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    LUCAS ARIAS 2 months ago This is just an excuse to talk about persona again Don’t deny it
  • Xeno Heart
    Xeno Heart 1 day ago Shit you got her figured out
  • S. Lafaye
    S. Lafaye 1 month ago I love joker and persona 5
  • Hamza Ayaz
    Hamza Ayaz 2 months ago Lets be honest, /You don't need an excuse to talk about Persona.
  • Ben Harvey
    Ben Harvey 2 months ago “Persona 4 and Persona 3, and that’s it!” Sad motorcycle noises
  • retarded animation
    retarded animation 3 weeks ago Laugh in feline car
  • Waluigi Of The Order Of Wah
    Waluigi Of The Order Of Wah 1 month ago (edited) @IceQueen975 Sakurai confirmed that the red skin is for p5 not p2
  • MexicanFire 17
    MexicanFire 17 2 months ago If you pause 2:22 at the right time, it says "please play persona 2"
  • Adam Taurus
    Adam Taurus 2 months ago P2: am I a joke to you?
  • thestongestoftheweak
    thestongestoftheweak 2 months ago Close your eyes sounds of Tatsuya and Maya being sad
  • Ritokure
    Ritokure 2 months ago ...Mark danced sad.
  • Thomas Corley
    Thomas Corley 2 months ago @IceQueen975 indeed it is.
  • IceQueen975
    IceQueen975 2 months ago @Thomas Corley The trippy thing is this: the prototype for Persona 1 is SMT: If...
  • Thomas Corley
    Thomas Corley 2 months ago (edited) Persona 2 is just "that game with anime Hitler" to most people while Persona is nothing at all.
  • IceQueen975
    IceQueen975 2 months ago @Pixu yes and do. He's a bad guy but not THE bad guy.
  • Pixu
    Pixu 2 months ago Isn't Hitler the bad guy in Persona 2?
  • IceQueen975
    IceQueen975 2 months ago Jokes aside, it's nice that they acknowledged P2 and P1 in the color options. It's SOMETHING at least.
  • Lorekeeper Percival
    Lorekeeper Percival 2 months ago I think we could all use some of Maya's positivity -
  • SaviorGabriel
    SaviorGabriel 2 months ago *.........vrrroom :( *
  • Gamecube Grant
    Gamecube Grant 2 months ago (edited) “ You smugly run in circles while your mum’s clapping gets progressively more passive aggressive” If that ain’t the most accurate summary of jokers smash victory screen, IDEK
  • Darth Traya
    Darth Traya 2 months ago When Nintendo acknowledges the inkling Futaba meme
  • Skylar Plays Everything
    Skylar Plays Everything 1 month ago Yeah I know
  • Santiago Torres
    Santiago Torres 2 months ago Anyone who isn't blind would notice
  • MrPotato
    MrPotato 2 months ago He’s finally gonna make Yoshi admit to his Tax evasion
  • Waluigi Of The Order Of Wah
    Waluigi Of The Order Of Wah 1 month ago @SEELE ONE woosh
  • AT Productions
    AT Productions 2 months ago @neyan Then how do you explain this? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=G56VgsLfKY4
    SEELE ONE 2 months ago Googles it Holy shit! Since when is that a thing!?
  • Crispy&Burnt LeftNut
    Crispy&Burnt LeftNut 2 months ago JOKER: REVEAL YOUR TREASURE
  • *HellRay*
    *HellRay* 2 months ago (edited) @neyan I dunno. If the stuff theyre taking in reaches a certain threshold in Japan, Old Man Yen is gonna want his cut. The the Japanese board of auditors is coming with their min/maxed Personas.
  • MrPotato
    MrPotato 2 months ago neyan that’s what he wants you to think
  • neyan
    neyan 2 months ago HellRay then again he’s a minor so he doesn’t pay taxes
  • *HellRay*
    *HellRay* 2 months ago neyan Pretty sure the stuff he steals is taxable.
  • neyan
    neyan 2 months ago bold of you to assume joker wouldn’t commit tax evasion himself
  • mintybadger
    mintybadger 2 months ago Killian experience
    SEELE ONE 2 months ago What?????
  • TheRibbonRed
    TheRibbonRed 2 months ago @BrainWave Productions more like the victim.
  • BrainWave Productions
    BrainWave Productions 2 months ago MrPotato isn’t that Villager's problem?
  • Stephen Reed
    Stephen Reed 2 months ago (edited) “Now thats What I call thorough!” “Watch out! I sense Death!” “Excuse me...?”
  • FromBeyondTheGrave1
    FromBeyondTheGrave1 1 month ago (edited) heavy breathing and murderous intent
  • magmos
    magmos 2 months ago @Unlimited Fish Works (Screams like a little bitch)
  • Unlimited Fish Works
    Unlimited Fish Works 2 months ago clink clink clink
  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 2 months ago “Get to the next floor, Get to the next floor..”
  • magmos
    magmos 2 months ago AH SPIT! RUN JESUS RUUUUN! Sorry. Reflex.
  • Kalvin Wong
    Kalvin Wong 2 months ago I laughed so hard at that part! LMFAO
  • Radiant Miralis
    Radiant Miralis 2 months ago Joker hears the bayonetta passive-aggressive clapping from afar Joker: Scared Thief noises