Edward Paleo 2 months ago Lmao
  • Caramel Macchiato
    Caramel Macchiato 2 months ago Oml yes
  • FBI Special Forces
    FBI Special Forces 2 months ago Yes exactly
  • Loki Lowkey
    Loki Lowkey 2 months ago Don't want to embarrass myself. Gotta show off hahaha
  • Kimberlyn Escobar
    Kimberlyn Escobar 2 months ago nah
  • Lottie C
    Lottie C 2 months ago I’m going today lol
  • Pure Ice
    Pure Ice 2 months ago I invited my friends without ice skating before XD
  • Lottie C
    Lottie C 3 months ago Me xD
  • bigpink baguette
    bigpink baguette 3 months ago Same I have no clue how to I've been before its hard
  • death valley
    death valley 3 months ago Yea
  • Axlina Playz
    Axlina Playz 3 months ago Adriana Guidotti YUP
  • Jazmin Smith
    Jazmin Smith 3 months ago Yes how did you know
  • heather !
    heather ! 3 months ago Adriana Guidotti yea lmfao
  • Molly Catherine
    Molly Catherine 3 months ago i don’t have friends
  • First name Last name
    First name Last name 3 months ago Yes
  • Silly Sophie
    Silly Sophie 3 months ago My parents won’t let me hangout with my friends to anywhere..
  • Bijoux Kas
    Bijoux Kas 3 months ago Fi3ld trip
  • Troy W
    Troy W 3 months ago I’m actually drafted by the Edmonton Oilers
  • Rahma Abdallah
    Rahma Abdallah 4 months ago yep
    HIT OR MISS 4 months ago Me
  • NOEMY gomez
    NOEMY gomez 4 months ago Yep
  • Dolan Twinz
    Dolan Twinz 4 months ago Yep for me and my best friends birthday party 😬 I’ve been before and never actually stood up
  • niamh x
    niamh x 4 months ago Me tomorrow, I used to roller skate well but I've never ice skated and my friends really good ugh I'm nervous
  • sister mia
    sister mia 4 months ago yeppp
  • angie Rivero
    angie Rivero 4 months ago Yes
  • Kim Linda
    Kim Linda 4 months ago Adriana Guidotti actually me
  • Blossom
    Blossom 4 months ago Adriana Guidotti yes 😂😂
  • Austrianaut
    Austrianaut 4 months ago Hit the nail on the head! Already know how to, just came for a refresh.
  • Lander Khrist
    Lander Khrist 4 months ago XDDD
  • pig_rabbit
    pig_rabbit 4 months ago yup
  • enter.the.void.II
    enter.the.void.II 4 months ago Me I'm going tomorrow. I know how to rollerblade
  • ArodTheDog
    ArodTheDog 4 months ago What are friends?
  • MinYoongi Aesthetics
    MinYoongi Aesthetics 4 months ago Yup :v
  • Nicolas Peralta
    Nicolas Peralta 4 months ago yup
  • TT the Wolfgirl
    TT the Wolfgirl 4 months ago Adriana Guidotti Yup XP I’m about to go very soon
  • Slushy Pug
    Slushy Pug 4 months ago I have no friends.
  • •DailyGarbage• •_•
    •DailyGarbage• •_• 4 months ago Adriana Guidotti omg yes!
  • Fereshta Musawi
    Fereshta Musawi 4 months ago Yes lol
    _ANKAFRNDZGOPZ_0310_ 5 months ago WOAH let me try! Few Hours Later... me in the hospital
  • Muhammad
    Muhammad 1 year ago how to skate my way: 1.Go to ice rink. 2.Watch a dude practice an ice skate performance thingy. 3. Watch other skaters. 4. Imitate them. 5.Fail. 6. Succeed in imitating someone. 7.Skate so fast that you can't stop because you forgot to imitate the way they slow down and stop. 8. Eat food.
  • Rick Malone
    Rick Malone 2 months ago @Spider-Man Speed Draw just use the wall to roll over (or smash into it and have a sore arm) and save the ankles! Definitely better lol at least you can still walk!
  • Rick Malone
    Rick Malone 2 months ago Lean like on a motorcycle (or skateboard if that's closer to your style) rather than trying to slow down and just keep pushing.
