It is a very good time to be a Godzilla fan. The biggest Japanese monster of all time is getting his third American-made production on the big screens, internationally, with Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019), finally with Mothra, Rodan and King Ghidorah. But if you wanna know what that’s all about and where it all came from, here's my top 5 picks for the new watcher.

  • Moolers
    Moolers 1 month ago Just James by himself talking about something he's really enthusiastic and knowledgeable about. It doesn't get much better than that.
  • Gabriel Knight
    Gabriel Knight 4 days ago For real. I hate his friends, they suck so hard.
  • Nasty Bedazzler
    Nasty Bedazzler 1 week ago I agree, I just recently got back into AVGN a few weeks ago, I remember watching that when I was living in New York like 9 years ago, since then I've basically just been watching everything this dude does he's so entertaining. And when he's not doing AVGN and he's just this calm little dude he's also so entertaining. I could watch this guy review popsicles and be entertained by it.
  • RedGreenLugar
    RedGreenLugar 2 weeks ago i prefer these and even rental reviews with the gang over that Mike guy uughh does he just kill it for me
  • Bootie Warrior
    Bootie Warrior 2 weeks ago his best content
  • etheangel2220
    etheangel2220 1 month ago Who is James?
  • Christian Gottsacker
    Christian Gottsacker 1 month ago The Ecstatic Godzilla Nerd
  • dudstep
    dudstep 1 month ago Yeah, these are my favourite.
  • Zero Cool
    Zero Cool 1 month ago @Tony Horo The other guys are great, all of them. But him alone like this is different. Rental reviews are great too.
  • Zero Cool
    Zero Cool 1 month ago I love all his shit, but James nerding out on movies is my favorite.
  • Tony Horo
    Tony Horo 1 month ago You don't have to downplay the other guys. They're fine.
  • Ryan Bruns
    Ryan Bruns 1 month ago I agree I like the rental review too but there some special about his for beginners videos that just so authentic.
  • Alfaraph
    Alfaraph 1 month ago When I see James alone I remember why i'm subscribed
  • Alex Aoyama
    Alex Aoyama 1 month ago We should make a petition for James to appear in one of the films in the Godzilla series. As he did so much to spread knowlege about the films.
  • M P
    M P 1 month ago James should have a podcast!
  • sofaking onmynuts
    sofaking onmynuts 1 month ago I sure didn't know there were that many films
  • c0mpu73rguy
    c0mpu73rguy 1 month ago Moolers Amen to that.
  • shiki8
    shiki8 1 month ago @Matthew Pahnke YES!
  • Wallace Wallaby
    Wallace Wallaby 1 month ago @Matthew Pahnke Rental Reviews is more goofy and comedic whereas these are serious analysis of movie series'. It seems each series would have a different potential audience.
  • King Loser
    King Loser 1 month ago Right? I wish it was Halloween every day. I am actually really looking forward to it this year and hope he/they does/do the movie marathon he/they did last year again. That was really really great.
  • Tyler Frazier
    Tyler Frazier 1 month ago Seriously! I could listen to him talk for hours
  • Matthew Pahnke
    Matthew Pahnke 1 month ago I prefer these to Rental Reviews.
  • roktopus
    roktopus 1 month ago James you're always at your best when you're talking about something you're passionate about
  • hiroy_raind
    hiroy_raind 1 month ago I love how Godzilla vs Destroyah poster literally has the tagline "Godzilla dies"
  • The_ Aufklärungspanzer_V
    The_ Aufklärungspanzer_V 3 days ago Antasma1 tagline:Iron Man dies
  • Jay Dee
    Jay Dee 1 week ago They set up his son to replace him anyway
  • Commander Rex328
    Commander Rex328 1 week ago Avengers: Endgame "Iron Man dies"
  • MileesBulletrain The III
    MileesBulletrain The III 2 weeks ago NANO HUNTER Ff Same, it came with space Godzilla movie too, right??
  • amaxamon
    amaxamon 2 weeks ago I love that movie so much!!!
