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❤ Sadia

  • Pick Up Limes
    Pick Up Limes 6 months ago What’s your favourite plant? My current fave is the pothos: the one hanging along the back wall of the PUL kitchen 🌱 hope to turn it into a waterfall of vines one day!
  • Deeksha Rajput
    Deeksha Rajput 1 week ago Pick up limes , can u please suggest me a plant which we can plant in room to avoid wall-moist(mold)
  • innatelymystic
    innatelymystic 1 week ago the first plant of my life i purchased yesterday is dracaena reflexa(song of india) the name was shocking to me and i thought the nursery guy was joking with me,coming to the point of concern is that i am keeping it in my room under a lamp (yellow light ) which is usually on until i sleep . so can the lamp light have some negative effects on my plant although there is no direct sun light . this question is for you miss Nadia.
  • Khanda Hussein
    Khanda Hussein 2 weeks ago Pick Up Limes I like all plants but most are toxic to cats, so I have to work around plants that are NOT toxic to my cats. 🐈
  • Ron Rahman
    Ron Rahman 2 weeks ago I love the herbs and succulent plants. I hang them using some macrame hangers that i got online. https://www.digfordeals.com/macramehangers
  • Aba Rish
    Aba Rish 1 month ago I want to be your assistant ,pls txt me ,my number 9629977123 ,
  • Aba Rish
    Aba Rish 1 month ago Hi
  • Catherine Che
    Catherine Che 1 month ago I love bear paw succulent, string of pearls, and variegated English ivy! Thanks for the video. first time here and I really like your video. Subscribed!
  • canal: TORLONE MALTÊS iara
    canal: TORLONE MALTÊS iara 1 month ago Thank
  • Unmesh Patel
    Unmesh Patel 1 month ago I love all plants but my favourite plant is Red Rose!
  • Ani Dimitrova
    Ani Dimitrova 1 month ago the PDF link doesn't work anymore. Could you upload it on Google Drive and share the link pls? That way it won't delete unless you delete it :)
  • Animal And plants lover
    Animal And plants lover 2 months ago Mine is pothos(we call it money plant)
  • shagufta 25
    shagufta 25 2 months ago Hi. Join botanists1000 on instagram. for taxonomy and knowledge purpose..a page for Botanists; plant lovers.
  • Kenya Dye
    Kenya Dye 2 months ago I’m loving my bird’s nest firm.
  • uwu *cocks gun*
    uwu *cocks gun* 2 months ago Zz plant Fiddle leaf fig Aglaonema commutatum I don't have those 3 but would love to own them someday. I do have a golden pothos named Bob and a Mexican firecracker succulent named Fuzz
  • Bea Wood
    Bea Wood 2 months ago Mine is the money tree, when grown naturally they become beautiful little trees!
  • NarnianLady
    NarnianLady 2 months ago For indoors plants, I like Schlumbergera hybrids. Citruses are also nice
  • Marlyn
    Marlyn 2 months ago Pick Up Limes Ferns!! The fact that they’ve been around for sooo long makes them really interesting ❤️
  • aqua fina
    aqua fina 2 months ago I love them all now. When i was young it was spider plant and pothos and pheladendron. Sorry for misspelled names.
  • Madison Sunderland
    Madison Sunderland 3 months ago I just got a dracaena reflexa and I'm loving it! So beautiful
  • Tiny Acorn
    Tiny Acorn 3 months ago Pick Up Limes Pothos are my favorite too! They are just so easy to take care of and grow so fast! Not to mention propagating is super easy!
  • Dner
    Dner 3 months ago Same
    INBG FAMILY 4 months ago Pick Up Limes I truly enjoyed your space! And thanks for history tips from you Mom! Be well.
  • lupusprobitas
    lupusprobitas 4 months ago I like Mother-in-law's tongue; The name makes me smile, it looks pleasant and doesn't take up much width, and according to a NASA study it's one of the best plants for filtering the air. Most importantly it's very hardy, I'm just terrible at remembering to water my plants, but it survives and even thrives anyway :-)
  • eshank gupta
    eshank gupta 4 months ago inspiring journey of yours
  • ratishtty86
    ratishtty86 4 months ago You are the best..... Most inspiring videos are from you.... Please make more videos on house plants
  • маргарита
    маргарита 4 months ago mine is aloe vera
  • eshank gupta
    eshank gupta 4 months ago I also want to make a mini jungle inside my home 😊
  • Kat A.