  • •.• \\Nobody.was.taken// •.•
    •.• \\Nobody.was.taken// •.• 3 months ago Actually how my day wentA
  • Spider-Man Speed Draw
    Spider-Man Speed Draw 3 months ago Nerfed Bee -TNB that’s to many steps my way is 1. Go on the ice 2. Start skating 3. Fall 100 times 4. Actually succeed 5. Break your ankles because you forgot how to stop See look at how simple that is
  • lollers ?
    lollers ? 1 year ago oh my god am i the only one who just wants to learn how to skate for non anime related reasons
  • s a d g i r l
    s a d g i r l 1 month ago The anime inspired me to skate
  • Brett Gordon
    Brett Gordon 1 month ago lollers ? Nah I want to learn to play hockey
  • Kelly Swearingen
    Kelly Swearingen 2 months ago I wanna play hockey, that’s why I’m here 😂
  • VwlsRstpd Hi
    VwlsRstpd Hi 2 months ago I play hockey and I'm just looking for a video to show my best friends sister because she's starting hockey and my parents are making me teach her. She has no ankle muscle though so it's tough
  • αllιsση lευs 엄마
    αllιsση lευs 엄마 3 months ago NEIN
  • Mer B
    Mer B 4 months ago lollers ? No ur not special sorry
  • cait filby
    cait filby 4 months ago yeah me too lmfao
  • Teuila Petaia
    Teuila Petaia 4 months ago lollers ? Nope. I went ice skating a couple weeks ago and failed miserably so here I am haha
  • SugarPlumPie
    SugarPlumPie 8 months ago This guy talks like he’s on energy shots lmao
  • HarrietTwelveThree
    HarrietTwelveThree 1 year ago Wtf is Yuri on ice and why is everyone on this video?!
  • XxVampiregirl17xX
    XxVampiregirl17xX 1 month ago You should watch it. It’s an anime called Yuri On Ice aka YOI it’s also about of “boy love” if you will
  • Bud_ProDuctIon—— GachaTopics
    Bud_ProDuctIon—— GachaTopics 1 month ago I’ve seen the anime last year.
  • s a d g i r l
    s a d g i r l 1 month ago @Bud_ProDuctIon—— GachaTopics The Anime is about Skating so some people git inspired.
  • Bud_ProDuctIon—— GachaTopics
    Bud_ProDuctIon—— GachaTopics 1 month ago Did they want some Yaoi skating?
  • Sayano
    Sayano 1 month ago @Myouisturizer it's more than just a yaoi anime
  • Sayano
    Sayano 1 month ago @Rick Malone yaoi is boy love
  • Rick Malone
    Rick Malone 2 months ago @Tien just anime, but it just reminds me of SAO.
  • Rick Malone
    Rick Malone 2 months ago So that's what YOI stands for lol I had absolutely no clue! I just wanted a refresher since it's been over a decade.
  • PinkMonkey Productions
    PinkMonkey Productions 2 months ago Cuz. We can be lel
  • Myouisturizer
    Myouisturizer 3 months ago Some yaoi anime :/
  • Tien
    Tien 3 months ago It’s an anime :/
  • SilverWolf - Boruto
    SilverWolf - Boruto 3 months ago It’s a popular anime
  • Dolan Twinz
    Dolan Twinz 4 months ago HarrietTwelveThree ikr that’s what I thought
  • Thegirlfromplanet Earth
    Thegirlfromplanet Earth 6 months ago I’m literally watching this right before I ice skate. Pray that I don’t die😂😂😂😂
  • Zoee 329
    Zoee 329 1 year ago Am I the only one that hasn't come here via that anime?
  • Kloveah
    Kloveah 2 years ago Who is actually here to learn how to skate instead of a anime
  • Abigail Campbell
    Abigail Campbell 5 months ago Yup. I’m going skating in like an hour and I’m not prepared
  • RTX
    RTX 5 months ago Me
  • stray cheese
    stray cheese 5 months ago i am actually, i haven’t even watched yuri on ice lmao.
  • ElactixNova
    ElactixNova 5 months ago Me
  • Brooklyn Leis
    Brooklyn Leis 5 months ago Me
  • KatBTSarmy
    KatBTSarmy 5 months ago I’m here cause both really. I love Yuri on Ice as well as ice skating. That anime renewed my passion to ice skate again. Also, you made a grammar mistake *an
  • Leonor
    Leonor 5 months ago I tried yesterday and it was so fun that's why I want to learn
  • Mason _
    Mason _ 5 months ago I’m here because I play hockey and I’m trying to improve my speed, I thought maybe if I went back to the fundamentals I could maybe improve
  • mee ¿
    mee ¿ 6 months ago Kloveah i’m going with my friends and i’m scared too, that’s why💀
  • XRSypher
    XRSypher 6 months ago Me
  • the random channel u wont watch
    the random channel u wont watch 6 months ago going ice skateing tomorrow
  • Tyler Costin
    Tyler Costin 6 months ago I came here at first because of Yuri On Ice but now I'm actually going to go skating.
