Microsoft PowerShell for Beginners - Video 1

Published on Sep 12, 2016 607,496 views

This part 1 of a multi-part series for learning PowerShell. This video covers the basics to get you up and running.
* Get-Command
* Get-Help
* Get-Alias
* Get-Member
* Get-History
* Start-Transcript

Video 2 on manipulating Lists is here:

Want to make your PowerShell color coded and easier to use? Check out this video for Windows 7 and 8.

For support or more information about PowerShell check out http://www.boldzebras.com

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  • GuenterErde1
    GuenterErde1 1 year ago I dont normally leave comments, but this is a top tier intro. Thanks!
  • Sir Scofferoff
    Sir Scofferoff 11 months ago Well 1: Too loud, when compared to the speakers volume throughout the video 2: Not in keeping with the "tone" of the video. It's programming, not a Red Bull commercial
  • Brian A
    Brian A 11 months ago I agree completely. I watched it twice and I feel like a pro... and a n00b! Well done, Shane.
  • Shane Young
    Shane Young 11 months ago Thanks! You will be a pro in no time.
  • Shane Young
    Shane Young 11 months ago Sorry about that. My quality and audio levels got way better after this video. The newest stuff isn’t half bad. 😉
  • kenvng
    kenvng 4 months ago @Shane Young Tough crowd to please. Keep up the great work Shane. I knew nothing and one of the job I applied for listing it so I google it and here you are. Thanks much. The job no longer available but I am sure gaining a skill to show on my resume. Happy New Year!
  • Trevor Masterson
    Trevor Masterson 2 weeks ago Brilliant Tutorial Shane.
  • Tapas sarkar
    Tapas sarkar 2 years ago absolutely great video. I am scared of scripting but the way you are explaining it's helping. cheers. Great job.
  • Steven Stewart
    Steven Stewart 8 months ago Great video Shane! It's a very information-rich (read "useful") video. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series. Thanks!
  • Shane Young
    Shane Young 8 months ago You are welcome. Enjoy the rest. Lots to learn.
  • DerelictJustice
    DerelictJustice 2 years ago I'm currently in a powershell beginning course for my networking program and this video did a great job at cementing a lot of the key topics from my studies. Thanks!
  • dhanessur
    dhanessur 1 year ago First time trying to learn Powershell and your video was the perfect beginners guide. You've really explained things in the simplest form that's non intimidating to a beginner that finds Powershell overwhelming. Thank you for posting.
  • Shane Young
    Shane Young 11 months ago Thank you for the kind words!
  • Lalit Panwar
    Lalit Panwar 2 years ago Thank you so much Shane, great explanations
  • Brian Nixon
    Brian Nixon 2 years ago Great video, thank you for sharing the knowledge.
  • Dogchimp
    Dogchimp 2 months ago My company pays for CBT nuggets, I spent 2 hours on their intro to powershell course the other day, you taught me more in 20 minutes than I learned in those 2 hours...great job!
  • Shane Young
    Shane Young 2 months ago Thanks. These are the comments that keep me making this content.
  • David Read
    David Read 2 years ago (edited) As a Windows SysAdmin I've been avoiding Powershell for years. If I need to drop into it I usually Google the needed script, drop it in, do what i need to do, get out and never speak of it again. I'm genuinely curious as to why Microsoft decided to go back to the old DOS (I'm old enough to have grown up using DOS) days of a Command Line like engine to do simple and advanced Admin tasks that they already had years of GUI development doing the exact same things. Was it because of the rise of Linux and their command line admin shenanigans or trying to lower their security footprint with all the GUI tools or both? I can see the need for certain things, but many of those complex tasks could have been done in other ways with other scripting tools already in existence or vendor GUI tools. I'm curious as to why it was forced onto us all. It's just always felt like a retrograde step for me - and probably others and is more than likely the major reason why I've avoided it for so long to be honest. But, I'm giving it a crack now, enjoying your Powershell videos - I came here via your Sharepoint 2016 series as I am deploying it here at work ;)
  • Shane Young
    Shane Young 2 years ago David - I can feel you. I went through a long period of anger when PowerShell was forced upon me. But then I moved to acceptance and then I fell in love. It is a journey but a good one, and a necessary one. If I can do anything to help let me know.
  • Robert Okadar
    Robert Okadar 1 year ago The main reasons for introducing it are enhancing possibilities of automation and removing an additional layer of complexity, which automatically also reduces an overall number of bugs. To program GUI is complex and very error prone. In the long term, it saves time and money, while retaining flexibility. GUI is never flexible enough as command line is.
  • Haakon Dahl
    Haakon Dahl 6 months ago Because you can't click a variable.
  • Kevin Portillo
    Kevin Portillo 4 months ago I feel like in order to get the most out of PowerShell you must know every possible variable there is.... :S tell me I'm wrong...
  • robert redwater
    robert redwater 2 years ago dude you are great at explaining...
  • Anshuman Nandy
    Anshuman Nandy 1 year ago Thank you so much for the video. This is so gonna help :)
  • lcruz906
    lcruz906 2 years ago That was very informative, look forward to Part 2 once I play with this for a day or so. Thank you.....
  • Mitchell Heick
    Mitchell Heick 2 years ago Good vid. Thanks for the series.
  • Saranya Aishuu
    Saranya Aishuu 2 years ago Really its very Nice to understand.. this Video is very useful for me Thanks a lot Shane Young
  • ahmet melih ileri
    ahmet melih ileri 1 year ago The best video which about introduction of powershell. Thx Shane!
  • Javviss
    Javviss 2 years ago Extremely helpful, thanks
  • BEL-a-Donna
    BEL-a-Donna 6 hours ago (edited) As a novice to PowerShell, I feel like I just won the lottery by coming across this video!  Looking forward to watching more of the series, thank you so much!  (Liked & Subcribed)
  • Dylan Whittaker
    Dylan Whittaker 2 years ago Great video! Keep em coming!
  • camf33
    camf33 1 year ago Thank you for this Shane - good job and well explained.
  • P p
    P p 2 years ago great video m8. Could you make a video on Powershell for citrix Xendesktop administration please.....
  • Derrick Thomas
    Derrick Thomas 1 year ago IF you find this video topic on powershell for Citrix admins count me in.