    Kat A. 5 months ago Me tooo!!! Pothos sounds like a Muskateer hahaha and the catchcry has never been better suited for such an easy going and beautiful plant - all for one & one for all!🙌❤ thanks for sharing your wonderful tips on plant love. I cannot wait to try😍
  • Natália Prídavková
    Natália Prídavková 5 months ago fikus is my favourite :) my own little tree 🌳
  • ilovejewelyn
    ilovejewelyn 5 months ago Pick Up Limes Love Hoyas, Peperomias and philodendrons! Love you and plants! Great video! Would love to have your collection featured on my channel 💚
  • Kaja Sky
    Kaja Sky 5 months ago I really like ivy and monstera, I love so to say every plant so it’s a difficult pick 😅
  • Sophie’s bored
    Sophie’s bored 5 months ago I love aloe vera🌿🌿
  • ratishtty86
    ratishtty86 5 months ago Why no new video.. Try new video every week and more about plants and gardeninh
  • Abigail Diola
    Abigail Diola 5 months ago doña aurora
  • g dozier
    g dozier 5 months ago I would love to see a video on how to take care of and pick herbs for the kitchen. I have just found your channel and binged watched a lot of your videos. I really like them a lot, your style makes me feel at home and inspires me to bring more wholesome food into my diet and goodness in my life. Thank you for giving me the motivation to do that again. You have great tips and I can't wait to see more of your videos. Congratulations on your new studio and I wish you the best!
  • Kay B83
    Kay B83 5 months ago Can't you just feed plants epsom salt...
  • Cara Glowacki
    Cara Glowacki 5 months ago My favorite plant is Mandevilla. It has been a sturdy indoor tropical plant for the northeast. I have so many favorites!
  • Lana Hudson
    Lana Hudson 5 months ago Hi... I have been watching your videos and could you please do one for people woman & men who need to put weight on... I am currently struggling to put weight back on... any help suggestions.
  • Italian Goddess Di ‘Ana
    Italian Goddess Di ‘Ana 5 months ago I have a question..😊 It’s wintertime here... No Sun ☀️ for plants!🌱 Where can I put the plants in my house by the windows so that they will feel warmth & warm sun?☀️ How do you feel about putting plant lights over plants to warm ☀️them and give them warm☀️light in the winter ❄️. Thank you 😊 For your this 🌱 plant video!!! I look forward to your response.😊
  • Sunita K
    Sunita K 6 months ago Pick Up Limes hi
  • Pam C
    Pam C 6 months ago Lemon tree, fig tree and orchids
  • aheartfornature
    aheartfornature 6 months ago Mine is a Zamioculcas. In Germany you call it a "Glücksfeder", a happiness feather!
  • The quick brown fox
    The quick brown fox 6 months ago My favourite is a Peace Lily I got last year, not because of the variety of plant, but because it was the first one I didn't kill, and in fact bought out of anthropomorphic sympathy because it was neglected and droopy in the nursery. I nursed it back to health and now it's in full bloom.
  • Veronica Sanchez
    Veronica Sanchez 6 months ago Hoya Obovata ❤️ and monstera deliciosa
  • Rein M
    Rein M 6 months ago My room is also basically a jungle :) My favourite plants are Turmeric (you can grow the edible type from a store bought root, or buy a decorative one in store) and also a Vanda Orchid :) Any type of bromelia is also very nice!
  • payal sharma
    payal sharma 6 months ago My favourite plant is basil as i am an Indian so we also worship basil & it also plays vital role in health. Btw i like u so much u r so beautiful.
  • payal shah
    payal shah 6 months ago Herb and succulent plants...
  • Loves Journey
    Loves Journey 6 months ago Yes pathos have always been a favorite, usually pretty easy to care for
  • Akash
    Akash 6 months ago That's my favourite too. But we call it money plant! :D
  • Green Vibes Wellness
    Green Vibes Wellness 6 months ago I looooved this video thank you! My favorite plant is bamboo and my christmas cactus!! <3
  • Kacie Marshall
    Kacie Marshall 6 months ago Prayer plants are so fun to watch through the day!