  • Provoked _1
    Provoked _1 6 months ago Well i know how to skate but i can do its fast
  • Killua Zoldyck
    Killua Zoldyck 6 months ago Kloveah me
  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget 6 months ago Both
  • Dani Du_Soleil
    Dani Du_Soleil 7 months ago Though the YOI comments have gotten annoying fast. It was fine in the beginning when there were only one or two comments but now they're everywhere. I don't have anything against the fandom since I'm part of it but they should tone it down a bit
  • Dani Du_Soleil
    Dani Du_Soleil 7 months ago Kloveah I watched the anime and decided to look at a couple skaters but I didn't actually want to learn skating till I saw a couple of Nathan Chen's performances. I wasnt into the sport till I saw him perform. I was hooked right away and hope to skate as joyfully and awesomely as Nathan, watching his performances give me happiness and that's something that rarely happens since I have some trouble paying attention and getting into things, but I was hypnotized and amazed by his routines. He got a new fan real quick, would love to go to his next competition if given the chance
  • Aurora Eastcloud
    Aurora Eastcloud 7 months ago Me, I want to make sure I rememeber how to skate properly.
  • Anxious Being
    Anxious Being 7 months ago Me, I know how to skate I just haven’t done it in a while so I’m trying to get better at it
  • Mochi Mochi
    Mochi Mochi 7 months ago Me, although I may be screaming the yuri on ice theme in my head.
  • Roboboxian ,
    Roboboxian , 7 months ago guys a tip is to hold onto the sides sometimes :)
  • li an
    li an 7 months ago me
  • Moonlight Mangle
    Moonlight Mangle 7 months ago Me im goin skateing in a couple of days for my fidzt time
  • Doctor Sans
    Doctor Sans 8 months ago Wait... there is a another reason to be here?
  • ケロパイ
    ケロパイ 8 months ago My dream
  • *Quit YouTube*
    *Quit YouTube* 8 months ago Kloveah me, cuz I want to be better at skatinggg
  • im just weird
    im just weird 8 months ago Me
  • Marwan Abdalla
    Marwan Abdalla 9 months ago taking ice skating in my school so trying to learn how to skate and theres an anime?
  • ``Zoenix``
    ``Zoenix`` 9 months ago MEEEEEEE
  • OHMAI !
    OHMAI ! 9 months ago I didnt know they had an anime about ice skating im Shook
  • Classy boi
    Classy boi 9 months ago Its a school fieldtrip
  • Shaihara Yusriffa Pangandaman
    Shaihara Yusriffa Pangandaman 9 months ago Me! If I remember the last I tried to self learn skating was at april and I can only move my right foot😂 my left always hits the brake that means I almost made a faceplant😂😂😂but hope when I go back at the skating center or something with my 3 cousins/BFF's I am quite good😊
  • Random.otaku
    Random.otaku 9 months ago Not need ayeeeeeeee I was born to make history
  • ani t
    ani t 1 year ago me, going skating in 2 days for a friends birthday :(((((
  • Komashii
    Komashii 1 year ago Allyson Ramsey I'm here cause both, YoI was a good anime, but I genuinely do love being on the ice and am looking in to private lessons owo
  • Catherine M.
    Catherine M. 1 year ago Me 😂 Going ice skating tomorrow and I don't wanna be that one person sitting out for the whole 2 hours
  • Karn Karn
    Karn Karn 2 years ago I am here to learn how to skate. It's just that my inspiration is from an anime. I'm sure other people are the same, they are here to learn. Why would they come watch this video otherwise? Is it a bad thing for people to share their inspiration?
  • wrap monster
    wrap monster 2 years ago Galaxy Night Me omfg i like anime but yuri on ice fans are a pain. Ffs watch the video and shut up. I actually wanna learn how to ice-skate.
  • Linus Jostol
    Linus Jostol 2 years ago Its just bad how ppl dont accept other hoomans
  • Alexander
    Alexander 2 years ago all these weaboos talking about that yuri shit
  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 2 years ago God ikr can people please comment tips not mention fucking yuri who tf is yuri lol
  • Hi, my name is [ Dan ]
    Hi, my name is [ Dan ] 2 years ago lol who cares let them be happy and want to reunite with their friends its not a bad thing
  • Teagan P
    Teagan P 2 years ago Hi, my name is [ Dan ] actually same
  • Hi, my name is [ Dan ]
    Hi, my name is [ Dan ] 2 years ago @Pidge Gunderson how is it cringy?
  • Hi, my name is [ Dan ]
    Hi, my name is [ Dan ] 2 years ago @Pidge Gunderson lol im part of both fandoms but i ice skate irl, so lmao.