  • mindifIdoaJ 39
    mindifIdoaJ 39 2 weeks ago Antasma1 People would flip their shit on twitter
  • Rhys A
    Rhys A 2 weeks ago Godzilla death actually made me cry
  • joe shmoe
    joe shmoe 1 month ago It’s like The Final Chapter, for Friday the 13th, yet they made a dozen more after it! Keep ‘em coming I say
  • The Rated Oni Channel
    The Rated Oni Channel 1 month ago You have to scream that.
  • hiroy_raind
    hiroy_raind 1 month ago @NANO HUNTER Ff On 2:55, it says "ゴジラ死す"
  • Drachona The Wolf
    Drachona The Wolf 1 month ago Better than the "Size Does Matter" tagline from the 1998 Godzilla.
    NANO HUNTER Ff 1 month ago I dunno. I owned the Tristar double feature
  • Antasma1
    Antasma1 1 month ago Imagine if Endgame did that
  • seatspud
    seatspud 1 month ago No one's really gone. ;)
  • eViLPaCcc
    eViLPaCcc 1 month ago Zelda: My series has the most convoluted timeline in the history of franchises! Godzilla: Hold my Atomic Breath.
  • Albert Cheng
    Albert Cheng 1 day ago *hold my nuke
  • Gōdon Gurando
    Gōdon Gurando 1 day ago Oxygen Destroyer: I'm about to end this man's career.
  • Bulb 66
    Bulb 66 1 week ago I would argue Kirby has a more convoluted story than Zelda
  • drsatanrx
    drsatanrx 1 week ago @Markus De Guzman i never said that it was non canon in and of itself. But in regards to fate, it helps prove my point. Apocrypha, extra, ilya and all that still exist, they just arent important or necessary to see/play to take in the main story. Kind of like side quests in a video game. They arent necessary to complete the main story of the game nor do they impact anything relevant to the CANON of the story.
  • Markus De Guzman
    Markus De Guzman 1 week ago @drsatanrx is tsukihime canon in fate? Except for, as you said, that one time in extra which was for shits n giggles, no. Does that suddenly make tsukihime itself non canon? No.
  • drsatanrx
    drsatanrx 1 week ago @Markus De Guzman does that make tsukihime canon in fate since 1 character appeared in fate/extra?
  • Markus De Guzman
    Markus De Guzman 1 week ago @drsatanrx well sure that's the "baseline" universe that introduces you to the basic rules of the world, but i dont think canon is the best way to describe it. You dont see people refer to apoc, prisma, fgo, etc as non canon, because one of the pillars of the fate franchise is that there are a fuckton of alt universes, so everything is canon in a way
  • drsatanrx
    drsatanrx 1 week ago @Markus De Guzman yet there is a canonically set universe. Fate zero and stay night(fate route). Literally everything else are "what if" scenarios.
  • Markus De Guzman
    Markus De Guzman 1 week ago @drsatanrx You're trying to apply the word "non-canon" in a franchise filled to the brim with spinoffs set in alt universes. It doesnt work that way.
  • young gamer
    young gamer 1 week ago you mean kingdom hearts right
  • King Vetür
    King Vetür 1 week ago Monogateri is really simple Just watch it in its broadcasted order not the chronological way
  • Eshan Azad
    Eshan Azad 1 week ago Godzilla: Hold my skyscraper
  • Nikodimos Triaridis
    Nikodimos Triaridis 2 weeks ago Kingdom Hearts: Pathetic
    CC BOSS 2 weeks ago Fate: Hold my sword
  • Silent Protagonist
    Silent Protagonist 2 weeks ago What about Blazblue or Kingdom Hearts?
  • Jzilla
    Jzilla 2 weeks ago Guys its a joke. Are you familiar with the concept of a joke?
  • GameySpider9022
    GameySpider9022 2 weeks ago Zelda is not that mad just look at kingdom hearts story
  • Josh Centamore
    Josh Centamore 2 weeks ago Zelda "timeline" isn't confusing at all. If anything I think it's pretty dumb. The timeline is such an after thought that Nintendo only put it out for fans. They obviously don't pay much attention to it when making games.
  • eViLPaCcc
    eViLPaCcc 2 weeks ago @MJonMBoviM KH occurs in a singular universe, though. Granted, it has its time travels, dream worlds and whatever the hell Coded was, but you can still follow it through... Somewhat... Until 3 comes...