  • Our House Plants
    Our House Plants 6 months ago You can't go wrong with Pothos! (well you can, but you need to really go off the rails for it to fail ;-) ) - Best of luck in getting those vine waterfalls. If you run into any trouble let us know and we can help - https://www.ourhouseplants.com/plants/pothos
  • Keksdose209
    Keksdose209 6 months ago @Jerome Thank you for the tips 😊
  • D.Vijaya Chaitanya
    D.Vijaya Chaitanya 6 months ago Peace Lilly and pathos
  • safa rafisha
    safa rafisha 6 months ago Peace lilly n pothos for me..
  • Marjana Barsha
    Marjana Barsha 6 months ago Pothos ,Chinese money plants and string of pearls 🌱
  • Manjima Dutta Arya
    Manjima Dutta Arya 6 months ago Money Plant
  • Clara Haf
    Clara Haf 6 months ago Me too!! It grows so happily for me, and it's so easy to take care of. Thanks for the video, Sadia, it's amazing as usual ❣️
  • VibrantVirtue
    VibrantVirtue 6 months ago U use plastic pots? A quick suggestion, try earthen pots.. They're eco friendly and your plants are gonna love it..!
  • Dawnnnnny
    Dawnnnnny 6 months ago Monstera!
  • Kiran Grewal
    Kiran Grewal 6 months ago I love pothos but believe it or not that I managed to kill one🤪but still didn’t give up on it and actually made few out of one tiny stem that was left of the original 🤦🏼‍♀️I want to do bit of gardening this year...perfect video to get started .Thanks a ton Sadia.Happy New year!XOXO
  • A
    A 6 months ago Beautiful and educational video as always, Thank You!
  • Katelyn Brown
    Katelyn Brown 6 months ago Fiddle Leaf Fig is my current favourite!! So adorable
  • Keksdose209
    Keksdose209 6 months ago I got a little Banana Plant from my best friend and I love it. I still struggle a bit with how much water and light it needs, but it grows so it seems like I'm not making too big mistakes about taking care of it :)
  • Ayaelhosne Laouani
    Ayaelhosne Laouani 6 months ago Thank you for these amazing tips. I'd also recommend naming and talking (or music) to the plant. I've tried it myself and my "Mambo" is beautifully growing up.
  • Charlotte Ziggy
    Charlotte Ziggy 6 months ago Thumbs up , excellent video and advice! You don't have to loosen the roots before you repot it? Is it better to repot in the spring rather than winter?
  • Dr.Varsha Scooby
    Dr.Varsha Scooby 6 months ago I requested this topic several times and finally you did it. Thankyou girl. Love you! My fav plant is elephant ear plant and pathos. String of bananas 💕
  • Aga Mazurek
    Aga Mazurek 6 months ago These hanging ones are gorgeous * . *
  • haney huq
    haney huq 6 months ago (edited) my favourite is snake plant🌿 for indoor because its reduce toxin level
  • Dolma Sinon
    Dolma Sinon 6 months ago Which plants are safe to keep indoor? Thanks for all the wisdoms, be it about foods or plants.
  • Na3oom Deen
    Na3oom Deen 6 months ago Gardenia.
  • alekhya katragadda
    alekhya katragadda 6 months ago Lemon grass, lemon and Dhalia for me
    MALLE SRIKANTH 6 months ago Thanks to make video to us @sadia
  • Anna Reyes
    Anna Reyes 6 months ago I love having a vegetable garden inside my home. I currently find kale to be soooooo easy to take care of. It does not die as easily as some of my lettuce and basil did. 😑 Thank you so much for all the helpful tips! Your channel is my go to when I need more peace, positive energy, and sanity in my life! ❤
  • Taehyung's R
    Taehyung's R 6 months ago I love peace lily and the humidity they give off at night is said to be good ..I love pothos too😊💗💕
  • Katarzyna L
    Katarzyna L 6 months ago (edited) You couldn't choose more suitable time for this kind of video. I'm just (almost) done renovating my room (walls so far) and I also wanna replace some pieces of furniture. I'm planning to have a few plants (ain't gonna lie, I think you were the one to inspire me to consider them) and since I didn't really use to have plants at home, I might need some tips. PS. I think my favorite plant for home would be fern 😅 (that's how my online translator translated it to English).
