Learn Spanish: 300 Spanish Phrases for Beginners

Published on Apr 3, 2017 2,673,755 views

Learn Spanish. Spanish Lessons. How to learn Spanish.

PART 2 https://youtu.be/TEkZ-teRJWw

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  • Affiliate Watch
    Affiliate Watch 7 months ago Straight to the point unlike all the other videos.
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    marva rodriguez 1 day ago omg your so right
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    Glenia Suyapa 1 week ago Free1701k
  • Captain Grizzly
    Captain Grizzly 1 month ago I know right i just need a good video i can play through like 30 times and then i know 300 fucking phrases i only use 10 phrases in english a day. 300 hopefully will nab me a nice hot spanish american
  • Black Queen
    Black Queen 1 month ago Otto yo tambien tengo una clase de español.
  • My German Gf keeps yelling her age?
    My German Gf keeps yelling her age? 1 month ago @Black Queen En escuela!
  • Hunter H.
    Hunter H. 1 month ago Affiliate Watch ikr it’s what everyone needs
  • denise reynolds
    denise reynolds 1 month ago Affiliate Watch exactly what I was just thinking. I’m looking through so many YouTube vids on how to learn this lovely Spanish chit chat and a lot are just talking to much rather than just just getting down to the nitty gritty and doing what we are actually asking. This is straight to the point, easy to follow and easy to pronounce as it’s as clear as day . Great video 👍🇬🇧
  • Elijah Minaya
    Elijah Minaya 1 month ago Celina Perez very good
  • candymr2
    candymr2 1 month ago (edited) He has a nice pace too. I hate when they take 1 hour to do 15 phrases.
  • Celina Perez
    Celina Perez 1 month ago @Junior Zachary bb ñb jbb p5 u u B Vmphnv v6 n
  • joelincoln l
    joelincoln l 1 month ago Yeah this guys video here is only thing I managed to learn with my bad memory. At least I can say most of these and go into Mexico for the day with no language problems and also can now understand what everyone is talking about to some degree in my hometown which is now half Espanol in NYC area
  • Kimberly Westly
    Kimberly Westly 2 months ago Lol
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    Black Queen 2 months ago Jesus's Servant YT hablas español?
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    xPapercutx 1 year ago I can now say "no" in Spanish, my ancestors would be so proud!!!!!!
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    A27th 2 days ago xPapercutx I can adios forever
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    Tammie 1 month ago (edited) super Mario Nice animator or record si mucho blanco gringo
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    moon Pixie 2 months ago It’s literally the same in English “no” is Spanish for “no” 😂
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