  • MJonMBoviM
    MJonMBoviM 2 weeks ago Laughs in kingdom hearts
  • LunarRay
    LunarRay 3 weeks ago Homestuck: You are like a baby.
  • drsatanrx
    drsatanrx 3 weeks ago @Dank Sinatra apocrypha isnt canon. And fate illya is just a magical girl show that isnt canon either.
  • Dank Sinatra
    Dank Sinatra 3 weeks ago @drsatanrx The video games and then Apoch, and then Prisma Illya. Maybe the Monogatari series would've been a better choice idk
  • drsatanrx
    drsatanrx 3 weeks ago @Dank Sinatra fate can be easily followed. The stay/night,ubw and heavens feel are all just different things that could have happened during that holy grail war. It only gets weird to follow if you count the video games as canon because there is a lot of weird side shit that isnt fate related that gets added in and its definitely a mess
  • Dank Sinatra
    Dank Sinatra 3 weeks ago I'd say the Fate franchise is more screwy than Zelda.
  • Snowfang00
    Snowfang00 1 month ago eViLPaCcc FNaF keeps getting more and more out of control as well
  • drsatanrx
    drsatanrx 1 month ago Getter robo has a pretty crazy messed up timeline too
  • ygsr
    ygsr 1 month ago Halloween or something might have been a better example. Zelda is really simple and people always make it more complicated than it is.
  • Antasma1
    Antasma1 1 month ago That's seriously such a misconception
  • Green Hill Pilgrim
    Green Hill Pilgrim 1 month ago I kinda liked Shin Godzilla because it simulates what may happen if an actual monster attack does happen in real life today, the military protocols, the government red tape, involvement of the U.S. and stuff. It's fascinating
  • sawada the bird of darkness
    sawada the bird of darkness 1 week ago its my favorite godzilla
  • Christopher Marlowe
    Christopher Marlowe 2 weeks ago The scene where he destroys the city with the “atomic death” is pretty intense
  • Green Hill Pilgrim
    Green Hill Pilgrim 1 month ago @Shofa Pranata Yep, it's so similar to Evangelion because it was directed by the same guy that did the Evangelion animated series (Hideaki Anno). So he got Shiro Sagisu to do the score.
  • Shofa Pranata
    Shofa Pranata 1 month ago Oh, and don't forget about the score
  • Shofa Pranata
    Shofa Pranata 1 month ago It's a really good way how to reboot such classic franchise like Godzilla. My personal top 10 favorite movies of all time
  • Dark Humour
    Dark Humour 1 month ago Me too. I get why loads of people didn't like that since it's alot of talking, but presenting it in more casually and light-hearted with the backdrop of Godzilla rampaging about made it work imo. Also how they explored his biology/evolution was a cool add-on.
  • jmalmsten
    jmalmsten 1 month ago Also, there's always Bambi Meets Godzilla (1969)... Yes... That is a thing that exists...
  • NibbasLoveQuikzy
    NibbasLoveQuikzy 4 days ago jmalmsten and its only about a second long!
  • Sando-Metal
    Sando-Metal 5 days ago Oh, hell yes! I remember that in the theater. It was awesome! Arigato for the memory flashback!
  • Salt Drinker
    Salt Drinker 2 weeks ago Holy... you just brought back some serious member berries.
  • FanEth
    FanEth 2 weeks ago Godzilla Vs Bambi 2: The rise of Shrek
    DANTASTIC MANIA 2 weeks ago 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👌👌👌👍👍👍👍
  • samuel warren
    samuel warren 4 weeks ago Yes I remember that I saw a small clip of Godzilla stepping on Bambi before Godzilla 1985 came on..in the movie theatre
  • Frank Bizzoco
    Frank Bizzoco 4 weeks ago That was so hilarious in the beginning of Godzilla 1985. I actually forgot about that. He moves his toes haha.
    TCMOREIRA 1 month ago You're joking right?! <Google> HOLY COW!!!
  • captain RPG
    captain RPG 1 month ago I didnt believes you and then i looked it up wow just wow
  • Neil Brown
    Neil Brown 1 month ago I saw that, like 30 years ago.
  • Edwin Rivera
    Edwin Rivera 1 month ago jmalmsten best fight ever!