  • Gitanjali Kachari
    Gitanjali Kachari 6 months ago Pick Up Limes ,mine is chrysanthemum, the essence of east. I'm from India nd love you too much 😍😍
  • Deepthi I
    Deepthi I 6 months ago I too like pothos ( we call it as money plant) easy to maintain 😀👍👍
  • Joanna Krajci
    Joanna Krajci 6 months ago You're like the Bob Ross of lifestyle blogs
  • Steffy Varghese
    Steffy Varghese 3 months ago Hey Sadia one doubt.... during night doesn't plant emit CO2 and ain't that harmful if we sleep in the same room plants kept.....I always liked the concept of nature in my room ..but this one query always stopped me from implementation...your advice can be a great help💗love u Sadia so much ..love from India😍
  • Darnell King
    Darnell King 3 months ago I strongly agree!
  • Zola Fiorella Fronda
    Zola Fiorella Fronda 5 months ago I agree!!! 💯
  • Sanah
    Sanah 5 months ago Agreed! Also wish she would start a podcast. Such a nice voice for podcasts and insightful thoughts/advice!
  • extrovertimpresson
    extrovertimpresson 5 months ago OMG! i can't belive this! yesterday i was in a pub (in Budapest, Hungary i'm Hungarian :D) with my boyfriend and there was a TV . The TV program was about a man who teaches painting . We wondered who that guy was? And i saw this comment today so searched for who Bob Ross is ? And he is the man! We are soo uneducated :D sorry for my english, have a nice day !:)
  • The Ippster
    The Ippster 6 months ago Pick Up Limes I just discovered your beautiful channel. Although I have a question which seems contrary to the comment: Are you trying to keep these videos under 10mins for some reason? If so, why? Oddly, I find them sort of weirdly rushed while being simultaneously relaxing. You have such a gorgeous professional production and camera presence I'm not sure why you are speaking so fast with so many rapid visual edits. It feels like you are rushing to get the video over with and leaves a slight sense of anxiety that I've got to keep up or go back to see what you've just said and done. If you slowed everything down a touch then viewers would be able to really drink the images in and absorb your commentary. In other words more of you would not be a bad thing and no shade meant, you seem to look for feedback so that's just my experience. Btw, my mom's a dietician she would love what you are doing :)
  • Bcaused
    Bcaused 6 months ago That’s awesome!
  • Pick Up Limes
    Pick Up Limes 6 months ago Oh my, best compliment ever!
  • Lauren Biggs
    Lauren Biggs 6 months ago That was the cleanest plant re-potting I have ever seen! 😂 I usually make a giant mess when I do it, lol
  • Deepika Swain
    Deepika Swain 2 weeks ago U r right
  • Morgan Schoonover
    Morgan Schoonover 6 months ago I used to work at a plant shop, and when the roots were bunched up at the edge of the soil, we cut their roots before we planted them in a bigger pot with new soil. Sometimes the roots bind themselves and struggle to get their nutrition, causing them to die. The plants love it, it's like a hair cut for them!
  • Shawnda Wells
    Shawnda Wells 1 month ago Morgan Schoonover true. My mom had a huge green thumb and she always did this and told me it was for the same reason you said.
  • Ari Cleveland
    Ari Cleveland 3 months ago Morgan Schoonover my mom always taught me to gently palm roll them in between my palms and to gently loosen them.
  • MegadethsGirl
    MegadethsGirl 3 months ago Oh wow!! Love the tip! Plants at the nursery are always super healthy.
  • elsaluvsyah01
    elsaluvsyah01 3 months ago I was actually thinking about this yesterday. I was repotting a chinese money plant and the roots were so tight so I removed some soil from the bottom and untangled some roots. It had me thinking there was now a bigger chance of it dying because I did that. Thanks for calming my nerves!
  • Ella G
    Ella G 4 months ago Yes, the same as with bonsai!
  • Toothsome Tofu
    Toothsome Tofu 5 months ago Morgan Schoonover My mom showed me to gently seperate the bottom of where the roots tangled to encourage them to spread and root into the soil or new pot. I’ll have to try trimming them!
  • Sarah Burfoot
    Sarah Burfoot 6 months ago Whenever I transplanted plants as a kid , into a bigger pot or into the ground, my mom and I would scrunch up the edges of the roots for the same reason, to loosen up the compacted old soil and untangle the roots
  • Kami Joy
    Kami Joy 6 months ago (edited) Hmm so that's how my peace lily died. Now I know. Thank you
  • Vanessa Lugo
    Vanessa Lugo 6 months ago Yes! They’ll choke themselves! And it encourages rooting into the new soil.
