Get a free domain & create a WordPress website in under 1 hour! WordPress tutorial for Beginners step by step.

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How to Use WordPress - Tutorial Overview
1) Make a Website in Less Than 1 Hour! - 00:00:00
2) Why Use WordPress vs. Wix, Weebly, Squarespace etc. - 00:01:25
3) How to Get a Free Domain & 60% Off Hosting - 00:05:52
4) How to Add Content (pages, blog posts, menus etc.) - 00:13:54
5) How to Install a Wordpress Theme - 00:24:30
6) How to Install a WordPress Plugin - 00:36:48
7) Assignment - 00:41:10

Thanks for learning how to use WordPress to make a website in this WordPress tutorial for beginners.

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  • Shoaib Ali
    Shoaib Ali 1 month ago I am new to WordPress and watching ur video, I realized that I can & I must #ThankYou <3
  • Larry H
    Larry H 1 week ago The BEST tutorial/demo I've seen. Very relaxing voice. Thank you.
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    ana zuniga 3 weeks ago This video is great, I wish I could support you and provide value back. Thank you so much!
  • Dimitra K
    Dimitra K 9 months ago very nice and helpful video! Keep up the good work
  • ms sachin
    ms sachin 10 months ago Thanks mate. Your video is really helpful.
  • Abbas Shan
    Abbas Shan 6 days ago Best video i ever see on Youtube. Wonderful.
  • The Body Mechanic, Dr. Robert Stein
    The Body Mechanic, Dr. Robert Stein 7 months ago This was such a helpful tutorial thank you for being so detailed step by step!
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    Davis Obonyo Matengo 9 months ago This was very helpful
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    Oshane Thompson 1 week ago Best video EVERRRRRRRRR...... This save me from paying someone $400 bucks.
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    180 fly 5 months ago That's really good and it helps me a lot. Keep it up. we need more from you.
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    Natural Universal Healing 3 months ago Amazing tutorial! Thank you very much 🙌🏼💕😊
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    The Ghost Book 9 months ago I could listen to your voice all day! haha
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    Project Pegasus Inc 4 months ago except that he keeps saying 'team' for 'theme' haha.
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    Tony Collins 4 months ago This was a heck-of-alot easier than the "how-to" books I purchased on Wordpress. THANK YOU.
  • Theme Direct :: Website Builder
    Theme Direct :: Website Builder 4 months ago Nice tutorial, just need a user friendly WP Theme to compliment it! ;)
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    Bodhi Thai massage and day spa 2 months ago Great WordPress tutorial. thank you for your time.
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    dihett 1 year ago Intro is toooooo long.
  • Daragh Walsh
    Daragh Walsh 1 year ago the timestamp to skip the intro is in the description. check it out!
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