  • catpaws
    catpaws 2 years ago I appolagise on behalf of them ^^; I'm here cuz I've always wanted to skate and gave up cuz I've been forced into piano. this anime revived that dream :) not that anyone cares.....
  • Teagan P
    Teagan P 2 years ago Pidge Gunderson ah, yeah I know what you mean ^^
  • Emily Rose
    Emily Rose 2 years ago Me, the YOI comments are so annoying, this reminds me of some of the cringy phandom people
  • Teagan P
    Teagan P 2 years ago Hi, my name is [ Dan ] I k e e p s e e i n g y o u e v e r y w h e r e
  • Hi, my name is [ Dan ]
    Hi, my name is [ Dan ] 2 years ago OMG ITS SO FUNNN
  • Liza Deverell
    Liza Deverell 2 years ago Galaxy Night me😂going ice skating for the first time today and I don't wanna break a leg
  • ruben renezil
    ruben renezil 1 year ago Im here bc i have a date tmr with this girl trying not to take an “ L” 😅
  • traveler 7
    traveler 7 2 days ago ruben renezil You gotta tell me how it went
  • Ahmed Ibrahim
    Ahmed Ibrahim 1 week ago My nigga died
  • howard baxter
    howard baxter 1 month ago Did you take an L or no?
  • Julio Ez
    Julio Ez 2 months ago Me too
  • GachaGirl0786 0
    GachaGirl0786 0 2 months ago ruben renezil how did it go
  • Sally Lemon
    Sally Lemon 1 year ago my online coach 🙌🙌
  • BevvyIsTheBest
    BevvyIsTheBest 10 months ago Imshari Albedewi how’d it go
  • Cryonicwolfy
    Cryonicwolfy 1 year ago The only reason I’m watching this is because my class and I have a trip to ice skating and I don’t want to embarrass myself
  • Hockey Tutorial
    Hockey Tutorial 1 year ago Thanks
  • mancy bee
    mancy bee 1 month ago Yall out here bashing on people who want to learn to skate bc of YOI smh let people skate for whatever reasons they have
  • Ahmad Alnababteh
    Ahmad Alnababteh 1 year ago (edited) omg this is where my sister went ice skating! But thx for teaching her! She knows how to ice skate because of you! Thanks!
  • BlueChaos
    BlueChaos 3 years ago Step one: slip and die
  • Abby 09
    Abby 09 3 months ago I’m a pro at that
  • Dolan Twinz
    Dolan Twinz 4 months ago Omg... me.
  • JustSome RandomHuman
    JustSome RandomHuman 5 months ago Slip and get your skin ripped T-T
  • shelby gal
    shelby gal 5 months ago BlueChaos LMFAOOO
  • Sumea Ajdinovic
    Sumea Ajdinovic 6 months ago FACTS XD
  • PJ Matinong
    PJ Matinong 7 months ago wtf totally agree. i almost break my foot haha
  • Manal Kayyali
    Manal Kayyali 8 months ago Hey! I achieved that step! Yaaaaay! I'm a real ice skater!!❄❄
  • Jocelyn
    Jocelyn 8 months ago BlueChaos TRUE 🤠
  • Juan Gomez
    Juan Gomez 8 months ago This finna be me in a field trip
  • Kiera Fox
    Kiera Fox 8 months ago BlueChaos I’m going to an ice skating party today so pray for me
  • ``Zoenix``
    ``Zoenix`` 9 months ago Step 2: try again and become a figure skater.
  • Midnight Sky
    Midnight Sky 11 months ago BlueChaos Lmao
  • Irish Heart
    Irish Heart 1 year ago *Slip and break your knee cause that actually happened yesterday*
  • TheReportOfTheWeekend
    TheReportOfTheWeekend 1 year ago Slip and get your fingers fucked*
    WENJIE LIN 1 year ago FACTS
  • xLunaq
    xLunaq 1 year ago Well I think I did
  • Kimyeol
    Kimyeol 2 years ago That's gonna be me in 2 more weeks 😭😂
  • Savage_bea
    Savage_bea 3 years ago That was me💀😋
  • Aida Bojorquez
    Aida Bojorquez 3 years ago bruh
  • Jomm.-.
    Jomm.-. 5 months ago Am I the only one who wants to learn to skate without any anime involved?
