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Published on Oct 6, 2018 73,888 views

Are you are looking for a new job as a Java backend developer? Or are you just trying to improve your skills and cover the gaps in your knowledge? How do you go about planning your learning path to be a good backend server-side Java developer? Where do you start? What topics do you cover? And in what order? This video will give you the answers you need.

Learning path map PDF file: https://github.com/koushikkothagal/ja...

Java Brains website: https://javabrains.io

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  • Part Time Trader
    Part Time Trader 9 months ago By far I’ve never come across such video, this is the video that I needed when I was preparing. Thanks a lot Kaushik sir, I owe you a lot not only for this video but many more other tutorials that I watched to be whatever slight of a developer that I am today. Respect. 🙏🏼
  • Aslı KILIÇ
    Aslı KILIÇ 8 months ago right, never across in all internet
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    DevXSAS42 1 week ago You just earned yourself a new subscribers...thank you very much it was much needed video for me. Thank you.
  • amritha george
    amritha george 9 months ago Thank you for providing such amazing videos, the clarity while explaning topic and your teaching style is splendid ..It's very inspirational for a software engineer who's at the start of career👍👍...
  • Divij Shrivastava
    Divij Shrivastava 9 months ago This is the topic that I've struggled the most with in Java world, that is what to learn and what not to. Thanks for clearing that up.
  • Mandar yadnik
    Mandar yadnik 9 months ago Thanks for giving the clarity of thought, can you please provide an Introductory tutorial for Microservices+ spring boot/ReST , thanks again Koushik sir
  • Mandar yadnik
    Mandar yadnik 9 months ago It's great seeing your response , eagerly waiting to learn more.
  • Java Brains
    Java Brains 9 months ago I have a course on Spring Boot. I'm planning to produce some material on microservices soon.
    VIRAJ BHOSLE 9 months ago Yes sir, we need some introduction to micro services. Or some references to read till you get time to make the videos. Thanks a lot!
  • Mandar yadnik
    Mandar yadnik 9 months ago @pavan yes sir, I have completed that course , but microservices are not covered there. I am following Java Brains updates, didn't see those videos, please send me if you find
  • abhineet kumar kamti
    abhineet kumar kamti 9 months ago Maybe he is in a way to serve us
  • Yuriy Tsyutsyak
    Yuriy Tsyutsyak 5 days ago what course u recommend for Java Core? Thanks in advance
  • TicToc
    TicToc 9 months ago Sir I'd wonder if you can provide us tutorial in microservices and spring security
  • Muniraj Yadhav
    Muniraj Yadhav 3 months ago Thank you sir.. Helped me a lot
  • Abhinav Sadhu
    Abhinav Sadhu 3 months ago @Java Brains gone through your first part of the Micro Services workshop videos. They are really good. Waiting for similar materials on Spring Security as well. Appreciate your work.
  • Vishal
    Vishal 8 months ago @Java Brains this is good news for a lot of guys . . We are waiting for it
  • baidyanath panda
    baidyanath panda 9 months ago Sir we are waiting
  • Java Brains
    Java Brains 9 months ago I'm planning to produce some material on microservices soon.
  • Jean-Rodney Larrieux
    Jean-Rodney Larrieux 9 months ago Great video. I came up with something very similar myself; although I was missing a few of the suggested topics (like servlets and JSP). Been at this for the past 2 months using udemy and pluralsight
  • J
    J 3 months ago 2.4K likes and 7 dislikes at the time of writing this, thats insane lol. Liked and subscribed from my part!
    SURYANARAAYAN B 9 months ago Thank you Kaushik.. It was very helpful and liked the video a lot. If you could also give a high level on a learning path for Python, I'd be great..
  • Tushar Joshi
    Tushar Joshi 9 months ago Hi Koushik, I have been following you since last 3 years and your tutorial still good for any beginner to start with!!!Waiting for new vidz...
  • Vivek Mali Patil
    Vivek Mali Patil 5 months ago Thanks, very insightful, much-needed map in the jungle of buzzwords.
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    Soumya Patil 9 months ago Right on time !! Thank you sir .
  • we love pets
    we love pets 2 months ago plz if u have some free chanell to learn java tnx ;)
  • Madan Babu
    Madan Babu 9 months ago Nice explanation with good presentation.
  • RockOn
    RockOn 2 months ago Boss....I have been looking for answers ..and here is the path. You are an awesome Guy!! Thanks for sharing !! Can you even prescribe any Java books on the same lines ? With wealth of online tutorials available- I still prefer books (old school).
  • Shwetal Yadav
    Shwetal Yadav 4 months ago You explain nice Please make video on interview questions with various topics
  • Hamidur Rahman
    Hamidur Rahman 9 months ago Thanks for THE direction I have been looking for 2.5 years. Really helpful.
  • Rajsekhar Mallick
    Rajsekhar Mallick 9 months ago Hello Kaushik, that video does cover a lot of details and implicitly says,"one thing at a time"😀...i do have interest in java..have a fair bit hands-on in coding utilities (I sudnt name them applications)...the problem is i work in operations and with a DB . The DB internals being java,the Nature of work keep me hovering around java not directly getting into it.hope you understand. In my case Java performance and jvm internals is of utmost importance....do suggest if you have any idea of what should be a sustainable approach in building up good basement for java performance..i would also like to know the demand in market for someone who is good at java performance tuning..jvm architecture...as we see lots of technologies around today are java based.... Apache Cassandra, couch base db,kafka are few of them
  • Sayajin
    Sayajin 9 months ago im regaining my love to java thanks to you sir keep it up !
  • Rodney Van der Westhuizen
    Rodney Van der Westhuizen 2 months ago Thank you for pointing us in the right direction! This is much appreciated!