Back To Basics Guided Meditation: For beginners & returning meditation users

Published on Oct 6, 2014 1,514,738 views

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  • Chel Apo
    Chel Apo 2 years ago First time meditating and i must admit, that was an experience i have never had before. Got my mood and mind right, i havent felt this good in years, thanks for the video, really appreciate it!!
  • Nate Johnson
    Nate Johnson 4 years ago It's hard at first but takes practice .
  • Daddy
    Daddy 3 years ago This was my first time doing this. I was following all the steps and went along with everything, open mindly i contiued... but when he stop'd talking I felt like i was in a deep sleep, but I was aware of my thoughts, though when he said to wake up I was un-aware of this video or even where I was. That was so relaxing thanks!
  • James PwnzNoobs
    James PwnzNoobs 7 months ago Can’t believe that was 15 minutes☺️
  • Silverfang
    Silverfang 1 month ago One word: Woah Two words: Thank you
  • Barbara Poh
    Barbara Poh 3 years ago I enjoyed this meditation. One will have to go into 2 minutes 30 seconds if you want to skip the introduction part.
  • pansy
    pansy 3 months ago this was beautiful, thank you so much for your help ♥️ you did a lovely job guiding me towards a more clear minded state
  • Tanvi Sharma
    Tanvi Sharma 3 years ago I am in love with your voice:)
  • Sean McL
    Sean McL 3 months ago (edited) I've been trying to learn how to medidate for a couple of weeks now but never made it more than a few minutes until now, I'm a very restless person. But I can't believe 15 minutes went by there! I didn't think anything had happened and I wasn't expecting it to as early as this, certainly not the first time I manage to finish a meditation, even if it is short, but when he said to wiggle your fingers I could not believe the weight that was in them. Then I realised my body has never felt so relaxed before. I feel very calm and ready to tackle the day now, thank you for this. I'll be back again tomorrow!
  • Monta kalnkna
    Monta kalnkna 3 years ago Feeling amazing now! Thank you so much! Definitely returning ❤️❤️
  • ImJustAngela
    ImJustAngela 2 years ago Dang, that was better than therapy! I particularly liked how you said let your thoughts pass you by. It actually worked! And observing the world with detachment? That was amazing! I need to check out some more of your videos! I'm a new traveler on this meditation journey and I have to say, I feel pretty good so far!
  • Jereme Wong
    Jereme Wong 2 years ago Gymnastics
  • NinjaHotel
    NinjaHotel 3 years ago i forget to breathe. Is it normal?
  • Viki Banaszak
    Viki Banaszak 3 years ago +NinjaHotel Don't worry. Your body will do it for you. You are just in such a relaxed state. It happens to me to.
  • Budget Reefing with Alex
    Budget Reefing with Alex 2 years ago Well how can I explain this? First time mediating and I got an unusual response... when this began mind you I have never meditated before. I got so relaxed and deep that my whole Body felt like a brick, then my head was spinning like the earth was spinning thousands and thousands of times then all of the sudden it stopped. As the meditation continued I felt it was the right time to place my moon stone crystal on my forehead. I visioned white light and seen a dark Hallway which then went to a blue long hallway that would take years and years to walk, it was full of stars and all but the doors were closed but someone was there... and then I woke up and had a huge headache! I'm Not weird
  • Maya Carlin
    Maya Carlin 4 years ago this was amazing! it was my first ever meditation and it went really well! thank you so much!
  • Cameron Davis
    Cameron Davis 4 years ago I think I went into deep meditation! I lost all feeling when I woke up from meditation. I am so relaxed!
  • Maja Pietranik
    Maja Pietranik 4 years ago I really felt some inner peace for a while while listening to this and feel so calm and relaxed afterwards. Thank you I will be listening to this again!
  • Midori Doll
    Midori Doll 4 years ago This is the first meditation I've done in a couple of years and it's everything I needed to get back into practice. Thank you, Jason!
  • Jasmine DOLLOFF
    Jasmine DOLLOFF 7 months ago This meditation was AMAZING😲 I was so relaxed it felt like I was sleeping, but I was still completely aware of my surroundings. My body felt cool, and absolutely still, almost numb and like I was floating on air. Before I started my practice, I felt almost dizzy with so many thoughts running through my mind. When I finished, I felt a tremendous amount of calm and peace. I highly recommend trying this!
  • Krishna Chaudhary
    Krishna Chaudhary 1 year ago Thank you so much... 😊😊😊 Love from Nepal!
  • Tracey Taylor
    Tracey Taylor 2 years ago Hi! I'm new to meditation and want so much to be able to let go of my past. For so long I've held myself back from allowing myself to heal, I've realised finally that I've hindered myself so much! And its thanks to your video, Jason. Thank you so much, I'm looking forward to a new and better outlook on life, I deserve it.
  • Jorge Kenig
    Jorge Kenig 2 years ago Tracey Taylor m
  • Rita Lucia
    Rita Lucia 2 years ago Tracey Taylor I understand what you mean. I too have been having a hard time releasing pain and thoughs of my past and recently been diagnosed with an autoimmune decease that has been very hard to deal with. Meditation is new to me. I only listen. to Jason as I feel only his meditation can bring me to a little stillness. I have been vey fearful of life and I hope to get to a better place in my mind, life amd heart! God bless all of the people suffering in the world! Thank you Jason for helping us to get to a peaceful place in our world. May God continue to bless you!