  • trekadam30
    trekadam30 1 month ago @Some Kid Really? Never saw those.
  • Some Kid
    Some Kid 1 month ago And fucking Bambi’s Revenge and Son of Bambi Meets Godzilla
  • CylonDorado
    CylonDorado 1 month ago People might not have the time for thirty movies, but they might can save the twenty seconds for that one.
  • John Kissane
    John Kissane 1 month ago jmalmsten yes!!!! It was in the beginning of 1985!!!
  • erubin100
    erubin100 1 month ago Man, the Godzilla franchise was the MCU before the MCU, in the sense that it had a wide variety of films covering many different genres but still unified by a singular characteristic.
  • Aerociviz Nicholas
    Aerociviz Nicholas 1 week ago Yep, just not as good quality, and watching them in order doesnt really matter
  • Commander Rex328
    Commander Rex328 1 week ago @hashknight1 no, its not lame. and stop trashing it in because people like it and you dont. fuck off.
  • Les
    Les 2 weeks ago @hashknight1 Poor guy...you misspelled DCLU: DC Lame Universe.
  • Harry Krinkle
    Harry Krinkle 2 weeks ago @hashknight1 No.
  • hashknight1
    hashknight1 2 weeks ago you mean MLU:Marvel Lame Universe
  • Harry Krinkle
    Harry Krinkle 3 weeks ago To the point that, while back, the CEO of Toho said the coming series would be a "Marvel-style cinematic universe", to which we all said...really, the MCU is a Godzilla-style cinematic universe.
  • Spirit of Yusuke 008
    Spirit of Yusuke 008 1 month ago @Michael Maxwell yep, I just going to say this.
  • Michael Maxwell
    Michael Maxwell 1 month ago erubin100 Same with the universal monster movies
  • Blake Lanier
    Blake Lanier 2 weeks ago I'm a new fan and this video really helped.
  • Angelo Martires
    Angelo Martires 1 week ago (edited) As an old fan, this video hit the nail on the head. However if you were into the continuity of the Marvel films, I would recommend the Heisei period in order, and also the new Legendary Monsterverse saga. I'll list them out for you in order: Heisei: 1. Gojira 2. Godzilla 1985 3. Godzilla vs Biolante 4. Godzilla vs King Ghidora 5. Godzilla vs Mothra 6. Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla 2 7. Godzilla vs Destoroyah 8. Godzilla vs Space Godzilla 9. Godzilla 2000 or Godzilla Final Wars Legendary Monsterverse 1. Godzilla (2014) 2. Kong: Skull Island 3. Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) 4. Godzilla vs Kong (2020)
  • Harry Krinkle
    Harry Krinkle 2 weeks ago I'm an ancient fan and knew it all, because, y'know, ancient. Also too much time on my hands. Welcome to the family.
  • Bryan Bridges
    Bryan Bridges 2 weeks ago Ha, I'm an old fan and it helped me too.
  • The Back Up Man
    The Back Up Man 1 week ago Anyone else excited for Godzilla fights Cthulhu?
  • Rampant Mutt
    Rampant Mutt 7 hours ago They really ought to do this.
    RETRO GAMER 2 days ago Cthulhu Has 1km heights. He would stomp on godzilla
  • mr. noname
    mr. noname 2 weeks ago Godzilla 1954 Godzilla 1985 Godzilla vs Bio Godzilla vs Destroyah
  • R3n3gad3
    R3n3gad3 1 week ago Giant Monsters: Destroying Japan SCP Foundation: sweating intensifies
  • Doogert McKoog
    Doogert McKoog 3 days ago James needs to direct a Monsterverse film, his passion is unmatchable
  • rush1er
    rush1er 1 month ago Godzilla vs Megalon is THE BEST! Jet Jaguar is amazing and Gigan has always been my favorite!
  • knights of jim
    knights of jim 1 month ago rush1er I know right, I love the 70s ones
  • seatspud
    seatspud 1 month ago He jock it made of steel, eats sushi from a pail...
  • Symbiotic Firecracker Productions
    Symbiotic Firecracker Productions 3 weeks ago Thanks to you Mr. Rolfe and Godzillathon many years ago, I've been a G-Fan for nearly my whole life. For that, I can't thank you enough.