  • Sweet Nightmare
    Sweet Nightmare 1 month ago @Realvioletsareviolet kid friendly? yeah anime nots for you......porn? i think naruto,fairytail,one punch man,code geas,steins gate,one piece,attack on titan,tokyo ghoul and thats just on top of my head that is not porn.......but its no kid friendly cuz your lil brain cant handle it
  • Realvioletsareviolet
    Realvioletsareviolet 1 month ago @N.S.A * yeah it's only pr0n, everytime I try to find a kid-friendly anime series to watch it's frikin pr0n
  • N.S.A *
    N.S.A * 2 months ago @Realvioletsareviolet Crap excuse me did i just hear you right
  • Realvioletsareviolet
    Realvioletsareviolet 2 months ago Nope, I don't watch anime crap anymore
  • ohuyu
    ohuyu 2 months ago lol im here because of yuzuru and vincent haha
  • Cloud Pixel
    Cloud Pixel 2 months ago Mee
  • Jahmoya Duncan
    Jahmoya Duncan 6 months ago I slipped to damn much I could barely move lmao 😰😰😂
  • Krystal 707
    Krystal 707 2 years ago Sports anime-anime that makes u want to actually get ur lazy butt off the bed and make u want to play sports. For example, yuri on ice-makes u want to start ice skating. 😂
  • Donghyuckie *Full sun*
    Donghyuckie *Full sun* 1 week ago Free makes me wanna swim
  • PinkMonkey Productions
    PinkMonkey Productions 2 months ago At least it's that helpful lol
  • StellArts
    StellArts 2 years ago My friend wants me to go ice skating with her... haha. I'm going to die.
  • Kimberly Alcala
    Kimberly Alcala 2 months ago chicken nuggets123 :p ya me to tommorow omg help later today
    ROUGH LAUREN 5 months ago SAME
  • Zoe Kwok
    Zoe Kwok 5 months ago OMG! SAME!
  • chicken nuggets123 :p
    chicken nuggets123 :p 5 months ago Omg even tho this is 2 years ago but I am in the same situation as you
  • Taylor M
    Taylor M 5 months ago Same tomorrow 😂 💀
  • Sufi Rah
    Sufi Rah 5 months ago Oh shit ok go to die right now because you can't trust the time
  • Alex Snowflake
    Alex Snowflake 6 months ago StellArts same
  • Jungwoo Snoopy
    Jungwoo Snoopy 6 months ago Same
  • Cookie Rose
    Cookie Rose 6 months ago Same..
  • Hi Llo
    Hi Llo 6 months ago StellArts me too 🤢😖😖😣
  • woo o
    woo o 6 months ago and that's why I'm here
  • Neidy Rojas
    Neidy Rojas 7 months ago StellArts I’m gonna die too
  • ``Zoenix``
    ``Zoenix`` 9 months ago This is me but I wanna invite my friends to go ice skating.
  • VlogsByLina
    VlogsByLina 1 year ago Me too😭😂
  • Melophobia 80s
    Melophobia 80s 1 year ago I’m in this situation today
  • Hannah Greeno
    Hannah Greeno 1 year ago Same😂😂
  • • F I R E F L I E S •
    • F I R E F L I E S • 1 year ago Cheesy Pizza yuri on ice right? SHUT UP
  • D D
    D D 1 year ago Naomi Tulips at least a russian trainer didn't start to critisise you while you were holding at the edje
  • karmasvfx
    karmasvfx 1 year ago Im scared
  • karmasvfx
    karmasvfx 1 year ago Im gonna die today.
  • EggRoll
    EggRoll 1 year ago Me too 😓🙃
  • No One
    No One 1 year ago Naomi Tulips i have to go ice skating on friday for a party and im dying inside.
  • GreshTooFresh
    GreshTooFresh 2 years ago Captain Cupcake Same, my life haha
  • Captain Cupcake
    Captain Cupcake 2 years ago iiStellarious Ssaammeee
  • Jeeengeleng
    Jeeengeleng 2 years ago lol, i tried ice skating a while ago and i fell many times in awkward and dangerous way. ugh, i hurt my butt
  • NeonExtraSir
    NeonExtraSir 2 years ago iiStellarious Same
  • No Name
    No Name 2 years ago (edited) Sara Mills same i just hold the wall 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Sara Mills
    Sara Mills 2 years ago iiStellarious omg same I'm going this Saturday and I'm gonna die last time I went I had to keep holding on the edge lmao
  • Kyle A
    Kyle A 2 years ago I was in the same situation 2 weeks ago, but I didn't watch tutorials or anything. Just don't be afraid to fall: it's part of the learning process for us beginners. I hope this video helped you though. I'm ready for round 2 myself xD
  • Naomi Tulips
    Naomi Tulips 2 years ago Kashish Sethi 😂😂
  • Akame Tachibana
    Akame Tachibana 2 years ago Naomi Tulips , Same ;;
  • Naomi Tulips
    Naomi Tulips 2 years ago Funstella I actually died yesterday. it was horrible. 😂