Introduction to Docker and Containers

Published on Jun 22, 2015 160,939 views

From {code} by Dell EMC: This video covers the basics of Docker and container technology. Produced by Jonas Rosland and Matt Cowger.

  • Frater Mus
    Frater Mus 3 years ago I think the potatoes and whiskey should go under the piano.
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    Andreas Delleske 2 months ago (edited) Every once and again, I like a little piano sprinkled over my potatoed whiskey.
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    Kanthi Pendurty 4 months ago lol
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    pmtycoon 1 year ago lol
  • Megan Smith
    Megan Smith 2 years ago I feel like most code videos are confusing and filed with a bunch of tech jargon. This was the complete opposite! I feel like it was well worth the time. I'm leaving with a working understanding of what containers are and why they are useful. Very nice job! Thanks!
  • Edmund Manning
    Edmund Manning 2 years ago This was a really clear and interesting explanation. Thank you!
  • Scott_T
    Scott_T 3 years ago I had to try 5 docker videos before i found yours, and in 10 minutes, i GOT it. thanks !
  • Vibhor Gupta
    Vibhor Gupta 3 years ago This is awesome. I would recommend everyone to watch this.
  • Robert Almeida
    Robert Almeida 7 months ago The best explanation about containers I've ever had! Thanks
  • Mario Araya Romero
    Mario Araya Romero 3 years ago great analogy to understand the dockers functionality
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    Farsheed Ashouri 3 years ago Nice, Thanks. Good info
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    Mano b 6 months ago Thanks for sharing video ,very useful for my server subscribed from @t
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    SatishKumaar Kamavaram 3 years ago This is awesome. Simple way of explaining what the docker is :-)
  • rfossella
    rfossella 3 years ago Excellent video. Concise and, unlike other docker videos I've watched, actually explains what docker is. Thanks.
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    Trishna Guha 3 years ago this is just amazing!
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    Ahmed Azraq 3 years ago Perfect Introduction to Docker.
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    Bharath kumar S 2 years ago Thanks for uploading. This really awesome. Very easy to understand.
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    Ata Alvi 6 months ago good video but for God's sake open your vocal card, hard to understand your tone, hell, say all bit loudly
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    Soundararajan Mani 2 years ago Great explanation about the Docker for the beginners.
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    Greg Violette 1 year ago Great explanation using other commonly understood concepts...
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    Don Persaud 1 year ago Thank you. Very well presented.
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    Sandeep Kumar 3 years ago thanks got easily understand
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    deekshit kumar 2 years ago Amazing and simply superb.Thank you!