  • Pheebo
    Pheebo 2 weeks ago i´ve watched all 5 picks got a great and fun time, i´ll continue with alt. viewing. ty so much
  • stazz316
    stazz316 1 month ago IMO Biollante is the best one. The whole man vs nature gimmick is pretty cool and biollante is one of my favorite baddies
  • Caleb Tuper
    Caleb Tuper 1 month ago But the acting is absolutely atrocious.
  • Apollo
    Apollo 1 month ago Godzilla Final Wars has no continuity. I believe when they say Godzilla appears in 1954, it’s more of a call back.
  • ComiXProvider FTW_02
    ComiXProvider FTW_02 1 month ago Ahh... Talking about Godzilla like it’s 2008 all over again.
  • Emmanuel Spurlock
    Emmanuel Spurlock 1 week ago @Dominik Klemetsrud so u 16 or 17 then?
  • Dominik Klemetsrud
    Dominik Klemetsrud 1 week ago @Emmanuel Spurlock bro me tooi was 6 and i used to bingewatch those back in 2008.
  • Emmanuel Spurlock
    Emmanuel Spurlock 1 month ago @73MPL4R when i seen the front case of Godzilla final wars at blockbuster back n 06 when i was 6 took it home watched it got me into Godzilla
  • Emmanuel Spurlock
    Emmanuel Spurlock 1 month ago @Joke Yoda lol im suprised that some people actually remember the Godzillathon i thought he stopped but looks like hes still thriving lol i used to watch his videos hrs on when i was 9 i started getting into Godzilla when i was 6 bouta turn 7 all the way up to 2019 i still love Godzilla with my heart
  • StoneScarH2
    StoneScarH2 1 month ago good times
  • Eccentric Gamer
    Eccentric Gamer 1 month ago I'd love to see him do another Godzillathon that includes the newer movies.
  • Alex Silva
    Alex Silva 1 month ago @Asian Movie Enthusiast Yes
  • JackTrampp
    JackTrampp 1 month ago godzilla is a monster from the 50s youngn.
  • lasarousi
    lasarousi 1 month ago It's not like it's been ten years, wait.
  • jakeonfuego
  • DutchGodzilla 84
    DutchGodzilla 84 1 month ago The good old days
  • cosmic spidermanx
    cosmic spidermanx 1 month ago Really expected an "aw shit here we go again" reply lol
  • MegaNerdyJock
    MegaNerdyJock 1 month ago Back in 5th grade
  • KankeyDong
    KankeyDong 1 month ago Good times...
  • Rob T
    Rob T 1 month ago The nostalgia
  • MethodRockSynth
    MethodRockSynth 1 month ago I'd say 1991 for myself
  • Asian Movie Enthusiast
    Asian Movie Enthusiast 1 month ago Godzillathon is a great playlist because it's so easy to sit thru.
  • MechaMinilla99
    MechaMinilla99 1 month ago @73MPL4R Saame.
  • Kris A
    Kris A 1 month ago massive truth
  • 73MPL4R
    73MPL4R 1 month ago The Godzillathon is what got me into the series to begin with
  • ThingsWillBeFine
    ThingsWillBeFine 1 month ago Hopefully he's seen all the original versions by now. Godzillathon aged worse than other editions of Monster Madness.
  • flippedoutkyrii
    flippedoutkyrii 1 month ago Damn has it really been that long? I remember waiting everyday for a new Godzilla video on his old site :C
  • GoopZero
    GoopZero 1 month ago @Joke Yoda I watch it at least like 5 times a year lmao
  • Joke Yoda
    Joke Yoda 1 month ago The Godzillathon is still a yearly ritual for me every Halloween.
  • Heartworm Injection Okay?
    Heartworm Injection Okay? 1 month ago MF DOOM made an album based completely on godzilla films, and wow it’s great.
  • Anthony Harris
    Anthony Harris 1 week ago Heartworm Injection Okay? Take Me To Your Leader. Yes it is.
  • Justin Smith
    Justin Smith 1 month ago Thanks, man, this was perfect timing. I wanted to get into Godzilla but was pretty daunted. Thanks so much.