  • Pick Up Limes
    Pick Up Limes 6 months ago Love this tip, Morgan, I had never heard of that before! Thanks so much for sharing with us all :D
  • David Mcgregor
    David Mcgregor 6 months ago I am not a beginner when it comes to plants and gardening. I am a horticulturist so would always encourage people to have house plants if they can't garden outside. Having access to some greenery is a great thing for relieving stress and anxiety.
  • N A
    N A 1 month ago What plants would you recommend for inside when you don't have big windows to let in a lot of light? (Preferably cheap too, I love plants but can't afford to pay 50 bucks for them 🙈)
  • T Mar13
    T Mar13 1 month ago Raman Gill I switched all my cacti & succulents to clay/stone/ gritty soils (Amazon has a lot of options) & for the regular plants, I’ve covered the top layer of soil with stones (like the ones you’d put in a fish tank). I heard they stops gnats from getting to the soil & laying eggs & the eggs from hatching & releasing into the room
  • Ruqsana mol.k
    Ruqsana mol.k 3 months ago I lov to be a horticulturist
  • Raman Gill
    Raman Gill 3 months ago Could you please share some tips for gnats, transferred from one pot to 4 and it seems I can't get rid of them at all. It s spring in where I live and in winter I couldn't do anything.Thanks
  • Sunethra
    Sunethra 5 months ago Yes!
  • Avesta
    Avesta 6 months ago You are right!
  • birmakitten
    birmakitten 6 months ago I'm really not a beginner at plants. Just watching because your voice is soothing and makes med calm. <3
  • Nickolas Tomlinson
    Nickolas Tomlinson 3 weeks ago And that smile 😊 lol
  • Renuka Gahir
    Renuka Gahir 6 months ago Very true...
  • Max Mustermann
    Max Mustermann 6 months ago 4:56 wow I'm amazed by your pilea peperomioides I'm a crazy plant lady but PLEASE do a studio plant tour. I'd love to watch that ❤
  • jingyr
    jingyr 1 month ago Yes! Please do a studio plant tour. 💕
  • Monae R.
    Monae R. 4 months ago Yeah like what is she feeding that thing? I've had mine almost a year and have four planted in one pot and its still little.
  • Denise C
    Denise C 5 months ago Thank you, Max Mustermann! I was thinking of leaving a comment asking the name of the plant, but now don't need to!
  • Jayla Sparks
    Jayla Sparks 6 months ago I don't even own any plants but your videos are always so positive I watched this whole thing because your videos are just so lovely
  • Pick Up Limes
    Pick Up Limes 6 months ago Aw thanks so much, Jayla 💕
  • Liz
    Liz 6 months ago When you have pets or small kids, you should also check if the plant is poisonous before buying it 🌿⚠️ :)
  • am
    am 2 days ago Watching you is so relaxing.. your voice tone & smile. Loved it..
  • Heloisa S.
    Heloisa S. 6 months ago whoa. what was that shot of dust floating in the light on 8:13?! <3 I'm breathless! and surprised by how the quality of your videos just keep. getting. better! beautiful work!
  • Christina Marie
    Christina Marie 6 months ago I would love to bring more plants into my home, but I'm not the best at caring for them! This video will definitely be helpful, thanks so much! :)
  • happiness in you
    happiness in you 5 months ago Pocket friendly indoor plants https://youtu.be/OJHYNXmgDkQ
  • conny wilmering
  • SkylarPaige
    SkylarPaige 5 months ago I used to be the same way! It turns out I was either overwatering or underwatering, but with a bit of research and YouTube videos, I learned a lot. I now have a growing collection of greenery!
  • conny wilmering
    conny wilmering 5 months ago @Muriel Perezich mache videos -- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChS2n1NiyC2BbLIIW8c2k2Q/featured?view_as=subscriber - die du unbedingt anschauen musst du Sozialschmarotzer scheiß schwuler und hässlicher scheiß Hoden . mfg eure conny
  • conny wilmering
    conny wilmering 5 months ago @Beyond The Table ich mache videos -- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChS2n1NiyC2BbLIIW8c2k2Q/featured?view_as=subscriber - die du unbedingt anschauen musst du Sozialschmarotzer scheiß schwuler und hässlicher scheiß Hoden . mfg eure conny
  • Muriel Perez
    Muriel Perez 5 months ago Try a Pothos Christina. No fail, trust me!🙏😊
  • Muriel Perez
    Muriel Perez 5 months ago Houseplants are really easy to take care of. 😊
  • erdiaz13
    erdiaz13 6 months ago (edited) Water bamboo is pretty easy! Just needs to be sitting in a vase/container of water. I have killed many plants in my day and still continue to do so sometimes but I'm getting better everyday! Also watch out for crown rot, some plants don't want water at the base where the leaves come together just water the soil instead. Pretty sure that's how I've killed most of my plants!
  • Beyond The Table
    Beyond The Table 6 months ago Us** 😉
  • Beyond The Table
    Beyond The Table 6 months ago SAME! I have two plants one is dying the other isn’t. I want more but I need to learn to take care of the ones I have first and this video definitely seems helpful. 😆 This video will hopefully help me now!
  • Pick Up Limes
    Pick Up Limes 6 months ago So glad to hear it, Christina 🌱🌷
  • Lindsay Toussaint
    Lindsay Toussaint 6 months ago This is exactly what I needed! Always loved plants but didn’t grow up around them. And when asking for advice folks usually just say “oh, it’s easy! Just water them!” This was thorough and easy to follow. Thank you!! And the quality of your videos just keep improving. Wow!
  • Cecile Williams
    Cecile Williams 1 month ago @Pick Up Limes Thank you so much for sharing. I'm a beginner and this will help me alot. It is very informative and I love the way you blog.
  • Pick Up Limes
    Pick Up Limes 6 months ago Thanks so much, Lindsay, glad it helped :D
  • Kirsti Hudson
    Kirsti Hudson 6 months ago My favorite pant is my Lemon Tree 🍋🍋🍋🌱🌳
  • Doreen Ng
    Doreen Ng 6 months ago I likes Lemon too. Good for slim down and pump vitamin C, antioxidants agent.
  • Kirsti Hudson
    Kirsti Hudson 6 months ago @LEGAL EAGLE I have my Lemon Tree in my house downstairs in a warm room because it is still wintertime the cold air isn't good for it. So I have to wait for summertime to place it outdoors on the deck. ☺🌱🍋 my tree already has one Lemon growing on it! I just need to water it to keep the tree happy.
    LEGAL EAGLE 6 months ago Kirsti Hudson can you grow hose indoors?
  • Disha Mishra Dubey
    Disha Mishra Dubey 6 months ago I love Palm, Adenium, Pillow plant, Jade and Pothos :) Great tips Sadia 👍🏻
  • Parshvi Parekh
    Parshvi Parekh 6 months ago Disha Mishra Dubey Ohh yeah ! Pillow plant 🌱 is my favourite too
  • Fire Girl
    Fire Girl 6 months ago (edited) I needed this!!! I am a plant serial killer😔😐
  • Adalilia H
    Adalilia H 5 months ago Lol
  • Only One Giulia
    Only One Giulia 5 months ago Fire Girl same here! 🤷‍♀️
  • trilochani varma
    trilochani varma 6 months ago you're Amazing Sadia mam💕 love from India 🇮🇳
  • Winny Manlim
    Winny Manlim 6 months ago (edited) Love this, Sadia! My mom has a green thumb and I grew up watching her taking care of her plant babies, and now that I’m older I also want to have my own plants but I’m too scared that I’d end up killing them with my lack of plant-care knowledge. This video came just in time. Thank you for all the tips❤️
  • Jasmine Valiente
    Jasmine Valiente 6 months ago This could be an awesome bonding opportunity with your mother too. My grandma has a green thumb and I'm going to ask her on tips of good plants to start with. Shes also pretty into the spiritual meaning and "magical" help a plant in a space can give which I find interesting. Give your mom a call if you can and see what advice she has.
  • Pick Up Limes
    Pick Up Limes 6 months ago I think you'd be surprised to see just how much you might have learned from her over the years without realizing... that was the case for me anyway :P
  • Dr.Varsha Scooby
    Dr.Varsha Scooby 6 months ago This is my most fav video in PUL💖🌹🌹🌹🌹 I know your soul loves nature.
  • Naturopathic Empath
    Naturopathic Empath 1 week ago Fantastic and inspiring information. Thank you. Just subscribed 🙏